Thursday, October 15, 2009

Incredibly Talented Artists Invite You To A Sensational Polka Dot Dance

This week, fabulously talented, incredibly creative professionals gathered to create new works using polka dots. The result are works of art that make you want to dance, sing, and celebrate color, style and the power of the imagination.

I invite you to join in this festive dance with these truly fantastic artists!

Kristi B, creator of Dream Some, created these sensational piece.

“These 2 pieces were made during a Bronze and Copper clay workshop,” said Kristi. “I've worked with Bronze Clay before but this is the first time using Copper and I think the combination is wonderful and so much fun!!! The end results are adorable!”

Maureen, a talented artist, created this gorgeous piece.

"When I sat down to paint, I thought I was gonna do a page of overlapping circles . . . but not surprisingly, the painting turned itself into underwater bubbles . . . that's from me breathing underwater!!!" said Maureen. "I guess AquaMaureen just had to get back into the ocean, any way she could!!"

Althea, creator of Salvaged Expression, created these stellar pieces.

"I call these the Dancing Dots and frankly they're just fun, simple and silly!" said Althea. "I used to do stick figure flip books in the corners of all my notebooks so it was fun to dip back into that stick world I had so much fun coming up with. Also, yes that is a stick John Travolta."

Sema, creator of the Zazzle REFLECTIONS shop, created this magnificent design called, Retro Dots.

"I created a single pattern in photoshop and then played with the placement to create different product designs," said Sema.*
To read more about this design please check out her Sema's blog:

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this amazing handpainted, hand-bound journal.

"I love this cheery, upbeat theme," said Amanda. "I've been in a journal-making mode lately, so here's my latest creation, with happy polka dots dancing right off the cover."

Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, created these truly beautiful earring and pendant sets.

"The Mad Hatter's Polka Dots"

"For some reason, these beads remind me of The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland," said Trina. "They are so fun, bright and cheery."

"Pretty in Purple"

"What can I say, I love purple," said Trina. "How can you have a Polka Dot Party without purple?"

This week, I looked around and found Polka Dots Dancing among Etsy artist items. These folks do not know they are in the TST yet...I am going to write to surprise them. More artists to celebrate and invite to play - YAY!

FOUR Fabric Covered Buttons - Happy Bunnies and Cupcakes

Children's fairy wings - Polka dots

After viewing this joyful TST are you feeling creative? Are you ready to dive in and start creating for the next theme??

Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/MSU/M.Sun et al; H-alpha/Optical: SOAR(MSU/NOAO/UNC/CNPq-Brazil)/M.Sun et al.

Well, the next theme is theme is.........."In the Stars".


DreamSome said...

Thank you so much Natasha for including my Dots Earrings and Necklace. It's fun to finally have my work included in this wonderful blog. Kristi

Natasha said...

DreamSome - First I am absolutely thrilled that you shared your work here! Your Dot earrings and necklace are gorgeous and I agree I think the copper/bronze combo is great. I hope to see more of your work!! Awesome job, Kristi!!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Fun entries! I've been "absent" from the TST world recently but I'm hoping to get back in the game :D

Natasha said...

Rose Works Jewelry - I MISS you are you?? So good to see you here!! How is life? I owe you an email ....I can't wait to see what you create and share!!! Great to see you again

Trina said...

I have been really looking forward to seeing the realization of the Polka Dot Party theme, and as always, I am not disappointed.

So many different, wonderful ways to interpret this theme. Some so subtle, some so vibrant -- all so full of beauty and life. Maureen, your underwater bubbles really spoke to me this week. I love them all so much.

Thanks for sharing, everyone!

Natasha said...

Trina - your work was wonderful as always this week! I love your style - both pieces are stellar. Mad Hatter is brilliant and purple ..I love purple...they also made me think of ladybugs which I adore!!! Such fantastic imagination :)

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Everything is so cute and dotty LOL. How was working with the bronze PMC clay, Kristi B, I have been curious about that for a while.

Lovely work by some lovely artists:)

Funky Monkey Girl,

giraffelabel said...

well, it's another fun week, with great pieces everywhere! i am so sad that i missed this week! (i had the perfect fabric monthly maybe?!)

great job everyone!

DreamSome said...

Hi Jolene, the Bronze is not all that different from Silver (other than the firing process), and the Copper is great too!! I'm excited to have all these choices now. I'm working on a piece that will include all 3, put together after firing.

Natasha said...

