Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fabulous Artists Fly Their Creative Kites High In the Air and Inspire All Around Them

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please tune in tomorrow for a major TST announcement. Thanks.

This week, these sensational artists allowed their imagination to fly high. They grabbed hold of color, shape and movement and began to create. These talented, professional, inspiring artists invite you to see that if you have faith in yourself and let your imagination guide you, you will create more beautiful work than you have ever imagined. You will grow and learn more about yourself and about your craft. Each of these creations is an incredible gift.

Now, I invite you to stroll along and marvel at these creative kites.

Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, created this gorgeous pendant.

"This week, I made a pendant called "Colorful Path." I'm not sure what it has been about the themes I have participated in and rainbows, but that is where my inspiration has taken me," said Trina. "I wrapped beautiful rainbow colored rings around larger sterling silver rings in a weave called Stepping Stones. The weaving colors reminded me of the part of the theme that said "run, run, run and let your imagination take flight." I had a blast working on this pendant!!!"

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this stunning painted handmade journal.

"I think my creative kite got caught in a power line this week. :) Right away, the theme inspired me to play with color and movement," said Amanda. "I decided to continue with my experimentation in journal-making, this time with painted covers and deckled cardstock pages. Everything was going well, until I reached the final stages. I must have misjudged the distance for my rings, since the journal won't open flat! Oh dear, back to R & D with this one, but I'm excited about the possibilities to come."

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created these phenomenal pieces titled, “Dream” and “Go Fly a Kite”.

"For awhile now, I have had ideas for some greeting card/poster collections bouncing around in my head," said Felicia. "I finally tried putting one of the ideas down and here’s a couple of samples. These are all Photoshop manipulations. You know how sometimes you just know that something is working for you? And then sometimes you keep staring at it and wondering why isn’t it working? Well, I’m doing the staring with these. I’m not unhappy with them but not totally happy either, so I guess I will call these works in progress and will welcome any constructive comments!"

Don't you want to test out your creative kite now??

Please feel free to share comments and love here and then visit the shops and blogs of these fabulous artists and share some more!!


lifeartdesigns said...

Very nice, as usual you guys! I miss playing, but I will be back to play again. And until then, I will soak up the beauties here.

Natasha, hope your daughter is better. Can't wait to see what the announcement is tomorrow. It's back on the road for me again, but hopefully I can get an internet connection.

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Been good & virtuous this week (mostly! :-D), so have been working (mostly! :-D) on my commissions, but have a piece-in-progress & the bits & bobs picked out for another, so laters. :-) Mini-monthlys are my friend! :-D

Felicia, these are very kyool beginnings indeed! :-) Looking forward to seeing them as they evolve.

I love your color choices on the first piece - both spiritual & celestial to me. :-)

My suggestion on the first one would be to place a physical kite in the pic - or maybe deliberately leave like a white space or something for the recipient to put their own 'kite' in, to encourage folk to go & fly their kites. :-)

I love the text patterning on the second one. And the choice-of-words is something I very much 'preach'. :-D

My suggestion would be to perhaps think about changing the grey at the bottom - it makes it very cold and 'muddy' to me. Perhaps a deep navy blue or the like??? :-)

Amanda, your journal is indeed stunning!!! :-) I adore the colors & the texture. :-) Perhaps just get larger rings so you can still use this one? I could see hand-making some if they are not sold in a larger size. :-)

Trina, what a wonderful & cleverly designed pendant!!! :-) Capturing the feeling of kite & flight while still leaving it a bit open-to-the-imagination. Very kyool! :-)

So well done all! :-) Glad to see such wonderful works and a bit regretful that I couldn't be joining you this week. :-D

Keep the faith & keep creating! :-D

Felicia Kramer said...

Trina - that's a gorgeous pendant! I love the flow of the rings and the subtle color pallet.
Amanda I adore the cover, and I can totally appreciate how you feel when a monkey wrench gets thrown in the middle of something. I'm right there with you today ...

Phoenix - Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback. Your first one about adding a kite - DUH! How obvious is that?? LOL!
Your comment about the muddy color in the second one is right on - I was struggling with changing the colors in that background. I think I have to ditch the background and start over. Thanks again. Good stuff.

Hey, everybody - try to come back - we need more kids in the playground!

K said...

Hey everyone! I love the artwork and miss joining in. I had an idea but got interrupted with stacking firewood (UGH!!!) Maybe I'll finish it in time for the mini monthly :)

Trina - That pendant is gorgeous! I love the design and the colors :) I always enjoy seeing where your inspiration takes you!

Amanda - That's a beautiful journal! I hate it when I misjudge something like that, but I bet if you use bigger rings and maybe add some more pages nobody will ever know the difference!

Felicia - I love your designs! I don't know what it is (other than creepy, of course) but you always seem to use exactly the words I need to remember at that moment, and the rest of the design motivates me to go do it!

lisianblue said...

Did all the tst'ers get carried aloft with their kites this week? including me - too many things going on
Trina - great pendant - nice creative use of chainmaille
Amanda - find bigger rings, or hand tie it with string - that cover is just too pretty - love the texture and colors.
Felicia - 1st pic - have to agree with Bird - maybe a kite in that would be good.

2nd one - don't ditch the whole background - just the bottom color! The stars in the letters are pretty cool. I do really like the dream, dream, dream..........

Natasha - thank you for all you do!
Hope your litle one is better SOON.

I have 2 kids and I lived with a man for a while that has 3 - they ranged in ages from 3 - 11 when we were together (in a 2bdrm mobile home)- we had 3 of them with chickenpox at the same time!!! not fun!!! and thank goodness there is a vacine for that now!

aquamaureen said...

The sharings were few in number, but oh, so lovely in content.

I had hoped to be a part of it--emailed my submission to Natasha, but it evidently didn't arrive, and it isn't even in my "sent" folder. Rats.

Athena's Armoury said...

Gorgeous chain maille by Trina!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Thanks, everybody! I'm definitely on the lookout for bigger rings--too bad I have a HUGE box of the small ones... ;) Office Max, here I come.

Trina, I love the subtle movement in your pendant--so slinky and fun. My eye moves all the way from top to bottom and top again. Very cool!

Felicia: I particularly like the "dream" one too. I agree about the bottom colors being a little muddy, but the top ones are gorgeous--maybe the bottom two could be more of a reddish chocolate brown? That would be pretty with the oranges above. I like the stars in the letters!