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Exceptional Artists Use a Flicker of Imagination To Light Up Your World

ANNOUNCEMENTS: This is the official call for the Mini-Monthly. If you have a piece from a previous challenge that you were unable to submit, please send it to me no later than the end of the day on Saturday, March 28th. The Mini-Monthly will be revealed on Monday, March 30th.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to some of the beautiful emails I've recently received. I will be writing shortly. This week was the epitome of Murphy's Law. Everything went wrong and yet I feel I have a ton of material to write a comedic novel! Hahaha...I was unable to complete my piece but will have it in the Mini-monthly and I'm SO excited about it. In fact, I might be as excited about that as I am about the new website which will be revealed within the next two weeks.

I was so emotional after seeing all the entries this week and there were many reasons for that. From the stories of how the artists discovered their "flicker of imagination" to the way parts of my poem were used (I am deeply honored and so humbled), these works are filled with originality and incredible, inspiring beauty. However the most moving part of this was the way each artist fell in love with their own work. That sentence, that thought makes me want to celebrate. Is there anything more powerful, more wonderful then seeing someone try something new or travel down an unexpected road that allows them to create something they never thought they would? Is there anything better than watching a snippet of thought, a moment from childhood or that secret inner desire come to life in a new work? I'm in love with this week's Sweet Treats. I'm moved by the passion and talent that is shared here this week and every week.

These artists, these talented, beautiful, warm, inspiring, driven, risk-taking, professional, gorgeous souls have changed the world with the artwork they have created. How have they done that, you may ask? Without knowing it, using only their heart, their talent and their imagination they have given all of us, all those who are viewing and cheering the gift of hope, belief, trust, love, passion and bravery. They have inspired an openness and honesty that can only make this world a better place.

Now, I invite you to experience the power a flicker of imagination can have.....

Ruth, creator of Allover Art, created this stellar “Flickering Woodland Twilight Hand-Painted Art Pendant Necklace.” Here's the link to the piece:

"I have created a piece similar to this one before, but I made the colors in this piece darker, giving one a sense of the setting sun at twilight filtering in between the leaves of the woodland canopy,” said Ruth. “I'm rather fond of nature, trees, and silhouettes and use them quite often in my wearable art pieces.”


Susan, creator of Yaffa Dreams, created two, unforgettable pieces this week, With a Little Imagination We Are All Creative Hardware And Guitar Pick Necklace”
and “With a Little Imagination We Are All Creative Hardware And Guitar Pick Bracelet”

"I think its so cool that you can pick up the guitar and create something that didn't exist 5 minutes ago. You can write something that no one's ever heard before. You have music at your fingertips." ~~~ Michelle Branch

“We all use our imagination to be creative,” said Susan. “A musician creates music with the guitar picks; a builder/handyman creates buildings, cabinets, furniture, etc .. with hardware. I use my imagination to create jewelry with guitar picks and hardware!”

Lorrie Veasey, creator of Our Name is Mud, created this awesome piece.

"This week's theme made me think of catching fireflies, which I loved to do as a child," said Lorrie. "My imagination made an attempt at catching a twinkle fairy in a jar. Earthenware with acrylics and a pickle jar."

Maureen, a talented artist, created this truly stunning piece.

"My play with the prompt this week ended up being less "artistic" and way more emotional healing,” said Maureen. “I copied out and read/re-read Natasha's poem and was strongly affected by "Love builds a house." I'm in Mississippi right now, in my sister's new home, and will return to mine in a week. I've struggled to know what to do with my life, my house, the stuff inside it--after the natural event of kids growing up and leaving, and then the unnatural spouse leaving, leaving me as the house's only inhabitant. In response to the prompt, I ended up drawing the same picture I drew all through childhood, except that now, every building block is the word "love." I feel at peace now about going home next week. My new guiding thought is "Love builds a house." Thank you once again, sweet Natasha, for helping me do just what I needed to do, before I even knew it myself."

Kelly, creator of Backward Glances, created this exceptional piece titled, "Playing With Fire".

“I'm working outside my usual boundaries again this week, very graphic, almost cartoonish and like last week not as polished or refined,” said Kelly. “This is a bead embroidered ACEO, the design was just free handed, not planned out in advance. It's a small piece but I still managed to use nearly twenty colors!”

“Fire and imagination/creativity have much in common:

Both start with a tiny spark
Both require nurturing and feeding
Both combine utility with beauty
Both can be all consuming
Both can be dangerous

Allowing imagination free rein can be very liberating, but for many people, a dark shadow is lurking, care must be taken in pushing boundaries - sometimes they push back.”

