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Magnificent New Works Are Created When Stellar Artists Let Their Imaginations Run Wild

I apologize for the delay. I am learning as we grow and we definitely grew!

One important thing to note before we begin. Yesterday was the first Artist Play Date featuring the inspiring Allover Art. If you have a moment, please visit the previous post to share some love and enter the awesome giveaway!

Now, I can say with absolute certainty that today's works will render you speechless, fill your heart with Springtime joy and inspire you in ways you never imagined. All of the artists featured here grabbed hold of brilliant colors and turned them into something magical. Whether it's a bright flower or a radiant building, each artist captured the passion and fun they had while creating and brought their wild imaginings to life in the most unique ways.

I invite you to get a little wild with the works of these amazingly talented, professional artists!

Mia of Mia's Graphic Designs created this gorgeous work titled, "Where the Wild Things Bloom."

"Cherry blossoms! I just wanted to sort of have the effect of all those beautiful pictures of cherry trees' blossoms falling down and the wind carrying them in these beautiful, swirly patterns," said Mia. "As for the bright pink and orange, it's my ode to spring! He-he!"

Artist Tracey Gurley painted this breathtaking 8" x 10" piece on watercolor paper with acrylics.

"I really enjoyed doing this piece. I just let go, didn't think, and just painted," said Tracey. "That was a lot of fun!!"

Kerstin, creator of K's Designs, Beads & Baubles, created this incredible piece using german style wire, lots of swarovski crystal beads,czech glass beads, and glass cube beads.

"I tried (all) wire wrapping for the first time ( in the past I've just dabbled with a piece or two of wire wrapped elements) - and I'm a tiny bit in love the results," said Kerstin. "The length of these is for the more wild and daring - a whopping 4 1/2 inches from the top fo the ear wire to the end of the last wire loop, but the wire gauge is light and so are the beads, so they don't pull a bunch. . There are the obvious signs that it's handmade - not all of the wrapping is completely uniform - but it just adds to the charm for me."

"Whilst I was creating, mother nature was conspiring, and we had really warm weather yesterday and today while I worked on these - I was dreaming of gardens and flowers, hummingbirds and bees, and the smell of fresh cut grass.... just delicious! Surely a wild thing or two could bloom when a girl had these lovelies in her ears....!"

Backward Glances created this stellar wild trout lily piece titled, "I Caught a Trout".

"I've been experimenting with a new technique, a sort of mixed media. I start with printing one of my photos on silk and then add beaded and stitched embellishments."

10oneworld created this moving work titled, 'A Lifetime of Memories'.

"At my grandfathers funeral, my 3 kids and all of his other great-grandchildren began taking flowers from the arrangements and placing them gently on his casket," said 10oneworld. "It was a beautiful sight. When my 2 year old son went up, I just fell to pieces. Those flowers represented a lifetime of memories with Grandpa Blaine!"

Salvaged Expression created these magnificent Flower Child hairfalls.

"If you've never seen hairfalls before they're generally worn as part of a costume at renaissance fairs or conventions or just around if you're brave."

Ruth of Allover Art created this beautiful "Spring Tulip Hand-Painted Adjustable Art Ring".

"I created this piece because I am tired of the cold of winter and I am ready to feel the sun on my back and get my hands in the dirt again. Come on Spring!!"

Artist Tiffany Patterson created this unforgettable piece titled, "Spring visits once a year" using colored pencil and pigment pen in a sketchbook...the solid boarder was added after digitally.

"I did an illustration for this and had so much fun I did another. This is the 2nd, quite evolved from the first. It is my first comic ever! I am sad though, 72 dpi just doesn't do it justice, so I think I will include it in a zine when I get around to making one," said Tiffany. "I made this before it hit me...this is how I would want to explain Spring to a child; the whimsy and beauty of it."

Mary, creator of PinqueChocolat, created this lovely piece titled, "Dreamy Blooms."

