Monday, February 2, 2009

Inspiring Artists Sail the High Seas of Imagination to Create New Works that are Pure Poetry

Before we begin I'd like to share a couple of quick things. As always, please make sure to check the comments section of this post for people who submit links to works that they created for this theme.

Second, there are some folks who were unable to participate this week due to colds (please feel better!), recovery from a car accident (sending love and healing hugs!) and a major move (good luck, hope you love the new space!). We will see you all next week or whenever the inspiration strikes. Till then, you will be missed :)

Finally, for those of you who have emailed, I apologize for the delay in responding. I have been a little swamped but I will be writing back. I love hearing from you!

This week these talented, distinctive artists challenged themselves to create new pieces that are filled with such beauty you will surely be moved. Each work is like a perfect poem. In some cases, it invites you in to think, feel, dream, laugh, love, and believe and in all cases, it invites you to share in the fun these artists had while creating these new works of art. Their talent, professionalism, vibrance, imagination and heart will leave you wanting more and more...I guarantee it.

Now...I invite you to sail along the "Poetic Seas".

Janie, owner of Lifeartdesigns, created a stellar Dolphin Necklace titled "Purple Lace".

Mia of Mia's Graphic Designs created a beautiful piece titled, "The Sea Will Touch Your Souls".

"I wanted to make something that was dreamy, and calm, yet with a little colour that inspires me from the seas," said Mia. "Each tile is the different colours of the oceans that you see when you stand on the beach and look to the horizon. The words "the sea will touch your souls" is from a poem that I love."

The Nature Nomad shared this gorgeous photo of a manatee.

"I do really enjoy these animals. They are so kind and forgiving. It would be nice to see more of that all over," said the Nature Nomad.

Salvaged Expression created these fantastic "Coral Sea, mermaid armwarmers!"

"The blue/green just reminded me of somewhere tropical with an ocean view and had to be used," said Salvaged. "I still really wanted to crochet coral so I added the undulating white edge and a flowing white trimmy thing on the side. I'm more or less obsessed with that flowy trim now!"

Lorrie Veasey , creator of Our Name is Mud created three awesome items.

"This was a really fun theme! Thanks!!" said Lorrie.

CARP DIEM: SEIZE THE FISH - Glazed earthenware

OCEAN VIEW FROM ABOVE - Glazed earthenware tile 6 x 6

HOMAGE TO ONE FISH TWO FISH - Glazed earthenware dinner plate

Rowena, a talented artist and writer, created this moving piece titled, "Flying Girl on Ocean Deep, or Poetry." Golden Fluid Acrylic, white gel pen on paper

Kelly, owner of Backward Glances, created this incredible piece titled, "A Multitude".

"I had to go with a theme involving coral," said Kelly, "as a coral reef is formed of many, tiny individual creatures and my bead work is made of many tiny individual beads. Also, I live on a island which is basically a big limestone rock, and of course, limestone is formed of ancient coral. Because of the time issue, I decided to work in ATC size, 2.5" x 3.5". I used peyote stitch, bead embroidery and fringing to form this piece. This was great fun and I'm so pleased with the result. "

Jodi, owner of Jodi Horgan, created this lovely pendant.

"I really had a great time with this. When I started imaging a piece in my head, I was drawn to ocean tides," said Jodi. "My piece (which is a large pendant) represents the sun, moon, stars and the flowing ocean in between. The fringe at the bottom gives the piece movement." (her shop is currently closed because she's in the middle of a show - good luck, Jodi!)

Maureen, an inspiring artist, created an 8 1/2 by 11 personal journal page.

"Sitting at surf's edge at Big Sur several years ago, as sunlight shot through the top of a wave curling toward me, I saw true aquamarine for the first time," said Maureen. "As my tears found their way back to the sea, I heard my identity renamed: AquaMaureen."

SpiritedWoodland created this lovely "Sirens of the Sea - Mermaids in Aqua and Teal Charm" Bracelet.

