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Come, Sit and Warm Yourself By the Fires Burning Within Sensational Artists and Their New Works


1. Thank you all for opening such an incredible discussion about the upcoming collaboration between the Thursday Sweet Treat and the NYC school students. The idea that is taking shape is mind-blowing. I think this is going to be simply amazing AND it is already generating buzz here. The discussion is going on now so if you'd like to jump in please visit -

AND feel free to invite friends as I can tell you I have been approached about another collaboration. I will be sharing more as I work out details. Ever feel like something's just happening ...something magical?

2. The forum that I set up is not the new site. The new site is coming very, very shortly and the forum will be a part of that. For now, we at least have a place to have a conversations, share photos, and more. I know some folks are brand new to it all so I will be adding information there to help you navigate. Fear not, you won't be a newbie for long, I promise :)

Ok...let me just say that I feel no shame in admitting that I cried as I went through these submissions this week. I was incredibly moved by the idea that these artists opened up their inner working space, that space where decisions are made that effect our growth as individuals and artists, where questions are discovered and sometimes answered, where our hunger for knowledge exists, alongside our friends vulnerability, bravery, hope, creativity, heart, imagination and inspiration. The fire that burns within artists - within all people - is sacred so to have it shared so openly was one of the most beautiful, captivating and unforgettable experiences of my life. I am deeply honored to have been given an invitation to visit that sacred place where ideas are born and, in some cases, to help find answers to pertinent questions.

Today, I am not simply inviting you, I am urging you to take a moment and warm your heart and minds in front of the ranging fires within each artist. Please take your time as you read each story as some artists have questions for you. Please share your thoughts with them.

Now, come on in and sit by the fire, won't you?

Storybeader created this gorgeous Peyote Rope Necklace.

The virgin beader
Was pulled from the fire with a
Coiled peyote rope.
- Deborah Baroff, storybeader

“This is my first attempt at a peyote stitch rope necklace,” said Storybeader. “I was wondering how long it would take to make. After 10 hours, I stopped counting! I was unsure of how to end the whole thing, but feel satisfied in the knowledge of experience. Thank you Beaderjojo, for suggesting the cone clasp. It worked beautifully! Because of those reasons, basically time and sweat, I decided to keep the necklace for myself. And I really love it!”

Kelsey, creator of CaffeinatedFrenzy, created these stunning pieces titled, "Fire Keeps Me Warm" and "Timeline."

"This week I decided to experiment with two new ideas, freeform cables (though granted, a simple one) and fiber art over functional fiber accessories," said Kelsey. "The first piece is Fire Keeps me Warm. My initial reaction to this theme was to think of the fighting spirit that fire gives me. I may not always have something else to fall back on, but I have plenty of fire :). It's often fighting, angry, defying what anyone else tells me to do, but it's a comfort to always know it's there."

"The second one is Timeline. I'm kind of interested to see what others think of this one, so all I want to say is that it's an abstract-ish knit flame. If it says something to you, I'd be interested to hear ideas. :) After Thursday, I'll post my thoughts about it in my blog.

Fire Keeps Me Warm


Agathe, creator of Meherio68, created this fabulous piece.

“This week, I have been working hard... but I am running late,” said Agathe. “I love fire and the creatures, especially the mythical ones, connected to it. My first idea was of a phoenix, because the idea that life can be born again out of its very destruction is a sustaining one, I find. But that didn't give me a "doable" design. So I kept searching. Found very pretty griffins... that I am going to use soon, but not yet.”

“Eventually, I began what is my first attempt with silver clay, but you all have to use your imagination, hoping this tiny salamander (can you see it, it's so tiny, on the first photo?) sitting on a flaming ring (see the flames on the second photo?) fires it. As I am writing, the ring is still drying. I will then have to polish and (probably) correct some... and then fire it (fingers crossed here).
I'll try to blog (honestly ;-) about the rest of this adventure as it goes on... To be continued!”
Meherio68blog :

Salvaged Expression created this hilariously named, brilliant work titled, "The Ugly Hat".

