Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Superb, Imaginative Artists Celebrate Childhood in a Unique and Wonderful Way

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This trip down memory lane is fantastic! The imagination that went into these new creations just leaves me speechless. I love each and every piece from the color to the materials used. And this TST is truly interactive as you have been asked to guess the movie in some cases. Isn’t that awesome?

I think art not only makes you think it invites you to play. This week I celebrate all the artists who unleashed their imagination and invited people to bask in the beauty of what is possible when you open your heart, share your memories, trust in your abilities and let yourself dream. I applaud you wonderful, professional artists!

Now, let’s see what moved these artists….

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created this truly stunning pieces titled, Sorcerer Red, Sorcerer Pink and Sorcerer Purple.

“The strongest memory of a movie I have from childhood is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice sequence from Disney’s Fantasia, when Mickey Mouse puts on the Sorcerer’s hat and creates all those wondrous effects, all perfectly timed to classical music conducted by Leopold Stokowski,” said Felicia. “Although the effects pale in comparison to animations we see these days, it holds up pretty well considering it’s about 70 years old. (I’m not quite that old!) ( Nevertheless, my memories are more like these images; perhaps that was one of the early visual experiences that inspired me to become an artist!”

“Sorcerer Red”

“Sorcerer Pink”

“Sorcerer Purple”

Maureen, a wonderfully talented artist, created this beautiful piece. Can you guess the flick?

Maureen says, "I posted a comment on TST recently--in case you didn't see it, I considered NOT saying what childhood movie inspired my creation this week. I like that idea, so I'm gonna let you guess. Since my skill at representational art is marginal, the subject of my 9x9 watercolor just might remain a mystery . . . "

Kelsey, creator of Caffeinated Frenzy, created this gorgeous Bright Red Cashmere Lace Scarf.

“As a kid, I loved The Red Balloon,” said Kelsey. “It was the first silent movie I'd ever seen, and I can't count the number of times I watched it . . . this scarf makes me think of it.”

Teri, creator of Giraffe Label Designs, created this sensational ARIEL treasure bag.

“This is one of the first time's that the inspiration did not start with the fabric,” said Teri. “This time it was the shape. You may have guessed it, my favorite movie was (and still is) the Little Mermaid. (It's even listed in my high school yearbook under my "likes"!) but, I could picture Ariel carrying around her bag to collect all of her treasures, and that is where this all started. And, I liked that I could use my blue fabric to represent the ocean and tie it all together. I hope to have this posted in my shop soon.”

Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, created this magnificent piece titled, "The Emereld City of Oz."

“The Wizard of Oz, in both print and film, will always be an important part of my childhood,” said Trina. “The horror of being stolen ripped from your family, the friends that Dorothy finds, and the many challenges that she has to overcome on her way to clicking those ruby red slippers (well, the silver ones in the book) and magically being transported home have always struck a real chord with me. This pendant represents the Emerald City, the yellow brick road, and the ruby slippers that channeled all of the magic that Dorothy had within her all along.”

Kris, creator of Lisianblue, created this fabulous piece. Can you guess the film?

“I instantly knew what movie I wanted to do - the question was how to depict it,” said Kris. “I did something I haven't done in quite a while, but I have lots of beads, and a ton of material, so I cut out the material and some batting and started playing around. I forgot to sew a border on it before adding the beads so I ended up hand stitching around the whole thing. This is an old movie, but has been re-released many times - do you know what it is? It's a little bigger than ACEO size - 2.75" x 3.75" The zebra is really supposed to be a horse.”

All the talk about movies got me thinking about one of my favs...again! Can you guess what it is? (Maureen you inspired me to make this a guessing game. Thanks!)

In this film, even though the characters are trapped in one space where time moves slowly, life just explodes out of them. And that thought created the thought below. I'm not sure I love the way it turned out, the colors aren't fully doing it for me yet but when it's done it will be a new journal cover. YAY!

After viewing this superb, imaginative TST are you feeling super creative? Are you ready to dive in and start creating for the next theme??

Well, the next theme is theme is.........."Spreading JOY".

Tune in tomorrow for LOTS of details and the opportunity to learn more than you ever thought about JOY...this theme is sure to fantastic!


lisianblue said...

