Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Inspirational Tips and Tricks from the Trenches 2

Two important notes: If you are looking for the current theme, please see Friday's post below.
Don't miss our Artist PlayDate tomorrow, Wednesday, February 18th. It will feature an incredible artist who will share a thought-provoking piece!

BackwardGlances used the world around her as inspiration for the fabulous piece she created for Thursday Sweet Treat's Theme 5: Where the Wild Things Bloom.

"I spend lots of time rambling in the woods with my camera here on the Island, so I had plenty of inspiration," she said.

The wild trout lily that BackwardGlances stumbled upon became "I Caught a Trout".

The next time you have a moment, stop and look around you. Is inspiration lurking in the world that surrounds you?


Next Monday, please send a picture to Natasha@creativenachos.com of your inspiration so I can post it here on Tuesday. Let's see if we can make that statement - Inspiration is everywhere - come to life!


Baroness Bijoutery said...

I find inspiration all around me everyday for new pieces of jewelry...The world is so full of great things that will inspire you..you just have to open your eyes and mind....

SalvagedExpression said...

As silly as it is I'm really glad you posted this because I had forgotten the name of that flower and was trying to remember it for some time! Inspiration and enlightenment all in one place!