"The Ugly Hat:Yes that's what I'm calling it," said Salvaged. "It's made out of other peoples rejects in firey colors. Bits of yellow and orange that people donated to me and couldn't use and where, in one case, the cat had torn it up so badly that there were only strands of orange string left. All of the ingredients are wrong and you know what? I love this hat! It's bad, it's like twinkies and sweet red wine watching that movie you can't really admit to liking. It's just so bad it's good."

When I first started to think about this theme nothing that came to mind felt right. So, I picked up a book, started reading and -WHAM - I was struck between the eyes. Stories inspire, comfort, surprise, engage and enlighten me. Whether it's the story of my relationships, the story of my professional story, a funny story, a sad story, I find that all stories ignite a bright, burning fire within my heart, mind and soul. It was this thought that called to mind old activity.

A writing teacher in grad school once challenged my class to write a love story in 20 words. It was one of the most challenging and yet most fun activites I'd ever taken part in. For some reason, that was what popped into my head when I thought about fire. So here, along with one of my favorite photos - one of the best I've ever taken - from a moment that deserves to be told in a separate story of its own, is a little flame within.Please allow me to share a 20 word love story.

The words read: "One reach of the hand, one moment of electricity and intertwines lives burst forth in a blaze of endless color. ~ Natasha"

Jodi, creator of Jodi Horgan, created this breathtaking piece of artwork titled, "Inner Warmth."

"When I started thinking about this theme I was immediately drawn to the colors red, orange, and yellow and their connections to the body's chakra centers," said Jodi. "Last year I was studying yoga with a teacher who spent each week focusing on one of the chakra centers. Red is the color designation for the base of the spine and vitality, courage, and self-confidence come from this area. Orange comes from the sacral area (lower abdomen) and happiness, confidence, and resourcefulness come from this section. Finally, yellow governs the solar plexus which is wisdom, clarity, and self esteem. This three tier pendant is composed of three distinct sections for each of the 3 chakra centers. The top is made from a fossilized coral bead and is surrounded by deep red swarovski crystals and golden yellow pearls. The center section is a button. It is embellished with seed beads and more Swarovski crystals. The lower section is a pearl button surrounded by seed beads. I incorporated the three chakra colors between all the sections. The pendant is backed in ultrasuede and hangs from a neck wire."

Michelle, creator of mkc photography, created this "Little Toes"

"When I first read the theme, I immediately thought of the red tulips in our yard, sunsets, anything that was "fiery" in color, but nothing clicked...then I realized I was taking the theme too literally and I needed to step back and think...what is it that really fuels me, drives me forward?" said Michelle. "The answer came at once: "my children." While I don't define myself solely as a wife and mother, I realized that I always push myself forward artistically because I want to be someone my boys look up to, someone they admire. I want them to grow up knowing their mother was never afraid to challenge herself...these are the little feet of my inner fire during a quiet moment in our back yard."

Maureen, a talented artist, created this sensational work of art.

"Another odd sort of sharing for me. "The Warmth of the Fire Within" really grabbed me," said Maureen. "I am discovering, day by day, that something powerful has always lived inside me--it has just been so hidden and repressed that I had forgotten it ever even existed. But this indwelling urge/need/mandate to express via creativity has only been banked--a fire, persisting, needing only a little space, a little breath, to let it burn brightly again. And it is not a consuming fire, but a purifying one, an illuminating one. On Saturday, it was my turn to decorate the display case outside my church with some sort of inspirational message. All day the fire within me burned warmer and brighter as I created and assembled bits and pieces. Finally, I started using my "good" watercolors, last used in 2003, wetting down old flakes of paint. My "canvas" for the rainbow was the back of a poster which had hung in my home since 2004 and whose message NEEDED to be let go of. Other little art squares were monoprints . . My art surrounded Bible verses and hymns that spoke of not fearing change, since we were each embraced by God Who is Love, and held in Love's plan for us. In short, I spent most of the day Saturday feeling like my authentic self, an artist who had finally found the fire within and was doing what she was born to do."