Theresa E, creator of WoodsNGoods, took this gorgeous photo.

“Here's something different from me this week. I wasn't able to create anything in wood, but while visiting the museum in Grand Rapids, MI this last weekend, I was able to snap some pictures of the carousel animals while my kids were riding the Merry-go-Round,” said Theresa. “Which got me thinking - what better place is there for your imagination to run wild? So, here's one wild horse for your wild ride!”
made in Michigan scrollsaw art and more.

Rowena, creator of Rowena Murillo, painted this exquisite piece titled, "Goddess Inspire, or The Flicker of Imagination."

Goddess Inspire came out of nowhere, and yet she is all around.
In fact, don't you think you know her?
Wasn't she that girl down the block?
Didn't you see her in that place the other day?
She's so familiar.
Say hi.

Agathe, creator of Meherio68, created this truly inspiring piece.

“When I saw this weeks theme, I was in awe,” said Agathe. “My first thought was something really close to "Duh!" But then I scrolled down a little and saw the word "Fireflies" (and read your beautiful poem, Natasha - you're a complete artist!). Then I laughed and got down to work. I knew what I had to do. Let me explain.”

“When I was about 13 or 14, I read this play for school : Ruy Blas, by Victor Hugo; a very, very Romantic melodrama, with this very noble-minded commoner who's in love with the very unhappy Queen. It's beautifully written but doesn't end all that well... At some point, the Queen is reading and re-reading this letter that she has received and that says:

Madame, sous vos pieds, dans l’ombre, un homme est là
Qui vous aime, perdu dans la nuit qui le voile ;
Qui souffre, ver de terre amoureux d’une étoile ;
Qui pour vous donnera son âme, s’il le faut ;
Et qui se meurt en bas quand vous brillez en haut.

(in a nutshell : Madam, at your feet, in the shadow, a man loves you, a low worm in love with a star; he will give up his soul for you if need be, and languishes beneath when you shine above.)
I found this "ver de terre amoureux d'un étoile / low worm in love with a star" such a beautiful image! It was only years, at least ten years, later when I realized that what this expression conjured up in my mind was a "glow-worm". A flicker of my imagination had united the ill-starred lovers into a firefly...
So I did it again with this hand-stamped pendant: the words "ver de terre amoureux" stamped on copper and "d'une étoile" on a smaller silver one, along with the glimmer of a star. I considered adding green jade or even an emerald but then, going through my stash, I found this freshwater pearl that is the exact same shade as the glow-worm's little lantern. It had to be.”
Meherio68blog :

Salvaged Expression created this beautiful piece titled, “The Search for Love.”

“My mind clearly went off on its own with this theme because my submission doesn't really look like...well anything!” said Salvaged Expression. “That said I'm IN LOVE with it and not sure I'll be listing it at all! I call it, The Search for Love. In the search for love your compass is broken. Beautiful but slippery rocks abound and can trip you up at any moment. Sometimes you're not even sure if your destination is real or which way to go but at night hope (or a couple of glow in the dark beads) flickers through and helps get you through another day of searching for what you love here in the real world. The whole thing was inspired by fireflies looking for their mates.”

Iris O’Connor, creator of Iris Design, created these magnificent photos.

“This was another theme that just created itself like my 'Evening song' a few weeks ago,” said Iris.“The photos were taken at sunset and all I needed were a few effects and some ttv (through the viewfinder) and voila! I am very pleased with the outcome :)”

Kris, creator of Lisianblue, created this phenomenal butterfly piece titled, “Flicker of my imagination.”

“Something I've been wanting to do for some time is to combine stained glass techniques, and actually painting the glass used in the structure,” said Kris. “ I recently completed my first stained glass piece, a butterfly. I decided to do another one for this weeks theme - I don't think I've ever seen a blue and white butterfly before, although I think they do exist - but in my imagination this is what a blue and white butterfly would look like. I still have a ways to go in getting the soldering technique down, but overall, I'm pretty happy with this.”

Janet, creator of Janet Davies, created this exquisite painting titled, “Your Soul Pirouettes”.

