Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Phenomenal Artists Create New Works That Move, Inspire and Set Your Imagination on Fire

Before we begin a few things to note: 1. If you did not have the opportunity to read yesterday's Artist PlayDate with a wonderfully talented artist named Anna, please check it out. She also responded to comments in the comment section. 2. To all the artists who wrote because they could not submit this week due to life, illness and vacations (so jealous you did not take me! Haha) we will miss you and see you next time. 3. I am so sorry that you have to scroll through the submissions again when you leave to visit shops. As Thursday Sweet Treat has grown, I find it's time to take this to another platform. So, stay tuned for changes as I create a more user-friendly site for artists and all the fabulous folks who are coming to view these works.

Now, I have to tell you this week's work rendered me speechless. As each piece arrived my excitement grew because I noticed something aside from the incredibly gorgeous use of color in these works. I noticed that artists who have been here for the last few weeks were growing right before my eyes. They took greater risks here. It was like watching the birth of butterflies. AND the new people who arrived were so clearly stretching their imagination and letting themselves have a blast. All of the work of these artists is exquisite, moving, beautiful, awe-inspiring and unforgettable. I guarantee you will not be able to forget these works. You will come back. You will visit their shops again and again. You will fall in love. This week these artists created gorgeous, professional pieces that will set your imagination ablaze with color.

I proudly present....Dreaming in Color.

Rue, creator of Peaches & Kream, created "Needle Felted Doll - Leila".

"No longer content merely to dream in color" said Rue, "Leila has resolved to live in color as well."

Sarah Ohme, creator of Oh Me Oh My Design, created this fantastic piece titled, "Teagan", which is an Irish girl's name meaning 'poet.'

"The concept of color is forever entwined with texture, composition, shape, and light for me... none can fully show their splendor without the other elements coming into play. Teagan was a total indulgence to create, and I had so much fun getting lost in it. It was a pure daydream, blending rich, subtle colors and textures to create an ethereal-yet-rooted aesthetic," said Sarah. "It reminds me of evenings, late in the spring, sitting in the grass, watching the sun go down. The colors of the sky are almost palpable... I wanted to capture the moment when it seems like the most natural thing in to world to reach your hand up into the sky and expect those brilliant golds and blues to stick to your fingertips like paint."

Talented artist Maureen created this vibrant, beautiful journal as she was inspired by Persistent Green's journal last week, and Natasha's in an earlier week.

"Journaling for me is where dreams are helped into reality, or sometimes kept alive until their time has come," said Maureen.

Elizabeth, creator of Moon of Glass, created this exceptional "Flower Garden Vase".

"Well, this is a pot melt drop ring. That means it takes two firings, so it spends about 24 hours total in the kiln. The first firing is where I "make" the glass. I put a lot of colorful scrap glass in a flower pot, paying attention to color and placement, then suspend the pot above the floor of my kiln. The glass melts and forms a circle of one of a kind glass. Then, I suspend the glass once again on a ceramic ring, where the bottom drops out, forming the vase shape you see," said Elizabeth.

Ceridwen, created of Wanderlust Bling, created this phenomenal piece titled, "Fit for a Queen."

"I've been working so much with bright colors for spring in the past few weeks, but for this I was drawn to jewel tones - emerald, sapphire, amethyst and garnet spoke to me the most, so I chose 9 different shades of embroidery floss and braided them together. Then I added a drape of garnets and purple glass beads and a fall of faceted crystals and round beads in peridot, amethyst, lavender and aquamarine. The whole effect is nothing I would have put together normally, but I'm quite taken with the results. It's regal and funky at the same time and is so colorful it makes me happy to look at it," said Ceridwen.

Felicia, creator of Fish Princess Designs, created this lovely piece titled, "Twilight Time."

"When I read the theme this week I let my mind wander-The song “Twilight Time” came into my head.
Heavenly shades of night are falling, it's twilight time Out of the mist your voice is calling, 'tis twilight time when purple-colored curtains mark the end of day I'll hear you, my dear, at twilight time.

