Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Unforgettable Artists Open Their Imaginations and Let Beauty Rain Down Upon Us All

Three very important things to note:
1. If you have not had a chance to check out the incredible tour and tutorial by TheSilverLakeStudio, please see the previous post and enter the fabulous giveaway!!
2. Tune in tomorrow for the new theme - there's a Special twist you won't want to miss!
3. Major changes will be coming to the Thursday Sweet Treat soon!

Time and again, I am amazed at the variety of beautiful pieces of artwork created by these talented artists. Each creation is so unique that the moment you see it you want to have it all to yourself so you can continually marvel at the creativity and passion that went creating it. These artists looked at the rain - something many people dismiss as mere inconvenience - and found beauty. They have a gift for turning whatever is given to them into something useful and beautiful. That's talent. That's heart. That's what each one of these professional artists possesses in great abundance.

AND they are all filled with good fun! In fact, one of our participants has a surprise hidden in here...Will YOU be the one to find the surprise and rise to the challenge???????

It is my great pleasure to invite you to let endless beauty rain down upon you....

Alyssa Tice, creator of Enticements, created this fabulous piece titled, "Spring Rain".

"This series is inspired by the blues and grays of spring rain and the trickling of water down your window pane," said Alyssa.

Bird, creator of One Earth One Tribe, created these stunning pieces titled "Rain I through Rain VII".

"Through a garden of lovely pictures I wandered, letting the poems come to me as I went. Rain, in all its forms & fancies, showing us its creative, transformative powers," said Bird.

Lada, creator of Ladaworks and Works and Finds, created these beautiful pieces.

"You got me going," said Lada. 'Today, I made some necklaces out of buttons."

Kris, creator of lisianblue, created this unforgettable piece titled, "After the Rain".

"I live in the desert, and so rain is very special here,' said Kris. "I was very fortunate to live about 30 miles east of Alb, at the base of a mountain for a number of years. There was a field nearby that would just explode with little purple and larger yellow flowers after it rained. This was the first thing that came to mind when I read the Thursday Sweet Treat theme: Let Beauty Rain Down Upon....................................and my interpretation on a 1.5" clear glass egg ornament painted with glass paint. I really enjoyed painting this and it brought back lots of great memories of wandering that field with my kids. "

Anna, creator of Anna Lemons Jewelry and When Life Hands U Lemons, created this awesome necklace.

"Since you posted the challenge about rain I've had lots of ideas, but very little time! So I whipped up something quickly and even though I messed up the "E", I'm still wearing it! great challenge!" said Anna.

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created two amazing pieces. One is titled, "After the Rain" while the other is titled, "Purple Rain."

“After the rain”

"A digital montage using several layers of my handmade paper and photos," explains Felicia. "The feature is my favorite rose, Passionate Kisses.” When I took this photo, the rain drops on the rose’s luminous, almost transparent petals just took my breath away."

"“Purple Rain” is a digital montage with gorgeous colors, a beautiful woman, and rain droplets," said Felicia. "I don’t have a lot to say about this montage; I just love the various textures and colors and the way all the layers came together."

Talented artist Maureen combined poetry with watercolor ink to create this stirring 8x10 creation.

"Rain washes, cleanses, turns endings into beginnings, all depending on your point of view," said Maureen.

The text on Maureen's piece reads:
After the Rain

I step sideways on the path,
avoid crushing earthworms,
bend to lift one fellow traveler
to safety, then another.

Am I savior or bane?
If I could, would I hear
tiny thunder of applause
or be shamed by sibilant swears?
Did I relocate the lost and lonely,
set adrift by tides of rain,
or thwart persistent pilgrims
almost home?

I stop interfering,
watch a raven breakfast on
one traveler I'd have moved
if only I'd known I should.

Kelly, creator of Backward Glances, created this exquisite piece aptly titled,"Isn't it Grand!"

"This is another one of my experiments with an over beaded image transfer onto silk. It's ATC sized," said Kelly.

"Grand Hotel here on Mackinac is a true "grand dame" and in the garden there's a wonderful fountain with jets of water flying up and raining down. It's not only visually beautiful but is also very musical. It's a delightful place to sit on a sunny afternoon and equally so on a moonlit evening."

Ruth, creator of Allover Art, created this fantastic "Puddle Jumper Hand-Painted Art Brooch"

"When I read this week's theme the image of a little girl standing in the rain in over-sized rain boots in a yellow raincoat under a bright red umbrella was the first thing that came to mind," said Ruth. "I don't use all three primary colors together too often, but for some reason I felt it would be fitting for this piece. I also didn't see this miniature painting as a pendant or ring; it really jumped out at me that it should be a brooch. I really enjoyed creating this piece."

