Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inspirational Tips: The Beauty is in the Details

I believe that the true beauty of a work can often be found in the details. The Lone Beader's imaginative, fun, striking works of art are proof of that statement. The time, creativity, and detail that goes into each piece is incredible; I'm in awe of the her talent.

I had the honor of talking with The Lone Beader about the inspiration behind the ACEO (artist trading card) featured here, "Tigress." This piece consists of bead embroidery mounted to an acid-free trading card and is available for sale in her shop. What I discovered was that her attention to detail extends far beyond the materials used to create pieces of art. It is also found in the careful choosing of words used to create pieces of unforgettable Haiku.

This “Tigress” work was inspired by the following Haiku written on the back of the piece:

Restless predator
Impatient look of desire
Awaits in tall grass.

“I used to write Haiku a lot, but haven't been inspired to lately. I think I have just been busy. Haiku is one of those things that doesn't come naturally to me, so takes some time to write! LOL. Despite that, one of my Haiku was posted on a Japanese online newspaper. I had to submit my haiku to Japan via snail mail, so I was very honored that they picked mine!”


You can read more of The Lone Beader's Haiku when you visit this link: http://blog.thelonebeader.com/search/label/haiku
My personal favorites are "Nighttime Haiku" and "Celtic Woman Haiku".

For more of the The Lone Beader's fantastic work, please visit:


lisianblue said...

This design is awesome! I love the closeup of the eye, and just a bit of the surrounding "fur". Excellent beadwork.

Natasha said...

lisianblue - it's gorgeous isn't it? I am in awe of her creations..I agree 100% with you it is excellent beadwork...

The Lone Beader said...

Hi Natasha! Thanks for mentioning me, and thanks for your kind words! I am happy that you liked my Haiku! I should try to keep writing them! :D

jodi said...

I've been following the lone beader for awhile now. it amazes me the time and effort she puts into her pieces. she captures all the little details. great post. i'm so glad that you featured her. i hope everyone checks out her shop and blog.

Natasha said...

The Lone Beader - I was truly honored too be able to share your work...it's fabulous and as a fan of your Haiku as well I agree with you..you should totally write more!!

jodi - what an awesome cheer for The Lone Beader...I agree...everyone should check out her work...you rock for supporting and cheering, Jodi!

LJ said...

Gorgeous...and she is the indisputable queen of detail.

Natasha said...

LJ - hey there...I'm with you...detail and The Lone Beader go hand in hand ..hands down!

Katrina said...


Beautiful, beautiful work! :-) Even tho' the grass isn't in there, the lines of beads hint at its existence. So awesome! :-D

The haiku is very kyool also - pls do keep writing (& sharing) them, thelonebeader! :-)

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)