"Shades of blue, green and aqua have always spoken to me," said Mary, "so naturally when searching for the perfect first lampwork beads to work with, I was drawn to these shades. My husband bought me these beads for my birthday and it was so special to me, because my little jewelry shop had just started up, and I really needed to be selfish and create for myself, only for moi! So here it is, my Dreamy Blooms bracelet. You won't find anything like it in my Etsy shop, PinqueChocolat. That's because sometimes we need to withhold a special, secret part of ourselves that only we can have access to. Thanks for sharing with me!"

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created this amazing piece titled, "Somewhere."

"When I read the theme, the first few lines of a favorite poem came to mind," said Felicia, "so I took that as an inspirational nudge. I have been studying Photoshop and experimenting with digital collage. So I got busy and here’s my somewhat unorthodox submission for “Where the Wild Things Bloom.” It combines several layers of my original art and photography, as well as some clipart digitally altered and colored. That’s my right eye, by the way! This is quite a creative departure from what I currently have in my etsy shop, so I would welcome any feedback from other artists."

Janie, creator of Lifeartdesigns created a fantastic box and heart necklace piece titled, "Purple Wild Flowers."

"It was such a joy to create these. Natasha and what she is doing with her blog gave me great inspiration! And I love flowers which made it even more fun. The box and the heart are both solid polymer clay. The flowers came from canes that I made just for this event."

FlightFancy created this fabulous sunflower wire wrapped necklace.

"When you posted the challenge this just came to the forefront," said FlightFancy. "Sunflowers and lilacs are my favorites. I think the pearls came together in a very pretty flower. I did make it double sided, so if the piece turns it's just as pretty on the back side too. "

Iris, creator of Iris Design, created two phenomenal pieces.

"I did 2 pieces this week because the theme was right up my street with the Strange Flower Series I started a while ago.And I'm hoping I will do lots more...until I run out of bookpages!"

Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes. creator of "mkcphotography", created two stunning pieces, "Vintage Daisy" and "Vintage Bloom".

"As soon as I read the challenge last Friday, the image of a vibrant pink gerbera daisy popped to mind, so I ran out the next day and bought one at our local florist," said Michelle. "The first photograph ("Vintage Daisy") is shot digitally, and for the second ("Vintage Bloom"), I used an antique Kodak Duaflex viewfinder that once belonged to my great aunt. I couldn't choose a favorite, so I'm posting both here today!"

Vintage Daisy

Vintage Bloom

Artist Maureen created a stirring, unforgettable piece titled, "Self Portrait". Mixed media. 16x20. 70lb. drawing paper.

"I played with tissue paper and a glue stick," said Maureen, "and discovered I REALLY liked the tiny pieces of torn-off paper.

Tiffypop, creator of Love Peace and Dye, created this awesome"Recycled Coleman Camping Chair Tote Bag".

"Upon reading "where the wild things bloom" instantly my brain was filled with all the amazing and wild colors scattered all over fields in manchester tennessee(, and anywhere else a music/camping festival in large has happened. The colors I saw blooming were tents, broken camping chairs, wet sleeping bags, and any other form of garbage left behind imaginable. That image of refuse, as well as the inklings of spring that are running through my blood as farmers markets and fresh produce returns, inspired this great ecofriendly, recycled tote bag, perfect for your first, as well as any market day!"

Laura, creator of Sleepless Imagination, created this gorgeous piece which was done in colored pencil and black ink.

Into the Groove stunning earrings were sculpted from polymer clay with a pretty pink flower and lots of green.

"These earrings were so much fun to make!"

Artist Rowena Murillo created this fabulous piece titled, "Flying Girl Where the Wild Things Bloom, or Nature Deep".

"Here's to Flying Girl pushing through the brambles to find the deep of her true nature," said Rowena.

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this amazing piece titled, "Discovery."

"Where do my wild things and thoughts bloom? Journals!" said Amanda. "I created this journal with a 5x7 lined notebook, collaged with upcycled magazine clippings, and topped by my signature textured acrylic gloss gel."

JILLreDESIGNS created stunning piece titled, "Mimosa".

