Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inspiration Springboard: A Call for Submissions and a Huge (I’m totally biting my nails) Announcement

Let’s start with a fun, CALL for submissions!!

1. Our new, bigger, fabulous Thursday Sweet Treat home is almost ready for us to move in. I just need to make a few more adjustments. YAY!!! With the launch on the horizon, I received a fantastic suggestion from Janie, creator of Lifeartdesigns and MyPolymerClayCanes, who thought it would be fabulous to share “studio” or “workspace” photos.

I love this idea and want to add a fun, surprising twist to this….so if you would like to participate, please send your name, shop name and link, blog name and link or both, and 4-6 photos of your studio/work space. I know now everyone has a “studio”, if you’re like me you’ve got an overflowing desk and table in the middle everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a folding table and chair, this is going to be fun so send your photos. AND most importantly, please make sure to include 1 good picture of the one thing that inspires you most when you are creating and tell me why it’s inspiring!

2. Is there one project that you began working on and completely screwed up leaving you to think that it was just awful before doing a double take, tweaking it slightly and discovering that it was a beautiful work of art? If so, please send 2-3 pictures of that piece along.

3. I will be covering Art fairs, festivals, shows, etc. on the new TST. If you are going to be in a show, I'd love to hear about it. I would need some photos from your show and will ask a couple of questions when we chat. It's a fun new section coming soon!!

Please send all submissions to Natasha@creativenachos.com

Well folks, Spring has sprung here on the East Coast – actually it’s more like Summer – and inevitably two things have happened. I have a MAJOR case of Spring Fever and a fairly decent urge to do some Spring cleaning. Please note that "Natasha" and "Super Cleaner Extraordinaire" are are two ideas that do not often go hand in hand. So, I'm happy to report that the cleaning I am referring to is mental and professional Spring cleaning. My life needs streamlining and streamlining = major changes. After much deliberation, I decided that I wanted all of this with you.

The Thursday Sweet Treat started with ten, talented, energized, fantastic people wand it has grown to include many, many more energetic, fantastic, talented people filled with great fun and endless magic. That simple thought brings me such happiness. I am so in awe and so in love with all of the people who are a part of each week’s submissions as well as those who stop in to share, support and give a little love to fellow artists. The Thursday Sweet Treat has become my passion, my heart. As I stand on the verge of unleashing the new site, I want you to know that I plan to continue working as hard as I have on this blog, if not harder, to build the Thursday Sweet Treat while maintaining its artistic integrity.

Being here has taught me so much about myself, my art and life. I have learned tremendous lessons and found a strength that I do not think I would have found anywhere else. I’ve discovered that while I love creating art, my true passion lies somewhere in between the merger of writing and art. I have learned that I can no longer create alone; I want to be a part of a growing community where I can share, develop my skills and receive feedback. I want to be a part of a place where people share not only their work but their lives, their troubles, their passions and I want to give back in projects with schools and other art organizations. If I’d never started selling on Etsy, I’d never have discovered all of you, the Thursday Sweet Treat would never have been born and I would never have uncovered my true passion which lies in building this community, creating and sharing.

However, there are some complications and here is where my streamlining begins. Slowly, I began to realize that the time I spend here cuts into the time I was using to create. In addition, my daughter - who just turned two - requires more time and space the bigger she gets which is cutting into my creating time. Yet, I need to work in order to contribute to my family. So, what am I to do?

Over the course of several afternoons, I sat and wrote down the things I love doing. Then, I went through my resume to see if my experiences would back up all that I love and I was thrilled to realize that they do. Almost 99.99% of the time, I am better at seeing other strengths than I am at seeing my own but I’m teaching myself how to see things now. Based on the time and reasearch I spent in figuring how to make everything work, I devised a new plan for myself.

I am starting my own marketing/pr/communications business. I realized that I have a natural ability to promote people and I love doing it. My writing has the power to open minds, hearts and, in some cases, doors. In addition, my skill set which includes corporate communications, nonprofit fundraising, grant writing, marketing and pr for both nonprofit and for profit companies as well as freelance artists, allows me to not only do what I love in promoting people but also help people grow their business and develop a stronger presence within their target market.

To be honest, I really struggled with sharing this here. You see, I’m not a car salesman. I am not any type of salesman at all. I could never, ever sell you something that you don’t need. So, I didn’t want you to come here and think I’d lured you in to start selling you things you don’t need. I am just an artist, writer, Mom, joker, down-to-Earth woman with a talent for writing, a dream of building the Thursday Sweet Treat into a much larger, thriving community, a need to help support my family and a deep, burning desire to help others to succeed. When I believe in something I go after it. When I looked at the things I have done in my life, I realized helping others has been the focus whether I realized it or not (and often I didn’t realize it, to be honest, I was just looking to write any way I could.)

