Thursday, September 17, 2009

Theme 34: Childhood Flicks

How you choose to interpret the theme is completely up to you. It simply needs to be tasteful – no pornography or messages of hate here. When you sit down to create, you cannot think about how people will or will not receive your work. You are required to simply enjoy the act of creating.

So tell me, what was your favorite childhood movie?? I realize that childhood can cover a rather large age span so I am including two from two very different points in my life. I loved Lady and the Tramp as a kid and as a teen nothing compared to Sixteen Candles! What about you?? Decide on a flick and then bring some aspect of it to life in a new creation. Have a blast with this one!!!

Lady and the Tramp

Sixteen Candles

Important Guidelines

The work submitted must be something you have created and/or worked on between the time the theme was revealed and the Thursday unveiling. Please submit your response to no later than end of day Wednesday, September 23rd if you would like it to be posted on Thursday, September 24th. OR send me a link to your response to include in the comments section of the post.

With your response please include:

1. Your name - either first name, shop name or both.

2. The name of your piece (if you choose to give it one)

3. Something you'd like to share (process of creation, idea behind piece) if you'd like to share anything. Please limit this to 2-3 sentences

4. The shop and/or blog links you'd like to include

5. Two photos of your piece or of each of the pieces (3x5 or 4x6 and 72dpi or a max of 96dpi - if you need any help with that please don't worry I'd be happy to help!)

Most importantly, take a trip down memory lane, make yourself laugh and then create!


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hope I'll have time to participate...sounds like a blast. I can remember more childhood books I loved, but there were definitely some movies too. Aladdin, Hook, Freaky Friday... so many choices. :D

giraffelabel said...

i love this one! hmmmmm...what movie to choose, though. sixteen candles was always a favorite, and still is! and, the little mermaid...i just don't know, but i am very excited!

lisianblue said...

Oh I can hardly wait to see these creations! I know what movie - just have to come up with an idea..........!
I'm still aglow from looking at all the wonderful fall color creations! and sort of forgot to say thank you everyone for such sweet comments!

Natasha said...

Amanda - I know you have tons on your plate ...I wish you luck with ALL of it!! I, too, truly hope you will be able to participate I really do....I LOVED Aladdin, Hook was great and Freaky Friday what a blast from the past!!!

giraffelabel - I'm with you's such fun to think back. Sixteen Candles...The Breakfast many ...the Little Mermaid I LOVED!!!!! I still do and so does my daughter LOL

lisianblue - I'm dying to know what movie oh I can't wait to see your creation....what fun!!!!

Carrie G said...

Oh, I've been gone so long. This is a GREAT challenge. I have so many things to do this weekend, but I may just need to work this in!

SalvagedExpression said...

So many movies so little time. I'll have to give this a lot of thought... and maybe rent 16 candles...

jodi said...

OMG, I can't believe you posted that "Sixteen Candles" clip. The other day my daughter was on a playdate and I had 4 full hours to myself. So I sat on the couch to get some beading done. I was flipping through the channels and found "Sixteen Candles". I haven't seen it in years. It was so fun to watch again, without any disruption.

When I was a kid, my best friend and I knew "Sixteen Candles" and the "Breakfast Club" by heart. I would start a sentence and she would finish it.

Natasha said...

Carrie G!!! How are you? How has life been?? Great to see you here...I sooo hope you have time to play this weekend!! I'd love to see what you create woohoooo

Salvaged - this is when I wish we ALL lived closer so we could have a TST movie night ..I'd SOO vote for 16 Candles!!!

Jodi - we are SOO well met!! The lines friends and I did the SAME thing I still remember a ton of them too...LOL I'm so jealous of watching with no disruptions LOL I may need to watch it tonight seriously although I wish we could have popcorn, margaritas and a major movie night!

Trina said...

I so have a movie in mind. Now to find the time and just the right "something" to make!!!

See you all Thursday!


aquamaureen said...

As soon as I read the prompt, one particular movie popped into mind . . . and I saw what I wanted to paint. Now, let's see if I can actually do it--I'm not very skilled at representational art . . . (teeheehee . . I might NOT tell you the name of the movie and make you guess, just from looking at my painting . . .teeheeeeee)