Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ask the Artist!

Well, it's Thursday and that amazing array of new works of art that makes up the Thursday Sweet Treat has just been unveiled in the post below! Now, it's time to let the artists speak. Please feel free to leave a comment for an artist if you have a question or just feel like sharing a thought about their work!

In addition, please feel free to leave comments on the following post. I will be responding to them :)

Thank you so much for visiting, sharing, cheering and being such an amazing part of this project!
Jump in!


Iris O'Connor said...

k, got here first:)

i absolutely love everything but this one actually made me giggle all day:
Lorrie Veasey and her
CARP DIEM: SEIZE THE FISH - Glazed earthenware
just so you know!

Lorrie Veasey said...

I am a HUGE Iris O'Connor fan and have been stalking her since I fell in love with her night music aceo for the sunset theme.

Tash: you are so awesome for offering this little forum to exchange comments between the artists. I wonder if it would be easier to just put a post below the sweet treats--so that after you scroll through all the new designs you end with an opportunity to make a comment to another artist or ask a question; just a suggestion.

I want to know how the dolphin pendant was made.

jill said...

Very inspiring and diverse collection. I love Backward Glances "A Multitude".

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Hi everybody! Another fantastic week.

Iris, I would LOVE to hear more about your technique. Your mini painting is so lusciously textured and colored.

SalvagedExpression said...

I agree! A Multitude was one of my favorites ths week too though I might be biased towards coral just now. ;)

lifeart said...

About the Dolphin for Lorrie:
Hi Lorrie,
First, I make a polymer clay cane for his "skin". In this case I had one already left over from a previous custom order:
Next, I handsculpted a starts with a large teardrop shape and you gradually pull out the nose and fins and just keep shaping. After it becomes a Dolphin, then you take slices off of the cane and start applying them to the Dolphin. I use a golf tee to smooth out the seams. Afterwards, it gets cured in the oven and then sanded (lots!) and polished.