Sherry, creator of TheSilverLakeStudio, created this fabulous little piece titled, "Sweet Spring Shower".

"The "rain" is made of chain pieces and there is a 14kt. gold "sun" peeking out from behind the cloud," said Sherry.

Ceridwen, creator of Wanderlust Bling, created this incredible piece titled, "Showers and Flowers".

"It's been raining a lot here in Redding, so I had plenty of inspiration," said Ceridwen. "The first time I went out after a particularly hard rain, I noticed that the grasses that were once dry and yellow were that vibrant green of spring. The rain had nourished them and let them grow. In this necklace I wanted to show both sides of rain; the dark gray of the clouds (and our moods, occasionally!) and the beauty it leaves in its wake. I found these drop beads and mixed them all together to create little flower clusters springing up after the rain. Thanks!"

Susan, creator of YaffaDreams, created this stunning "Shimmery Raindrops Memory Wire bracelet" and shared this amazing quote.

"Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby." ~~~Langston Hughes

"This beautiful bracelet shimmers like the rain on a sunny day. It is made from glass and silverplated beads and strung on memory wire," said Susan. "This bracelet won't lose its shape. And because it is memory wire, it can fit any size wrist! There are little dangles that match the bracelet hanging from the ends."

Gabrielle J-C, creator of Art Therapy, created this brilliant piece titled, "Friend (rain) in Sanskrit."

"Friends are there for you when your life is bright and sunny," said Gabrielle, "but also when the cold,dark rain comes. They are also there to play in the rain with you. AND...rain is our friend. It is needed for the crops, for rainbows, and sometimes to cool things down."

Steph, creator of A Paper Buffet, created this gorgeous card.

"My card was inspired by the beauty in my garden after the rain," said Steph. "I look forward to seeing the first few stems and flowers sprout out of the earth in the spring and summer. I wanted to capture Spring in this card, so I picked a tulip stamp and watercoloured each image.
Happy Spring!"

To view the card in her shop:

Lorrie, creator of Our Name is Mud, created this amazing teapot! She also has a special treat with this one!! It's part of a GIVEAWAY!!! That's right folks, right here in the middle of the Thursday Sweet Treat there is a hidden treat for YOU!!! A secret giveaway!!!!

"I offer it as a giveaway to anyone who writes about and Shoot me an email via my blog if you post something before Monday morning- I'll pick a winner at random Monday morning and ship the teapot right to you," said Lorrie.

So who is up to the challenge???

Teapot: earthenware with underglaze. The top of this Tpot reads: WHeN iT RaiNS iT PouRS.

Laura, creator of Sleepless Imagination, created this unforgettable piece titled, "Beauty Heals My Soul." This piece is done with watercolor and ink on watercolor paper. The text on this picture reads: "Beauty rains down on me, healing my wounded soul".

"I loved the title of this weeks challenge; "Beauty Rains Down Upon..." It made me think of art and how creativity is one of the most healing things in life. I believe that the desire to create is a gift from God and it is our job to pursue our creative outlet," said Laura. "For years, I have wanted to "do art" but have been so stuck in a creative block. It wasn't until about a year and a half ago that I started producing artwork on a regular basis. I can't believe how freeing, refreshing and FUN it has been. I feel like the act of drawing, painting, coloring has contributed to my own healing and continues to help me gain confidence."

Kelly, creator of kpdesigns07, created this beautiful 3x5 canvas panel with dark blue velvet background and lavender, teal, and light blue raindrops titled, "Raindrops".

"I was inspired by the photo on the blog page sort of showing the way the rain makes everything just a little darker," said Kelly. "I made the background dark blue for that. Then I added the "raindrops" in a random pattern. It sort of reminds me of the Matrix too...good thing I didn't do all green dots! "

Allison, creator of AllyBu, created this fabulous Green and Fuschia Polka Wave Tote.

"When I read the theme, this fabric that I had on my shelf immediately came to my mind. The dots are raindrops and the waves are rain sheeting down a window," said Allison. "I love color, for me this combo is a bold, kooky statement of beauty!"

Tiffany Patterson created this stellar piece using acrylic paint and pigment pen on a discarded book cover titled, "Here comes the rain".

"I especially love the way the light colors everything and makes things beautiful right before and after it rains," said Tiffany. "I also love looking for rainbows."

