Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stellar Artists Create Such Breathtaking New Works You'll Find Yourself Wishing For More

This week, talented, creative, amazing, professional artists not only made me consider why I wish on stars, they made me want to jump and leap beyond them. Each creation explores the idea and celebration of all that exists within each of us and all that exists beyond us. These submissions made me widen my lens and broaden my perspective even more. Thank you all for giving me, and all who view this Treat, the stars!

In addition, as I have begun working more on Process I want to share what it's like to explore that with all of you. I've started a discussion about it and would LOVE to hear from all of you.

Now, let us dance among the stars!!

Ruthie, creator of Rose Works Jewelry created this gorgeous "Stars Memory Wire Bracelet".

"This theme came at the perfect time for me!" said Ruthie. "I needed to make more bracelets to put in my consignment shop and this gave me a great idea for one to make. This piece isn't available on-line for that reason, but custom orders are always welcome!"

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this stunning art journal page in watercolor, wax and ink.

"This dreamy theme was a perfect opportunity for me to play with art journaling," said Amanda. "Starry skies have always been magic to me. As part of my page reads, "Oceans apart, we look at the stars and are as one. We are never alone."

Althea, creator of Salvaged Expression, created these stellar pieces.

"This week I finally got a chance to let out an idea that had been knocking at the back of my brain for some time!" said Althea. "These magnets depict our solar system which remind me both of astronomy and astrology and the long tradition of people looking up and hoping to find answers."

Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, created this phenomenal piece.

"Stars have always inspired me to wish, to dream and to reach beyond them," said Trina. "From that wishing and dreaming came the idea for this necklace "Among the Stars"".

Teri, creator of Giraffe Label Designs, created this sensational "Out of this world" Maryanne clutch - maybe?

"I've been sitting on this theme all week, thinking it was great but not knowing where to go with it," said Teri. "So, I dug through my fabric bins and found this fabric - it is a metallic, crinkle textured satin and it looked very "astronaut" to me. So I started with that and this is what I ended up with!"

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created this magnificent piece titled, “In our stars”.

"When I saw the theme, the first thing that came to mind was this Shakespeare quote: “The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves if we are underlings.” – Shakespeare," said Felicia.

Maureen, a talented artist created this fabulous piece.

"Yes, I love the night sky and have often wished on the first star I saw . . . and yet my favorite star is still the sun . . so here's my 9x12 tribute," said Maureen.

Phoenx Ravenswing, creator of CrowTarot, created this fantastic piece.

"The first of what I am calling Interactive Landscapes was discovered for the cancer art request earlier this year," said Phoenix. "Even tho' that piece was not able to be finished in time, the concept it engendered is being both fun & exciting for me, and hopefully soon, for others as well. :-D As you can see from the back, the elements are designed to be taken off and rearranged as one sees fit, allowing for both fun & eduction in the creation of one's own landscape. With the fading daylight, I needed to take the picture early, ntm it seemed a good moment for an 'in-progress' pic. The flower has now been finished and added, and the piece is ready to go to its new home. :-D"

Phoenix Racenswing, creator of CrowTarot, created these beautiful pieces.

"Inspired by "Inspire Me Thursday"'s theme this week of 'Wings', in addition to this week's TST theme of 'In the Stars', it came to me that it was time to use these little wings I'd bought from a fellow Etsian earlier this year. So, I present to you..." said Phoenix.

1. Prosperity Angel - aventurine head & body - green for growth &; aventurine for prosperity - for prosperity & growth work of all kinds
2. God/dess Angel - iolite head & moonstone body - iolite for psychic connection & moonstone for the God/dess, in whatever form you see them - for reaching out to the God Consciousness in whatever form you perceive It
3. Harvest Angel - carnelian head & peach aventurine body - carnelian for balanced power and aventurine for Fortune - for aiding in the completion of cycles, whether creative, or life-related, or wherever else cycles are remaining unfinished and you would like to change that
4. Wisdom Angel - milk quartz & tiger's eye body - milk quartz for energy/power & tiger's eye for creative wisdom - a more general Angel for helping you to speak & act from a place of peace & serene wisdom

There will be more in the series, but these are the ones I have done so far. :-D

Doodlestar created this journal cover. I think I will be positioning the clous differently. I think I will make them like steps she is bounding up. What do you think? (Please join me for the Ning process discussion as well -
The words on the clouds read: "Dream Big", "Believe" and "Play Among the Stars"

This week, I looked around and found Stars among Etsy artist items. These folks do not know they are in the TST yet...I am going to write to surprise them. More artists to celebrate and invite to play - YAY!

Purple Night Sky with a Dapper Flying Bird

catch a star

After viewing this joyful TST are you feeling inspired and already dreaming? Are you ready to dive in and start creating for the next theme??

Well, the next theme is theme is.........."Angels".
We have all had those moments when someone or something helped us in ways we can't quite explain. The friend that said the one thing we needed to hear without knowing we needed to hear it, the phone call that came just in the nick of time, or perhaps we have arrived some place at a time when we would be needed - right there and then. What do angels mean in your life...what do they feel like? Bring it to life!


Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Just a quick reply for now to get in on the comments - more later! :-)

Stellar works this week! :-D (Yes, the pun IS intended. :-D)

Natasha, if I may, your Inner Critic needs to hush! I LOVE that journal - it's SOOO about my Journey at the mo'! :-) I will be checking out your shop to see about pricing, etc. And I think the clouds are fine as is. :-)

Until later, peeps! :-D
BB & GF! :-)

Natasha said...