Ruth, creator of Allover Art, created this phenomenal Fire and Ice Hand-Painted Art Pendant Necklace.

"I never have an elaborate explanation for why I create what I do. :) I read the topic and then sat down with my paints and this is what came out; a fun piece that is sure to be a conversation starter," said Ruth.

Artphone: 919-744-0578

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this spectacular 6x11.5" watercolor painting with haiku titled,"Fireworks."

"This theme immediately made me see warm, passionate color. I sat down at my desk with my lovely Hydrus watercolors and let them splash and play on the paper," said Amanda. "As many of you know, I'm always curious about the link between literary and visual arts. This time, while the colors were drying, I picked up my journal and described what the brilliant reds, pinks and oranges evoked in me. That led to the following haiku, which I later stenciled onto my painting: "white paper ignites / explodes into radiance / fireworks of my heart."

Kelly, creator of Backward Glances, created this magnificent piece.

"The peyote ring forms that are the base of this pendant are a design element I've been using in many of my pieces in the last year or so; the sunburst worked in "hot"colors seemed appropriate for 'The Fire Within'", said Kelly. "But as is so typical for me, a simple ring seemed inadequate and I added the smaller center ring and realized I had created a mandala! The additional "arms" somewhat give the appearance of a compass - perhaps it's really a guide to find that fire of creativity within myself!"

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created these exceptional pieces of art.

“A candle light within”

"I have been working with Photoshop for quite awhile, but studying it most intensely the last few months," said Felicia. "I love its infinite possibilities, and I’m still experimenting with techniques. This past Christmas, playing with a new camera, I used the “fireworks” setting and photographed my patio lights while moving the camera. I created several layers with those photos, along with my photograph of a lit candle, then used various Photoshop adjustments to create my submission.

“Lighting the fire of creativity”
“Lighting the fire of creativity 2”

"I almost didn’t submit this one, but decided to send two versions and get some opinions to see which works better – the monochromatic version or the more colorful version," said Felicia. "Or should I just scrap this one entirely? I will take any comments or critiques, even votes for the third option. I can’t believe I’m comfortable enough here to do this!"

A candle light within

“Lighting the fire of creativity”
“Lighting the fire of creativity 2”

Kris aka lisianblue, creator of lisianblue, created these magnificent pieces of art.

"I was doing a hot air balloon for my 2nd project for my stained glass class," said Kris. "This project didn't go well from the start. The glass would break where it wasn't supposed to, my cutter would slip and miscut. I finally got all 5 upper pieces cut and they all fit together pretty well in spite of all the mishaps. I had ground all the edges and they were all wrapped with copper foil. As they were sitting on my work table, I was contemplating whether to go ahead and solder them or wait until the next class."

"The more I looked at these pieces of glass, the more I knew they just were not meant to be a hot air balloon," remarks Kris. "Too big to be pendants. Taking the foil off and cutting them down, would be a waste of foil. I wasn't sure what they were going to be."
"The more I played around with the glass, I kept thinking of crystals. Large crystals. The 2 outer clear glass pieces would made a perfect frame for a large crystal with all of it dangling from one of the aqua pieces. And my 1st stained glass mobile was born. I've had the large crystal and the crystal beads on this one for at least 20 years."
"The other pieces to the balloon and some of the miscuts became 2 more mobiles before I could go to sleep that night. I even had enough miscuts to make several pendants long before the mobiles came to life. They embody The Fire Within in more than one way.Thank you for letting me share My Inner Fire!"

Jenjen Furer, creator of GottaLoveMom, created this incredible work.

"Since Natasha came up with the theme, “The warmth of the fire from within”, I had an idea on what to do or what to write, but since being a mom comes first, I didn’t get a chance to truly work on it," Jenjen said.

A Fighting Tree – the warmth of the fire within a woman’s soul

We love this tree. It was planted by the original owner of our home 55 years ago on Mother’s Day. For over ten years now, our lawn guys have been telling us that the tree is dying. Earlier this spring, we’ve trimmed and cut-down a few branches that have no more life.