“The painting I’m submitting this week is entitled ‘Your Soul Pirouettes’ after Natasha Reilly’s poem, Fireflies copyright 2007. That poem is so incredible and that line in particular reached out and caught my heart,” said Janet. “Painting always feels so vulnerable to me, it is the medium where I have the least confidence. I have with the support of my good friend, ‘dirtroadsouth’ been exploring this medium a lot more lately and letting my intuition be my guide. The judges and the critics in my mind have been confined to an imaginary playpen outside of my internal home, far from my heart. They are still making a lot of racket and so I should have someone come and just haul them off the property but since they still feel a bit like they are part of me I’ve decided to keep them, but at a distance. I used acrylics and oil stick.

To see the progress of Janet’s painting this piece and her “Sushi” painting, please visit, Flikr:

Michelle, creator of mkc photography, created this outstanding piece titled, “Roots”.

“I created this piece for a woman who commissioned me for an incredible project - she asked me to create an image that signified connectedness, commitment, and harmony. I was honored - and terrified, worried that I might not meet her expectations...I shot millions of images over the next few days, but none was exactly perfect...To clear my mind, I went for a walk past my two favorite trees that overlook a small creek near my house, where the flicker of creativity finally found me.”

Jodi, creator of Jodi Horgan, created two, exceptionally gorgeous Butterfly Pendants.

“My daughter loves butterflies,” said Jodi. “Every summer we plant flowers to attract the butterflies. We were looking at a seed catalog the other day deciding on flowers to plant this year. We were talking about the butterflies and wanting them to come back. She said, "When it's cold and the butterflies are gone, she can see them in her imagination." Ding. There was my connection with this week's theme. I tried a new technique this week to make the butterflies and had a lot of fun with it.”

Kim, creator of Twisted Thicket, created this awe-inspiring piece.

“I drew a few different things for this theme, but wasn't really happy with them at all,” said Kim. “Finally, I just sat down with my journal and put pencil to paper—this is the result of that sitting. When I was young I was always seeking a quiet place to think and daydream and just be alone (I had four younger sisters and 2 younger step-brothers). I didn't put a lot of thought into it...or maybe, in reality, I did since it is a quick sketch of a distant memory.”

Patti, creator of Peacoxcreations, created this awesome "Girl's cropped cardi and purse."

“I really enjoyed this one as it took me back to the carefree days of childhood, trying to catch the little green glowing darlings in the inky darkness,” said Patti.

Katie, creator of Kay T Taylor, created these fabulous leg warmers.

“These guys are the first of their kind to be created by me,” said Katie, “Definitely something new for me. Where they came from? A simple stroke of imagination- perfect timing for this week's theme, lucky me! Stretchy and soft they are just yearning to be on some chubby little baby legs. =) Hopefully they will find good homes at the Proceeds Benefit this weekend. I'm glad my imagination is going towards a greater cause than just myself this time around. If anyone is wandering around Cincinnati, OH this weekend, come join in our fun! (my blog has the official invite & information”

Steph, creator of A Paper Buffet, created this beautiful card.

“I had to mull this week's theme over for a few days, trying to decide how I was going to capture a "flicker of imagination" in paper,” said Steph. “Children came to mind- they have such an uninhibited imagination, the sky is the limit. And then I turned to the sky for the answer- clouds. Everyone at least once in their life has looked at a cloud and saw something. Then you turn to your friend who's looking at the same cloud and sees something completely different. I wanted to capture the essence of what we see in the clouds. I used some word stamps which I think represents the images we see, with 'imagine' being at the centre. What shapes, images or characters we see in the clouds are represented by the words "discover", "hope", "beauty", "dream", and of course "imagine".”

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created these three, magnificent pieces titled, “Child in the Middle”, “Life Ballet” and “The Path is Calling”.

“The “Fireflies” poem that Natasha posted for the “Flicker of Imagination” challenge just – well – blew me away!” said Felicia. “Every line evoked visual images for me. She graciously gave me permission to use parts of it for my submission this week, and I thank her for that. These are all digital collages, layered with my photographs and altered backgrounds, some clip art, and my big sister (!). I will let Natasha’s words, and my visuals speak for themselves.

Kelly, creator of kpdesigns07, created this gorgeous 4X5 original Firefly Painting.

“The photo of the fireflies really reminded me of growing up on a farm in Illinois, said Kelly. “We had a huge front yard that in the summertime would be filled with lightening bugs. The whole sky and yard seemed to be filled with them. I was fascinated and freaked out at the same time. I liked to look, but I hated to touch! I am also reminded of when I visited my parent’s home and saw the same wonder in my nieces and nephews eyes as they discover what is lovely about this world.”

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this deeply inspiring piece titled, "Shine." It is a mixed media artwork.

