Monday, September 14, 2009

Imagine Playtime

Hello....hello.....helllooooooooo!! How are you TST-ers?? I'm doing well. I'm working on a bunch of new things and one of them is a new TST feature. What do you think about a TST Clinic? People are always emailing to talk about their shops, blogs and new products to see what I think. I think it would be great to have a clinic where you could share new features or ideas you have and let others give helpful, concrete feedback. It's a great way to help grow your business or artistic practice. What say you??

There's LOTS happening here this month so stay tuned (wink)

And now, I feel like imagining some fun playtime activites. If you needed a break, a moment to shake off ALL responsibility and simply play, what would you do?

Would you......

U.K artist Julian Beever with his realistic sidewalk chalk art



Or something else??


aquamaureen said...

I'd blow bubbles . .. the really big ones . . .

aquamaureen said...

oops. shoulda clarified. NOT bubbles like with bubble gum. Bubbles like with soapy water. THOSE kinda bubbles.

lisianblue said...

Play in the leaves!!! And I get to do that soon - just have to time it before the yard crew gets them raked up!
The TST clinic sounds like an awesome idea!

JanetDavies said...

I say a clinic is a great idea!
I want to play in the leaves!! I've been bitten by the fall bug but live in the prickly, hot desert. (Someone send me some leaves?)
For me it's more about a playful attitude, it makes almost anything fun. BE the fun.

Natasha said...

Aqua - I LOVE that ..soapy bubbles make me happy. They make my daughter happy too!!!

Lisian - you need to send us a picture of you jumping in the leaves!! That would be SOOO great!! And I love that you like the Clinic idea...I think it could be awesome for everyone....I think we'd learn so much from one another.

Janet - Rock on! The Clinic is totally happening...there will be much more to come...and I'm sending you some leaves buddy for sure by the way BE the fun might be the greatest thing...I needed those exact words today...BE the fun!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


LEAVES!!! :-D Leaves are WAY fun to play in. Here in A2 they have this ridculous need to get rid of all their leafy goodness, which I totally do not understand. :-P Leaves are for raking and making piles of, then playing in the piles until all is scattered again, and then mulching them into your lawn to complete their nutritive cycle. :-) Not for sucking up in big truck-vacuums so you can pay for the privilege of getting back your composted leaves! :-D

Anyway, I digress. :-D

And I also think the clinic is a great idea! :-) I suspect the biggest reason I'm not getting online sales is that most of my stock is still offline, but there might be other reasons too. It would be good to get some other opinions. :-)

And Maureen, I'm totally with you w/the bubbles! :-) I've made some wonderful copper bubble blowers for multiple & large bubble-making that are very fun to use, if I do say so myself! :-D

BB & GF, All! :-)

PS - I'll happily join in the Sending Leaves to the Leafless cause if someone will send me an addy to send them to. :-D My handle here at gmail is a good addy to use. :-) -B

SalvagedExpression said...

A clinic could definately be fun! Of course all of you guys are so great I almost want to do everything with you. TST book club, TST movie night and of course TST wine, craft and laugh until we fall asleep on the carpet covered in glitter night.
As for sending leaves wait until you see my craft this week!
capcha nonsins hmm... :)

lisianblue said...

oh I vote we all blow bubbles while playing in the leaves (we'll have to send Janet some) and then play hopscotch! and then we can have tst movie night - and that just sounds like fun falling asleep on the carpet covered in glitter!
Bird - at least the leaves get turned into mulch - I think they just get thrown away here! and we were voted in the top 20th of green cities - that's a joke! oh sorry - this is play day!
back to playing in the leaves!
Natasha - I'll see what I can do about a pic of me playing in the leaves - no jumping tho! may be a while yet tho!