Monday, October 5, 2009

Imagine fighting for...

Throughout history, there have been people and governments that have sought to destroy art and literature. If someone were to come and try to take your books, your art, the things you treasure that would you fight tooth and nail to keep?

Then, moving further out into a community, if the institutions that house works of art were threatended, what would you fight to save - a library, a specific text, a museum, a specific sculpture or piece of work?


Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


My sacred pieces and my original gallery works. The journals & notes we are taking on our psychic work. Things like that. :-)

I would fight to save the worldview that would allow such things to be existing & valued. Doing that would save them all, which would be a very good thing in my opinion. :-)

Bright Blessings & Good Phortune! :-D
-Phoenyx ;->

Frenzy23 said...

Isn't it sad to think of all the great work that has been lost this way? And though it may seem less violent, when museums are shut down, art funding is cut, the same effect is achieved.
There are certainly things I would fight tooth and nail to keep. But I think it's important to keep in mind that no matter how repressive things seem, people will always have their own voice. There's always an underground group or independent thinkers.
People and governments that aim to destroy art just can't win. We'll just keep on making it.

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Art in any form will always prevail, and yes, worth fighting for!

meherio68 said...

I think I would want to fight the minute someone suggested that one work be destroyed, because, apart from the importance of cultural diversity and freedom, apart from the pleasure they give us, works of art make up our history and we need all of them, "good" and "bad" to move on and not repeat whatever went bad.
If Shakespeare's works got destroyed because they are too bawdy or whatever, I would feel maimed.
If we destroyed "Mein Kampf", I would feel threatened, because it would make it easier for someone to write it all over again, and the history that goes with it...

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Ohhh, this is a tough one! How could I pick one thing to save? I'll have to think on that.

I love Kelsey's answer: "People and governments that aim to destroy art just can't win. We'll just keep on making it."

Amen--let's keep on!