“Natasha's incredible poem gave me so many ideas this week, but I decided to focus on the aspect of light,” said Amanda. “Sometimes the light of our spirit flickers and threatens to go out. My piece encourages you to fan your flame until it burns bright and strong. Together, we can light up the world!”

Giraffelabel created this fantastic “Bella Adventure Bag.”

“The Bella Adventure bag is just that…a bag for Bella (my daughter) to go on adventures (with her nana, in particular). This theme was the perfect inspiration for this bag because she has been asking me to make something for her, and being 6, she always wants to carry a purse with her. I thought of her immediately when I saw the word “fireflies”. On a sleepover night with her nana, she experienced what she calls “her favorite memory with nana!” After her brothers had gone to sleep, she stayed up extra late with nana…watching movies, eating popcorn in bed, and…looking for fireflies. Yes, at around midnight nana took her to the window to look out into the dark for fireflies. When they couldn’t see them quite good enough, they got into the car and drove down the long dirt driveway to an opening that overlooked a big hay field. There before them was an amazing sea of fireflies lighting up the night. For her (and for nana) it was truly magical! Although I was not there, I can see the magic in her eyes when she tells the story of her night with nana. I don’t think she will ever forget it. And, she is not alone. Nana loves to go on adventures (in the daytime too), and you never know what you might find along the way. With this bag, they both will have the perfect place to keep all of their treasures!”

Marja, creator of Glass Elements, created this unforgettable piece titled, “Singularity.” Check out the listing:

“A flicker of imagination travels across your thoughts – you marvel at the notion and try to grasp it before it speeds away,” said Marja. “A vivid idea in a recent blank creative stretch makes you almost desperate to own it, to expand on it – but you let it settle and take root, confident that this little glimmer will bring you infinite ideas if you take care.”

Ceridwen, creator of Wanderlust Bling, created these amazing pieces.

“These tiles have been living in my heart for months now, and I've slowly been working them out! I visited Portugal with my husband's family this past December and I instantly fell in love with the tiles that cover the houses in Ovar,” said Ceridwen. “On our last day there, I walked around and took close up photos of all the tiles without really knowing why, just that they inspired me on a deep level and I would want these photos someday. After many months of creative fits and starts and trial and error, I finally came up with these pendants - photographs of individual tiles set in resin and hanging from a cord or chain of the wearer’s choice. I'm even hosting a giveaway on my blog to share a little bit of Portugal with everyone!”

Bird, creator of Crow Tarot (a new store coming soon) shared this moving piece.

“Flicker of Imagination - the moment I heard the theme, I knew that a channeled message from my Muse was the project I wanted to do, since channeling occurs through the same place in the mind where imagination dwells,” said Bird. “I was nervous about this, wondering how it would be received, but after a wonderfully written punt-in-the-tail feathers from Natasha (which is worthy of being posted here all by itself! :-D), I finally took that bold step. Here it is for your enjoyment. :-)”

Subject: Thoughts on the Artistic Path

"Art is about bravery. The bravery it takes to begin, to believe that you have something of value to say to the world. It is about the courage it takes to create and to give your work to the viewing public... who may or may not like it or understand your vision.

The path can be long and winding, but it can be traveled. The miles may be long, but they will come to an end and you will find the recognition you seek, tho' it may not be in the form you first imagined it to be. Not everyone is a Picasso or a Strauss, but everyone can express themselves and bring joy to a loved one or to a passing stranger, one who happens to happen by when your work is shown. This joy has immense value to the world. The Journey is all about bringing Light & Love to the World. These are not the floofy words they are sometimes made out to be, full of butterflies & unicorns, but words of the greatest Power in this world. Joy and happiness can be yours in both the creating and the giving. Joy creates the World if you will but let it. You paint pictures every day with your words, your actions, your joy or lack thereof.

Be not only the change you want to see in this World, but also the Art. Bring forth the joy that is in your heart and give it form, whatever that may be. A cake in the kitchen, a painting in the studio, a smile for a passing stranger. Be the Art you want to see in this World, and let it flow forth freely and be Truth. Both for you and for the World. So go forth, Dear Ones, and create your Art. May you always find it to be a joyous Journey. So let it be." :-) – Adriata, Spirit Guide & Muse (coming soon!)

I have to ask....were you not moved by this tremendous work?

Please share your thoughts, ask the artists questions, leave a comment and some love here. Then, go visit these artists at their shops and blogs, share some more and tell a friend! Thanks so much for visiting!!