FunkyMonkeyGirls - hello there! My thoughts on your awesome shops are coming - for anyone who missed it please see Tuesday TST Clinic with Funky!
I agree lovely work!

Giraffelabel- I was thinking of you!! This seemed like one you would have super awesome fabric for!! Definitely a mini-monthly - actually I was thinking of doing 2 minis next month so I will let everyone know. Great to see ya!!

Dreamsome - you will have to share the new piece with all three with us when you complete it for sure! How exciting!!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Thnx for the Beauty Break, all! :-D A bit needed today. :-P

Mini-monthly? YAY! What creating I've been able to do seems mostly targeted towards a Mini-monthly, so this is very kyool to read! :-)

'laters! :-)
BB & GF!

Felicia Kramer said...

Great stuff, as always!! I like Trina's purple earrings, and those polka dot buttons are adorable. Sorry I was MIA again. I did try to create some pieces but nothing was working to my satisfaction and I ended up with nothing but dots swimming in my eyes! My life is still a bit crazy but more manageable for the moment. So I hope to be back next week.

Felicia Kramer said...
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aquamaureen said...

I am always amazed at the variety of expressions--I can see how each is tied to the theme, yet all so different from each other. Wow.
(Trina--I was so touched by your comment about my picture. As I mentioned, the painting sorta changed itself from what I'd intended, but I felt very led as I worked on it . .. so to hear that it touched someone specially, really touched ME, and reinforced how much I need to listen when I paint . .. )

I liked everybody's work, but was especially taken by the COLORS on Amanda's journal--you have a real gift for combining colors.

Thank you, everyone, for feeding my soul.

Natasha said...

Phoenix - missed you but I'm happy to hear that things will be finding their way into the Mini-monthly! Woohoo ..I agree this beauty made the world brighter today :)

Felicia - so awesome to see you!! You were missed and I'm glad to hear that although life is still a little crazy things are manageable...YAY!! Can't wait to see you back here :)

Aqua - your comments are always so warm :) Your work this week was fantastic...I love that you were led...yes, please follow that voice when painting because it clearly brings you to an incredible point. I love the underwater floating feeling in the made me want to dive into the ocean...and yes, surf. actually it made me want to snorkel! AND I agree Amanda's colors blending is second to none!!

lisianblue said...

Kristi - truly like the clay pendant and earrings. Cool primitive look. Please take that in a very positive way!
Maureen - can I come swim with you under the water??? Love the bubbles under the green and blue water.
Althea - those are so cool -

I'm somewhat jealous of your's and Natasha's ability to allow yourselves to put stick figures out there in such joy.
Sema - what fun reflections - have you tried printing it out? or is it just for digital?
Amanda - really like the blend of yellow and red on this cover - warm firey -
Trina - wonderful polka dot and chainmaille combos - are you looking forward to Tim Burton's movie of Alice in Wonderland?? I am!!!

The little buttons and fairy wings are so cute - sweet picks Natasha.

Natasha - I hope your search is going well! and thank you for your sweet comments to last weeks entry - I had a big smile on my face when I finished that little cap too! Just let me know - and I'll be glad to make a bunch!
I think there must have been lots of wellness thoughts going on last week - they let my daughter out of the hospital within 4 hrs after I got there Frid am - but she needed rest so good thing I was there to take care of her son - she had to go on antibiotics yesterday - but seems to be better today! YAY! Thank you! Ultrasound today - baby seems fine! HUGE YAY!!!

I'm recouperating from playing tons of video games!!! my hand still hurts! lo

Wonderfull polka dots everyone!

sema said...

Thank you Natasha for featuring my retro dots design along with such fantastic designs.All the designers are so talented and the designs are fabulous.

SalvagedExpression said...

Looks like my comment didn't post. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the smiles, oohs and ahhs.
Kristi B your piece is so unique and the texture really interests me.
Sema your piece is just cool!
Natasha good luck in the hunt! I hope you all get the sanctuary you deserve!

DreamSome said...

Lisianblue, I use the word primitive to describe much of my work so no offense taken at all. I'm happy you like the pieces, I do too :) Kristi

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Such a lighthearted, playful theme. Just what I needed. :) So many new favorites here--the copper clay, Aqua's bubbles, the stick figures, Sema's retro (how wonderful to see her here! She's been an inspiration to me) many more!

Tash, I miss seeing your creations...hope you'll be able to squeeze in some creative time for yourself. :)