Giraffelabel created this lovely piece titled, "The Julia Pouch."

"After reading the theme, I looked through my studio, and this fabric immediately jumped out at me," commented Giraffelabel. "It reminds me of water droplets, and when combined with the grey I could just imagine that gloomy sky that turns into a bright rain...just before the sun is ready to peak through."

Salvaged Expression created this magnificent "Swinging in the Rain" scarf.

"It's what I call a cluster scarf and is made of 4 seperate pieces with a multitude of colors and textures lengths and shapes," said Salvaged. "It hangs past my knees and can be wound around and around for additional warmth. It reminds me of that fantasy rain that people in love are always kissing each other in on TV but never chills their bones."

Tiffany, creator of Love Peace and Dye, created this fantastic "Let Beauty Rain Recycled Tshirt Dress with Vintage Accents size Medium".

"I have always seen nature as the highest form of beauty and I have loved appreciating the rain for pouring down, nourishing, so that this beautiful nature can exist," said Tiffany. "With this in mind, I grabbed a great purple T-shirt that I had reverse dyed with bleach and stencil in nature themes, trees, butterflies, stars."

Iris, creator of Iris Design, created this fabulous piece.

"This is a continuation of my 'Strange Flower Series' which I have been neglecting of late," said Iris. "But the theme for today's challenge just called out for another of Mr. Livingstone's bookpages.It's not the only project I have been working on since last friday but the other pieces need refinement before they are being released into the public domain."

Leslie Maltby Burdzy, creator of Coffee Break Designs, created this gorgeous "Rain Tonight" scarf.

"The pictures you posted on your blog about the theme were very beautiful but I kept thinking about the winter and how cold the rain can be - dark, cold, drawing me back on the couch with my knitting," said Leslie. The pattern and colors in this handwoven scarf reminds me of raindrops splashing and running down the window at night.I will also be putting this in my Etsy store this week."

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this incredible WildCover collaged journal titled, "Rainfall".

"A total of 500,000 tons of rain can fall from a single storm." "This simple factoid, paired with the images of rain and the sweet little rain-slickered child, really made me feel like a kid again," said Amanda. "What would life be worth if I lost that sense of wonderment about the world? I can't wait for the next spring storm so I can watch the rain drip down my windowpane...and maybe I'll even go splash in a puddle."

This week I actually got my piece done! Wooohooo...and it felt great. This came from the heart. It comes from all the inspiration and love I have received from you. Thank you.
Please note this is a work in progress - I'm still working on the border and writing.

Here are the words from the piece:
As the Clouds Roll In...

There are those who turn away in search of cover. Yet the artist
pushes forward, eyes to the sky, knowing there a truth to
be discovered.
When the raindrops fall there is music, there is a symphony of
brilliant sounds created when the drops join the flower
petals, tree leaves and Earth. The imagination
stirs and words, thoughts, and dreams
begin a joyous dance -
suddenly lightning strikes.
The world is stripped of color and cast into
an stark, unreal black and white. Everything stops.
Somewhere a small voice asks,
“Can I do this?” “Am I good enough?”
That’s when the rumble begins...slow at first...
then louder,
and louder still
until the small voice is drown out by a triumphant cheer.
“This is who I am. This is what fills me. I can’t help myself”.
Moments later, a creation is born.
A flood of color blossoms upon the
canvas of the Earth and
everything feels new.
Copyright Natasha Reilly 2009.

Does the world not seem like the MOST beautiful place now??

Please share your thoughts, ask the artists questions, leave a comment and some love here. Then, go visit these artists at their shops and blogs, share some more and tell a friend!
Thanks so much for visiting!!


Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

I've been obsessively checking in ever since I woke up--so excited to see this week's creations! Thursday Sweet Treat is always such a bright spot in my week.

Natasha, your piece brought tears to my eyes... or is it rain??

Natasha said...

Amanda - your journal is FABULOUS! I love the colors and the quote! LOL I know what you mean about Thursday... I go back and forth feeling like Santa first and then the little's such fun! Oh and that's totally rain! Did you see the hidden giveaway?

Rowena said...

Man! I missed it again. As soon as I went to bed last night, I realized I'd forgotten to send it to you. Bummer. I keep letting things drop.

But oh well, the best is to just let things past go, and try to do better next time.

I love the stuff people came up with this week. All silvery feeling.

Iris O'Connor said...

You know, I'm the same as Amanda...can't wait for Thursday to arrive and then it's checking every 5 min...

Total beauties !!!!!

