Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sensational Artists Invite You to Believe in Angels

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Well folks the new site is just about done and will be revealed in November after my move is over. I ask you to bear with me as my posts may be a little spotty. I won't be connected right away but as soon as I am back up and running you will all be the first to know. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Angels. They mean so many things to people. For some they are beings of light with wings and for others angels are friends. These talented, amazing, professional artists shared their ideas in works that are simply unforgettable.

I invite you to spend a little time basking in the beauty of angels and the amazing artists who shared their vision of them......

Maureen, a talented artist, created this gorgeous 9 X 9 watercolor.

"I realize my submission (9x9 watercolor with wax resist) might look like it was meant for LAST week's topic of stars . .. but no, this is really and truly my "angel" submission!" said Maureen. "Angels for me are thoughts from God, and they very often come to me in the dark times, and they bring light."

Althea, creator of Salvaged Expression, created this sensational piece.

"I call this "When we fly together." Basically it's just a memory of playing on rock outcrops as a child and a certain leap I loved," said Althea. "I realized too late that my submission this week seems to be my take on Natasha's journal last week! I'm not sure the marker worked out so if anyone has any input there let me know!

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this phenomenal mixed media art journal page, in acrylic paint, ink, and tissue paper.

"Angels to me have always been those little whispering messages--sometimes they keep me out of harm's way, or they're urging me down a new creative path, or guiding me to just the right place at the right time," said Amanda. "The most important thing, I think, is being open and receptive enough to hear those little angel whispers. This art journal page explores finding a way to listen through the static of everyday life.

Felicia Kramer, cretor of Another Bright Idea, created these stunning pieces titled, “Littlest angel” and “Angel tidings”.

"This might not be quite what you had in mind with this theme, but I took it literally," said Felicia. "Last year I was an Etsy newbie and wasn’t quite prepared for the holidays, so I was determined to be ready this time. For the last two months I have been immersed in creating Christmas items, and this week I have been working on Christmas cards. I’m using photos of my own angel ornaments (I have quite a few), and enhancing the backgrounds with digital layering and effects. Feedback is welcome."

Littlest Angel

Angel tidings

Bird, creator of Crow Tarot, created more beautiful angels for the Guardian Angel series, a stellar Interactive Landscape Angel, and a wonderful Ooak angel.

"Some more additions to the series, plus the originals back again just to keep things complete," said Bird. "I originally thought there were only going to be 8 more, but nearly a dozen more came to me today, so the series expandeth ever outwards! :-D Not all were able to be completed today, but will be soon, and thence to the shoppe for selling. :-D"

top row: Wisdom Angel, Prosperity Angel, God/dess Angel, Harvest Angel, Angel of Good Will, Seeker Angel
bottom row: Angel of the Blessed Virgin, Power Angel, Angel of Potentiality, Angel of the Psychic Arts, Lovers' Angel, Angel of the Flowers

Interactive Landscape Angel

"The first draft of an angel for the interactive landscapes," said Bird. "The pattern needs some work, but is coming along. :-D"

"I love this OoaK angel," said Bird. "The head is a faceted amethyst bead, and the rose quartz dress seems to float along, complete with waves of fabric."

Doodlestar created this new journal cover.

"I painted this with acrylics but I'd love to use markers to have the same effect. Any suggestions? Feedback on this piece is appreciated."

This week, I looked around and found Angels among Etsy artist items. These folks do not know they are in the TST yet...I am going to write to surprise them. More artists to celebrate and invite to play - YAY!

Cat Angel (black and white) Heart Ornament

She Has Her Very Own Guardian Angel . . . it is a HANDMADE GREETING CARD for girls who need to know that someone is looking out for them.

After viewing this TST are you feeling inspired? Are you ready to dive in and start creating for the next theme??

Charlie's Birthday
© Judy Beedle Photography

Well, next week's theme is "Messy Hands."
Whether you take a photo of your hands while they are creating a new piece or you find some amazing way of celebrating the beauty of hands - look at how they allow you to create gorgeous works - celebrate hands. Paint them, let them mash clay, cover them in tape, write on them, let them play with a material you never use - just get them really dirty!!!


aquamaureen said...