I went through my beads and found the most delicious shades of blues and purple fresh water pearls-deep, rich colors and mixed them with iolite and amethyst beads, iridescent fresh water pearl spears and these funky round coin beads I had found in my favorite bead store. I combined them into a triple strand necklace that explodes into the colors of “twilight time,”" said Felicia.

Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes, creator of MKC Photography, created two incredibly stunning pieces.

Image One: "Bubbles"
This image is based on an actual dream I had - everyone is welcome to read the whole, rather funny, story at:

Image Two: "Flying in the Stars"
"This second piece is something I've been imagining for quite some time - I'm in love with Philip Pullman's trilogy of books that begins with "The Golden Compass." It is my dream to set sail in a balloon on an aeronautical adventure like the characters in the book!" said Michelle.

Joyce, creator of Happy Cloud Moments, created these gorgeous "Twinkle Twinkle Earrings."

"Who said the night sky has to be black and white?" asks Joyce. "It's filled with the most beautiful colors!"

Mia, creator of Mia's Graphic Designs, created this lovely piece titled, "Wings of a Dream."

"I really wanted to give it a very deep feel to it, like it was bottomless as the seas," said Mia. "I also wanted to give this airy, dreamy sense to it as well, so there came in the wings, and the eyes say it all, dreaming is a way of looking inward to our souls. So it's really about the bottomless that is our subconsciousness."

Salvaged Expression created this exquisite necklace that glows in the dark!

"This is definitely a project where everything came together," said Salvaged Expression. "I had only just gotten many of the bits and bobs to make this choker and was aching to use them though I wasn't sure how. Your inspiration photos were inspiring indeed so I decided to pay homage to the aurora's by making the necklace glow in the dark. The half moon shape of the pendant even reminds me of the curve of the earth while the big pony beads keep things playful."

Gabrielle J-C, creator of Art Therapy, created four pieces titled, "Dreaming in Color series #1-4."

"I could not pass up the theme of this week's challenge! I was so inspired, I created four mini paintings (ACEOs) - all acrylic on matboard," said Gabrielle.

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this magnificent "Wild Cover journal."

"This tenacious little book took on a life of its own," said Amanda. "I was thrilled to find such perfect clippings to mirror this week's theme, but discovered that I'd run out of my usual amazing adhesive. I tried using something different, which was a complete failure--or so I thought. After a while, I began to love the bumps and buckles in this journal. The creative life often brings its trials and frustrations, but how will I choose to face them? Will I gripe and moan about not being perfect, or choose to grin and hang on for the wild ride?"

Tiffany, creator of Love Peace and Dye, created this incredible "Dreaming in Color with Obama Dramatic Party Dress From Totally Recycled Fiber."

Dreaming in Color with Obama :)

"color me stunned and dazzled

by all the red white and blue flashing lights

in the american intersection

where black crashed head on with white

comes a melody

comes a rhythm

a particular resonance

that is us and only us"

- ani difranco Grand Canyon

Ruth, creator of Allover Art, created this fabulous "Cosmic Blueberry Lemonade Hand-Painted Art Pendant Necklace".

"I LOOOOOVE bright colors so it was hard to pick just one piece to submit. So many of my pieces have bright colors in them. I especially love the contrast of bright colors, so I decided to pick this piece, my Cosmic Blueberry Lemonade Hand-Painted Art Pendant Necklace. I think I'm going to make a piece for myself similar to this one because it's definitely an eye-catching piece," said Ruth.

Janie, creator of Lifeartdesigns, created this gorgeous beads.

Kelly, creator of kpdesigns07, created this unforgettable 5x7 original painting with black matte background and bright neon textured forefront titled, "Neon Moon".

"I started out with just a black canvas....where to go from there? How about a stripe of lime green....Fabulous. Next? Teal streak and spots. Even better! The deep purple and hot pink rounded out my color pallet nicely. Perfect, fun, and super-textured!

Kelly, creator of Backward Glances, created this truly fantastic photo and poem.

"I'm not real sure exactly where it came from, but it kept running through my head, so I'm submitting a poem and an accompanying photo," said Kelly.