And good luck to whoever wins that gorgeous teapot :-)
Lorrie always gets a giggle out of me.

ceejay said...

Hi Natasha
It's always a treat to pop in and see the wonderful pieces inspired by your latest theme. And as usual, this week's submissions are great.

Missing you, and creating! Be back soon, for sure.

♥ ceejay

Natasha said...

Rowena - don't you worry,....I thought about it as I was putting it together and I have an idea for yours!!

Iris O'Connor - so happy to hear people are so excited to see really is like it and Lorrie always makes me giggle too!!! Are you going to try to get that teapot?? I LOVED your piece...I always want to snatch them up right away!

Ceejay - thanks for cheering ...missing you tons and can't wait to see you here again!!

Leslie said...

Natasha, this was so much fun! Thank you so much. Everyone's work is so beautiful!

Natasha said...

Leslie - your work was so fantastic and it showed that you had fun. Thank you for being a part of this and cheering...I hope you will play again!!

Ceridwen said...

So much fun here! I am overwhelmed by all the creations. I love Silver Lake Studios Rain pendant - adorable.

Natasha said...

Ceridwen - your piece was SOOOO gorgeous!!! And I agree with you TheSilverLakeStudio's piece is adorable for sure!

lifeartdesigns said...

WOW!!! Beautiful work by everyone! I love Thursday Sweet Treat! Just awesome you guys...
I couldn't do it this week, but I am anxious for tomorrow's theme so I can play again!

SalvagedExpression said...

I was so excited about my piece and looking here I can see the excitement everyone else had for theirs as well! I really do want to take half of them home Natasha!

mkcphotography said...

Natasha, your poem is wonderful - just the inspiration I needed to get myself back on track this week! I so enjoyed everyone's beautiful's nice to draw strength from the creativity of others.

Natasha said...

lifeartdesigns - you're awesome! The Thursday Sweet Treat loves you - we missed you this week but we are here whenever you want to gets crazy sometimes completely understand! Aren't the works great!?!

SalvagedExpression - your piece was phenomenal and I loved the way you shot it!! I agree everyone really enjoyed themselves this week and as a result the work is terrific!

mkcphotography - thank you so were missed and hope you come play again soon but thank you for cheering and I agree drawing strength and inspiration from's like being given a priceless gift.

LovePeaceandDye said...

thank you all so much for being a part of this fun time :) everyones work is amazing!! the silver work, the painting and poetry - you ladies rock! i am so happy to be a part of something so positive ! much love and peace

lifeartdesigns said...

And Natasha, I forgot to say...the poem you beautiful...

Natasha said...

LovePeaceandDye- first of all your dress completely rocked! I loved it...second, you are a ray of light..completely. You shine brightly through your work and your sweet words here. I think I can safely say on behalf of everyone - thank you for participating, cheering and being such a positive part of this experience.

lifeartdesigns - aww, thanks. You made me blush

Felicia Kramer said...

Well, I started to list my favorites this week but the list became too long! Beautiful work, everyone! But I do have to give a shout-out to the piece from Sherry at Silver Lake Studio. Will it be in your shop for sale? And Natasha your poem is beautiful!!! Another fun challenge ...

Natasha said...

Felicia Kramer - your work was so great this always I can't wait to see what you do next!! I agree I can't list all my favs but that SilverLakeStudio pendant is lovely and getting lots of love!! SilverLakeStudio...will it be for sale??

Crafty Ash said...

aw here i was all ready for creating something for my first thursday sweet treat, i got busy spinning up some yarn on my spinning wheel this past weekend... and bam! then something broke on my spinning wheel (i won't get into details here) and that was the end of that idea!!!

but if you can imagine some squishy blue, white, black and grey yarn of all different textures and thicknesses... that was what i had in mind. I WILL get around to finishing it, but not for this time around!

aquamaureen said...

Every Thursday I have a commitment for several hours and can't get to my computer until mid-afternoon. It's such a loooong wait but always, so worthwhile. The diversity of beauty and interpretation each week continues to astound me.

Natasha--your work this week took words right out of my heart and soul: "can I do this?" "Am I good enough?"--then the answer that cannot be contained: "This is who I am . . I can't help myself." Maybe someday, we will no longer hold ourselves back at all and will share our fully budded and blossomed self with the world. ThursdaySweetTreat is helping me do that. Blessings to you, sweet friend.

Natasha said...