SpiritedWoodland describes this piece as - "A gorgeous collection of glass beads and lampwork beads adorn this unique bracelet! A variety of swirling beads (to represent the ocean's waves), and aqua colored potion bottles are part of the design. Strung on one silverplated chain, the findings are also silverplated. There are two lead free pewter mermaids in the design. The color combination of teal and aqua is really pretty in this one."

Amanda, owner of Persistent Green, created this spectacular journal titled, "Dive In."

"This creation marks the beginning of a new take on my WildCover journal/sketchbooks," said Amanda. "Poetic Seas inspired me to dive in fearlessly, playing with watercolor, ink and acrylic gloss gel."

Kerstin, owner of Kerstin Hanson, created this magnificent bracelet titled, "Pearls Under Glass."

"I was inspired mostly by the words 'poetic sea', and found bits and bits to build a bracelet from that 'sweet spot' inside:)" said Kerstin.

EarthDeva created this unforgettable painting which is 5 by 7 inches, acrylics on 300gsm watercolour paper. Clownfish, blue and silver sea and golden spirals.

"The Ocean is a huge inspiration for me, I live right next to it ! I will be blogging - an Ocean themed one, with another pic of this weeks Sweet Treat creation and some other Ocean inspired pieces too," said EarthDeva.

"Meet Phoebe," said Into the Groove. "It is a focal bead made from polymer clay based on the Christi Friesen sculpture series. This piece took a different direction from what I initially had in mind which I'm sure happens to most who create. Thanks for allowing me to share!"

Cbspolyworks created this stunning piece titled, "Polymer Clay Painting: Fish Dream."

"For this I decided to try something different, what I would call polymer clay painting. Basically I painted this scene with my clay for a 3D look. The inscription reads "Freedom Of The Heart..." showing how even a fish's heart can soar when his/her dreams are complete," said cbspolyworks. "In my scene the fish turns into a bird and is free to fly in the sky, much like the quote you posted of a "sea animal...wanting to fly in the air." That quote is where my inspiration came from more so then the picture you showed us. This was really fun to do, and it took me nearly four days to complete. Thanks for the challenge!"

Iris O'Connor, owner of Iris Design, created this ACEO sized abstract painting.

"It's an ACEO sized abstract wee painting done on MDF and ready to hang on the wall. Haven't done abstract for a while and I wanted to get back into it. It was really enjoyable and I'm sure more will follow."

Christina, owner of the Clay Muse, created this fabulous brooch.

"I hadn't really thought of a name for this piece just had too much fun making it!" said theclaymuse. "I wanted to try this brooch project for a while now and I thought this would be the perfect time to do so! The entire piece is made of polymer clay, dusted with mica powders and I just love how it shines. The bottom dangle is faux Bakelite, this was the first time I tried this technique and I'm pretty happy with the overall results, the way it catches the sun... I wish I could justify it in a photograph! I had so much fun making this and now I can't wait till next week."

PollyandEster created this extraordinary piece titled, "The Poet" using watercolor pencils and pigment ink on cold press watercolor paper post card. "I am experimenting with mediums," said PollyandEster.

PollyandEster went on to say, "I think Poetry for me is like a dream that I can never quite matter how hard I try to get back to sleep and finish it - it will always be flawed.
The sea is an epic poet. It is a dance. It is an isolated object moving in all directions at once. Fluid."

This piece means the world to me. I sketched this out years ago and then let the sketchbook collect dust. When I was starting my shop I talked about ripples in my bio and someone commented on it. The mere fact that someone was listening to what I was saying about sending good thing out into the world made me want to create this piece and this challenge forced me to finally do it. So, here it looks very different from the first sketch. ..a piece I've been dreaming about for a long time. I have to be honest, I'm really happy with it.

This framed 8 x 10 wall art is reads, "We are all little ripples with the power to change the world so fill yours with love." AND the water sparkles...YAY!

And this little gal makes me so happy. This is Bertha and she releases glittery confetti into the air when she is filled with joy. These little notecards - well, they just make me smile.