I don’t want this announcement to change the atmosphere here in any way. The Thursday Sweet Treat is and will always remain a place for artists and writers to dream create and share anything and everything in their hearts and minds. I want this to be the place where people can test their wings and fly.

The small business I am starting will be a separate entity. I simply wanted to share what I am doing in case you or someone you know needs some work. I’m looking to work with people’s budgets and am offering press release writing, blog posting assistance or blog writing, web copy creation, brochures creation, assistance in promoting online, and much, much more. If you’d like more information, please contact me at Natasha@creativenachos.com.

My shop will remain open although some designs will be going as I just don’t have the space and time to produce them anymore. All my TST treats will be in there. However, my focus will be building the Thursday Sweet Treat both online and off and consulting or working to promote artists with my own small business. This way I can help to support my family and streamline my time so I am there for my little monkey AND here in our soon to be much bigger playground.

I’d LOVE feedback from you. In addition, I’d love to hear if Spring has brought about any cleaning or streamlining for you as well. Thank you so much for taking the time to read...I really can't wait to hear from you!


Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

That's exciting news!
Go girl! You definitely are spreading your wings! I’m sooo happy for you.

I know you will do very well. You have the eye, the heart, the soul and the mind to make a successful marketing/pr/communications – even a publisher someday! (hint-hint)

I can’t wait to hear more about it! Oh I would love to give you a big hug! Maybe I'll bump into you one day!

It’s so interesting that you’re doing your spring cleaning, too.

Last night, I was up till 3am just overwhelmed with stuff I have to complete and accomplish. I love spring – the colors, the hope, the new beginnings that it reminds us. It seemed like winter gave me all the excuse to just be all over the place…but now I have to get out there and stay focused. I even wrote my husband last night apologizing for not having enough time.

Did I waste all that time not focused on what I was set to do 3 months ago? I don’t think so because I learned a lot and met a lot of people that inspire and motivate me.

And yes, I have to do a major spring cleaning here at home, too since we are all sniffling and sneezing. My 8yo and I can’t even play or walk to school since we end up having major asthma attacks. But him and I find ways to beat the challenges spring has to offer.

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Oh and I'm wishing you all the best!

Your passion to do what you love most and at the same time share that talent to help someone else will lead to great things.

You are amazing.

Joyce said...

Good luck with your new adventure!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Have some show pics of our table from Saturday, if you'd like them. Other bits will be happy to come as I think of them. Also have older pics from our Faire days if you'd be interested.

Pls do e-mail me re: promo, etc. When I read it in your e-mail last night, I knew it was something I wanted to talk to you about, and today's reading only proves it the more. :-) The Universe has once again provided for me/us/the world. :-) Thnx so much to both It & you! :-)

Still do want to get your Impossible Possible Hippo in a couple of different formats if possible - will he be one of the pieces that is continuing?

Congrats to you on learning and being willing to take your strengths & your passions and hone them into both a living and a Dream - and being wise enough to understand that in this world, that means letting some other things go. :-)

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)

PS - Captcha = ganests. Nesting - what a wonderful concept and how appropriate, considering. :-)

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


And yes, having periodic bouts of Spring Cleaning. Had one in January, of all things, and now seem to be heading into another.

It's interesting - I've noticed that when I hit those 'plateau' places in personal/psychic/creative development, that's the time I really focus on the more mundane progress like cleaning/organizing/etc. How very kyool that it goes hand in hand like that. :-)

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)

PS - Captcha = phousing. More house/nest related words. How very kyool. A blessing upon your new venture, I think. :-) -B! :bird

jodi said...


Congratulations on your decision to spread your wings and fly in a new direction. It always amazes me how new doors are opened in the most unexpected places. You've done a wonderful job with this blog and your encouragement and support has provided us all with a boost. I'm so excited for you as you embark on this new adventure. Remember we are all here for you. I wish you the very best.

Natasha said...

Jenjen - where do I even begin?? You are SUCH a sweetheart! First, thank you for your kind words and endless encouragement...you have no idea what that means to me. Publisher eh? No one has ever said that but know this if I ever become a publisher I'm publishing YOUR book oh yeah! As for being up till 3am ...you should have called me. I was doing the same thing - was it a full moon? You haven't wasted any time - the time you took meeting people and letting inspiration flow through your life was essential...you will see how important it was as you make your way forward...nothing we do is a waste of time...that's a false ocnstruct of society...we need time to play just as much - maybe more than we need to work because playtime and connection bring about new ideas. I love that you wrote to your husband too...there is something beautiful in writing a letter to someone we love..I'm so sorry your 8yr old suffers from asthma...I send him hugs ...he is lucky to have such a wonderful Mom who finds the positive and brings such joy to his life...your whole family is lucky as am I and all the TSTers....hugs to you my friend (here's hoping we share a real one someday...maybe if we get big enough we'll have a TST conference...I DIG that!)