SalvagedExpression said...

Woo hoo! Sometimes I can hardly believe that I get to play with such amazing crafters every week.
BackwardGlances I love how alive that fire looks,
Rowena I love the look on the face of your goddess. I can imagine almost anything going on in her mind.
Kim/Twisted I love your drawing! It is beautiful and reminds me of my own youth.
Ok must stop now! Congratulations everyone on an amazing week!

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Okay...I promised myself I wouldn't cry this week, as I'm now on my THIRD day with no heat (big snow storm here) and I was afraid of getting icicles on my face. ;) I was doing okay until I read the final piece, a perfect capstone to my favorite week so far on Sweet Treat.

Everything feels so much more personal this week, doesn't it? I truly believe it's because Natasha so bravely led us down that path, beginning with her poem. I'm more firmly convinced than ever that our most powerful artwork stems from being *ourselves*--we may have all used the same prompt, but each artist applied their own spirit and background to it. The whole page shimmers with light!

Hugs to you all. I'll be coming back all day to absorb everything!

Lorrie Veasey said...

Happy Thursday Chickens!

This might be the theme with the widest variety of interpretation so far: do you think?

Salvaged, MCK and Felicia- it has been a treat to see your work in the past but I think the pieces you did for FLICKER are my faves to date.

Very be-you-tiful.

mkcphotography said...

I'm really just at a loss for words...and anyone that knows me will understand how rare that is. I have to go back and read each entry again because I'm so touched by all the stories, all the amazing words and images. Thank you to everyone this week for sharing yourself and your creations. And thank you, Natasha.

SalvagedExpression said...

Oh no Amanda! I'd send you some candles to keep you warm (or sell you some ;)) but I'm sure you'll have heat back by then so I'll just send warm thoughts!
This week really did tap something in all of us it seems.

meherio68 said...

It's only my second week "here" and I'm really impressed! This is all so close to the heart of the heart of the matter... And I really look forward to next week!

Iris O'Connor said...

oooooooooooooooooh, i left a comment earlier on and it's gone awol.....

looooooove everyone in here today!!!
and i agree with Lorrie about the variety, very different art pieces.

which reminds me: would you let the fairy out of the glass for a breath of fresh air and a bite on the nose????????

and Natasha, thank you again for giving us the opportunity to display our creations here on your blog !

Patti said...

Another "second weeker" here who is thrilled to death with this awesome burst of creativity. Each item is as breathtaking as the rest. What a joy to be here! Thank you Natasha!

Natasha said...

SalvagedExpression - I have that same feeling every week!! I agree with every piece you mentioned and yours...well, I LOVED your piece as was filled with love and that made me happy!! It was so unique...

Amanda - first I'm sending you the biggest, warmest hugs and wishes for heat!! I wish I could invite you over for some hot cocoa..hang in there!! Please let us know if you need anything...and your piece this week was phenomenal! Talk about shining light on the was just breathtaking...yes, when we are who we are..well the world is brighter :)

Lorrie - hands down the wildest variety..people really being themselves ..I SO dig it...and 100% with your picks...they are out of this world...your twinkle fairy is fabulous...I love the word twinkle and the fact that the fairy at all the pickles!!

mkcphotography - you are a riot! That photo was amazing..I mean truly amazing...and I agree with you the words, the stories, the's the best I've seen...I can't handle it....I love it

meherio68 - LOVED your story and your was just wonderful and inspiring ...I learned so much from you...I'm equally excited to see what you create next week

Iris O'Connor - LOVED your photos.. I just stared for a long time marveling at what my eyes were seeing and what my mind was thinking....I was bummed I could not submit ...the little one has a stomach virus so there have been late nights time but excited to join you all on Monday :)

Natasha said...

Patti - what a joy to have you here...the cardi and bag are adorable..I loved it...what fabulous additions...I can't wait to see what next week brings!

lisianblue said...

My poor cat needs food, but instead I'm captured here - looking and reading, and looking some more.........................
I am intriqued by the stories, the thoughts, the emotions - people often going back to childhood memories, or to children and the memories they are creating..... the young girl and her nana going out to find the fireflies -
of how a single word, or thought, or emotion from Natasha's poem elicited other thoughts, emotions, creations....................
Thank you Natasha, and everyone for sharing your thoughts and your creations -
I will be back to explore these more, but my cat is whining at me..........
Have a wonderful firefly kind of day!

lisianblue said...