Wasn't that the best voyage? Want to do it again?? Go ahead, relive the fun and then share your thoughts, comments and love here. Go visit these artists at their shops and blogs, share some more and tell a friend!

Thanks so much for visiting!! Please join us later today for an "Ask the Artist" session :)


Iris O'Connor said...


gee, didn't know it was that difficult to writer downhill...for want of better word...:-)

great pieces!
and btw, what' s happening later at the 'Ask the Artist' session?
Who's talking?

Excuse me, but after 5 days in Siberia i'm just now catching up with everybody and eveything and i have this need to talk...throuh my keyboard...on the people i haven't met - yet...
think i go blogging----->

Ruth of Allover Art said...

Beautiful pieces as always!!

I neglected to send you mine but here it is:
Teeny Tiny Fish Art Brooch

Kerstin said...

What a wonderful way to start my morning! Coffee and beautiful art to share - thanks Natasha:):)

Natasha said...

Iris! Great work - your piece is lovely!! The "Ask the Artist" section will be a post that I will start within the hour where the comments are artist to artist. This allows you and anyone viewing the opportunity to talk to one another instead of me responding to each of you...this was an awesome suggestion given by Lorrie. In addition, EarthDeva sent me a link to see about a forum discussion which I am working definitely jump in!!

Ruth - I LOVE's absolutely adorable!!! What a great addition to this Sweet Treat...everyone please check out that link...I heart the Teeny Tiny Fish

Kerstin - YAY!! Loved your work looks fabulous here ...thank YOU for joining and making this an even more fun group....YAY!!

Natasha said...

Janie of Lifeartdesigns was having an issue with leaving a comment so she sent the sweetest email and I wanted to share a piece with you. Janie said, "Love the feature! Thanks so much for including my Dolphin." Janie loved all the work...and I say thank YOU Janie...your necklace is wonderful...thank you for joining...I hope you will play again next week!!

Flight Fancy said...

Oh such beautiful works! What a fun concept.

Natasha said...

FlightFancy - welcome and on behalf of everyone I want to thank you - weren't these works incredible? I am constantly in awe of the fact that I get to create work alongside such talented artists. Won't you come to play?

Marja said...

So lovely! What a great variety of beautiful works!

beachyrustica said...

Great theme & wonderful pieces! Did you know there's a new market over at 1km dedicated to coastal handmade work? There's a forum there too if you're into chatting about the coast, sea glass, etc. It's at:


Natasha said...

Marja - on behalf of everyone here I say a BIG Thank YOU! We missed you this week but look forward to seeing you the next one :)

beachyrustica - thank you and thank you again!! I had no idea....but I am totally going over there - thank YOU SOOO much...I'm going to check it out and hopefully post in the forum as I want everyone here to be seen...will you join in the fun this coming week??

beachyrustica said...

Great! I'll participate if I can... not sure I can keep up with all these creative people!

ceejay said...

Hello, my friend!!! :-)
The work is always, you have inspired people to reach into their souls and produce gorgeous works of art.
I was unable to create anything this week, but couldn't wait to stop by this morning and check out others' creations.

♥ ceejay

Natasha said...

Ceejay - we missed you sweet friend! So good to see you here....on behalf of everyone I say thank you!! I hope you will play again soon...sending hugs!!

Natasha said...

beachyrustica - YAY!!! I'm so excited..and everyone would love to have you here ;)

CB said...

This was a lot of fun, and I wanted to thank everyone who was involved with coming up with this blog/ideal! :)

I'm thinking I shall create more polymer clay paintings, it's a slow process, but it was much more engaging that I first thought it would be.

Kerstin said...

Natasha -
I thought that I sent you two different pictures...!!! sorry (ambarrassed grin)


Natasha said...

CB - I love that you had such fun!! The work was fantastic...truly, you need to create more polymer clay paintings. The joy you experience from it is contagious...and Thank You for the thanks...I want to thank all those who gave feedback/suggestions for new features!!

