Thursday, April 2, 2009

Extraordinarily Talented Artists Create New Works that Will Make You Want to Dance

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This week's theme is beautiful, simply beautiful. In all of the works that were created there is a sense of movement but also a deep sense of grace. It amazes me that these incredible artists were able to create elegant, vibrant pieces that have an exciting undercurrent of electricity running through them. Whether these artists were having a week from hell or taking time to dream as they created, they all brought unforgettable works to life and that is a testament to the professionalism, talent, beauty and passion each artist has within their heart.

Now, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to the dance......

Sherry, creator of The Silver Lake Studio, created this truly phenomenal piece titled, “Boogie Nights.”

“While I worked on this piece, I could hear that old song bouncin' around in my head,” said Sherry. “At first, I thought I would make some sterling high heels but I found out that I can't draw shoes. I got the dress on the first try, so I went with that. I sawed the dress out of sterling silver sheet, made the flower, belt and heart and soldered it all together. The pendant is a smidge over 2" long and a little over 1" wide at the bottom of the skirt. The dress has a belt with a 14kt. heart for the buckle and there is a flower with a 14kt. Center on one shoulder. Using antique metal stamps, I added some pattern to both the top and bottom of the dress. This pendant hangs at an angle from a jump ring in the top of the flower.”

Maureen, a talented artist, created this dazzling piece.

"I pirouetted in my journal, playing with simple markers," said Maureen.

Ruth, creator of Allover Art, created this magnificent Flight of the Bumblebee Hand-Painted Adjustable Art Ring.

“Nothing inspires great art like the wonders of nature,” said Ruth. “Did you know that bees "dance" to give directions to food supplies to other bees? I think that's pretty darn cool.” :)

Michelle, creator of mkcphotography, created this unforgettable work titled, "Dancing Shoes".

“Between my father and I, we have decades of dance experience,” said Michelle. “He was a fabulous tap and ballroom dancer in his youth; I danced ballet and modern until I graduated from college. My dad chose the song for our dance on my wedding day - a lovely waltz that seemed to last forever, yet not long enough. I felt like a princess swirling around the dance floor, guided by his confident steps. Of all the dance shoes I've worn in my life, these are by far my favorite.”

Mary, creator of Design Diva of Bear Chick, created this gorgeous Artist Trading Card titled, "Let's Dance".

“I'm not much of a dancer myself, but what I really love about dancers and ice skaters is their sparkly outfits!” said Mary. “For this Artist Trading Card, I created a silhouette of a glittery pink dance dress with light molding paste mixed with a bit of pink acrylic paint. I love working with molding paste since it produces such great texture. While it was still wet, I sprinkled the parts I wanted sparkly with silver glitter and later I did the edges in pink glitter. The words, “Let's Dance” were adhered to bits of color from a paint deck, then affixed to the ATC. Hmmm... I might have to watch Dancing with the Stars now!”

Agathe, created of Meherio68 of Le Bar du Vent, created this truly stunning piece titled, “The Joy of Dancing Clouds".

“Do you have any idea how many more or less fantastic ideas danced around my mind all week?!” asked Agathe. “How could I bring across onto the world wide web how very wild, irrepressible - and mostly unartistic - the joyful, pulsing impulse can be? I did have an idea for a whirly, twirly and, of course, pearly, ring... That might be ready for the next mini-monthly. Hopefully.

So many ideas, so little time!

Luckily, one of my time-consuming activities was, last week-end, a trip to the nearby town of Blaye, with its ancient fortress (going back to the Roman occupation). Crossing the river towards that site on a ferry, it gave me great joy to shoot away at the spectacular dancing clouds above... The kind that you can spend hours "recognizing" figures among.I'm quite willing to provide prints on archival paper, or blank cards (see the roses in my Etsy shop), or even postcards.”

Salvaged Expression created this fabulous piece.

“I ended up stretching two sets of muscles for this project,” said Salvaged. “I haven't really drawn much in the last year or so and yet again the black paper was calling to me. The drawing really evolved as I was doing it and I didn't know where it would actually end or what it would look like but I am pretty happy with it and the different feel that both figures have. I definitely have some tone work to do both with my drawing and my dancing but I'm definitely back on my feet. I still can't figure out what to call this piece but we'll see if inspiration strikes when I list it.”

Any title ideas for Salvaged?

Laura Pugh, creator of SleeplessImagination created this fantastic work titled, “Joyful Dance.”