Dreaming in Color

they talk you know…

especially at night, tucked away in their bottles and bags and tubes.

and they spend a lot of time bickering and complaining…

“should have used us, what was she thinking”

“we’re the favorites”

(and they’re right, the greens ARE my favorites)

“she bought more of those!”

but eventually they quiet and drift into sleep…

and with sleep comes dreams

and did you know…

beads dream in color.

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created this stellar piece titled, “Carousel Dreams”.

"This carousel horse is a favorite photograph I took a few years ago. It’s digitally altered with other photographs and backgrounds from my collection," said Felicia. "Thank you for the weekly inspiration – I actually had to choose between three different pieces that I created for this week’s theme! This is giving me the creative push I needed."

Theresa, creator of WoodNGoods, created this stunning "Celtic Warrior mirror".

"I believe your dreams are a reflection of who you are, and only you can make them come true. I found some of the more colorful woods in my shop to make this mirror," said Theresa. "The satin wood, purple heart, oak, and red exotic wood are all natural colored - no stains or dyes were used in the sun. "

Allison, creator of AllyBu's, created this lovely tote titled, "Everyday Tote in Summer Fun".

"As far as the theme, looking at this bag makes me dream of warm weather, easter egg hunts , daffodils and lilacs. Everything spring!" said Allison.

Lada, creator of Works and Finds and Ladaworks, this incredible new pendant titled, "Chasing the Butterfly”.

"I actually dreamed about color because it’s snowing (AGAIN!!!) here in Illinois. When my eye landed on these pictures in craft store I knew instantly what I’m going to create with them. I couldn’t wait to be home, forget everything around (the reorganization mess) and get working. Here is first of my new pendants," said Lada.

Anna, creator of When Life Hands U Lemons, created two extraordinary pieces. The first is a colored pencil drawing titled, "Dreaming in Color" and the second is a necklace titled, "If happy little bluebirds fly over the rainbow, why can't I?"

"I was excited to find your blog and its my first week participating. My usual art medium is making jewelry, but I took the challenge of dreaming in color to challenge myself in a different way," said Anna. "This is a colored pencil drawing of me "dreaming in color" - of beads, sunshine, babies, and more! It was so fun to do something just for the fun of it! Then I took the challenge to my "regular" medium, jewelry, and came up with another rainbow of color. I call this necklace, "If happy little bluebirds fly over the rainbow, why can't I?" Thanks for the challange!"

Kim, creator of Twisted Thicket, created two phenomenal pieces.

"The first one is an abstract dancer; actually Michael Jackson in one of his steps for "Dangerous". The second one is an abstract, Musical Dreams," said Kim.

My New Art Fire Shop ~~
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Alwaysadorable created this gorgeous, colorful piece titled, “Imagination’s Slumber”.

"The mind is an amazing and intricate place, where imagination and dreams roam free; where color takes to life with great sweeping motions to reach the deepest secrets and the brightest memories and pour them out one dream at a time," said Alwaysadorable.

Talented photographer and artist JenGer created these three amazing photos.

"While it may be the antithesis of this week theme, the color white popped into my mind.( often in my dreams Im wearing white) I digitally manipulated some recent snow pictures that I had taken, and while these three photos arent meant to go together, they are all somewhat dream like to me. I had a nice realxing time working on them :-)" said JenGer.

Now tell me, were you not moved??

Please share your thoughts, ask the artists questions, leave a comment and some love here. Then, go visit these artists at their shops and blogs, share some more and tell a friend!

Thanks so much for visiting!!


Happy Cloud Moments said...

Everything looks so great! Your themes have inspired so many people!

Natasha said...

Happy Cloud Moments - I love those earrings...they are just filled with happy energy! Thank you for participating...I'm thrilled my themes inspire people to create...the piece I was working on took a different turn so I am still working on it!

Three Yellow Hearts said...

Interesting! I love love love seeing what everyone came up with!

Sorry I skipped out on you guys this week - I took on a rush graphic design project.

Can't wait to see what the next one will be tomorrow!

Natasha said...

Three Yellow Hearts - totally missed you! How did the project go?? This week's variety is awesome right?? I'm loving all these works!

Three Yellow Hearts said...