Loved this week's sharing . . . but hey, so many TST artists have been "away." I miss you guys. I hope you can get back to creating and submitting here.

As far as this next week's prompt, "messy hands" is right up my alley. Can't wait!!!

Happy thoughts to you, Natasha, as you continue to pack, move, and unpack.

Natasha said...

Aqua - I LOVED your piece this week. It just jumps off the page and invites you to dance...with an angel..among the it...I have been worried that the TST had come to an end, that people are tired of saddened me and almost stopped me but new things are coming and I'm excited about I will still be here creating themes and looking to play (in November ...damn move !) and I hope everyone else will too...hugs and many thanks off to pack MORE UGH!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Crazy-busy over the next while, so global comments for now. Loved everyone's pieces and the visions of how angels are perceived by them, esp. Maureen's and Amanda's. Very beautiful pieces and wonder-full words to go with. :-)

Natasha, love the journal! Is she b/c your Flying Girl??? How very kyool if so. :-) And I've enjoyed meeting her again whether or no. :-D

And at the end of the day, it is, of course, your choice, but I hope that you will keep going w/the TST. The Wheel of the Year turns, and there are slow times in it (summer & winter hollydays do indeed come to mind), but those slow times have nothing to do w/how much the blog is loved and how much folk appreciate it. It's just a case of having the spare brainspace & time to put thoughts to pixels. :-)

BB & GF! :-)

Trina said...

I missed out on sharing this week due to some delayed supplies :(. I'm looking forward to an upcoming mini-monthly to share then.

I love the entries this week.

Natasha, I just love all of your journal covers and this one is no exception.

The "guardian angels" by Bird are inspired. So many different ways to interpert the protection of angels.

I love Felicia's cards. The idea of "repurposing" angels that you already own to make cards is genious!!!

Amanda's journal page is breathtaking. I keep coming back to it over and over, and each time I find something new.

Althea, I think your marker is great, it reminds me of the night sky here in the Pacific Northwest -- it is never a solid color, but is more streaky; just like you drew it.

Maureen, when I saw yours, before I read your comments, my thought was, "I think Maureen's angels must hide among the stars". Your painting is beautiful.

Thanks again, you are all Angels in my book.

SalvagedExpression said...

Don't worry too much about people getting tired of TST. I think Bird is right and people are taking a breather between summer and the holidays. Artists are notoriously introverted so I think a lot of us are taking some time to step back and gather our strength.
I'm so excited about the new theme! Part of me wishes I'd taken photos of the 100 times this summer when I had messy hands from painting, weeding, making seed bombs and other such insanity then I could make a collage.

Felicia Kramer said...

Wow - we are dwindling down to a precious few ... I'm guilty too since I missed a few weeks. I expect we all have our reasons, probably none of which have to do with our wonderful leader, Natasha. I won't bore you all with my angst, except to say I'm working on trying to "get my groove back."

Methinks we all need our angels to help us up to fly again ...

Natasha said...

Phoenix - your angels were just GREAT...all of them as before I love the angels ..they make me happy - all of them ..that series is amazing and the interactivity is just great.

Salvaged - I in awe of your drawing...seriously and to be honest I liked the the way the marker looked but it could be a painting as well....truly this is one of my favorite pieces

Felicia - Your pieces are breathtaking ...there is a sense of peace, the kind one finds at the holidays especially, about them. Truly beautiful and no need to say anything about not being here...this is a place to play whenever there is time pressure...

Trina - you were missed this week for sure!! Thank you so much for coming to play and share and cheer rock.

I really don't want the TST to end and have no plans for that to happen. I have plans for the opposite...and I'd probably still be here even if no one else was...I love it and believe in it. I have had my own life stuff that has dragged me away ....I just wouldn't want to be here doing it and have anyone feel like they have to stay....or thinking to themselves, "Poor girl, she doesn't know it's over." LOL...nah, I plan to build....I hesitated but as I said recently in a post I'm ready to make steps forward. Thanks for all everything everyone!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

First of all, all you have to do is look at these comments to see that TST is alive and well! I think people just get so busy... I'm very blessed not to have a job outside of creative work, so I can "work" WHILE I'm creating for TST--instead of fitting it in around a 9-5. I can't imagine how I would find the time otherwise, and my heart goes out to anyone who's desperately trying to squeeze in their creative times.

