Thursday, September 3, 2009

Incredibly Talented Artists Create an Amazing Artistic Feast for the Heart, Mind and Soul!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: If you have not had a chance, please visit yesterday's post and share your photos and/or blog links on Tuesday. Please send all info to me no later than the end of day, Monday, September 7th!

The themes chosen and the talent shared this week are phenomenal. All of the work is filled with vibrant color. This TST feels like a celebration of the life. I invite you to bask in the rich beauty of these words, colors, and ideas. They will inspire, delight, and fill you up with all that's good in life.

Thank you to these fabulous, talented, professionals who once again challenged themselves to dream big and create magic for are amazing!

Marcie Abney, creator of La Bella Joya, created this amazing hair barrette titled, Indian Summer.

"I chose the theme Bones of the Earth or You're My Rock. The name of this piece is Indian Summer," said Marcie. "It's a hair barrette made with seed beads and a large turquoise stone as the centerpiece. The stone had been sitting in my drawer for some time and I was stumped as how to use it because it is actually a bead and not a cabochon. The "Indian Summer" theme challenge has been floating around the web for a while so I decided to put the two themes together to create the barrette. It definitely lives up to its name because every time I look at it I think about the hot summer months!"

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green created these gorgeous Untitled mini watercolor paintings, based on the themes Explosive Celebration, Landscape of the Soul, and Whirling Colors in Mid Flight.

"Life lately has been topsy turvy, full of vibrant happiness and equally wild frustration," said Amanda. "I enjoyed painting out these feelings through my favorite watercolor techniques. These little paintings will become collaged covers for handmade journals."

Explosive Celebration

Landscape of the Soul

Whirling Colors in Mid Flight

Janie, creator of Lifeartdesigns and MyPolymerClayCanes, created these truly unforgettable pieces.

On the Wings of a Butterfly
"This is the first butterfly cane I have ever made," said Janie.

Set Sail Upon an Ocean of Freedom

Where the Wild Things Bloom

Then Suddenly It Came to Life

Artistic Safari

Althea, creator of Salvaged Expression, created these awesome "Free to be me, by the sea" magnets.

"When this theme came out I started crafting immediately and it's a good thing too!" said Althea. "I managed to finish only these magnets "Free to be me, by the Sea" for the Set Sail Upon an Ocean of Freedom theme before I was innundated by 3 custom orders which have consumed my life since! These magnets really show my favorite things about the shore, both the serenity and the violent beauty and the fact that you can look at a sailboat on the ocean and still wonder if you're the only person left on earth."

Maureen, a stellar artist, created these sensational pieces.

Theme 6: Dreaming in Color: 6x18 watercolor. "I dreamed underwater," said Maureen.

Theme 15: Landscape of the Soul: 5x7 watercolor. "Mountains and suns and infinite possibilities," said Maureen.

Theme 10: Vibrant Chaotic Rainbow: 9x9 watercolor. "I have always loved hands and all they can do," said Maureen.

Theme 21. Then Suddenly It Came to Life: 5x7 watercolor. "The painting is covered in pollen from sunflowers that grew in my yard," said Maureen.

Theme 5: Where the Wild Things Bloom: 9x9 watercolor. "My flowers are lush this year and have lifted my soul every day," said Maureen.

Natasha, creator of Doodlestar, created these two journal covers.

"I'm going to make the surfer bigger and more colorful on the second one but I'd love some feedback," said Natasha.

Theme: The Strike of Love

Theme: Purple Passion

Marja, creator of Glass Elements, these two absolutely fabulous pieces, Bursting with Love - Fused Glass Pendant and True Blood Red - Fused Glass Ring.

Theme: The Strike of Love Name of Piece: Bursting with Love - Fused Glass Pendant Link:

"One of the largest and boldest pieces I’ve ever created, this gorgeous fused glass heart pendant embodies what it feels like to be bursting with love," said Marja.

Theme: Then I Saw Red … Name of Piece: True Blood Red - Fused Glass Ring

"I think my fascination with vampires is showing, since when I see a red this deep and swirling, I think True Blood... A few too many books and shows right now I think! :)" said Marja.