Crafty Ash - awww no way!! I'm so sorry I was looking forward to seeing it too...but perhaps you will submit it for the Mini-Monthy which happens in the middle of March. There will be a call for it so keep an eye out....and know that although I can't "see" the yarn the way you described it...I alreay love it! Thanks for the kudos too!!

Natasha said...

aquamaureen - each week I feel like a parent hiding the gifts from the child for the Christmas, birthday or other celebration. As they start to come in I am in awe..with each one I am awe and I have to wait to share so I understand the wait to see it all hahahaha....but when I see pieces like yours, when the colors AND the words move me I am thankful that no matter what happens or hwo tough things get..I am thankful for this place, this space. There is so much wrong right now in the world and this place...with all it's colors, words, beauty, heart, passion, inspiration and hope is something I am thankful for...thank you to you and all the artists who share and cheer for making this a bright, shining spot in life....thanks for being a part of this aqua and I ask you and all here to keep cultivating this garden of art

Three Yellow Hearts said...

This week has been a hard one for me. It is so great to have something to look forward to - honestly I almost forgot this morning...but got so excited when I remembered it was Thursday! This was my favorite theme yet....everyone did such a wonderful job.

I think I held my breath while I scanned the pages. :)

Great Job everyone!

Mackin-Art said...

So many different interpretations and all completely lovely. Congrats everyone!!

Steph said...

How fantastic to see one theme interpreted in so many ways, everyone's work is stunning.
Natasha, Thank you so much for doing this and asking me to be a part of this wonderful project, I can't wait to play again!!

Great work everyone!! :)
Steph @ A Paper Buffet

Sherry said...

Natasha...I get excited on Wednesday because of Play Date, then I get excited on Thursday for Sweet Treat. Then, on Friday morning, I can't wait to see the next idea you come up with!! I know you work very hard on all this, and I appreciate it more than you know! I love seeing all the fabulous work of all these amazing artists! Thank you so much for including me!

Anonymous said...

These items are so pretty! Very creative and tons of talent here.
Natasha - I love your piece. It is full of joy.
Just a few of my faves are the recycled T dress by LovePeaceandDye and
Spring Rain by Enticements.
Natasha, thank you so much for including my bracelet and for everything you do to put these great themes together.

Natasha said...

Three Yellow Hearts - I'm sorry it was a tough week...I think that was going around but I'm SO happy this brought you joy and your piece was fabulous as usual.,...great work!!

Mackin-Art - Congrats to YOU! Your work was amazing YAY!!

Steph - loved the card and was so glad you had fun!! Can't wait to see what you create next!

Sherry - you are a rock star.not only was your tour, tutorial and giveaway a huge success...your piece for this week's theme was amazing. Thank you for sharing so much...I appreciate you and all the amazing people here!

Susan - I was so happy you were finally able to be here..your bracelet was completely gorgeous and you are right about Love Peace and Dye and Enticements...their pieces were so great...hope you will continue to be a part of this...

I hope you ALL will continue to travel along this road...

enticements said...

I've been following for awhile but this was the first time I was actually able to participate in the Sweet Treat. It was really nice to have an "assignment," something to challenge and inspire me. It is also great to see everyone else's creations and read everyone's positive comments for each other. It is really nice to have support of other artists, especially when you are creating by yourself.

Thanks, Natasha, for creating this forum and putting in the work to keep it going!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

All the beautiful creations you showed are just fantastic...I just marvel at all the talent we have here...Thank you for bringing all this to us...

lisianblue said...

"I can't help myself" as my eyes are glazing over, I've gotta go to sleep (eat, feed the cat, etc), but, just one more layer, one more dot, just a little bit more..........................

I love your poem Natasha, &

I love this spot!

One of the things I enjoyed so much about college art classes were the discussions, sharing ideas, I feel like I have some of that here.
I love coming here and seeing all the wonderful unique creations - such a variety of ideas, thoughts, emotions, art.
Thank you so much for including my ornament, and thank you so very very much for putting all this together. It's all so inspiring!

earthdeva said...

These are all beautiful ! I've been absent for a little while, but I will be back...

Natasha said...

Baroness Bijoutery - Thank YOU for cheering and supporting...I find myself marveling as well!

lisianblue - your ornament was fantastic and I was so honored to include are a special part of this and you add so much to the emotin, the art, the discussion. Thank YOU for being here and I look forward to seeing what new creations, thoughts and ideas you share! Sooo glad you are feeling better too :)

earthdeva - I was actually going to drop you a line today to see how you are - you have been missed. We look forward to your return and thank you for the kudos on all the pieces here

SalvagedExpression said...