“I loved the topic for this week,” said Laura. “I knew immediately I wanted to try drawing a dancer. I've never drawn a dancer and didn't think I could, but it's the only thing I could think of to illustrate my interpretation of the topic. So, I had to give it a go. The dancer turned out much better than I thought and I'm happy with her. However, the overall picture didn't turn out the way I wanted. I imagine I will try again. No doubt this blue girl will show up dancing through some other future painting!”

Lorrie Veasey, creator of Our Name is Mud, created this stellar piece.

“This week has KICKED MY ASS so while I am expecting that this week's Sweet Treat will have many beautiful dancers twirling through the rainbows or waltzing with their unicorn partners; here is my take on The Week From Hell,” said Lorrie. “I know I am very blessed to have a job that allows me to be creative on a daily basis, but sometimes it just feels like it is creation On Demand.”

Earthenware mug with underglaze and LOTS OF ANGST.

Marja, creator of Glass Elements, created this truly exquisite piece titled, “Elegant Dancer.” Check out the listing here:

“Elegant Dancer is flowing, curvaceous and elegant like a beautiful dancer waltzing across the ballroom floor,” said Marja.

Patti, creator of Peacoxcreations, created this incredible piece.

“When looking to make a little sweater cover up for one of my Christening gowns, I came across a little kimono pattern that I adapted,” said Patti. It reminded me so much of the sweet ballet sweaters that the dancers wear that I'm going to call it a "Baby Ballet Sweater". Then I thought of your "dance" inspiration and although it's a stretch, thought I'd send the pictures on to you.”

Kelly, creator of Backward Glances, created this stunning piece titled, “Dragonfly Waltz.”

“This theme was lot's of fun - it allowed me to combine many of my interests: nature, living history and beads!” said Kelly. “During the Victorian and Edwardian era, a ladies hair was her crowning adornment. For an evening dance she might embellish her hairstyle with an ornament "en tremblant" or a trembler formed on wire which moved as she danced. I choose a dragonfly, both as insect motifs were very popular and because dragonflies seem to dance through the air as they go about their way.

Picture an elegant lady, in full evening dress with upswept hair, held in the arms of a dashing gentleman; they waltz round the ballroom and moving with them, an equally elegant dragonfly in perfect time with the music.

Okay, well a girl can dream!”

Steph, creator of A Paper Buffet, created this lovely Sweet Chocolate- Handstamped Wedding card with satin ribbon rose. This card is for sale in my Etsy shop here:

“What could be more joyful than the first dance of a bride and groom?” asks Steph. “The partnership a dance requires mirrors the partnership a marriage thrives on. My wedding card is rich with chocolate brown and raspberry pinks; I was also able to try a new ribbon technique. I created a rose out of satin ribbon with just a few folds.”

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this gorgeous original mixed media painting titled, “Flamenco.”

“When I read this week's theme, "The Joy of Dance," I immediately saw flashes of swirling color, rhythm and movement,” said Amanda. “I chose to play with Dr. Ph. Martin's Hydrus liquid watercolors, which are vibrant and bold and fantastic! I loved the way these fiery colors intertwine--they spin and twirl like a flamenco dancer.”

Elizabeth Chandler, creator of Moon of Glass, created this spectacular piece titled, “I Hope You Dance.”

“This was a fun vase to work on!” said Elizabeth. “It's an abstract representation of dance, with purples and blues dancing across a clear background. The glass has created fanciful drips down the side of the vase. They look like they're dancing on air!”

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created two, amazing works, “On with the Dance” and “Abby’s Dance”.

“On with the Dance”
“I am an avid collector of quotations,” said Felicia, “so when I saw the theme for this week I knew I had many inspirational quotes about dance and dancers. I had a hard time deciding which of two quotes to use for this collage, but Lord Byron’s quote was right on the mark for “The Joy of the Dance.”

“Abby’s Dance”
“One of my all-time favorite quotes, and this image of my great-niece Abby is one of my most cherished family photos,” said Felicia. “Her mother reports that Abby, now in college, “still likes jewelry, short skirts & high heels!”

“On with the Dance”

“Abby’s Dance”

Giraffelabel created this awe-inspiring piece titled, "Dance With Me."

