Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Celebrate This Artist, CLine Creations!

Hellooooooooo everyone!!! Welcome to Wednesday! What do you say, do you want to celebrate someone today??

Today we celebrate an artist with an eye for color combinations and a distinctive style, CLine Creations. CLine has a shop filled with Chinese arts which include brush paintings and knotted creations. I remember when I saw her first knotted project, knotted earrings. They were a gorgeous, fiery red and now her shop has all sorts of delicious knotted treats like this:

Shades of Blue Hair Barrette

In addition, she creates gorgeous brush paintings like this:

Autumn Landscape - Original Large Painting (14x27)

Check out CLine Creations and leave a little love for this talented artist :) AND if you need a little more of the CLine, check out her blog:


FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Very nice work. I get confused trying those knots so I end up in a knot.hahahah:)

Funky Monkey Girl,

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


What awesomeness! I love both the paintings and the knotwork. Def. a new fave! :-)

Thnx for bringing this amazing artist to the TST, Natasha! :-)

BB & GF! :-)

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

What a great pick! I've seen her around the Etsy forums and have always been impressed by her kindness and professional attitude. Her knotwork is beautiful, but holy wow, her painting is incredible! Looks like the work of an old master. :)

Jess // CLineCreations said...

Natasha, thank you so much! This was such a sweat treat to see - literally! I tried to leave a comment yesterday from my phone, but I'm thinking it didn't make it... heh =)