Bird - LOVE the pun!! You made me laugh ....and THANK YOU for the comments on the journal and Inner Critic LOL...that means the world and the journal will be in the shop soon along with a new shop banner hehehehe....I love making these journals

SalvagedExpression said...

Phoenyx and Natasha you two were definately my favorites this week!
I love the idea of an interactive landscape.
The journal cover is great no matter if you change it or not!
Believe it or not I actually posted and sold those magnets today! I'm having a good day in general (must have the luck virus) so thanks everyone for helping!

Natasha said...

Sal!!!! CONGRATS on your sale today...that TOTALLY ROCKS!! WooHOOOO!! Those magnets were AWESOME!!! You rock :) Are you going to make more like those? Did you paint the planets on them??

Ruthie - I love that bracelet...the stars are gorgeous...I like stars in jewelry but I also love the can wear it everyday or as a dress up piece...great work!! Can it be used as a bracelet for the upper arm as well as for the wrist - what are those called? You know the ones that go on the bicep? Am I making sense?

Amanda - I am a HUGE art journaling fan...I think it's some of the most fun you can have. The quote is amazing and like many of your quotes it is now on my did you create the background? The colors are stunning

Trina - this piece is out of this world...I love this the way I did the's elegant and truly eye-catching ..what made you choose the black? makes is stand out...I really love it!

Teri - this is phenomenal ..seriously I love the colors and the texture of the's very festive....this is something I'd want to use around New years for the way I saw the drawings in your shop...I'm SOOO glad you put them in there...did you give some to your Mom?

Felicia - ok first of all I've missed you tons it's sooo great to see you back here! How are you? Second this piece is MAGNIFICENT! I absolutely 100% love this piece..the the colors, the dream-like state...all of it blew me away...that Shakespeare quote is fabulous ...was this a photo? How did you create this?

Maureen - when you work with these colors your work just jumps off the page and grabs hold of me..I love this's a great take on this theme....this stays with me...did you feel led along as you created this one?

Bird - I just fell in love with the Interactive Landscape...I love the idea of being able to work with and be a part of the great and the angels are my fav...I was laughing given this week's theme you were one step ahead! They are just precious though...I love many will be in the series?

Pattibacker - I loved the colors in this work they grabbed hold and I had to share...and stars are so delicate

Tummymountain - I am in love with this character...adorable and that BIG star ...well altogether it makes me happy

giraffelabel said...

i have to admit that this week was not fun for me, in general. but, coming here and seeing how everyone was inspired inpires me! thank you for that!

salvaged - i can't believe you sold those already! will you make more? i thought my kids would love them...they are so into space lately. congrats on the sale!

i love all the colors that came out this week. i thought there would be lots of dark pieces, but there was still lots of colors!

natasha - thanks for the comments. and, yes, i gave the other drawings to my mom. she was very happy and very excited to get them. and, thanks to encouragement here and from my husband i have them listed in my shop! i am excited about it!
and, i love your journal cover! i love the girl, she truly looks like she is having the most fun! loved it!

great job everyone, and thanks again for the lift!!

Natasha said...

Giraffe - I have to agree ... I thought the colors this week would be darker and I was so pleasantly surprised when they weren't! I'm so sorry the week wasn't good ...anything I can do? But I'm sooo glad that you found happiness here YAY!! Honestly I loved your's soooo fun and festive...I thought it was quite an original take on the theme ... thank YOU for sharing!

SalvagedExpression said...

I don't have enough stars left for another set so I'll have to do something different which is always fun.

Trina said...

Wow, I'm late with my comment this week! Sorry. I just got back to work yesterday after being off for two weeks in a contract dispute. We were busy, busy!! I looked at everything, but never found time to comment.

So... Natasha, I chose black because it was the dark of the night sky. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but they are faceted onyx, so they have some sparkle (which was very important to me for this piece)

This week, I love Amanda's "Head in the clouds, Heart in the stars". I think that may be my motto for the forseeable future.

I also love Maureen's painting of the sun. I always forget that the sun is a star. I'm so glad for the beautiful reminder.

Finally, I am amazed by the "catch a star" piece by tummy mountain (what a tremendous find, Natasha).

Thanks to all for being here and for sharing and for all the comments and for the community that you all provide. This has become a haven for me. I think that next weeks theme of Angels is really perfect.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hi, everybody... I'm late again! Just barely pulled myself together after being sick again the past couple of days. As always, TST is a wonderfully soothing, comforting, and inspiring place to visit--when I'm feeling on top of the world, AND when I'm feeling like I got scraped off the world's shoe! lol

Thanks for the lovely comments about my journal page. Tash, I had no idea you'd been putting any of my "quotes" on your wall! That makes me feel so good. :) I created the background with my favorite Hydus watercolor. The different effects are from wax resist and alcohol resist.

Big hugs to everyone--hoping I can be back & more present here.

aquamaureen said...

this is the third time I've tried to send my comment . .. hopefully it will go through . . I was just wanting to say how grateful I am to everyone who shared artwork this week, and to those who took the time to post comments and support . ..

and I also wanted to ask if anyone had time to send a little extra love to Amanda .. . she had her 25th birthday on Wednesday, and she's been sick almost all week.