"This week's theme had my head spinning a bit. (or, should I say pirouetting?!) Having a gymnastics and dance background, I thought it would be easy for me to "whip something up." And, the ideas did start to come flowing in right away," said Giraffelabel. "But, as I thought about it more, when I really thought of dance, I thought about my younger sister. She is a dancer. Not in the classical ballet here. In fact, she is the only one of my siblings that did not take gymnastics or dance as a child. (we used to make fun of her lack of flexibility and grace!) But, now, she teaches ballroom dance, and is fantastic at it. She got married recently and her wedding song was "You make me feel like dancing". She loves to dance, and has so much fun doing matter where she is. So, now that I had an inspiration, I needed to decide what to do with it. I have been wanting to work on my sketches more, so this drawing came from that. I originally drew her wedding dress, which I designed, but I wanted to do something with color. I can imagine her in this dress floating around the dance floor. Who knows...maybe I will actually make it for her one day!"

Kelsey, creator of CaffeinatedFrenzy, created this sensational piece.

"The scarf is belly dance inspired," said Kelsey. "I hope the lace shows the mysterious, exotic quality of dance mixed with some sequins-the look at me! part." :)

This week I stepped way out of my comfort zone. I am bead obsessed. Honestly, I can spend hours in bead stores and dream of a million creations. Often, I bring home bags of beads that sit around for a long while because each time I sit down to create, I chicken out thinking that my creations stink. I'm not a jewelry designer. However, this is one piece I'm proud of because of the colors (I adore color) and the little pendant. From the designs to the word, "Play" that little pendant makes me want to dance. This piece is a personal reminder to me to enjoy life. :)

The title of this bracelet is "Judy Booty Jazz Hands." It's named after an awesome friend of mine who shares my love of beads, all things sparkly and always inspires me to create.

Tell me, didn't these works fill you with joy and make you want to dance around the room in celebration of life?

Please share your thoughts, ask the artists questions, leave a comment and some love here. Then, go visit these artists at their shops and blogs, share some more and tell a friend! Thanks so much for visiting!!


Ruth of Allover Art said...

LOVE that silver dress pendant. How unique!

Thank you for another great theme. :)

TheClayMuse said...

Wonderful work as always!
I saw your card while I was browesing by this week entries and I def. voted for you!
My dragon made it to the weekly challenge and I'm so psyched!

Natasha said...

Ruth - I am in complete agreement on the silver dress pendant...totally unique and super fun!!
I LOVED your's absolutely also had a very unique take on the theme!!
Thank YOU for your amazing submission!!

Natasha said...

TheClayMuse - thanks Muse...the work here is so beautiful...I saw that your dragon made it awesome. A MAJOR congrats to you...I'm rooting for you and thanks for the means the world :)

Patti said...

The variety of responses is outstanding this time. I'm in love with the wedding card! Thank you for the great inspirations!

Natasha said...

Patti - I, too, am in awe of the variety...every week it fascinates me...I love it...and your piece was fantastic...I love the entire thing! Thank you for being a part of this

Moon of Glass said...

Everyone does such excellent work! I love Salvaged Expression's interpretation. Everyone is fabulous!

LadyK said...

Everyone did such beautiful work again as always! So colorful! My absolute favorites this week are: SalvagedExpressions, Laura Pugh's "Joyful Dance", Kelly's dragonfly, and Felicia's "On With the Dance". I just didn't have time to finish mine this week. So many things have come up, plus I have three new commissions (all are for burned gourds!) and one woodburning gift to get finished--you can see the start of it on my blog (today's post).

Salvaged, I am in love with your drawing! How about this for a title, "See the Music, Hear the Dance"? I really love the way you captured the level of excitement and motion of the dancers.

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Such a happy and vibrant collection this week. Natasha, your bracelet makes me smile! That charm is perfect for you.

I especially love the colors and movement in Aqua's piece, Moon's vase and Marja's stunning pendant... but everything is gorgeous here!

Marja said...

I am always so excited to see the variety of creations that come out of a common suggestion! I love how we all took it and danced with it and let the pieces take us where they wanted to go.

Natasha - LOVE that you embraced your love of beads - that braclet is so much fun, I'd want to wear it and dance around too!

Everyone's submissions to Blockhead Radio are getting my vote! :) Thanks for directing us there - its so much fun!

Natasha said...

Moon of Glass - LOVED your vase..the colors and the whole idea of dance were brilliant! I agree with you about Salvaged...her interpretation and piece were out of this world. I'm so happy you played this week...I hope you play again next good to have you here.