I am still working on getting all the photos from my art show last was amazing. And now I have picked up a project for a Swing Band, after that for a non-profit (Pedals to People...they do great work), and after that two commissioned paintings. Then more art shows.

Did I mention I also work full time (Anna I felt you speaking to me in the previous post!)?

Natasha I'm with you - they were awesome. Congratulations everyone!

Wood N Goods said...

It's great to see how many different ideas come out of one theme! I had a blast participating in my first challenge.

Natasha said...

Three Yellow Hearts - Anna's post blew me out of the water too! I can't wait to see your photos from your show!!!!!!

Wood N Goods - your mirror completely rocks!!! I love it...I'm so glad you are a part of this and hope you will continue to play :)

Ceridwen said...

I love coming to see what everyone did - I'm astounded by the creativity here!

mkcphotography said...

It's so hard to choose a favorite, but I'm in love with the "Teagan" design by Sarah - what an incredible sky!!! I'm so inspired to go out and take more photos at sunset now, lol! Thank you, Natasha, for putting this all together again :-D

PinkPoochDesigns said...

I think everyone's interpretation of the theme is amazing!! I will be back to read more!! Great job everybody :O)

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Hello to Natasha and all the Sweet Treaters...

Thank you all for such beautiful contributions. They're giving me a boost today as I deal with yesterday's news about the passing of a dear loved one.

This is the power of art... in the most difficult times, healing can come.

Natasha said...

Ceridwen - your piece is phenomenal...thank you for participating and cheering everyone on!

mkcphotography - both of your piece blew me away...the bubbles look like stars to me ...I love that...I agree that Sarah's was I'm excited for sunset

PinkPoochDesigns - thanks for dropping and cheering!! Will you be playing too?? Thank you on behalf of everyone here

Amanda (Blake) Fall - I am so very sorry to hear of your loved ones passing...I will be reaching out to you...on behalf of everyone here I send big hugs and so much love to you and your family...xo

jodi said...

I'm so sorry I missed out on this week's theme. I am headed out of town (to some place warm and yummy) and didn't get a chance to finish my submission. So many great submissions this week. Color color every where. I love it! Natasha, I love how this blog is growing and changing. Kudos to you.

TheClayMuse said...

Everyone has done it again! I'm awe struck!
Once again time got the better of me and I missed the deadline.. I did however blog about my creations for this week and last week today (and about a million other things the post is so long)
I will be emailing you soon Natasha.. I swear!
I wanted to thank everyone for being so inspiring...
Especialy you Natasha.. once again you amaze me.. keep up the amazing work.. it lifts my heart everytime!

Kerstin said...

I loved EVERYTHING!!! I missed out this week because of a time crunch :( I got a surprise custom order this week from someone who is attending the playboy bunny mansion masquarade party next weekend, and I just finished that - so fun!

glentwistle said...

Such beauty and talent a wonderful path of art to wander through.

Iris O'Connor said...

Totally beautiful!!!
and I have my beady little eye on an item already...should it be for sale.

Natasha, where is your piece honey???????

aquamaureen said...

Another wonderful time of being amazed at the variety of interpretations. I especially liked Persistent Green's willingness to go with the flow when her piece didn't go as planned. And Natasha, I missed seeing your work ... I know you said you were still working on it ..

Jessica said...

It's so great to see everyone's creative juices flowing. I took the challenge and started a piece but didn't get to finish or photograph it. Maybe next week!

Sarah said...

This is such an amazing project! :) I'm honored to be a part of it. It's wonderful to see Teagan up there keeping such brilliant company. ;)

Thank you, Natasha, for holding such a beautiful space for us to come play and share!

Felicia Kramer said...

AS I WAS SAYING ... (my first post earlier today is lost in internet space somewhere) ...
Another fantastic collection of art! I started posting my digital collages on my site today. I don't think I would have been this far along had I not had the "push" for inspiration from the Thursday Sweet Treat. Thanks Natasha and everyone!

Natasha said...

TheClayMuse - I am totally coming to visit your blog today..thank YOU for your inspiration and for cheering so loudly for everyone are wonderful!