Natasha - sorry if my comment got sent twice - my brain sort of went off - the emotions took over - I thought it had been sent, I was reading some of the other comments and scrolled down to my comment still being here ----------------you lovely lady-
hope your daughter is feeling better soon!

Natasha said...

lisianblue - you are a riot...your cat wants to see the art too! Your butterfly was simply gorgeous...I remember when you said you were going to begin stained glass classes...this is a phenomenal piece...I love the colors ...I'm so thrilled you created it and's magic! And thanks for the well wishes for Doodle...she appreciated them :)

lilacwoman said...

What an amazing response this week! Everyone seems to have been deeply touched and inspired.

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at the amount of talent here. The stories that go with the art are truly touching. Thank you Natasha for giving us this venue to showcase our work and for inspiring us with your weekly challenges. I loved all the pieces here this week. I love Maureen's "Love Builds a House". It is very touching and heartwarming. And the "Singularity" pendant is stunning!

Felicia Kramer said...

I guess I can breathe now - I was more than a bit nervous about doing justice to Natasha's poem. Thank you Natasha for the beautiful words!

This week's submissions are fabulous and I can't believe how many have hit on "a few of my favorite things ..."

I love carousels so WoodsnGoods' horse made my day. Butterflies are also a big favorite - thanks lisianblue and Jody - gorgeous. MKC - I'm becoming a fan of yours, already a fan of unspoiled nature. Wanderlust-bling, decorative tiles are a small passion, so loved your submissions. And finally, Glass Elements blue pendant is calling out to me with my favorite color!

Great job everybody!

Ruth of Allover Art said...

LOVE the "Singularity" glass pendant! Beautiful! It has so much depth. :)

Wood N Goods said...

Natasha - thank you again for running this challenge week after week. All the entries are fantastic, but I especially love mkcphotography's photo and story.
Theresa E

LadyK said...

This was such an amazing challenge, everyone turned out such beautiful, thought-provoking pieces. :) Some of my favorites are:

Kelly (BackwardGlances), your beaded art card is gorgeous!

SalvagedExpression, Thank you! I love your pendant & the story behind it.

Kris, if there aren't blue butterflies already, there really should be. Just like yours, it's beautiful.

Janet, I loved seeing your work in progress. Your painting turned out beautifully. How big is it?

Jodi, I'm in love with your blue butterfly too.

Can't wait to see what tomorrows theme will be!

Laura Pugh said...

Oh Man! Another great week. Really beautiful work here everyone. Thanks so much for sharing!

Natasha, I'm so amazed at what you are able to accomplish in such a short period of time. Bottle me up some of that energy and send it my way! :)

Natasha said...

lilacwoman - your painting was phenomenal...the colors were so gorgeous and I loved seeing the progress....thank you for being such an inspiration, for trusting that you could fly and for honoring my work as well...I am deeply touched...wonderful!

Susan - what fun you had this week...your pieces were so original and they we filled with music of their own...I so enjoyed that quote too!! I agree with you..Maureen's piece was so colorful and Marja's pendant was exquisite...I could not believe how beautiful that was are create such amazing work...

Oh Felicia - where do I even begin? I know that I sent along a brief email but still it did not do justice to what I am see ..well, to see what the words I wrote brought to life in you...that's a gift that few get...I am so deeply moved and inspired and I SO loved all three...I just made myself cry again...and I agree with all your favs...Woodsngoods photo took me right back to childhood, it captured my imagination completely, lisianblue and jodi made the world's greatest butterflies, mkc captured the most striking side of nature...oh I have so many thoughts on its beauty, Wanderlust's pendants...don't even get me started on how much I love those...just downright fantastic and GlassElements creates magic...there's no other word for it her pieces are simply magic.

Natasha said...

Ruth - I LOVED your pendant...those colors were felt like summer when I looked at it....and reminded me of my childhood...gorgeous work and GlassElements is out of the this question...I agree with you what a beauty

Wood N Goods- I talked about your photo before but it was fantastic!! It reminded me of my childhood but it just reached in and grabbed hold of my imagination with both hands...super work

LadyK - your piece made me made me long for quiet times and the sound of nature...I love that that is what took shape in the was perfect....and 100% agree with all of your picks...I've talked about them all except Backward...that bead work was sensational...

Laura Pugh - isn't it amazing? I'm so inspired I can't do all the things I want to do because there are too many right now hahhaa..and my's called an M&M fix hahahahaaha!! You are amazing for coming to cheer!!!

alwaysadorable said...