Kerstin - no worries and please don't be you want to send me the other photo?? It's such great work!!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Such loverly work, all! I especially like the 'Carp Diem' plate! What a lovely idea for a sushi dish. :-D


Kerstin said...

thanks, Natasha, but I'll just try to get it right nest week :) I have multiple photos on etsy now :)

Natasha said...

Kerstin - I love the piece...everyone should check it out! I'm so excited you are playing next week!!

lilacwoman said...

Hey Natasha!
Everyone's work is just exquisite!
I did make a piece for this week but got a flu bug or something and didn't get it in.
I look forward to next weeks treat!

Natasha said...

lilacwoman - I've been thinking of you all are you feeling?? Isn't the work fantastic?? We missed you tons and can't wait to see you next week. Please send along the piece you did for today so I can include it in the mini-monthly happening in mid-February :)

jodi said...

what an incredible response this week. i loved how people interpreted this week's theme. i'd like to report that my submission was the first piece i sold at my trunk show today. YIPEE! the woman fell in love with it at first sight. thanks for a great theme and a sale.

Natasha said...

Jodi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!!!!! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!! What fantastic news that is...that piece was filled with fun and was hard to resist. I love that it was the first sold....oh great...celebrate!! Thank YOU for being a part of this....and I agree with you I loved how people brought this theme to life this week :)

Kerstin said...

Jodi - Congratulations :) I was coveting your piece just a bit right of 'really want' :)

Natasha - somehow you found my lost picture and replaced it! amazing goes just a bit beyond... amazing! (thanks)

TheClayMuse said...

Everyone's work was so amazing! I loved every piece! I can't even pick a favorite out! So great to be included in something like this, Thank you Natasha for the opportunity to create with such great people!

Natasha said...

TheClayMuse - your work was incredible...inspiring....thank you on behalf of everyone here...we are all loving that you are creating and sharing with us too!

Mary said...

natasha, i am AMAZED at the art you gathered this week. i am DETERMINED to participate in the next week. it looks like so much fun and is so INSPIRING! im totally blown away.!!!!!!! Mary

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I loved seeing everything! I had a piece I wanted to create - but got sick - good thing your going to do that "letting us catch up thing"! Now to start thinking about this weeks challenge...

Natasha said...

Mary - you are so sweet!! Isn't work great?? I am amazed again and again at how people bring each theme to life in a unique way. We'd love to see what you create!!!! Can't wait for you to play :)

Rose Works Jewelry - I hope you are feeling tons beeter!! Yes, send me your creation for the excited you are playing this week....I'm doing a little dance :)

aquamaureen said...

Well, sweet self, as I see it, you've got a choice--berate your self: "why in the WORLD did you plop your childish scribblings down in the midst of such dazzling works of art?" OR . . . you could hug your little girlself and thank all the others for letting you come and play with them. [WHENCE comes this oh-so-deep need for approval???]

I commit, here and now, to posting SOMEthing next week, no matter how daunting that feels right now.

Natasha said...

aquamaureen - ((((HUG)))) and a backflip. They were far from childih ...your submission was gorgeus and heartfelt. It found a perfect home - a beautiful work of art among beautiful works of art....thank you so much for that...I can't wait for your submission next week!!!!

aquamaureen said...

thank you, sweet Natasha . . . Hugs and a cartwheel back to YOU . . .

OliveStreetStudio said...

what a great idea for a blog! I hope to be able to enter a piece, but with working FT, hard for me to get anything done mid-week. But I love looking.

Natasha said...

OliveStreetStudio - welcome!! So nice to see you here...I completely understand how the demands of life can get in the way...whenever you have time and feel inspired we'd LOVE to see you here :) AND thank you for looking and cheering...on behalf of all the artists here I can tell you it means the world :)

Natasha said...

OliveStreetStudio - welcome!! So nice to see you here...I completely understand how the demands of life can get in the way...whenever you have time and feel inspired we'd LOVE to see you here :) AND thank you for looking and cheering...on behalf of all the artists here I can tell you it means the world :)