Kerstin - what a fun custom order!! We missed you and will be looking for you this week if you are feeling inspired by the theme :)

glentwistle - thank you for visiting and cheering...I love the phrase you used to describe this - an art path to wander through..that makes me happy :)

Iris O'Connor - ohhhh what piece I it...I was working on my piece and realized the night before it was something totally different so I'm putting it in the mini-monthly! We missed you!!!

aquamaureen - LOVED your work this week...I loved the use of was gorgeous...and I agree with you about Persistent going with the flow because her piece is fantastic. I will have my piece inthe Mini-Monthly...thank you for thinking of me :)

Jessica - I love that you participated - will you submit it for the Mini-Monthly?

Sarah - your work was stunning looks fabulous and I am so thrilled you participated this week...I really hope to see you again next week...thank YOU for coming to play! You all enrich my life so much

Felicia Kramer- that's WONDERFUL! I'm so proud of you and want to see those collages...thank YOU for being such a special part of this playground :)

LadyK said...

What a feast for the eyes! I love seeing how everyone interpreted the theme. Beautiful work everyone!

I'm so looking forward to the next one. :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Wow. I'm blown away by this group! I love seeing all the different ways everyone explored this theme this week :) Can't wait to do next weeks!

lisianblue said...

Absolutely moved! What wonderful colorful creations! And talking beads, indeed! and if it weren't beads, it would be paint, or material or................any other numerous things!
The "bug" bit me hard the other day! My head was spinning - or felt like it anyway! I actually finished what I was working on for this one - but slept all day wed, most of the day Thurs and didn't get the pictures done!
I just love this - Natasha! It's sooooo inspiring. I truly appreciate the time you put into this!

Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli said...

The interpretations and various materials used speaks to how creative this group is.
I wish I could comment about every one because they're all so special. But, alas, I can't so here are couple shout-outs:
Rue:your needlefelted doll is lovely. as a nf myself, i know how much time and love your put into this piece:)
Janie: your swirling beads are so earthy and colorful:)

Rue said...

Thank you, Gabrielle. My dolls are definitely the most time-consuming thing I make. They pop into my head and I have to let them out no matter how long it takes. :o)

Natasha said...

LadyK - another great expression! A feast for the eyes...I so agree..thank you for cheering and supporting!

Rose Works Jewelry - that's what blows me away each time - the way people look at the theme and then the variety of creations that are born!

lisianblue - Kris I'm so glad you came by! I still would love to see what you created will you submit t to the mini-monthly?? I hope you are feeling tons better!!! That bug is just awful...sending healing thoughts :)

Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli - I think I can say on behalf of everyone - thank you! Rue responded here....will you join and play?? This is a wildly creative, supportive group...thank you for supporting them ...I'm thankful for them and you and all of you who cheer loudly every day!

Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli said...

thanks for hosting a warm, welcoming venue.

just wanted to let folks know that my blog is now open...for some reason, the permissions were only for authors. so come on by!

Natasha said...

Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli - great site...I'm so glad you shared it and that you are here..will you be joining in? Thank you for all your kind words!

ceejay said...

Gorgeous, phenomenal, and very very moving. As always, the submissions inspire me.

(Natasha, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.)


Anonymous said...

So many beautiful and unique items. You all are very talented and an inspiration to others to be creative. So many new favorites from this.

Natasha said...

Ceejay!!! I miss you...I was going to drop you a line this week...I'm so glad to see you.,'s life? Hope you play soon ...aren't these works amazing?? HUGS

Susan - thank you on behalf of everyone for the kudos....I agree - many new favs!!

Natasha said...

Ceejay!!! I miss you...I was going to drop you a line this week...I'm so glad to see you.,'s life? Hope you play soon ...aren't these works amazing?? HUGS

Susan - thank you on behalf of everyone for the kudos....I agree - many new favs!!

Spatula said...

Thursday Eye Candy! I am giddy in love with the glow in the dark choker.

kathydkeith said...

I was trying to get to lifeartdesigns' etsy shop with your link in this post, but it didn't have the 's' and came up as non-existent. I wonder if you're able to edit posts....

Natasha said...

kathydkeith - thanks so much for that catch...isn't lifeartdesigns amazing! Thanks for coming to visit!