I am kicking myself in the pants for missing this one! Life was crazy this week! I thoroughly enjoyed everyone's pieces and the poem, Natasha, that inspired such creative juices!

Marja said...

Another week -- another collection of amazing work! Stunning! I get inspired not only from the theme, but from seeing all your creations.

Thank you all for your lovely comments -- Singularity was a bit difficult to photograph, but I think I finally captured her in the end! :)

I have so many favorites, but MKC's photo really gripped me. Love it!

LadyK said...

Thank you Natasha :) I just sent you my end-of-the-month piece for Theme #9 too.

Steph said...

WoW! this week's stuff was incredible, as always. Maureen, your Love house took my breath away!

aquamaureen said...

oh my goodness. 6:30 pm and I'm finally able to sit down and look at this week's offerings . . .and read everyone's stories about their work, and then comments afterwards.I'm unable to find words to express how all of this is feeding me, especially while I'm away from home. I wish I could comment on individual pieces, but I'm prepping to help in my sister's classroom tomorrow. Truly we have all reached a new level of tender openness and vulnerability in both our artplay before, and our sharing and receiving of each other's work after. I'll say what I've said before: you all feel like family. Natasha: what a special blessing this week to have your poem for our inspiration.

Ceridwen said...

Fantastic and truly inspiring, as always! Susan, your guitar picks necklace rocks! Love the quote, too! Thanks, Natasha - another great theme, another great week!

giraffelabel said...

i have been dying to get to a computer all day so i could check these out. we spent 10 hours in the car with no good internet connection. ugh! but, it was totally worth the wait! i'm always stunned by how different each person can interpret the same theme. thank you natasha for the words that started it all!

jodi said...

I think this was my favorite week yet. I found it really interesting to see how people interpretted this theme. Although I love seeing people's end product, I think reading what inspired them was equally, if not, more interesting to me. I'm learning a little bit about each of these artists each week. A little bit is revealed and shared. Thank you to all the artists who shared this week. And if you haven't joined in yet, what are you waiting for. This is such a great place, great fun, inspiring, and sometimes a kick in the pants. Which I frequently need. Thanks Natasha.

Natasha said...

alwaysadorable - I missed you tons!! But understand the whole life + crazy thing...thanks for cheering...can't wait to see you play again!

Marja - oh you captured that piece..loved it, loved it, loved was brilliant and stunning...I agree I get inspired by the work and the's all amazing

LadyK - I just got it...I"M SO EXCITED for the Mini!!!

Steph - your card was just stellar...I loved the cloud idea..the words...all of it....just great work..and Maureen's oh...just equals love

Speaking of Maureen - I LOVED your piece...honestly that was my favorite piece of was so vibrant and filled with inviting warmth....superb ..have fun with your your TST family

Ceridwen - those tiles...those pieces...I want them in my world...just awesome made me want to go to Portugal!!

giraffelabel - your story touched and that piece was just fabulous...just bella for sure...I loved everything about it...10 hours eh?? Bet you were glad to reach the final destination! Again great piece...

jodi - you rock! Your butterflies were AWESOME! I was in awe of the detail that went into each one...and you are right we learn a little more each week and each time I'm more in Maureen mentioned it feels like a family...what a gift...and I loved your encouragement to others to join...I agree with you....this has become one of my favorite places in the world!!

Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli said...

Bravo! another week of beauty. Just think...the world did have these gifts a week ago:)

Natasha said...

Gabrielle - we missed you good to see you and that is a fantastic thought!

Dirt. said...

i always love seeing how everyone interprets the theme so differently yet have such incredible outcomes!

janet davies, your painting is fabulous! i'm honored to be your friend and accompany you on this journey.

i'm already looking forward to seeing next week's submissions!

Natasha said...

Dirt. - so this was SUCH a beautiful message it made me cry...yeah...I loved that...thanks for being an incredible inspiration! Will you be playing this week? I'm just thankful you're here and Janet's painting is simply stunning!

Katrina said...


Pulling up the comment sheet FIRST this time! :-D After reading in advance of all the goodness, I know I'd better be prepared! :-D

Allover Art's pendant is wonderfully reminiscent of a forest at sunset. I really connected with her vision there.