This morning, my 8yo noticed this tree and exclaimed,
“Mom, how can a tree bloom with so much flowers when it’s already dying?
I think my life as a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend is like this fighting tree. I am very passionate about keeping the family together. I can’t just give up and just like what I want my children to learn and remember:
“Dream Big”
“Keep on Fighting for What You Believe In”
“You can accomplish anything that you put your heart and mind to.”

The fire and passion that’s driving me to live and pursue is all because of my family and the warmth of their love knowing that in order to achieve the highest goal, one has to be determined to fight till the end!

So just like our tree, which was appropriately planted on Mother’s Day, I will go on fighting to Dream Big!

(Here’s something I wrote a few weeks ago, “Proceed”…)
There are things in life that just takes time and effort.
Some things seem to be so far away from your reach.
If a project is easy and takes a little time, wouldn’t you have already finished the task?

If a mission takes so much energy and preparation, maybe it’s worth fulfilling it.
Maybe it’s something grand that changes not just your life but the lives of other people.

Most achievements are developed in multiple stages.
You just have to keep pushing yourself to stay focused and do the task.
Don’t postpone it.
It may be easier to procrastinate.
It may be easier to be anxious.
It may be easier to put it on hold.

But it will definitely be rewarding to proceed,
Knowing that every step brings you closer to your goal.

Flame of Love – the warmth of a woman’s love

My computer desk overlooks our backyard and I’m just so blessed to see all the colors of spring. Pink, yellow and green – all vibrant and striking that they all scream “LOVE”.

I took this picture in the beginning of spring.

It started out as small flower buds, and a little spark of sunshine and with lots of rain, the buds bloomed into vibrant flowers.

And as days pass, the more vibrant the flowers get – Just like my love for my husband.
When we first planted this tree 5 years ago, the first one did not survive so we had to get a replacement.

And just like these flowers, I didn’t find the VIBRANT love the first time around, but for almost 17 years now, I’m lucky to have found my husband!

Passion to Make A Difference

Like everyone here in TST, I’ve always been passionate to make a difference. I guess my parents instilled in us through our faith and values, that we are not here on earth just for our own prosperity and happiness. We are here to branch-out and reach out to those who need our help. It does not have to be grand, a little gesture can make a difference.

This tree reminds me of what my parents have taught me and in turn, I’ve instilled to my children. “Share love, fun and happiness – you’ll get more if it in return!” Branch out and don’t be scared or timid to help someone. Just a wave hello or a sweet smile can light up someone’s day so keep smiling!

The challenges that we face sometimes tend to be magnified.
We easily get disillusioned – that’s easy!
But the state of being discouraged is only overwhelming if you let it overpower you.

You have to power to say “NO” to the magnetic pull of being discouraged;
You have the will to be happy, enlightened and be “gung-ho”;
You have the blessings!

There are so many depressing situations in the world;
There are so many injustices;
There are millions of ways to make a difference;
There are millions of means to inspire someone.

You have to choose that path that you want to take;
The road that will make you smile,
The footsteps that move you forward,
The realization that you are here to make a difference.

So get off your slump and be out there!
Laugh out loud, sing a song, and dance to the rhythm.
Reach out to someone and invite them to make a difference, too.
There are plenty of opportunities – just live, love, laugh and move-on!

Bird, creator of Crow Tarot, Kitty Hawke, Cat Bird Crystals, and One Earth, One Tribe, shared these exceptional pieces of art.

Talismans by Crow Tarotfound at
Our Other Etsy Shops

"'Love the Lions and let them go' is my understanding of a piece of advice given to me by Jacob, a wonderfully wise being channelled by Judy Crookes ( You read about the power of manifesting, etc., and maybe you even get kind of good at it, but what do you do about those days when you decide to have a human moment, in the "whoops! Not-a-saint-me!" sense? It can feel like you are a particularly tasty wildebeast being chased by a pride of hungry lions. So - what to do? You love the lions, yourself, and then you let them go, so that you can concentrate on the happier things that you really do want in your life. So far it seems to be working. :-D

This particular version has also been a lesson in self-love and allowing things to be gentle. The first pic I was planning on using this week was considerably darker in tone, because that's how I felt at the time. But, thanks to the lovingkindness of some of the wonderful TST-ers here, things got better, so the picture chosen got lighter as well.

