Monday, March 23, 2009

Challenge Reminder and a Bear Hug for YOU!

The Artisan Challenge started today!!

The Artisan's Challenge is a weekly challenge featuring 12 different categories where 60 different artisans face off every week (5 submissions in each category). The winner's of the categories from the previous week then face off in a weekly challenge!

So check out this week's entries, vote and then enter your submissions! You'll be notified when it's your week in the challenge. It's up to you to tell your friends... your family... your neighbors... the people in the checkout line at the grocery store... to go vote for you in theArtisan's Challenge!

What's in it for you? Besides lots of people seeing your item when they vote?? Besides FREE publicity for your shop??? Besides all the fun????It just so happens that the winner of the weekly challenge will now win a audio commercial with a banner to play the entire following week on Blockhead Radio! That's even MORE FREE publicity for your shop!

Remember, it's ANY selling venue! Get your entries in

....I'd LOVE for you to check out this post I wrote because I would love to hear your please visit


TheClayMuse said...

Definately go check out the artisan's challenge!
I have a baby blue dragon in the 3d category right now! :P

Natasha said...

WOOOOOHOOOOOO Go TheClayMuse!!!! I saw's FABULOUS!! How exciting!!! Everyone should go check it out for sure :)

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

you are so cool & thanks for having this type of stuff out there! I just entered so we shall see!

Funky Monkey Girls,

TheClayMuse said...

Thanks Natasha! I looked for an entry from you when I saw one of your cards on the top scroll bar. I recognized it right away! But I didn't see an entry by you..

Natasha said...

FunkyMonkey Girls - Well thanks...although Blockhead Rod deserves the thanks as well for having this's amazing fun right?? Now...if we can just get you Finky Monkey's to join a Thursday Sweet Treat..heheheh...good luck let us know when you're item is up!!!

TheClayMuse - hey thanks are super awesome do you know that? I did enter but right before it all began so I expect to be in another one coming up maybe next week? We'll see but I'll be sharing when that happens...right now GO THECLAYMUSE!! YAY!!!

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

I keep trying to enter it but brain goes fart & the creativity bug goes flying out that darned window no matter how hard I try to stop it!

I will definately attempt to get on this next one!!

Funky Monkey Girl,

Natasha said...

FunkyMonkey Girls - YAY!! I'm already looking forward to the next - what fun!!

Katrina said...


As always, you just humble me with your wisdom. :-) Thnx again for a beautiful message. :-)

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)

Natasha said...

Katrina - thank YOU for taking the time to read and for being such an inspiration...Bird is make me want to sail through the sky