Friday, December 3, 2010

Here's What We Are Going To Do

The Home of My Passionate, Creative Heart
Created by Natasha Reilly

I wanted to begin by sharing this piece that I created for Week 6 of BIG, created by Dirty Footprints Studio. This is a deeply personal painting's huge and wonderful. I am very proud of this work as lots of love and passion went into it's creation.

Since I began the Thursday Sweet Treat, I have loved all of the creative souls I have met. There have been some amazing times and some tough times here and the entire time I have learned and loved in more ways than I ever imagined possible.

The time has come for the TST to change a bit. Before I began this, I was writing a blog called Creativenachos. I have gone back and forth between both for awhile but the time has come to combine these worlds. As I grow and change as an artist along with all of you, I feel it's only right that my blogs grow and change with me.

So, aside from the merger, I am going to change the way we do things on the TST a bit. I want to delve a little more into process so we not only see what we create but we learn more from one another as artists. It won't require a ton of work on your part just a new way of exploring this artistic journey together.

I will be closing the TST for a few weeks again in order to bring about the changes needed. I think it's ok to do that now as the end of the year can be crazy for everyone and this allows time to focus on relaxing, being with family and friends and gearing up for the new year ahead.

The TST will open again in mid-January. I will post more as I get closer to being ready and of course I will be posting off and on throughout the holidays. I will be in touch and it is my hope you will return next year for a whole lot more artistic fun. Also please check back as I will be teaching some new classes and I will be posting lots of info about them.

Much love to you and thank you for inspiring me to grow the TST and create something bigger than I imagined!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Do These Artists Share Love?

PLEASE NOTE: Please join me tomorrow for an important TST announcement. Thanks!

This week, I am in LOVE with the beautiful works these talented, professional artists created. Each one celebrates inspiration, blooming, the layers of love, poetry and love shared between two people. It's just wonderful! The work that I created was twofold - it was for a class I am in and for the TST. I have not revealed it in either place yet but will share it here tonight.

Please join me on a LOVEly journey....

Maureen, super talented artist, created this gorgeous piece.

"What can I say? Feeling "I love you" makes me feel like flowers blooming inside me . . .and any sense of gratitude, felt and/or expressed, also feels like beauty blooming. So, that's what got painted," said Maureen.

"I want to be sure to credit Amanda/PersistentGreen for being my artistic muse on this. A few months ago she showed me a new style she was trying, with abstracty flowers, brilliant colors, and black highlights. I was captivated. I'm trying to play with the ideas and make them my own, without copying her. For me, it's combining a sort of stained glass outlining, with the "loud" colors and flowery shapes."

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea and More Bright Ideas, created this stunning piece.

"I love texture, and with this piece I simply played with various textures, overlays, opacities to see what kind of effects I could get," said Felicia. "There’s about 6 layers here, I think. I topped it off with two lines from a poem by my favorite, e. e. Cummings."

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this phenomenal Live Laugh Love, mixed media wall hanging, approximately 6 inches across.

"This week's theme made me think of a phrase that's been special to my husband and me for years now--Live, Laugh, Love," said Amanda. "The funny thing is that now the saying has become really popular; we see it in gift shops all the time (and often can't help buying pillows, plaques and all kinds of things with variations on the phrase). I couldn't resist making an artful object of my own!"

Now tell me, is your heart not full? Are you not madly in love??