"'Drink from the Cup of Passion's Fire'" was a poem that came to me upon seeing the picture. The hummingbird drinking deep from the flower to get the nectar it needs to live really seems to be also the situation of the artist, who needs to drink deep of the Creative Cup in order to truly live. :-)

This was a beautifully painted pipe, with a couple more pieces I haven't yet gotten the stories for. Perhaps next week - you never know! :-D

Drink from the cup
of Passion's Fire
Drink deep
and feel it burn
in your throat,
in your belly.
Feel it rising up
exploding out of you
a creative volcano
that you can't control
and wouldn't want to,
even if you could.

"'Passion's Fire Word Art - Light the Flame'" was inspired by my remembering the beautiful pics I used to do as a creative break back in the days when I was a typesetter for University Community Hospital in Tampa, Florida. Take a word, break it down, with different fonts and sizes turn it into an abstract that still says something about the word. In speaking of it on the forum today, I realized just how much I missed doing them. So, I started again. Lighting the Flame isn't just for creativity. Sometimes it's for starting over too. :-)

Was that not the best invitation you've ever accepted?

Please share your thoughts, ask the artists questions, leave a comment and some love here. Then, go visit them at their shops and blogs, share some more and tell a friend! Thanks so much for visiting!!


Natasha said...

In case anyone is looking to play, I've started two threads....

Come let people know what we created YAY!!

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

You guys did it again! This is something I look forward to every Thursday - and losing sleep over just to admire everyone's work:

Just because of that, you guys need a recognition! I'm giving you guys the Blogger Buddy Award and the Tao of Chicken Zombie award for your excellence, grace and persistence!

Now let me move-on to the forum.

Big hugs to everyone!


lifeartdesigns said...

Oh my...absolutely beautiful work you guys! It just keeps getting better and better!

Sorry i haven't gone to the forum or am participating. I am totally out of time. Ieven forgot (shocking!) that it was Thursday! came here to check in and am in awe... We leave in the morning to go out of state for my art fair and hubby is on his way home...and i am still finishing up on pieces!

I'll be back next week! Blessings all!

jodi said...

I am so glad that I got to play today. And guess what, I sold my creation this morning. I admit I did a little dance in the kitchen. My daughter is sure that I am totally weird.

Again, I am really in awe of the work being submitted each week.

Here are a few of my favorites.

salvagedexpression - I ABSOLUTELY love the hat. I think I going to gather up all my bits and pieces of yarn and do the same thing. Sometimes BAD is GOOD.

mkcphotography -again, I love your photos. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE feet pictures, especially little toes. They are the best.

alloverart - it is funny your pendant reminded me of washing my puppy. I really like the contrast between the two side.

natasha - beautiful photo and your 20 word love story. it totally captures the moment I fell in love with my husband.

gottalovemom - i loved learning about your fighting tree. We have a tree that we call the "giving tree".

Congratulations to everyone on such a great week.

meherio68 said...

JenJen, I can't get over your "dying" tree story.
Many other works touched me today, but this tree that is blooming, fiercely, against all odds— I really love it!

SalvagedExpression said...

I'm taking it a few pieces at a time since there's just so much to take in> So far Allover Art and Backward glances have my favorite pieces. One of these days I'll have to ask why it's called peyote stitch.

Natasha said...

Jenjen - you deserve awards ..your photos were stunning and your words were incredibly touching...much like your 8yr old and Meherio I am in awe of that dying have created such beautiful work...

Janie - you are so awesome..first GOOD LUCK this are going to rock in a major way!! Don't worry you will get everything done ...and remember to take lots of photos and enjoy - you will be GREAT!!! Thank you for coming to cheer....we love it and we are all cheering for you too!!
Miss ya, big hugs now go kick some serious butt

Jodi, Jodi, Jodi!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! How exciting is that!! Congrats on the sale...that piece was/is GORGEOUOS...truly....I'm so thrilled for you...and your daughter may think you are weird but she believes you are a cool weirdo..she told me LOL!! AND I totally agree with all your picks...and thank you for the kudos on mine...that made me happy..congrats to you!!

