Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let the Dot Become a Car, Then Hop In and Drive Through This Colorful World Created By Magnificent Artists

Once again I am in love with this week's creations. Why? Because people let themselves play. They let dots, lines and color take them wherever they were meant to go. The pieces created are filled with joy and the colors are a celebration of lightness which in my opinion is the lightness of heart they all had as they let their inner child play.

I am always astounded by the creativity and imagination that is born from these challenges. This week, I am exceptionally intrigued by the designs and thankful that each artist took a risk and simply let whatever was going to happen...happen. I believe you will be inspired and delighted by the work of these talented, professional, wonderous artists.

Please join me in celebrating the beauty that can be found when we let ourselves play with dots, lines and a little color :)

Agathe, creator of Meherio68, created this stunning piece.

"I did start thinking along lines," said Agathe. "Full stop. But ended up with circles, or rather bubbles and a splash, working with hammered copper and copper wired freshwater pearls. I love how sunny and splashy this pendant looks and, because it is really quite flattering, I called it "Make a Splash!" It comes on a ball chain for more dots making up lines..."
blog :

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created these wonderful pieces for The Blue Iris Series including, “Iris Exposed”, “Liquid Blue”, “Liquid Blue 2”, and “Liquid Purple”.

"I was going through a group of photos I had taken of blue irises a few weeks ago," said Felicia. "That’s when I came across a happy accident – a few closeup photos that were over-exposed to the extent that the iris petals appeared skeletonized, with the veins (“lines”) most prominent as in the first photo. I was so fascinated with them that I started layering the photos with other bright painterly backgrounds (“splash of color”) and manipulating the colors in Photoshop, and “suddenly” here are the results. I have been exploring altering the colors and layers to the extent that I have quite a few finished for my “Blue Iris Series.” There are only two or three layers of images in each piece. I’ll be posting them in my shop and on my blog, where I may do a simple step-by-step explanation. Stop by and take a look:"

Iris Exposed

Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue 2

Liquid Purple

KittyDesigns created this awe-inspiring piece.

Perhaps it will seem to you that the sunshine is brighter and that everything has a new charm. At least, I believe this is always the result of a deep love, and it is a beautiful thing. And I believe people who think love prevents one from thinking clearly are wrong; for then one thinks very clearly and is more active than before. And love is something eternal--the aspect may change, but not the essence. There is the same difference in a person before and after he is in love as there is in an unlighted lamp and one that is burning. The lamp was there and it was a good lamp, but now it is shedding light too, and that is its real function. And love makes one calmer about many things, and in that way, one is more fit for one's work.

~Vincent van Gogh

Talented, fabulous artist Maureen created this exquisite piece.

"Oh my goodness--I have missed being a part of this creative fellowship," said Maureen. "Seems way longer than just two weeks. I loved the prompt this week, with the quote: Everything starts from a dot. I tried really really hard to start with a dot, then a line, etc., but my dots just wanted to explode and who am I to deny them??? My offering this week, which is also Day 31 of the 100 in 100 project, reminds me of a bumper sticker I love: I tried to contain myself, but I escaped."

Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, created this phenomenal piece, titled "The Rainbow over Waterfalls."

"I just started reading your blog last week, and have been very inspired," said Trina. "When I saw this theme, it instantly made me think of some beautiful, colorful niobium rings that I just got from a good friend. I started playing with them, and came up with a shape that looked like a rainbow. When I added some lapis to one end, it reminded me of the rainbow over a waterfall."

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this sensational watercolor in progress titled, Untitled.

"What a fun theme! I didn't get as much time to play this week as I'd hoped, but I'll definitely keep working on this painting, and will be trying this exercise again soon," said Amanda. "I began the composition one way, then ended up spinning it as I worked--finally decided on the reverse of how I'd started. I love any technique that forces me to think from a different perspective--and that's exactly what happened here."

This theme threw me for a loop! Here's how it all began. I sat down, opened my journal and began to play. I started with a big, black dot. I thought it would be fun to experiment with not taking the pen from the page so I let the line come to life and that turned into another dot and before I knew it was drawing a dog paw which made me laugh. It was not AT ALL what I was expecting. I turned the page upside down and started again - not lifting the pen - and a leash and dog came to life. This was great but I had no idea where it was going and so I let it soak for awhile.

In the middle of the week, I stumbled across this fabric. I had not been looking for it. I was strolling down an aisle in a craft shop and it jumped out at me. I believe it was all connected. So this dog journal was born. One version is blank and the other is filled with fun things guessed paw drawings. LOL! If I hadn't truly let myself trust this process I don't think I'd have ended up here with this piece. I had a blast!

Want to take another spin through?? Me too :)

Please share your thoughts, ask the artists questions, leave a comment and some love here. Then, go visit them at their shops and blogs, share some more and tell a friend! Thanks so much for visiting!!


FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Everything looks so awesome. Keep up the great work everyone and thanks for your inspirations!

Funky Monkey Girl,

meherio68 said...

Natasha, the puppies on this fabric do seem as playful as you. I would love to take a peek into this journal...
Maureen and Amanda, your gorgeous fireworks make me want to take up watercolour!
Trina, I love your rainbow— and I can just see the waterfall underneath. I really admire the mix of precision and fancy in this piece.
Kitty, I'm always impressed by the layers of meaning and light and dark in your work...
Felicia, your photos are shere magic!

Natasha said...

FunkyMonkey Girls - great to see are you?? Hope things are well..keep coming to visit and sharing your own inspiration as well :)

Felicia Kramer said...

