Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Body Art

ANNOUNCEMENTS: If you did not have a chance to read yesterday's post, please check it out and help create art for a great cause!!

Caffeinated Frenzy shared this amazing piece. Please visit her blog!

"I loved this idea, and all the posts associated with it.
Here's my post about it: http://caffeinatedfrenzy.blogspot.com/2009/09/power-of-word.html"

Aquamaureen created this moving piece.


"This community of artists that swirls around TST never ceases to amaze me. Since January, when my association with the group began, I have experienced the most soul-expanding moments. Encountering your post about Janet's body painting was yet one more of those transformative times.

For the last few days, I'd been eyeing the walls of my house, feeling like I was supposed to paint something significant on them. But as soon as I read about Janet, I realized my body was the "significant thing" about to be painted. As soon as I saw her picture of "hope," I knew exactly what I was being called to do. A few moments later, just before midnight, this word appeared, in aquamaureen colors, over my heart.

I tucked myself into bed, hugged with warm and tender smiles, and wondered how the paint would last. Just now, the morning after, I snapped a photo. It shows the word mostly faded. I prefer to believe that the idea has only sunk back into the deepest parts of my heart, after surfacing for a little while to encourage me."

Thanks to you, Janet and Natasha, for having and sharing this wonderful idea.

Kris, creator of Lisianblue, submitted this beautiful piece.

"One word comes to mind - painfree. It needs to go on my back. How to write on my own back? Cutouts and stick it on then take a picture and text over.

Monday 1:30 a.m. thinking I'm late - Tears well up in my eyes spilling over onto the table.

Not late
just scared
scared to look at my back
add another word
in colors I do not wear


I want to be Painfree
and Brave

tears again.

I am loved and have everything else I need. It's good."

My husband and I tried this together. His words were, Family and Patience.

"My family is important to me and I need more patience in life," he said.

I chose my favorite color, purple. It's also a healing color. I painted the words Love and Trust on my palms and my husband painted Create on the backs. I want to create more love and trust within my life and share it with the world.

My husband painted Loved around my shoulder like a blanket wrapped around me as a reminder that I am loved.

I painted the words Engage and Explore on my feet as a reminder to resist complacency and get out there in the world meeting people and engaging them in conversation.

There were two others I wrote but the photos did not come out - bummer! My husband painted the word, Wanted, across my chest as a reminder that I am wanted in the world. I have a place here. And I painted the word Truth across my cheek. I painted it backwards as a reminder that no matter how it comes out, I need to share my truth.

Phoenix Ravenswing created this thought-provoking piece.

"While not a word, this symbol is something I've been renewing since last summer, and that seems to keep creeping into my life of late. It's a Celtic-knot-ish version of an infinity symbol surrounded by a circle. I was playing around one day last summer, and when I was done, this symbol was there. For various reasons, it's seemed appropriate to keep it there. It changes slightly over time, as it's only drawn on w/ink-pen, but that works, as Goodness knows, my life has been changing & flowing of late as well.

For word-words... hmmm. Peace, wholeness, believe. There are others, I'm sure, but these are the biggies right now. :-)"

Thank you again to Janet for her post about this and to the Superhero Journal for creating this amazing idea and sharing the experience.


Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Yes, indeed, many, many thnx to Janet for sharing this. :-)

And thnx also to all you brave, wonder-full people out there who took a look at yourselves and at what could be and chose to bring some of that together. You all are an inspiration. May you all receive all that you seek. :-)

BB & GF! :-)

JanetDavies said...

This is amazing!! I was already very inspired by CaffeinatedFrenzy's words, words to live by.

Aquamaureen, you never fail to delight me. Seriously, I love that you decided to sleep with your word. hehehe, (I know how that sounds..you know what I mean!):)

Kris, I am so moved by your words, you say these are colors you don't wear..I'm curious to know what they mean to you. This image is so powerful.

Natasha, you guys are so awesome, that was the one thing I missed, I wished I had someone to do the painting with. I love all your words and I especially love that he wanted you to know how much you are loved.

Phoenix Ravenswing, I love the symbol, sort of like language from that dreamy side. Abstract. Peace, wholeness and believe..like a prayer for all.

Natasha said...

Phoenix - thank you for your beautiful words and your symbol is a true inspiration to me as are you...I loved that and your words.

Janet - you are so awesome for bringing this here ...look what magic was born from it...thank you so very much :)

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Oh, I completely forgot this deadline. Guess I've been stretching myself a little too thin lately. Maybe I'll go ahead and complete this at some point and post it on my blog to share.

Thank YOU all for taking the time, and for being vulnerable enough to share these intimate pitcures with us. You are all such strong, beautiful women. Keep on keepin' on!

aquamaureen said...

This is yet one more time I am so very proud to be in this circle of creative women. My life keeps on getting changed in wondrous ways. "Believe" is long gone from the surface of my skin, but now I know it is very near, just under and barely out of sight.

The ways each of us allowed words to cover our skin, and then share that here, fills me with awe.