Meherio68 - I LOVE the tiny salamander here...I'm DYING to see the finished piece...I'm coming to your blog....really this is a magical piece...I'm excited to see the finished piece take flight !!

Salvaged - LOVED the hat...I think Jodi said it best when she said sometimes Bad is SOOOO GOOOD!! Love it...great work ...and Allover's piece rocks doesn't it...I like the idea of fire and ice and Backward's piece is fantastic...I love that it became a mandala...I'm curious about why it's called peyote stitch too

Michelle (mkc photography) said...

Hello fab TSTers - what a great smile I have now from seeing these beautiful pieces and reading the great stories to go along! Kris, your glass mobiles are AMAZING; Jenjen, the tree story was so beautiful and moving; Jodi, your pendant is DIVINE and how fabulous someone already scooped it up! Ruth, gorgeous work - love the colors and concept. Felicia, I can't choose a favorite - I like them all!!! Thanks so much for all the lovely comments about "Little Toes" - as we speak they are getting into trouble, so off I go!

Natasha said...

Michelle - I love, love, love the little have no idea how your words and then the image itself moved me...each week your pieces inspire me and render me speechless...incredible, unforgettable work...AND I agree with all of your picks...the work is just phenomenal

Frenzy23 said...

I haven't gotten through all of them yet, but so far..
Agathe, that ring will be gorgeous once its fired! I can't wait to see the final result.
Salvaged expression's was one of my favorites. The idea of the rejected becoming something beautiful, the fact that all those little bits of rejected yarn came together :), it's a very symbolic piece.
Natasha-I've heard that the hardest things to write are often short pieces. How do you say so much in such a short period of time? But your words are strong and powerful enough to say a lot. It's like your describing a firey explosion of life.
Jodi-Your design instantly made me think of charkras. The second photo looks especially powerful.
Little Toes is just adorable, it's something I never would have thought of but fits so perfectly. Kids are little fireballs of energy that are unafraid to inspire.

Frenzy23 said...

Some more thoughts :)
I really liked Ruth's pendant. I don't have a lot to say about it, perhaps there is no deeper meaning, but it's an awesome design.
Fireworks is gorgeous. The haiku I think describes any painter's feelings on art.
A Candle Within is another favorite. I like how there's one big candle shining in the center, and radiating outward with little ones.
I also especially enjoyed A Fighting Tree. It instantly reminded me of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Trees are so interesting in themselves, strong, wise, beautiful.

Ruth of Allover Art said...

I loved all the photography pieces and that warm-looking scarf!

Natasha, when I read "artphone" under my piece, I immediately thought "batphone" which made me laugh. ;)

Great work everyone! :)

SalvagedExpression said...

I don't think there has ever been a week here where I haven't gasped and smiled and laughed reading and looking at all the pieces up here.
Thank you to everyone who liked the Ugly Hat! I'm glad that the cat and I aren't the only ones who saw something in all that yarn! I'm actually getting together bits and bobs for one in pink now and I'm hoping to do one in blue one day when I get settled and can lay out all my yarns in one place.

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


So much beauty and I only have a moment to appreciate them for now.

Natasha - so beautiful! :-) 20-word love story - I really like that concept. I suspect there may be some of those in my future. :-)

Lisianblue - thank you so much for sharing those with me, and more importantly, for trusting yourself enough to go on the Journey to find out what they were truly meant to be. :-) I look forward to seeing where your art will move next! :-)

Congrats, Jodi, on the quick sale! :-)

More later, ducks, but for right now I need to get back to critiquing. I'm afraid I've left it to the last minute, and now it's crunch time. :-P

BB & GF, All! :-)

PS - Captcha = heaterco - can def. use one of them today! :-D It's a might nipply out. :-D

Natasha said...