How fun - since we are a large age group the span of movies is fantastic!
Felicia - Fantasia is an amazing movie - I knew as soon as I read Sorcerer Red just what movie you were going for - and those are perfect for that movie and all the swirling colors! They are beautiful.
Maureen - I guess your skills at representational art aren't that marginal - I knew in a second it was The Wizard of Oz! I love how you did flowers and the yellow brick road and all the directions!
Kelsey - I'm not familiar with this movie - but the scarf is gorgeous!
Teri - The bag is awesome - brings memories back of my daughter & her friends and their Little Mermaid craze!
Trina - what a cool pendant and such a creative way to think about this fantastic movie!
Natasha - I almost want to say The Lion King - but I'm not too sure about that - but it's a great saying and love all the colors you have used.
So,,,, what is it???
Oh this was fun! Oh can we do this one again????

Felicia Kramer said...

Wow, these are great!
Aww, Maureen - that was too easy! Good job.

Natasha, I never watched it, but ... "Lost in Space?" Or ...??Must have something to do with space ...

I'm off to get my hair cut; will stop by again.

Thanks, Kris!

Natasha said...

Kris!! I know isn't this such fun!! I LOVE this....ok so your piece is fabulous my favorite is the little witch riding the outside of the tornado..well actually I love the buildings too...I'm going with The Wizard of it right? Great work!!!!

Natasha said...

Oh and Kris it's not The Lion King but that's one of my favs!!! Good guess....and thanks for the kudos on the colors...I'm still feeling them out

Felicia - your pieces were SO gorgeous!! They totally made me think of Fantasia...I'm so glad you became an artists...Sorcerer Pink makes me happy...truly happy...nope not lost in space...good guess..this may be really tough ...think teen flick...

Maureen - I loved yours and I knew right away!!! Your representational art rocks in a major way!

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

So cute.

Natasha said...

Alpha!! Thank you - where have you been? You've been missed!! How are you? Are you going to throw in a few guesses? Great to see you again

JanetDavies said...

You guys are all amazing!! Felicia, your pieces really capture that rich feel of old Disney animation. I wanted to do this (but came down with the flu) and my first thought was to do Pinocchio because the colors are so beautiful.

Maureen, that is a very sweet painting of The Wizard of Oz! I really love the lion and the colors are so pretty.

Kelsey that scarf is gorgeous as is your photo. I love the Red Balloon too! So dreamy.

The Little Mermaid was my favorite book as a child and then later my daughter loved the movie. teri, your bag is beautiful!

Trina, your piece is so beautiful and really invokes that mysterious feel of the Emerald City for me. I know about the shoes, but don't those red ones look off the charts cool in the film?

Kris this is so great! Your bead work always amazes me. Isn't it incredible how that movie influenced so many of us? I adore the red poppies and the yellow brick road.

hmmmm, Natasha, I can't think of what movie this is. I do really love the reminder to live a joyous full life in every moment.

That was such a fun Sweet Treat!!

Trina said...

Felicia - oooohhhh Fantasia, another one of my favorites, and one that I share as a fav with my little girl (although it was always about the dancing hippos for me). What great representations of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

Maureen and Kris - I guess great minds were thinking alike this week (and I knew right away, what they were). I sure like the more representational depictions. It was hard to get so much into a pendant! Both the watercolor and the beaded piece had so many wonderful aspects of the movie!!!

Kelsey, now I soooo want to watch "The Red Balloon." Your scarf is beautiful!

Teri, I love your bag. I think Ariel would be honored to be putting her treasures in that treasure.

Natasha, I have no idea what movie that is, but I think those are lovely words to live by.

I can't wait to Spread Joy next week.

giraffelabel said...

i love them all...again!! i love the reminders of some of my other favorite movies.

felicia - love them! fantasia is one of my faves, for sure! i even loved as a child, which is sort of weird since it's so "artsy". i recently showed it to my kids, and my 7 year old daughter loved it! i will show her your interpretations later.
maureen - i knew right away that it was the wizard of oz, and i absolutely love it!
kelsey - i am not too familiar with that movie, but your scarf is beautiful!
wow trina! you amaze me with what you can do. i love this!
kris - that is beautiful. looks like a lot of hard work there! my guess is the wizard of oz...?
natasha - i love it! and, i really like the "orangey" background. perfect for fall. my guess for you is breakfast club...? (also aa favorite of mine!)

thanks for sharing everyone!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Natasha, no clue as to the film, but I LOVE the sentiment! :-) You're right - the colors as they stand are almost-but-not-quite for me too - but when you finish fiddling, it's going to make a fantastic journal cover! :-) You do such amazing pieces - I gotta create something you like enough to trade for! :-D

Lisianblue, I love your piece! :-) I've come to really enjoy playing w/this technique myself, so I love looking at other people's creations in the medium.

