Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Incredible Artists Share Unforgettable Beauty That Will Add Endless Flavor to Your World

ANNOUNCEMENTS: It is midnight on the East Coast as this TST goes live. I had to do it now as I have been asked to work on a project that I'm excited about tomorrow; I will tell you all about it in days to come. Sooo that means I will be away for the beginning of the day BUT if late submissions come in overnight (I know end of day means different things) I will get them in tomorrow evening!

Also, I have been working my tail off this week to get up to speed with life but I will be responding to emails and visiting blogs very shortly! I miss all of you!!

I'm in love with this TST and totally bummed that my piece is not finished. That means there needs to be a Mini-monthy soon because I want to share!! I love these flavors. It was amazing to see each person celebrate something wonderful within. I am inspired, humbled and truly grateful for the work created by these amazing, professionals.

Please join me for a delectable meal filled with flavor that will change your life and inspire YOU to celebrate YOU!

Catrina, creator of GrumpyKitty, created this wonderfully delicious piece.

"I guess I went more literal with this than was expected, but the first thing to pop into my head was Strawberries!" said Catrina. "I like them because of their vivid color, their sweetness, and the tartness behind the sweetness. I think that my personality has a few of those elements.

This was created in Photoshop using one of my watercolor paintings and stock photos. There is more info here. To see more of my art, please check out my blog.

Althea, creator of Salvaged Expression, created this truly stellar hat titled, The Glance.

"This hat is called The Glance because under it you will see the thousand different flavors of me," said Althea. "I've been saying forever that I needed to make something for myself. So this week I decided to spoil myself. I picked out my favorite yarns that I'd been saving for that perfect project and looked at photos until I came up with a hat design I wanted to make no matter how much material it would take. I let as much cat hair get on the hat as I liked and even worked one or two of my own hairs into this thing I think. Most importantly the hat ended up reminding me of things I like about myself, names of colors and numbers I worked into the stitches are special to me. It's tough, quirky and is a reminder to let myself shine because I can and still know how. I'm still a work in progress myself but if I come out anything like this hat I'll be pretty happy so thank you for this theme to remind myself that!"

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created this sensational piece titled, Imagine It.

"Inscrutable? Not so – I imagine I am many flavors," said Felicia.

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this magnificent collaged art journaling page titled, A Whole Lotta Flavor.

"A little flavor? Ha! You know me, I can't just stick to one," said Amanda. "This week I finished the 100 in 100 creative challenge (100 art journaling pages in so many days), and to my surprise, instead of being fed up with it, I immediately wanted to begin a new art journal. Here's my first tasty entry!"

Phoenix Ravenswing, creator of KittyHawke, created this fabulous piece.

"What's Your Flavor? Spicy & a Bit Mysterious," said Phoenix. "I took inspiration from the advertisement when re-purposing some old window-hanging strands and one-piece mobiles. The colors make me think of both salsa & Hallowe'en, hence the title."

Phoenix Ravenswing, creator of Kitty Hawke, created this fantastic piece.

"What's Your Flavor? - Cool & Serene," said Phoenix. "Continuing the life-theme of opposites-that-complete, the other re-purposed-piece I've finished so far is this one. It reminds me of a snowy winter's night, cool, calm, silent, and peaceful."

Phoenix Ravenswing, creator of Crow Tarot, created this phenomenal piece.

"What's Your Flavor? Connecting the Opposites," said Phoenix. "This sterling-wrapped unakite shows my flavor. It's a wrap newly finished that had its start back another lifetime ago, or so it seems. :-P It's all about concluding the old cycles lately, so that movement forward into the new ones can happen. :-D It's also about finding the way to conclude the old cycles, as w/this wrap that I didn't know how to finish until two days ago. :-)"

Trina, creator of Woven Chains, created this gorgeous piece titled, "Spring Flowers".

"Over the last few months, my flavor has changed," said Trina. "It is much lighter, much more cheerful, much more optomistic, and absolutely, positively full of life. Spring Flowers represents all of that."