Frenzy23 - I LOVED your pieces...first the Fire Keeps Me Warm looks cozy...I wanted to wear it..the colors are so inviting and I loved what you have such a great fire spirit, such's inspiring...and Timeline intrigued me...I see the flame but I also saw a mouse and then I saw it as a print with words underneath trailing away from it the way the yarn does...I think it's something that can and should be played with ...I feel like it wants to be more...

RUTH!! Do you know how hard that made me laugh?? I picked it up to put in and I remember thinking..."Artphone" that's awesome what a cool way to rememver Allover ...I pictured two people sitting around having a conversation like this..."So I saw this cool necklace the other day and I totally fell in love with it?" Other, interested friend.."Oh yeah, where? Who makes it?" First, huge fan, "I can't remember, I just had the name...she even had an artphone, like a batphone...and this pendant had this awesome design all over...wait that's it! Allover Art...with the artphone." It's SO memorable...I think you should so call it the artphone!!!!!! LOL....there are tears in my eyes from laughter....and your pendant totally rocks...the whole fire and ice thing is ridiculously cool, Batman LOL!

aquamaureen said...

Yet one more time of "feeding" myself--looking at all the art, the words, and the comments after. I loved ALL the pieces and paragraphs this week, but a few just demand some extra spotlighting:
Kelsey--I loved your fiber art. Made me think of my time on the timeline of life--alive, sassy, tangled perhaps but also intricately wonderful.
Salvaged--"creating out of other people's rejects"--I LOVE that.
Natasha--a love story in 20 words--gonna try that. Less IS more!!
Michelle--wants her boys to grow up "knowing their mother was never afraid to challenge herself"--how blessed your children are by you.
Amanda--your colors and haiku made ME "explode into radiance"!
Felicia--"I can't believe I'm comfortable enough here to do this"--what a testament to the special place that TST is. And I totally surprised myself, me who adores color: I like the monochromatic best--the style of the woman seems to blend well with the sepia tones.
Kris--What a story--a project with a mind of its own. Perhaps your "miscuts" were actually "misunderstood cuts"---I'm so glad you finally let them be what they wanted/needed to be!!
JenJen--Truly, "and a little child shall lead them"--what wisdom in your 8yo to ask how a dying tree can make so many blooms. I guess no one told the tree it was dying!!
My heart's thanks to EVERYone who has participated this week. My life is better for your sharing.

Natasha said...

Ok before I forget...Felicia...I have to tell you I LOVE the's beauty in simplicity...just radiant...I loved it...and with regard to the two "Lighting the Fire of Creativity pieces" I like them works either way ...I didn't have a favorite but much like Frenzy's Timeline piece I have this feeling that it's not done yet...I thnk it needs something more so please don't scrap it...maybe just sit on it for a bit and see what comes to's something and right now at this point in its creation I like both versions ..great work

Natasha said...

Salvaged - I NEED to see it when it's done in pink and blue...any chance for a purple?? I agree each week I run through so many's such fun...hey when do you think you'll be settled?? I'm going back to oggle your hat now...

Phoenix Ravenswing - I loved your pieces this week...I think "Drink from the Cup of Passion's Fire" was my favorite because I loved the picture and the poem ..the poem was great but honestly I enjoyed each piece for its beauty...good luck with critiquing - what are you critiquing? I hope it's fun...

aquamaureen - I was SO moved by your piece...first the display was beautiful ... but from the materials you used to the fact that you felt like your most authentic self doing what you were born to do...well that moved me to tears ..what a true, incredible gift that deeply inspired me...I'm celebrating you

Sherry said...

For me, the theme "The Fire Burning Within" this week has come to represent the fever I've had with the flu. I'm surrounded by aspirin, Vitamin C and lots and lots of Kleenex. (No swine flu here!)
But I did manage to get up to see this weeks entries, and, again, I'm blown away. Natasha, I hope you know that you are the most inspirational, wonderful person on Etsy, at least to me and all the other TST members.
Maybe because of the flu, (or not), my favorite this week is the "candlelight" photo. That is absolutely beautiful.
Thank you again Natasha. I sure hope I can start participating in the second-grade class project next week.

