Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Inspirational Tips and Tricks from the Trenches 3

Sometimes the inspiration we need is right in front of us. For the talented artist Maureen, inspiration comes from things that might otherwise be discarded.

"Here are a few of the places that are currently calling out to me: a well-used cookie sheet; some Clementine peels I couldn't bear to throw away; and shavings from my lip liner and colored pencils," says Maureen. "They are all things that "should" be thrown away . . . instead, I hear them hollering, "I'm not done yet--save me!!!" http://aquamaureens.blogspot.com/

Thank goodness she does save them because there is beauty in each one!

The next time you have a moment, stop and listen. Is inspiration calling out to you?

Next Monday, please send a picture to Natasha@creativenachos.com of your inspiration so I can post it here on Tuesday. Let's see if we can make that statement - Inspiration is everywhere - come to life!


DeeCee said...

Inspiration can come from the oddest places. This is wonderfully unique.

Spatula said...

I love pencil shavings too! I am always reluctant to throw them away.

I also find book covers an awesome source of eye candy. Sometimes I wander around in a bookstore and just LOOK - images, colours, compositions oh my.