After viewing this out of this world beautiful TST are you feeling creative? Are you ready to just dive in and start creating for the next theme??

Well, the next theme is theme is.........."A Little Flavor".
What flavor are you? What does your inner strength look like?

Tune in tomorrow for a little more about this theme and of my all time favs...listen to those words...ahh


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Woohoo! My spirit has been needing the creative feast that is TST. I love that the next theme, for me, will be about satisfying the deeper hunger of the soul...and I've always adored that song. :) There's another version that I enjoy--can't think of the artist's name now, but I'll share it later if I think of it.

Marcie: what a "treat" (booo, I know) to have you with us this week. Your barrette is just stunning. I love the cracked look of the turquoise--strong yet vulnerable. Wonderful job.

Janie: whoa, that's the first time you've created a butterfly cane and it looks THAT good?! :) I especially love your "then suddenly it came to life"--those arteries are so evocative. Gorgeous.

Althea: these magnets are so made me long for the sea! How wonderful that you were overwhelmed by custom orders. :)

Aqua Mom: Oh my. Can I trade you something for the underwater piece? Please? Probably not, because I'm sure you love it as much as I do. That's one of my favorites of yours to date. I think of stained glass, mosaic, the ocean, the sky all at once. Your others are beautiful too, but that one vibrates my heart.

Tasha Doodle: oh, I just love the LOVE floating up into the heavens. So whimsical and dreamy. And YES, surfer girl, how wonderful to incorporate your recent dream-living! I love it--definitely agree about a large, wild, and free big surfer--but other than that, it's fantastic.

Marja: ooh, those colors! I want your ring...even though I'm not into the vampire stuff, that gorgeous drop of blood-red is perfect!

Can't wait to read more about our flavors...... :)

Meekiyu said...

so beautiful... I really love the creativity and everyone... the colors, textures and shapes were definitely a feast for the eyes. =)

JanetDavies said...

As always everyone's pieces are just exquisite. I really loved all the watercolor in this sweet treat. It's really wonderful to see how differently artists use the same medium.
Natasha, your journal covers are a delight! I agree that your surfer might want to be a bit bigger to really 'go for it!!' I really love the hair! WooHoo!!
What mediums are you using?

lisianblue said...

I stopped by earlier and then had some errands to take care of and kept thinking I need to get back to TST -
So many wonderful creations - they are all just fantastic - and Natasha - do make the surfer girl bigger - but otherwise it's great!
My eyes are droopy or I would make individual comments! Love it all!
My daugher and family were in town so I was being creative with my grandson instead of creating items! We played Star Wars on the open seas! with legos!! :)

Marja aka Glass Elements said...

Hi All! I love to see the variety from choosing our own adventure! So great. The watercolors this week are fantastic. I'm drawn to watercolor when I'm not working in glass, and you're fantastic pieces make me want to pick up my brushes. :)

Maureen your Dreaming in Color - I dreamed underwater speaks directly to me. I love it!!

I'm off for vacation for the next few weeks - sorry I'll miss out but I'll come back recharged and ready to create some more. :)

Felicia Kramer said...

Wow - I totally missed the deadline! I have been crazy busy working on holiday stuff and kept thinking I had lots of time for the TST theme. Oops!

And look at this gorgeous work!!! The freedom to choose and the extra time seems to have inspired all of you. I couldn't pick a favorite - I love EVERYTHING I see here.

I'm already thinking about the new theme. Welcome back, Natasha!

aquamaureen said...

Well, true, I missed the weekly posts while Natasha was away on her much-needed family time. But oh my goodness, the gathered up and waiting artistic energy just about exploded, didn't it? I have scrolled through this week's beauties several times and feel like I've had a Thanksgiving feast for the soul.

Marcie: are you new to TST? If so, welcome. I do so wish I had enough hair to wear your incredible barrette.

Amanda: so much movement and life in your pieces. And the color combos make my skin tingle!

Janie: canes fascinate me. How are they made? What are they used for? those butterflies are beyond beautiful. And oh, your "wild things blooming" earrings--wow!!

