Thursday, July 9, 2009

TST Movin' On

Hi everyone, how are you?? I hope you are all doing well. I know we have LOTS of folks out there doing LOTS of things so I just want you to know that I am cheering you on and hoping you are all successful, happy and having some fun!

Before we unveil today's theme, I wanted to chat. I have been at a cross roads which caused me to stop doing everything for a bit. I needed a personal time out. As my daughter is constantly growing so too does my role as Mom continue to evolve. It has often required restructuring on my part so I needed to take a look at what I was doing and decide where I want to go.

I'm happy to report things are going exceptionally well with my new clients (YAY!) That has taken some adjustment of my time but once I figured thngs out, I felt great. Then, I turned my focus on the TST. In order to do that, I stopped all work on the new site and really looked at where this is going and what I'd like to do.

I love this place. It's magic. There are so many folks who write each week even if they cannot participate due to life (I seriously cannot believe how busy everyone is this summer!) I know in my heart that I want this to be the best playground for artists!! In order to do that, I need your help.

I have begun to work on the site again and will be offering advertising on it that will be a little different from the norm. I will be working hard to move us into a better ranking on the Internet.

As I work on sections, I have some ideas for truly fun collaborative themes in the Fall - nothing that will require any more time than you currently put in each week. But here is where you come in. I want to hear from you either in the comments or via email.

Tell me some of the things you like here on the TST.
Tell me what you like to see more of?
How can I improve this playground for you?
What about things like the 2nd grade project - any interest in another with other age ranges in the Fall?

The summer has been a little bit of a time out for me. I needed to refocus and I probably will again in the future but I wanted to share a bit about what's going on with me and I want to hear from you.

I'm just living and learning....thanks for sharing in this life experience with me. Please join me as I plan and gear up for the Fall.....

More info to come in roughly two weeks.



Mackin-Art said...

Hey Natasha,

I needed to take some time and think about this:

What I love - Solving a creative problem, taking the stated challenge and finding a way to make it mine. And seeing how everyone else makes it theirs.

I've just not been able to participate much this summer and it seems that some other's have the same time cruch going on - maybe a longer time period during the summer might help many of us.

I loved the ideas and plans for the 2nd grade project, but I dropped the ball as far as participating - I'd love to have another chance!

I hope you can realize how much growth you have facilitated for me and I really, really want that to continue!!!!

Frenzy23 said...

Natasha, you've created an amazing place and nothing short of true magic oozes out of it every week.
I love the challenges where you've incorporated other art forms like music and writing.
Don't stretch yourself too thin! You have a lot on your plate. I know running TST is a lot of work.