Joyce - you rock! Thank you for being here and for your support! You are doing the same thing right...engineering and jewelry? You understand the balancing act but it's so worth it!! You inspire me, Joyce! Thank you ...oh and what's your fav video game??

Natasha said...

Bird!! First I was SO psyched to finally be able to get back to you last night...I was like..that's it you are writing!! LOL...would love those pics you mentioned and love to talk to you about the event. Pls send along the picks, some info and then I'll see what else I need...so awsesome ..thanks!! And I will send along promo info...yes let's chat...oh and The Possibly Impossible Hippo is my FAV...he will always be around in fact I just sold out a couple of days ago and will be re-stocking ...fear not he is a permanent fixture..he's like my mascot LOL!

And I agree...I hit this place where I had to look at what I was doing and stop feeling like someone was always not getting enough attention and streamline...so I totally know what you mean...I LOVE the TST...I never imagined I could love a place like this so much so it's my center now and I'm building around it...well, my center professionally...my family is my personal center ...it's hard to make decisions sometimes...I always worry but this feels right you know..by the way what does this mean? Captcha = phousing...I am intrigued

Natasha said...

jodi - thank you, thank you, thank you....that means the world to me...seriously..I hope it didn't sound like I was leaving the TST behind...no way in fact I'm going to make it more prominent in my life...I'm just going for a different balance....thank you for always being such a fantastic, supportive inspiration in my life! How are you?

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Natasha--sounds like so many wonderful doors are opening for you...and you're brave enough to step through to the other side!

I'm so excited to hear more as your business unfolds...and of course to see how TST continues to evolve and grow.

I'm proud of you! You constantly inspire me... and it seems that you're always working to find balance between family, art, writing, yourself...it's a tough job, but something all we TSTers can support and encourage each other through.

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Yay! :-) Looking forward to chatting and to embracing some of your loverly pieces as my own along the way. Truly Universe sent us to meet each other in the best way of each giving to the other. :-)

I mentioned the Captcha words b/c Lisianblue and I both notice kyool 'words' in the Captcha words we get given as we post among the blogs, and mention them to each other sometimes, when they seem particularly kyool.

I thought it was interesting that the first one was 'ganests', which has the word 'nests' in it and the second right after that was 'phousing', which has 'housing' in it.

Maybe it's all the birds nesting in the bushes right outside the front of the house right now, maybe it's b/c it's finally Spring and everything is blooming and being, growing and becoming, but having those words-inside-of-words just seemed to be a good omen for your new business. :-)

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Kyool, Natasha! :-) So glad to read he will be staying! :-) What a logo he would make for your business too. :-)

Yes, thank you so much for taking the time to write. I know you've got so much going on of late, so it was a real honor to receive such a lengthy e-mail. :-)

Will go ahead and send the pics then when I get them downloaded. :-) It was an awesome show! So much love and positive energy!!! If more psychic festivals were like that, I'd be a happy camper, indeed. :-D

I totally love the idea of a TST get-together!!! Was thinking of suggesting something to that effect myself. :-) So once again, great minds think alike, neh? :-D

Maybe a NYC get-together w/the TST class or something???

Yup, I know what you mean. Trying to find my own centers of late. The TST has definitely helped w/that, and I thank you once again for all your work and effort in doing this. :-)

I'm so happy you are finding ways to expand and make this your professional center. You do indeed have a wonderful gift of inspiring. :-) The World definitely needs more folk like you. :-)

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)

Steph said...

this is so exciting!
I can't wait to see how you grow in your business just how wonderfully TST has grown!

Thank you again for TST, and I can't wait to be part of the new and exciting version! :)

Ruth of Allover Art said...

Natasha I am so happy for you! I know you will be incredibly successful with your new venture. I will be emailing you for more information. :) Thank you for sharing your exciting news with us!

aquamaureen said...

natasha--I held my breath, all through your posting, steeling myself in case maybe you were gonna say that you had to give up TST!!!!! I'm soooooo glad that is not the case!!!! I'm proud of you for recognizing your strengths, and "professional encourager" is surely one of them. You are a wonderful "cheerleader of the soul" and it would be very appropriate to find a way to make some money doing that!! Your sweetness of spirit continues to be a beacon light for me on my journey.

Debra Gilstrap said...

This is really good and so inspirational. My spring cleaning has been my mind. It's time for me to learn how to slow it down a bit I have been really really busy since we started creating our art, jewerly and home decor business and then opening our shop on ETSy. I also work full-time it's time for me to start carving out some me time so that I will continue to have the mind to create.

Natasha said...

