Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celebrate This Artist, Art in my Coffee!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: If you did not have a chance to visit the TST Clinic yesterday and check out Lisianblue's shop, please stop by and take a peek!

I need YOUR creative space photos folks. That's right! I want to see where you work and I want to see your absolute favorite thing in your space - that thing or those things you just can create send them in to me by Sunday, October 4th....YAY!!

Jodi Horgan, a self-proclaimed serious coffee person, stumbled upon this awesome site, Art in my Coffee. Look at the works of art made out of a cup of coffee!! This site which is curated by Jina Bolton and Meagan Fisher is a daily cup o' fun.

Got great coffee art? Just want to share a little love...then drop them a line today.

Check out this submission to Art in my Coffee by Robson Barista:

Robson Barista

Thanks for sending in this treasure, Jodi! I totally wish we were all kickin' back sharing a cup of something lovely while laughing and talking art today!


Trina said...


Being from Seattle, I am no stranger to great coffee, and wonderful "Coffee Art." What a special treat to get a little piece of wonderfulness added to your coffee to enjoy as you drink it. That flower was especially beautiful.

Here in the Seattle Area, this weekend was Northwest Regional Barista Champoinships, and a Coffee Art competion to go along with it, so this came at such a great time!

Thanks for sharing, I'll go have some coffee now.

Frenzy23 said...

That photo is gorgeous. I love latte art, it takes a considerable amount of talent and patience, and the results are amazing. You almost don't want to drink it! (Ok, nothing stops me from drinking coffee...but it's amazing nonetheless.)

David Robson said...

That would be my art :)
I'm glad you all like it and thank you Thursday Sweet Treat for the feature.

David Robson

lisianblue said...

That is awesome! Makes me want to brew up a pot of coffee and try it out! Oh wait - I don't have any milk or cream - I'll be back! hehe still gotta go to the store!
Cool Coffe Art there David!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


I've been totally fascinated by latte art since seeing it featured on the Food Network one night. How very kyool! :-)

Yes, indeed, Natasha, that would be very kyool indeed. I am totally looking forward to getting into my own house so I can travel more easily and then come back East and share more good times with you & Jen-jen & any other TST-ers that can make it! :-) Our luncheon was over WAAAAAY too soon. :-)

BB & GF! :-)

Marja aka Glass Elements said...

For some reason, I need another cup of coffee...

jodi said...

Did you all see the one with the monkey? Incredible.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

How fun! Coffee sounds wonderful on this chilly, windy day. I love the idea of adding beauty to everyday activities...making the world just a bit brighter. :)