Althea: 3 custom orders??? woohoooo!!!! And your magnets take me right back to some of the best moments of my life, in and on and near the sea.

Natasha: I just love your colors and lettering--speaks to the eternal child in me. And OF COURSE the surfer has to be bigger and more colorful, 'cause she is YOU!!!!

Marja: oh my. yes, the heart pendant overflows with love. And I love where you have the hanging thingie placed. how big is the heart, anyway? And Amanda and I evidently have to fight over the ring--it has whole worlds swirling in the red.

Wow, everybody. What a wonderful bunch of beauty. I feel fed.

And I'm already musing about next week's topic . . . only for this group, I'm pretty sure "a little flavor" is gonna actually be "a whole lotta flavor"!!!!!

aquamaureen said...

Miss DoodleThang ;) I'm just wondering. I sent a long post here yesterday---took time to comment on everyone's pieces. It was around the same time as I posted the response to the bodypainting thing. And that is up. . . .oh poopedypooppoop . . did it not come through????

lisianblue said...

Now that my eyes are rested I had to come back -

Marcie - that barrette is gorgeous - it is interesting how some items can sit for the longest time and all of a sudden we know just exactly where it needs to go - - beautiful work!

Amanda - I love these - such playful and creative watercolor explorations and explosions!

Janie - I'm in awe - having tried to play with clay and it just turning to mush - they are all wonderful - love the artistic safari dangles!

Althea - congrats on the custom orders and the little "free to be me by the sea" wow - those are great - mmmmmmm I'm seeing one or two on Natasha's surfer card.............

Maureen - I love these watercolors - how you allow yourself to play with the paint - the freedom of what it does and manipulated by you - and that beautiful colorful hand! I may just have to break out the watercolors and play with them more!
Natasha - what a wondeful "Strike of love" and the play with the kite string - and the surfer girl - yeah - that's an excellent one - do make the surfer girl bigger and maybe do one with a boy on it - ? they need encouragement too! and somehow I'm seeing one or two of those little glass "free to be me by the sea" magnets by Althea attached to it................
Marja - bursting with love - its fun, bright and beautiful the way love is - and that red red ring - simple but sweet!
Wonderful wonderful creations everyone!

Natasha said...

Hellllloooooooo everyone!!! How are you?? I LOVED this TST...what amazing colors right?? First thank you for the feedback on my made me happy but you also affirmed that I'm on the right path...thank you!

Marcie - welcome! Thank you for sharing this barrette. I absolutely love the work that went into it...the colors and the design are gorgeous and that center stone just takes my breath away. I'm a huge fan of turquoise!

Amanda - I LOVE these watercolors! The movement within the pieces reminds me of dancing. I especially love the makes me think of hills and mountains in Scotland (a favorite place of mine). These are going to be magnificent journals...will you please share those with us when you create them??

Janie - I mean really?? I am in AWE of the fact that that was the first time you made that butterfly cane...I think it's brilliant and I can't imagine how much more sensational it could be...I'm not kidding that's amazing work. I loved every piece but the butterflies and the Wild earrings stole my have such talent....truly

Althea - CONGRATS on your 3 custom's it going?? So psyched for you!! These magnets are AWESOME....truly I want all of them...I read a comment calling for a collaboration we shoul do something...magnets, a surfer, always your unique creation inspires me..

Aqua - every single one of these is PHENOMENAL!! I sat here for the longest time just letting eyes slide along the lines in your pieces like a child on the slide at the park and bask in the colors....the hand is so great ..I keep looking at my own hand picturing it pulsing with color but my fav is Landscape which is funny because Amanda's landscape was my fav too....those colors remind me of a sunset and that brings me such joy....

Marja - you totally outdid yourself AGAIN! That heart is my favorite blend of color...I love the fluidity of it ....and the ring?? Well apparently I am going to be wrestling folks here for it all ...have the most fabulous trip and we'll see you when you come back!

Janie - good luck with your move...let us know if you need anything! I owe you and a few folks emails...they'll be coming in a few days...

You are all FABULOUS!