LadyK - we missed you this week for sure! But congrats on the new commissions and I will be coming by to see the new work featured on today's post. I agreed whole heartedly with all your favs..they were all exquisite! I like that title reommendation too

Amanda - thank you and I LOVED our piece from the title to the colors I thought it was stunning...and I agree with all the pieces you mentoined they all made me stop ..they took my breath away

Natasha said...

Marja - your pendant was breathtaking! I am in awe of the beauty of shimmers and makes me insanely happy...great work and thank you as well....your Blockhead Radio submission was fantastic and grabbed my vote!

Frenzy23 said...

Thanks for including my work :)
Joyful Dance is my absolute favorite, I don't even know how to describe it. It manages to show movement, while its not quite abstract, but the lines and the flowiness to it work very well.
And that coffee mug makes me smile.
There's such a great diversity of responses, it's great to see how many beautiful things different minds can come up with on one theme.

meherio68 said...

Natasha, I still have to explore the possibilities of Blockhead Radio, but I did pop in to vote for your hippo...
I'm truly impressed by this week's waltz. I could definitely see myself wearing Giraffe's simply stunning dess and Kelly's gorgeous dragonfly!

SalvagedExpression said...

Ok favorites this week: Silver lake's Boogie Nights, It's just such a fun piece.
Allover Art, Flight of the Bumblebee, A great interpretation of the theme and really great for spring.
Moon Glass, I hope you Dance, The ripples on the top remind me of how a dress billows out when you spin in it.
Caffeinated Frenzy's scarf, it's definately beautiful and mysterious!
Natasha/Doodle I love your bracelet! I like those odds and ends pieces with a mix of colors and textures. They feel honest, like they have history and you can picture the person staring at it for hours while waiting in waiting rooms or wherever imagining whole worlds from the interplay of the pieces.

Also, Thank You everyone! I'm always nervous about putting out my drawings because they're so personal and you always make me feel better for haven taken the risk. I think I will use that title!

Iris O'Connor said...

don't know which one is my favourite today :-)

just sorry I couldn't participate but workload might ease off soon-ish. where did that monkey go?...

Laura Pugh said...

Great job everyone! I love the Thursday weekly challenge, it helps me step out and try something new.

Sherry - the silver dress pendant is really nice. I love the little tiny flower at the top. I can't imagine trying to cut something that small. I love your shop too. I've had my eye on one of your small heart pendants for quite awhile!

Michelle - what a great story about you and your dad dancing. I love stories of fathers and daughters who like each other! It's wonderful that you photographed your favorite shoes. I like it a lot.

Lorrie -Sorry you are having a rough week. You did a great job channeling some frustration energy in a productive way. I sure do remember some dancing monkey days when I was out in the working world. Now the dancing monkeys are my wild little kids!

Amanda - I LOVE your painting! I'm a big fan of watercolor and paintings with bright colors splashed over the canvas. This is such a beautiful picture. I have a couple of questions for you: Is the background color done in watercolor or is it another type of paint? Was it done on canvas or on hard board of some kind? Wonderful!

Natasha - I love beads too. I finally had to cut myself off from purchasing beads because I had established quite a collection. I think your bracelet is great! The fact that it is multi-strands is quite impressive to me. Wonderful colors and I love the pendant. I'm sensing another creative direction for you... (If you're like me you don't need another creative direction). :)

mkcphotography said...

Oh my goodness! First, Kelly's hair pin has inspired me to grow my hair long again so I could wear such a beautiful piece. Second, I'm still laughing over Lorrie's mug...some weeks you are the organ grinder, some weeks you are the monkey ;-P Sherri's and Marja's pendants are SO amazing - I love them both - and Natasha, the little jazz hand on your colorful bracelet makes me smile :-D I just adored all the submissions this week!

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Hi Laura! Thanks so much for your comments. Yes, the green background is also Hydrus watercolor. My substrate is a hard canvas board. I described a bit more of my process in the listing:

Loved your "Joyful Dance"--the colors absolutely sing!

Mackin-Art said...

Love "Flight of the bumblebee", so whimsical! And the monkey mug is just hysterical, I almost snorted pop allover the computer. Natasha, your jazz hands are truly inspired, oh I love all of them!

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Ergh, my comment disappeared! Everything is so cool! My creative bug hit me late last night and with no computer at home, I couldn't send it in on time:(

Funky Monkey Girl,

Steph said...

yet again everyone did a great job!!

I too have been a dancing monkey the past week, I just loved Lorrie's mug.