I LOVE Yaffa Dreams guitar pick and hardware jewelry!!! :-D I'm a big fan of haunting the hardware store myself in search of components & supplies, much to the confusion of those working there. :-P I really like how she turns the ordinary into the sublimely beautiful. :-)

Our Name is Mud's piece has a wonderful whimsy about it, indeed reminding one of more carefree days. :-)

Maureen's picture is just awesome. It reminded me of a guided meditation - I thought it was one I'd heard, but I think it's one I'm supposed to do. Thank you so very much for the inspiration! :-) *happydances* for you for b/c happy in your home despite all the changes that have occurred! :-)

Backward Glance's piece reminds me of a firecracker, and her words are so true - imagination, like a firecracker can be beautiful in the right hands, and so dangerous in the wrong.:-)

WoodNGoods gave us a lovely picture of a carousel horse, and I love her words too - a wild horse for a wild ride! Sometimes it does seem that's the only way to keep up w/imagination! :-D

Rowena's painting is a powerful way to remind us to keep looking around - inspiration is literally everywhere, if you allow it to be so. :-)

Love the story behind the creation of Merherio68's piece, and that, here at least, the lovers can actually be together. :-)

I loved SalvagedExpression's work! She does such neat things w/bits & pieces!!! This piece is no exception. The search for inspiration is indeed the search for love... and vice-versa. :-D

Iris Design's photos are simply magnificent, artfully blending this world and the world of imagination in one powerful place.

Beautiful butterfly, Lisianblue! :-) And truly, what better animal to personify the flits & flybys of imagination than a butterfly, who completely transforms himself along his way from crawling caterpillar to winged wonder? :-)

There is so much awesomeness going on in Janet Davies' painting! :-) I love the use of color and the freedom the picture implies - in this case, the freedom to go within and explore all the hidden places & talents we didn't even know we had. :-)

mkc photography's picture is simply stunning. I love the way the trees have grown together over the years and yet still seem to live in harmony. Yes, truly a wonderful way of conveying both themes - that of the commission and also reminding us that the best way to live is with imagination and self in beautiful harmony. :-)

Jodi Hogan's work was awesome as always! :-) I love the different textures in the beading that combine to give the butterfly even more visual interest.

TwistedThicket's drawing is a poignant reminder that we could all use 'a quiet place to think'. And if you don't have one, create one! :-)

Peacoxcreations (gotta love the name!!! :-D) set reminds me very much of fireflies in the sheltering darkness, esp. that blue-black you get in the summer nights when the twilight lingers on forever, it seems. :-)

Thank you Katie Taylor for reminding us that it is a blessed thing to use our imaginations for the benefit of others! :-)

I love A Paper Buffet's card! :-) So simple, yet powerful, reminding us to look around - that the simplest things can take on additional beauty & meaning if we allow them to. :-)

I love setting phrases/quotes/poems to pictures, thereby creating something that is more than merely the sum of its parts. AnotherBrightIdea def. did that w/her pieces. I see Natasha's poem so much more clearly now than I did before. :-)

Fireflies on a summer's eve - what could be more magickal than that? :-) Love how kpdesigns07 conveyed that sense of magick & mystery in the painting. :-)

PersistentGreen, you have the right idea! :-) We should indeed, let our lights shine, no matter what. Such a wonderful piece to have in a prominent place in your home. :-)

Giraffelabel, that is such a sweet story... and such a kyool bag! :-)

True that, glasselements! :-) Imagination begins as a spark, then, if expanded, can b/c such a beautiful flame - just like your pendant! :-)

Wanderlustbling, those tiles are exquisite! Thank you for taking those pics so that we could experience their beauty! :-)

And finally, a quick thought about my own piece - I love that when I came to it, I looked down at my computer's clock, and it said 11:11, which is the most magickal time of the day to me. Thought that was so kyool! :-)

Wondrous, wondrous work, all! :-)
C'ya next week! :-)

Natasha said...

Katrina - you still have no idea how proud I am that you went ahead and took a risk...a beautiful risk and shared your unforgettable piece. The wisdom and beauty within your words wis astounding...and the time you have taken here to respond to each piece with love, warmth and heart is a tribute to the amazing soul you are...thank you Bird for spreading your wings and soaring high!

Mackin-Art said...

I really can't pick a favorite this week, all so wonderful and varied. I loved the quote Agathe included with her necklace - it gave me the shivers!

lilacwoman said...

LadyK, thank you for your kind comments, the painting is 11X14. I just peeked at your site and your gourds are exquisite!

Katrina, I hope I always look at things the way you and Natasha seem to, with a wide open heart. It's truly a gift.

Natasha said...

lilacwoman - you have that wide open heart...and thanks for sharing that gift with all of us :)