I honestly can't believe it's been almost a full year here at TST. I've had some ideas rolling around for a big one-year anniversary celebration. Wouldn't it be fun if we all created a project to give away to another TSTer, like a Secret Santa, where we drew names and sent someone a handmade gift--either one of our previous TST creations, or something made just for that? Anyway, just a thought. :)

Back in a sec with comments on the pieces!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Many thanks for the comments on my art journal page, especially Trina--wow, that means so much to me. I'm working on an art book project, which would include pages like this your comment really gave me hope that this idea might be viable. Thank you!

Aqua: I love the dramatic, deep colors in this piece. So dreamy and peaceful.

Althea: this is beautiful! I love the play between light and dark, person and shadow, child and guardian angel--whatever your interpretation.

Felicia: the light on the first angel's face is so evocative. I hope your Etsy-holiday season goes well!

Bird: oh, that dress on the OOAK is so perfect! I love the implied movement, frozen in time.

Tash: your cheerful little girls always make me smile. You're right--markers should work the same here, and be a little faster to work with. I love your bold colors.

Natasha said...

Amanda - I hear you loud and clear and agree that it's hard to work and fit in creative hat is off to the folks who do all of you, you are such a creative bunch!

If I could EVER get my email off to you and out of my Draft folder I will happen before I shut down but that's a BIG yes to that project idea Amanda. I want to talk with you about it more - maybe a December thing?? I am teaming up for another exciting project right at the beginning of Nov with another TST-er ...this one is huge and should be wonderful let's plan for Dec Amanda...I'm so excited...anyone have something they'd like to do?

As for your piece this week, I loved it...I have been back to it just as Trina had...I think with pieces like this your book is going to be a huge success.....huge...I love that no matter how often you look at that piece when you leave and return you find something else that's "new"...that's great art.

I have a biz question - from the look of the journal covers (the pages are being done now) what market would they appeal to? As it's my work I sometimes have a hard time seeing answers to my own marketing ques

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Wonderful - I always love visiting here! Very refreshing!

Miss being here ..
Have a great week!

Natasha said...

Jenjen great to see you here! Miss you but sooo glad you are pursuing your dream!! Keep going, keep going! Big hugs to you ;)

giraffelabel said...

another great week here! and, again i missed getting anything done. (well, not anything. i did finish making my kids princess leia, luke skywalker, and han solo halloween costumes!) :)

anyway, i love this place natasha, and, just so you know, there are many times that i am here and don't get time to comment. i love the anniversary celebration idea...secret santa...anything to celebrate all the wonderful people here. count me in!

great job everyone!

giraffelabel said...

oh, i forgot to mention that i love next weeks theme...can't wait!

Natasha said...

giraffelabel - sooo awesome to see you here AND I was Princess Leia for Halloween when I was a kid and it was my FAVORITE costume for years!! It was the white one and I had my hair in braided buns LOL!! You are a rock star Mama for making those costumes...send some psyched you are in for Secret Santa - Go Amanda for thinking of it YAY!!!! And I'm excited for next week's theme too...

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

December sounds great! This might end up being the best Christmas present we get. ;)

Felicia Kramer said...

Doing a quick driveby - I'm in for a Secret Santa exchange...

Felicia Kramer said...

Doing a quick driveby - I'm in for a Secret Santa exchange...

meherio68 said...

Hello Natasha and TST wonder-workers,

I've been really busy (not moving home but moving stuff around...), but I'm still around to admire your creativity at play...
Natasha, this is a great journal cover— a true boost to one's imagination!
I'll see if I can get my hands messy by wednesday, using that glitch in your plans. I do hope evrything goes on according to plan now.
Have a great week everyone!