Natasha, I love your bracelet. I have beads from years and years ago that I had from my babysitting days (kids love to make beaded stuff)...I think you've just inspired me to go drag them out and do something! Thanks :)

giraffelabel said...

there must have been something in the air this week! it was a crazy week all around! as i'm writing this, having looked through and planning to go back through again, two pieces stand out in my mind...kellys dragonfly hairpiece is stunning! i CAN picture it! and, amandas painting. the colors are amazing, and there is so much movement to it!
love them all...have to go and look through again!
oh, and i definitely will head over to blockhead to check it out and vote!

Felicia Kramer said...

I just now got a chance to post a comment. I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open so I will just say another wonderful collection of talent. This is such a treat every Thursday. Oh ... maybe that's why Natasha calls it Thursday Sweet Treat ... I'm punchy - time to sleep. Good job, everyone!

lisianblue said...

Oh, I love all of it!
this was a really fun one, I even managed to do 2 things - but fell asleep midday and slept till dark - no pictures - that's ok.
So fun to come here and admire everyone's dance.
Amanda, I love Dr. Ph Martins liquid watercolors, and inks. Awesome picture, the colors just dance across the canvas.
Elizabeth - Moonofglass - that vase is beautiful, one of my favorite color combinations,
in fact those are the colors I did for my piece!
Michelle, that is so wonderful about your wedding dance, I really like the way you cropped the photo -
Patti - "Baby Ballet Sweater" is so sweet
Kelli - "DragonFly Waltz" is just stunning, nicely put together with those pretty colors.

Everybodies pieces are absolutely wonderful!

Natasha - careful, those beads can be addicting! hehehehe They are so fun to play with aren't they? All those colors!!!! Cool bracelet!

Natasha said...

Frenzy23 - thank YOU for being a part of this..isn't it amazing to see? This place is a constant reminder that we are all unique. We may have similar crafts but we will always create original things ...and that is to be celebrated. I LOVED your scarf, it's beautifully made and the sequins? Well, I'm a girl that loves "sparkly". Great work so glad you are here.

meherio68 - your dancing clouds are stunning! I definitely think you should make a set of cards...loved it...and I agree with all your choices including Giraffelabel's dress..I want to wear that!!!

SalvagedExpression - I'm so happy the black paper called to you (it brought me back to when we first met and your first entry for Enchanted Night). It's was FANTASTIC! I love the movement, the story in blew me away. And thank you for your words about my bracelet...I love that little are SO right on about the history and thoughts on has in waiting rooms...I could not have atriculated that so thank you....

Iris O'Connor - big, BIG hugs!! You are so missed my friend...I hope it eases up soon so you can play ...did you find the monkey? Lorrie knows where it is :)

Laura - I feel like I should invent new words for your piece it is that outstanding. The colors, the movement, the words, the entire thing renders me speechless. I think it so great and hope to see your dancing figure again....thank you as well for all your words about my bracelet...I love the way it turned out but I'm right with you...I so don't need any more directions...I'm trying my hardest to streamline as it is hahahaha

mkcphotography - your photo moved really did. I looked at it before I read the story and at first I saw a little girl and then a woman and I thought marriage and that moment when you look at yourself from head to toe ...almost in awe of yourself all dressed up and about to take a huge leap...I loved the beauty and the feeling in the piece and then I read the story and that was it...I fell in love. Your work is just stunning...just stunning :)

Mackin-Art - your Dragonfly Waltz was brilliant!! I loved the colors, the elegance of it and the story...yes, please dream..I will was truly inspiring....fantastic work and I love that you almost snorted pop all over the computer!

Natasha said...

FunkyMonkey Girls - how are you? You rock for cheering...hey if you still have your piece email it to me and I'll feature it in the April Mini-Monthly!! I'd love to see it

Steph - your card was gorgeous. I loved it....I wished I'd had it for the wedding I went to a couple of weeks ago...but it wasn't born yet. I find it so amazing that all of these designs were just "born"...everyone's creativity amazes me...thanks for the words about my bracelet...Steph let me know what you make with the beads..isn't it such fun!

giraffelabel - I want to wear that dress...there is no other way to say it...I want to wear it along with Kelly's hairpin! It's elegant and feminine and gorgeous...I loved the way you spoke about your sister as well...I'd also love to see the wedding dress you designed for her...such a fantastic piece.