"This ring is called "Mimosa". I love to fuse Modern design with an organic look and I think that this ring accomplishes that," said JILLreDESIGNS. "The entire ring is made by coiling a bundle of wire that's used to create the leaf pattern and holds the bright magenta jade beads inside. I had a lot of fun with this!"

Lorrie Veasey, creator of Our Name is Mud, created this fabulous piece.

"This mug which is less about flowers, and more about being a granola eating berkenstock wearing kind of person."

Ruthie, creator of Rose Works Jewelry created this magnificent piece titled "Wild Thing.""

"This necklace came together as a result of multiple inspirations. First, my wonderful mother-in-law likes to buy me beads :) Isn't that awesome? She bought me the millifiori beads that you see throughout the necklace, and I had them sitting out on my work table while I decided what to do with them," said Ruthie. "So the beads were sitting there when I checked out this weeks theme - "Where the Wild Things Bloom." I saw that - looked at my millifiori beads - and knew that the two were made for each other! This is a three strand necklace comprised of a mixture of heart millifiori beads, diamond millifiori beads, and silver-lined seed beads in orange, yellow, and red. Millifiori means "thousand flowers," and each bead features little tiny flowers! You can see it best in the close up shot to the right.The necklace is adjustable and will fit a variety of sizes.Oh yes! And the third bit of I thought of the theme I had the song "wild thing" stuck in my head :)"

CeejayBags created this remarkable piece.

"It's a mixed media piece, 4 1/2 x 11. Created with my handpainted collage papers, fluid acrylics, water soluble crayon, acrylic and sharpie pens. Fantasy flowers from my head, full of the colors of my dreams," said Ceejay.

Artist/Photographer JenGer created this stellar piece titled, "Blueberry Fields."

"Its a photomanipulation from imagery that I shot in the fields of Vermont," said JenGer. "I made four and like this one the best. As I progress, I will start to translate these photos into more 3-d works of art."

AlwaysAdorable created this incredible set titled, "Wild Cherry Tree".

Ron Schwartz, creator of Toblerusse, created this truly unforgettable piece.

"This piece represents a unity of nature and man made structure and how even with the continuing reduction in the gap between the two, there is always room for growth and for things to blossom," said Ron.

Kelly, creator of kpdesigns07, created this lovely piece titled, "Wildflower".

"I love painting flowers so it was hard to decide what to do," said Kelly. "I went minimalist!"

A mirror? Sure, why not. I saw the mirror and had this vision of flowers, butterflies and my favorite, a little ladybug. Thus, the mirror was born. I believe when you look in it you have to say, "Wild Thing I Love You" to yourself!

Did you just fall in love? Aren't these artists amazing when they let their imaginations run wild??
I agree!

Please share your thoughts, ask the artists questions, leave a comment and some love here. Then, go visit these artists at their shops and blogs, share some more and tell a friend!

Thanks so much for visiting!!


Robynsart said...

WOW...all I can say is wow...

Natasha said...

I could not have said it better if you paid me. I watched these submissions come in and I fell in love over and over and when it was all put together I sat here and cried. I'm so insanely lucky to get to share in this joy of creation with people I SO admire and meet new people who inspire me every week. What a gift...what an amazing gift!

Three Yellow Hearts said...

Lovely - some extremely beautiful submissions! Looks like you have done it again Natasha – inspired us all!

Natasha said...

Three Yellow Hearts - LOVED your submission...and oh is you...all of YOU who inspire me!

LovePeaceandDye said...

thanks again so much for this great blog!

TheClayMuse said...

I can't pick a favorite. I really can't everything is so awesome! The Mimosa ring reminds me of a venus fly trap... stunning work EVERYONE and once again Natasha you are amazing for putting this all together!

Natasha said...

LovePeaceandDye - thank YOU for being such a special part of it!

TheClayMuse - I've tried as well...I can't pick a fav...I love it ALL!! It's so colorful, imaginative, inspiring, unforgettable...this whole this is magic...Thank you for your kind words...can't wait to see your creation in the Mini!

Ruth of Allover Art said...

Great work by everyone! I especially love Tracey Gurley's vibrant floral painting!

Kudos everyone! :)

jillredesigns said...