This is my second attempt at comment – I’m ready to throw my computer out the window ….

Great stuff here – but then again we’re used to that by now, right?

Agathe – one of my favorite colors and the odd shapes of the pearls are intriguing.
Kitty – wow – very striking images. Would love to know your technique.
Maureen – I saw the tease on your blog and I actually like the composition of the tease better than the whole piece. Would you dare to cut it apart?
Trina – welcome! Love this piece – very unusual and great color combo.
Amanda – been following your 100 days and I love the flow of this piece.
Natasha – how adorable! I have been hanging out in fabric stores recently for a project and the fabrics are calling to me too. Good thing I have no more room left in the drawers. Love the journal.

Great job everyone!

Natasha said...

meherio68 - ok so this might be one of my favorite pieces from you..I love the playful nature of it and the's a gorgeous work...just gorgeous! Thank you for your sweet words on my journal...I will be sharing a little more of the inside later when I list it in my shop but would be happy to share more if I get a chance to scan more in later today....hehehehe

Felicia - Again I'm so sorry about the computer issues....I know how frustrating it can be!! I'm so glad you made it here...loved all of the pieces ..however Iris exposed is almost heavenly...the colors are breathtaking...I stared at this one for a LONG time and Liquid Purple (I am a purple fanatic) captured my heart....I love it....what an amazing series Felicia...I will be swinging by the blog to learn more :)

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Magnificent post! Definitely great artists! I'm off to check out your other designs in your shop.


Natasha said...

Diary of a Young Designer - welcome!! Thank you so much...I am revamping my entire shop so you won't find much right now BUT there will be more to come very soon!!!! Come back and play soon :)

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

~Agathe that necklace is so candy-like.

~Felicia- title fits like a glove to your creations. Liquid blue! Makes me wanna get something to drink now lol.
=That is actually digital collage. I just started doing it a few days ago (literally) so I would be lying if I said that I know what I'm doing. Still in the process of learning :)

~Maureen it really shows that you had fun creating that piece. Must be exausting to make one a day. But awesome idea nevertheless.

~Trina that looks like a piece from Star Wars. Very much "now" and yet very much "tomorrow".

~Amanda I wanna take a swimm in yours lol. It looks so inviting :)

AND that cute puppy as cherry on top!!!!!!!!!!!!

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Hi Natasha! I have had better days. My fibromylgia is rearing it's ugly head and I feel like I have a screwdriver going thru my shoulder, bleck. This too shall past and thanks for asking!

Funky Monkey Girl,

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Cheering up by cheering on. :-P

Agathe, I LOVE this piece!!! Beautifully done & a wonderful design, sunny & flower-like both. Just the thing for summer fun! :-)

Felicia, you prove that some of the most wonderful things occur by 'accident'. :-D These are lovely! What a wonderful way to switch one's perspective & point of view. :-)

KittyDesigns, I love the way you take a quote & bring it to Art. :-) You bring new meaning to the term 'fired up'! :-D Your work makes me think, and overall, that's a good thing. :-)

"I tried to contain myself, but I escaped." I love that quote Maureen! :-) Perhaps that's some of what I need to be doing right now - not allowing myself to be contained, by anything or anyone, inc. myself. Thank you for giving me both something to think about & something lovely to look at. Your style is really emerging & b/c more wonderful w/each piece. Thank you so much for sharing yourself & your work! :-)

I like the 'eyes' here - it's a good reminder to me that you are never alone unless you truly want to be. :-)

Trina, welcome to the Treat! :-) Such a wonderful, colorful, cheerful piece you share today! :-) Thank'ee's for bringing it to the Treat! :-)

Rainbow over a waterfall - excellent metaphor to remember. Even the soggiest times can contain Beauty if you but let them. Thnx! :-)

Amanda, more Eyes on the Treat! How very kyool! A wonderful beginning that makes me think of shores & beaches & wonderful summery seas. Beautiful! :-)

What an awesome journal, Natasha! :-) Love the dogs in doggy heaven - a nice soft bed & bones falling from the skies! :-D

Thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful works! :-) Hope to be joining you again real soon! :-D

BB & GF, All! :-)

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

We are a small but mighty group this week. :D I loved the experience and progression behind these pieces just as much as the finished products.

Thanks to all who commented! You're so kind. :)

Tash, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for tomorrow..... is it Friday yet? How about now?

Arlene said...

I would love to participate in this next week. It looks like so much fun and I love what your participants have created here! I look forward to seeing your prompt today!

Natasha said...

FunkyMonkey Girls - I am sooo sorry that it's acting up. What makes it feel better? I wish there was something I could do...I send you BIG warm healing hugs and laughter - laughter always makes me feel better :)

Phoenix - you were so missed! I agree with you - that quote Maureen shared was awesome!! It's up in front of me now....LOVE it..just as I love her work....hope to see you playing soon :)

Amanda!!! I LOVE your piece...I mean it's truly gorgeous work!!!! always inspire me...will you share again when you complete it?? We are small but mighty I love that...we have people moving, attending weddings, shows and traveling...I have been assured that they will return....oh summer hehehe

Arlene - welcome, welcome, welcome!!!! It's truly great to see you here!!! How are you?? It is my hope that this theme will inspire you...I think you will love participating ..this is a great group of's clear you are full of goodness and fun ...I think you will have a blast here :)

giraffelabel said...

i posted a comment yesterday, but i don't know where it went. and, i don't think i can remember what i wrote, nor do i have time now to retype it all...but, i loved everything this week! i hope i can play next week!