Felicia - you are a doll for swinging by even though you were beat. Hope you had a restful night...your pieces were awe-inspiring yet again. The colors, the concepts you use are so phenomenal..I am just in awe each time you submit....both pieces were fabulous ..the quote in "On With the Dance" and the story behind "Abby's Dance" were great

lisianblue - the beads are seriously addicting hahahaha! Thanks for cheering ...I love all of those picks as well...hey, if you have your pieces email them to me and I'mm put them in the April mini-monthly!

Christening Gown Mom said...

That's such a unique Christening gown.

aquamaureen said...

Friday night--it's snowing, AGAIN--I'm just a little bit lonely and wanting something "special" before I go to bed. . . Then I remember that I haven't looked at this weeks' Dancing Art and comments . . . ahhhh, that was just what I needed. Such beauty and selfless sharing. Thank you all for dancing this week, in your art and in your comments.

Natasha said...

Christening Gown Mom - I's such great work...will you be playing, particiating, submitting? Thank you so much coming by and sharing :)

aquamaureen - ohhh, no need to feel lonely we're always here for you...I'm so glad this week's art brought you some comfort and joy...your piece was filled with such wonderful color and a feeling of celebration. I send you BIG, warm hugs :)

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


So many beautiful pieces this week! :-) Awesome work as ever, All! :-)

SilverLakeStudio - kyool pendant! Very dynamic & fun! :-D

AquaMaureen - you make such beauty w/such simple things - I am in awe! I love this piece - the color, the movement in the lines - just catches my eye in a very pleasant way! :-)

AlloverArt - what a fun spring ring! Yes, let the bees out & celebrate the flowers to come! :-D

mkcphotography - again, such beauty in simplicity. I can't even put into words all the stuff that goes through my mind looking at your pic. You've really struck a chord w/me w/that one. :-)

BearChick - yes, indeed let's dance! Pretty pink & sparkles - how can you miss? :-)

Merherio68 - I hear you - so many ideas, so little time! :-) Love the one you chose - both for the picture itself and the reminder that you can still create beauty out of the 'impediments' along the way. :-)

SalvagedExpressions - your drawing is very much a meeting of opposites, somehow. There's a story behind those two - very interesting to figure out what. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the lines and the movement in your piece. :-)

SleeplessImagination: Such joy and/in color and a wonderful quote! The perfect antidote to a germ-filled week. :-) Thank you! :-)

OurNameisMud, sorry to read you've been having a trying week - may it get better soonest! :-) "...underglaze and LOTS OF ANGST." *HEE!* :-D

GlassElements, beautiful dancing colors in your pendant - so pretty-sparkly! :-)

PeacoxCreations - such a kyoot top! :-) (And I am totally in awe of your fast fingers!) Do you ever make these in adult sizes? :-D

BackwardGlances, gorgeous dragonfly! :-) Yes, I can totally see the lady waltzing across the floor w/that in her hair! :-)

APaperBuffet - so true! :-) And such an elegant way of conveying it! :-)

PersistentGreen - love the colors & shapes in your piece! Reminds me of the Great Dance that all the plants are doing around here right now. Everywhere everything is rushing to thrust itself through the earth & get on w/the biz of this year's growth. Such joyous enthusiasm - can't beat it! :-)

MoonofGlass, such a pretty, ruffly vase - awesome as ever! :-)

AnotherBrightIdea, love your "On w/the Dance!". Another great reminder to stay in the high places even when you're not really feeling them just at the mo'. :-P Thank'ee's! I needed that! :-D

Abby's Dance - So true, that pure innocence. Another good thing to remember. :-)

Giraffelabel, your story is awesome & so is your drawing! Again, there's a character & a story waiting to come forth from that pic, even more than the true story you've already told - would love to hear what comes next! :-)

CaffeinatedFrenzy - very kyool scarf! Wonderfully lacy, and w/the gold sequins that look like coins. Love the reminder that prosperity is all around us, no matter what is going on in the larger world at the mo'.

And again, awe at the fast fingers around here! How y'all can make these huge pieces in a week - wow! :-)

Hey, Natasha, I totally hear you about the bead-obsessed! :-D Love what you've done w/the choices of color & texture. :-) Proof once again that all you need to do is trust yourself and the most wondrous creations will come forth! :-D

Yes, indeed, let's all play! :-)

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)

lisianblue said...

when do you need the e-mail by for the April mini-monthly????
I still have to finish up one of the things! hehehehe - no it won't work for this one!
Have a great week!

SalvagedExpression said...

Phoenyx Ravenswing I know what you mean about my drawing. It's really nice that someone else sees it too!