What an incredible collection, all so unique and inspiring! I'm in awe that you could put this together and do such a beautiful job in such a short amount of time. Thank you Natasha!

mkcphotography said...

my goodness, i want one of everything, lol! that mug by "our name is mud" made me laugh out loud - i adore it!!! thank you, Natasha, for putting all these together - this was a true labor of love...and i love seeing them all!

Janie said...

Holy cow!!! Wow, just wow! So much beautiful work by everyone. Love your mirror as well Natasha! Yes, it is majical...I think the muses are singing now...

SalvagedExpression said...

I laughed, I coveted and I've fallen in love as I went down that list! You guys are amazing.
Is it friday yet?!

Felicia Kramer said...

Just beautiful! I'm busy visiting all the shops! Thank you for including me.

Iris O'Connor said...

oh dear, this is getting better and better and betterer!
not really sure if i have any words right now, will take a few more looks before i find my voice again...

PS:flower sniffing!

Iris O'Connor said...

2nd PS:
Salvaged; it friday yet?...

i second that!

Ceridwen said...

Wow! These works are all so beautiful and inspiring! Great!

SalvagedExpression said...

JenGer I just went back to look and your photo is awesome!

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

I don't think my first comment went through... I was just trying to express how I'm AMAZED at how varied the entries always are--love that unique "stamp" each artist has!

Is it Friday yet????

Tracey Gurley said...

Thank you Natasha for putting all of these together! They are all so beautiful! It is sooo cool to see what comes out of our creative hearts.

Anonymous said...

This so wonderful! Beautiful collection! And what a great concept!

Flight Fancy said...

Oh my goodness! what stunning and beautiful works! thanks so much Natasha for putting this all together! I cant wait till Friday now :)

Mackin-Art said...

It's certainly beginning to feel like Spring! So many lovely interpretations on a single theme.

Rowena said...

Wow. Such a great collection. That lovely mimosa ring... it reminds me of a certain... uhm, "flower" that is, uhm, kind of anatomical... a la georgia o'keefe, if you know what I mean.

In a good way, though

Rowena said...

oh, Natasha... this isn't luck.

You created something for other people, something inviting and inspirational and welcoming. This is what it is because you have a huge heart.

Kerstin said...

WOW! thanks for sharing everyone, and thanks, Natasha for coralling all of this amazing positive energy :)
I absolutely loved looking (gazing with covetous eyes) at each these submissions!
I am soooooooooo looking forward to tomorrow!!!

Natasha said...

So after this went live I started sharing - many of you were in the forum - thank you!! And then had to run...I am amazed at the comments, the love, the joy you all give...not only do you share these works but you celebrate one another - even me - as fellow artists and bits of inspiration...what a beautiful place we have here...and I think I was alright till Rowena commented about my heart..yupper, waterworks for the 17th time today...thank you from the bottom of my heart....honestly and truly...this is makes each week more fun than the last and life a whole lot more full of color and magic ")

ceejay said...

Amazing, as always. This one was so much fun to do, Natasha. Thank you, thank you for the wonder that you've created in Thursday Sweet Treat.

♥ ceejay

Mary said...

natasha, this was so much fun to be part of! im blown away by the talent here and the different interpretations of your theme. thank you so much!!!!!!!! Mary

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Everything looks awesome!!! I'll come back later when I actually have time to read and comment - but I had to do a quick fly by!

Marja said...

Spring is in the air! Everything is so lovely and full of such great energy.

aquamaureen said...

Over the past several hours I've visited and revisited all the entries . . .looking slowly, reading all the descriptors, then scrolling fast through them all just to have the images jump out at me. I am enveloped in pure joy. Feels as though I'm seeing each person's heart and soul through their art.

Natasha, I can't help but spread the word--blogged about this week's prompt and added a SweetTreat button to my blog. Hard to find words to thank you enough for what you are doing for all of us.

alwaysadorable said...

It is so late, but had to come check in! I am speechless! Fantastically amazing pieces created with such passion!!! I feel honored to have been part of this, thank you Natasha!!! To me this IS what art is about.