As to the film - 1st thought, 'Misty of Chincoteague', but it hasn't been re-released as far as I know, the 2nd thought 'Wizard of Oz', but then I don't get the horse. Hmmm... will have to ponder this one! :-D

Anyway, wonderful piece w/lots to look at & think about, wonderful textures & symbolism. Yay, you, and thank'ee's for sharing! :-D

Trina, wonderful piece, w/beautiful symbolism. Such power in such a simple piece - I doff my creative chapeau! (And I'm crying w/the sheer beauty of it.):-)

Teri, great to see you back! :-) And you're right - she would have had some kind of a kyool bag to put her bits & pieces until she could get them home to her stash. I can TOTALLY picture her using this one, after raiding the hold of a sunken merchant ship and grabbing some of their fabric! :-)

Kelsey, I'm unfamiliar w/the movie you mention, but I love the piece you've created! So delicate & lacy - how do you manage these pieces in the short times we have to create them in??? *is in awe* :-)

AquaMaureen - are you another Ozian fan??? I see Dorothy, Toto, the Lion, the TinMan, and the ScareCrow, walking alongside a road that becomes of Yellow Bricks. And I love that they have so many beautiful flowers to walk next to - although if I remember correctly, they aren't so very nice to the characters in the book/film, which is a shame. :-D

Felicia, what lovely work! The colors and shapes just blend together so nicely - what a visual treat! :-)

So wondrous works, you talented Treaters! :-D Can't wait for next week! :-D

BB & GF! :-)

Felicia Kramer said...

Okay, I'm back and I'm guessing The Breakfast Club also. OK, Natasha - what is it??

Just went through these again and they are all gorgeous. What fun!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

What a fun, joy-filled TST. Sorry I couldn't play with you guys--I've been out sick, and now I'm scurrying to prepare as much art & paper goods as I can for the HarvestFest this Saturday. Thanks for the pick-me-up, though! You all put smiles on my face. :)

Can't wait for next week-what a lovely theme.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

And yes, I think The Breakfast Club! If not, it still completely works for that. ;)

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Oh, Ferris Bueller would have been a fun movie for this!

lisianblue said...

oh this is fun! I had to come back! part of the reason I wanted to see if people could guess was to see if how I did different "scenes" worked - for the most part I guess they did - except I didn't think about the yellow winding around would also look like the whirlwind! oh wait - it was doing double duty! lo

Janet -Thank you & I'm so glad you got the red poppies & the yellow brick road!
Trina - thank You - interesting how many of us choose Wizard of Oz! I still love the pendant tho and how you choose to represent those ideas.
Giraffelabel - thank you - it did take a bit of time to do - mostly with the hand stitching around the sides! Far longer than any of my ornaments.
Bird - yes it is Wizard of Oz - the horse is supposed to be the horse of many colors in the emerald city - I only had a zebra that I scraped all the black paint off of!
It's hard to see but up at the top there is a crystal bead - that is supposed to represent Glenda - who always floated around in the bubble! I was sort of wishing I had a pair of Barbie shoes so I could paint them a bright red and glue glitter on and have black and white stockings coming out from under the side of a house!
Amanda - hope you are feeling better soon.
Thank you everyone for such sweet comments.
OK Natasha - what is it???????

Cat said...

These are all wonderful, but I have to say that "Sorceror Purple" is effing amazing.

Natasha said...

This has been the longest day in the history of days I'm so sorry I was not around I will be tomorrow but - love you guys you are awesome and Cat you made me laugh so hard yes it is effing awesome! I agree I will leave much longer comments manana but Teri got it its totally the Breakfast Club. You guys rock BIG hugs!!!

SalvagedExpression said...

Really fun submissions this week! I ended up kind of fostering a kitten this week so I couldn't play.
Bad photo of kitten for those who need a shot of cute. :)

Felicia Kramer said...

ROFLMAO!!! Cat, that has to be the most emphatic and to the point complement I have ever received. Thank you so much!!!