Maureen, a talented artist, created this exceptional 9x9 watercolor.

"For "A little bit of flavor," Maureen tried to paint the way Florida Key Lime Pie tastes . . . sweet and tart and wild with deliciousness."

After viewing this moving, inspiring TST are you feeling creative? Are you ready to just dive in and start creating for the next theme??

Well, the next theme is theme is.........."A Vibrant, Fiery Fall".

Tune in Friday for more fiery fun!


JanetDavies said...

As always, everyone's work is delicious! Spicy, yummy, tangy, juicy and fresh. This was an awesome treat! I have to laugh at Althea's comment on kitty fur and her hair being knitted into her hat. That's definitely my knitting style!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


*hee!* So now I know why I was Nudged to get my work in early (for me, at least :-D) Awesome! Can't wait to hear more! :-)

I agree - mini-monthly time! Looking forward to seeing your piece! :-) And maybe I will get to some of those projects I'd hoped to get to over the big Treat time. :-D

Catrina - LOVE those colors!!! :-D And the texture too is just delightful - all wonderfull-fuzzy goodness! Checked out your blog too and your artwork is amazing! :-) Unique piece with wonderful interaction bet. artist & viewer. Thnx for sharing! :-)

I love your hat, Salvaged! :-) That is a wonderful design that goes so well w/you!!! :-) Good on you for taking the time to do something nice for yourself! :-)

Felicia, I love the colors, textures, and theme of your piece. :-) Thank you so much for reminding me of something that I def. need to remember. :-) Your piece is like a little Postcard from Heaven to me. Thnx for sharing!!! :-)

Kyool art page, Amanda! :-) I love the different choices you made, reminding us all that humans are not made up of just one thing. :-)

Beautiful piece, Trina! Love the colors and the design. :-) Also glad to read that your flavors have changed for the better! Yay you for the self-growth! :-)

Maureen, I love your 'theme w/in a theme' and the colors you used to do it. The shape, the colors, all really convey what you were trying to say. I'm not the most visually-oriented person, but I really get what you are saying w/this piece. Again, I love your work more and more each time. You're growing as an artist all the time, and it is truly a beautiful thing to see. :-) Yay, you!!! :-)

Thnx for sharing, all! :-) Great work as always! :-)

BB & GF! :-)

giraffelabel said...

so, even though you haven't "seen" me here, i have been around - looking at all the great things going on in here. this week is no different...for sure!! all great pieces! trina's woven chains always make me stop and look a little deeper...she does amazing work! i am always so inspired, and just haven't been able to do anything with that lately. but, fall is my absolute favorite season, and next weeks theme is perfect for me right now. i really hope that this week will be my week to get back in on the fun!

SalvagedExpression said...

So many wonderful projects this week!
Catrina: your picture reminds me of summer. It kind of looks like a strawberrry patch in fairy land or something.
Salvaged: Dude stop using the word "that"! Come down from crafting buzz then type! Oh, and why the heck are you in a car? :)
Felecia: LOVE it! I wish that would pop up as a little sign in real life so you know when to really get excited about something good happening!
Amanda: Your piece is so fun and alive. My favorite bit "crunchy!"
Phoenix: I love the mobiles! I want to put those in the forest of the same fairy land as the rainbow strawberries.
Trina: I'm glad your flavor has changed so pleasantly! Definately hold on to that and enjoy the heck out of it!
Maureen: Lime is a personal favorite flavor so I loved your piece. I like how the spiral is almost serene within the explosion of flavor. I think limes might be my soul food. :)
Natasha: I can't wait to see your piece! I love how you've thought about each piece even the simplest happy ones so I'm really curious to see how you worked with this one.

Felicia Kramer said...

Doing a computer "drive-by" - I'm running like crazy today. Beautiful creative stuff as usual. Shout-out to Catrina for her strawberries - one of my favorite fruits and a gorgeous print. Back later ...

Felicia Kramer said...

BTW - love the new theme!

Cat said...

These are great! I love the jewelry. Also, thanks Felicia:)