Mackin-Art said...

Amazing work again this week; I can't wait to see the finished salamander ring and I love the knit flame!

There are many theories on the origins of beading stitches; the peyote stitch is associated with Native American ceremonies which included the use of peyote and beaded items.

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Busy day--finally got a chance to sit down and enjoy all the Sweet Treats. Just gorgeous...warm, cozy, inviting.

Natasha, I'm so inspired by your twenty-word story... what a great exercise. I've been trying to write on a daily basis--have been focusing on poetry, and haiku has often been the most manageable form... your twenty-word idea might be just the right one for writing a mini story every day! Who can't come up with twenty words, right? :)

I loved everything..but off the top of my head, the candle piece was beautiful.. mkc, the little feet are so sweet! and JenJen, what a fantastic story.

Felicia Kramer said...

I just got home from a meeting - it's almost midnight - so this will be brief. A great week once again, with lots of beautiful work and inspirational, touching words.
Natasha - I LOVE the photo and the love story!
Thanks to all - I appreciate your feedback on my pieces. You're right, Natasha, the creativity piece still needs some work. Thank you!

SalvagedExpression said...

KittyHawke for a while I thought your pictures weren't displaying but then I read more closely. Your pieces are beautiful. I had no idea you were so versatile.
NatashaI can absolutely send photos of finished scrappy hats in whatever color. It's just that some of my yarn is in storage so other colors might have to wait a little longer.
It's hard being between houses!

giraffelabel said...

as i am writing this, my boys are upstairs, gotta be quick. as often happens, life got in the way this week, and i didn't finish anything. but, i love seeing what others did. it is amazing!!! and, i will be back to look, read, and write more later...i hope!!

i also hope to get over to the discussion about the 2nd grade class. i'm sorry that i missed that too!

Natasha said...

Salvaged - you're a rock star...I love the way you keep creating amid all the upheaval in life right now...I can't wait to check out those scrappy hats

giraffelabel - so awesome to see were missed!! How's it going?? NO worries at all happens sometimes...jump in whenever you have time...till then hang in there .... hugs to you!

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Thank you for all your sweet comments. I dig hearing how you feel about my ramblings.
All of you motivate me and keep me inspired.

Story Beader Ruth, Kelly and Agathe – you guys are amazing with your hands. You create simple yet intricate pieces of art.

Jodi – WOW! Those are lovely pendants.

Salvaged Expression – you seem to love FUN! Yellow is HIP for spring =D. {have you seen what the teeny-boppers are wearing??}

Kelsey – agree what you said about the Timeline’s past, present and future.

Natasha, Natasha, Natasha - love that 20 word love story. [I might try that every week! ]

Michele – love the “little toes” and I can’t agree more in the fact that my kids are the force that drive me to aim big! (and those are such lovely feet and hands)

Maureen, I’m happy when I hear people doing what they love to do. (I’m venting here - My 17yo is going to College. He is passionate about Music Production and Technology and there’s nothing I can do to change his mind to find a comparable course to take…and with past experiences and being around you guys, I can only encourage him to pursue what he wants even though he’ll be sooooo far away from me. I have to let go! He seems to know what he wants and I can’t be in his way. Reading what you’ve written, is just what I needed to give me peace to my 17yo’s decision. If it doesn’t work out at least I let him make his own decision ]

Amanda - spectacular fireworks. I’m gonna have to try it with my kids.

Felicia, definitely another bright idea! I love the candle light within – how’d you do that?

Lisianblue – those glass pieces seem like you can look through the future..

Bird, I like the “Drink from the cup of the passion’s fire. And how it reflects an artist’s life.

Sorry for the delay – hectic in my household. BUT I truly enjoy my Thursday Sweet Treats =D. and to quote Maureen, “my life is better for your sharing”

Marja said...

Hi All! So sorry I missed checking these out yesterday - just had a moment of quiet free time and I just had to look.

You did it again - took my breath away and spoke to my heart!

Off to check out the forum and the evolving TST collaboration.