Monday, March 16, 2009

Giveaway Winner, Radio Announcement and a Major Challenge..OH MY!

Giveaway Winner

And now the winner of the RoseWorks Jewelry Giveaway...
Drumroll Please.......


Congratulations, LifeArtDesigns! Ruthie will be in touch with you to let you know what piece you have won and remember you get a free pair of earrings as well. YAY!!!! Congratulations again!!!

Like Radio?

WELL, I have an exciting bit of news....on Thursday, March 19th at 9pm I will be on Ruthie's Show on Blockhead Radio. Please check out the radio's fabulous. I will share more as we get closer but I'd LOVE for you all to not only tune in but call in as would be so great to put voices with all these names!!

Maybe one day we'll have an awesome Thursday Sweet Treat retreat and then I can put faces with all your amazing names....I can dream can't I?

Finally, check out this AWESOME Challenge !!!

Make a note of this date:March 23rd

Blockhead Radio is preparing to relaunch a cool weekly contest.

Formerly known as the Etsy Challenge (the name was change to protect the innocent...) and then renamed as the Artisan's Challenge because there are soooo many great venues out there for selling handmade.... and then the whole shebang came crumbling down. It was feared that the challenge would never be heard from again.

Yes, the Artisan's Challenge is being dug up from the depths of the internet graveyard!

For those who may have never heard of the Artisan's Challenge, let me tell you what it's all about. There are 12 different categories with 60 different artisans every week (5 submissions in each category). The winner's of the categories from the previous week then face off in a weekly challenge!

So head on over, read the rules and enter your submissions now! You'll be notified when it's your week in the challenge. Then its up to you to tell your friends... your family... your neighbors... the people in the checkout line at the grocery store... to go vote for you in the
Artisan's Challenge!

What's in it for you? Besides lots of people seeing your item when they vote?? Besides FREE publicity for your shop??? Besides all the fun????It just so happens that the winner of the weekly challenge will now win a audio commercial with a banner to play the entire following week on Blockhead Radio! That's even MORE FREE publicity for your shop!

Remember, it's ANY selling venue! Entries are being accepted now so hurry and get your submission in. Another incentive... blog about it. Last date to enter will be March 22nd. Winner will be selected by a random number generator. One entry per blog.Make a note of this date:March 23rd!

Get your entries in now:

Sending hugs and happy crafting wishes to you all!!


agoodwitchtoo said...

Thanks for the BHR love! The Artisans Challenge is going to be a lot of fun :)

Congrats to LifeArtDesigns! She's going to love Ruthie's creation :D

Natasha said...

agoodwitchtoo - hey thanks for dropping awesome to see you here...I couldn't help it, the Artisan's challenge is going to be a hoot! And you are so right about LifeArt...she's in for a treat for sure!

lifeartdesigns said...

Holy cow! I'm so excited...I never win anything! And how special to win a treat from a special person as Ruthie. I connected with her story and was moved by it.

The artisan's challenge sounds like fun.

Thanks Ruthie and Natasha!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I can hardly wait to do the show this week Natasha! We're going to have fuuuun!

jodi said...

How exciting. Thanks for sharing about the artisan challenge. This should be great fun.

BTW, I'm almost done with this week's theme submission.

So many fun things to look forward to and it is warming up here in the east. Yipee!

Natasha said...

lifeartdesigns - WOOOHOOO! I'm so thrilled you connected with Ruthie's story AND that you won!! That's fantastic....YAY!!!

Rose Works Jewelry- I'm a little nervous but a little nervousness keeps you on your toes right?? I cannot wait!!

jodi - I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait...I can't wait to see your newest creation. I'm like a kid at Christmas again...yes the Artisan challenge will rock - what fun! AND it is heating up here...I'm SOOO happy