I think knowing what inspired each piece makes them more amazing. If I saw any of these in a shop I'd think they were nice but knowing what inspired them and then seeing where the artist went with it is a whole different experience. Now I look at them and some just take my breath away...literally!

Natasha said...

SalvagedExpression - you know what Salvaged, you are 100% right! I agree with you. I think sometimes it's easy to browse through s shop and look at pieces and turn away or not but when you know the meaning of a piece or how the artists branches out and took a risk or a challenge or simply knowing the series of thoughts that allowed the piece to come to life creates a much deeper, more powerful connection with the piece...and that created another insanely powerful connection between the person who is looking at the piece and the work and artist....right on

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

All the entries are inspiring. I look forward to seeing the next challenge.

Natasha (doodlestar), this line in your poem really rings true for me: "This is what fills me. I can’t help myself”

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Wow - I missed getting my piece in (stupid migraines) but I LoVe seeing what everyone else did! So many awesome ones - but a few of my favorites are:

"Purple Rain" - I'm a sucker for purple :P

"Isn't it Grand?" - This looks like it would be a lot of fun to learn to do! I love beads :D

LOVE this quote :)
"Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby." ~~~Langston Hughes"

"When it Rains It Pours" - so cute and clever!

"Let Beauty Rain" - I love how you got purple out of rain :P So cute!

Cidtalk said...

Tiffany Patterson - "Here comes the rain" is lovely.

Tiffany (Love Peace and Dye) - Excellent dress!

Iris - OH my goodness, you have the same flower in your head that I have in mine!!! I had a drawing professor once who said if you get something in your head that keeps cropping up in your work, you have to draw it until you are done with it...I wonder how long that will take:)

Natasha said...

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ- thank you for your kind words...I, too, am inspired by all here...that line in my poem hits especially hard with me and for many I think...thank you for sharing and I sincerely hope you will be joining us again this week!!

Rose Works Jewelry - you rock for cheering! I hope your migraines are better...I'm so sorry that you were unable to get your piece in this week - maybe for the mini-Monthly in March? You're amazing...thanks for always sharing such positive energy :)

Natasha said...

Cidtalk - great picks...thank YOU for cheering and supporting!! I have to say that in your comment to Iris I had a writing teacher who said that you would have to keep writing whatever it was till you were done...and it's so true. It's great advice!! Any chance that you will be joining us this week???

Cidtalk said...

Thanks Natasha, I have started a drawing for this week. It's very stimulating to have a theme to follow and then know other people are interpreting it their own unique ways...I can't wait. I'm a serious procrastinator though, so it could be down to the last hour..haha

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Awesome work from everyone this week! It was amazing to keep scrolling & scrolling & scrolling down the page with no end in sight to all the loveliness & wondrous creativity!!! :-)

My list of faves is also too long to fully mention here, but the egg-with-flowers, "After the Rain" from Lisianblue, "Purple Rain" from AnotherBrightIdea, and "Beauty Heals My Soul", from Sleepless Imagination really stood out for me.

Maureen's poem caught me as well - my heart literally came into my throat at the end there. Perhaps too many of my own regrets, but I really understand how the poet felt.

"Rainfall" was both interesting and beautiful and "As the Clouds Roll In" was another one that tugged hard at my soul. A true speaking about the artistic soul.

Anyway, wonderful work all! :-) Looking forward to seeing what folk come up with for this next week! :-)


Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli said...

every week artists/craftsfolk come to look for the theme and then come back to see what the comments are..especially if someone commented about their creation. so i attempted to do just that...but alas, my toddler woke from his nap and i must leave the computer:) but those i didn't get to...your work is moving.

Alyssa Tice, creator of Enticements+lovely depictions of cool rain in your jewelry

Bird, creator of One Earth One Tribe+i love the photo with the one single droplet. gorgeous

Lada, creator of Ladaworks and Works and Finds,+ truly unique and OOAK

Kris, creator of lisianblue, +gorgeous, delicate, lovely.

Anna, creator of Anna Lemons Jewelry+ the "messed up E" adds to this lovely piece! love it.

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea+purple rain is so mysterious...this woman is an archetype of some kind.

Talented artist Maureen+"turns ends into beginnings" profound statement. eyecatching mixed media piece.

Kelly, creator of Backward Glances+the beaded ATC/ACEO is exquisite:)

Ruth, creator of Allover Art,+ your piece is so sweet. the primary colors work really well.

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green,+i love that little factoid:) did you do the texturizing on the front? really kewl.