Amanda - thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your words and support mean the world...truly...I am teetering back and forth between terrified and excited...it feels good...oddly...you are an inspiration to me ...without you and all the TSTers I don't know that I'd be in this place right now and I love your encouraging nature...you are so right we can all support one another as we find balance again and again :)

Bird - I love the word play...thanks for explaining that ... he would make a good logo but I want him in a children's book...oh he's so popular that hippo!! LOL...and thanks for sending those photos along when you can and TST conference in the Big Apple....I'm game...think we could all pull that off?? Thank YOU for being a special part of this...the world needs more of everyone here for sure!!

Steph!! So great to see you here .. how's it going? Thank you so much for the encouragement and support...it makes me want to work hard...and I can't wait to see as part of the newer, bigger TST either YAY!!! I'm backflippin'

Natasha said...

Ruth!! What's shakin'? Thank you tons and tons!! I'm excited and would LOVE to chat with you more...yup just did a cartwheel!!

Oh Maureen...I'm so sorry. I will NEVER give up the TST! My heart is here...you poor thing I'm so sorry if it seemed like I was going to say that..no, no no...thank you for the support and YOU continue to inspire me to keep going...don't ever change.

Debra - how are you?? Welcome...what's the link to your shop?? I totally want to check it out and cheer...YOU seriously have a full plate and I think you deserve some "me" time...I'm sending you warm, pampering thoughts...you deserve it...and please feel free to come here and play..it's a great space to relax, share, chat, and hang with other artists...so great to have you here!!

kristen said...


Congrats on spreading your wings and giving a voice to your dreams :) You'll be awesome-


lifeartdesigns said...

Yay Natasha!! Girl, you are an amazing woman and I am sooooo proud of you! I will take my studio photos today and get them to you. Gosh, why didn't I take them the other day when it was all clean to show the house? It's a mess now while I prep for my show this weekend, but I bet you guys will understand. I will probably be wanting/needing your help in the future as you embark on this new venture of yours...but first hubby and I must sell our house and move! It is so good that promoting artists is something you love to do and are great at! That is something I can't do for myself. I'm horrible at it, don't like it and it inhibits my creating time, energy, and attitude. We need you!
Natasha, I'm so excited for you and us, and I can't wait to see the new site! Ahh, back to work I go....

Natasha said...

Kristen - so great to see you here! I love your shop...I just spent a ton of time hanging out there...thank you SO much for your words and encouragement...it means so much....you're awesome!

SalvagedExpression said...

Congratulations on your new venture and for finding a way to use and continue your passions! You're really an inspiration!
I'm not sure if my creating space is a place worth seeing right now since I'm sort of between residences though my windowsill plant area is looking pretty gorgeous today. So maybe I'll share my space that I've carved out here.
There's just so much going on in the TST world I really look forward to seeing where the whole thing lands and am really honored to be along for the ride!

Natasha said...

lifeartdesigns - SOOO super excited .... and we all TOTALLY get the craziness...a studio in creative mid-flight - are you ready for this weekend??? I'm psyched for you and would LOVE to help you any way I can when you are ready!!! You are amazing...kick butt this weekend!! We're rooting for you

Salvaged...I'm dying to see the space you carved out while in between spots...I'm so excited! Thank you for all your kind words and support too....you have been here since the beginning and I cannot tell you what an inspiration you have been to me...I'm SO glad you are strapped in and enjoying this ride....

Hugs all around!!

j.US.t chatter said...

Yay!! A Big Giant YAY!! I LOVE seeing special people take dreams, passions, or far off hopes and make them into a reality! I also applaud you for stepping up and accepting your strengths, and not just accepting them but applying them for the best possible outcome for your life, current needs, and desires! You go girl!!
Every time someone takes a step towards a personal goal like this, a goal only they can create, I feel like the world somehow becomes a little brighter. =) (Even though it's a steady rain pour at my house today).

As far as 'spring cleaning' and 'organizing'... I've had to reorganize my priorities to allow for me to keep up a steady pace to finish my schooling. As much as I'd rather be creating and doing other things, I know that once I've completed school I'll have such a bigger window of opportunity to create and do what I love- interacting and encouraging today's youth! So I've been working to organize my priorities and pleasures for a healthy balance of both while I work through this next season of life. =)
But no worries, whether I submit a TST entry or not, I'm always coming by to check on all the artist's and see what they've been up to!

I'm still trying to get up to speed with the 2nd grade TST project... but I've already been over to ning and added my small thoughts.

Natasha said...

j.US.t chatter - it may be raining where you are right now but you just brought the sunshine into my world in a major way! THANK you for such encouragement and love...I carry your words and the words of all those here in my heart on this journey...

Tell me..what are you in school for?? I'm so excited for you and want to hear all about what you are doing to pursue your dreams....AND I read your comment on the 2nd grade project and thought it was right on...it wass what I was thinking after reading the others comments...

I love that you will remain a part of the TST...you are an important part...remember that!!