Thursday, April 29, 2010

Magnificent Artists Gather to Create Amazing New Works of Art

These talented, professional, creative, inspiring artists who gathered together today have created some of the most beautiful works of art. In choosing one theme from the 54 themes we have done here at the Thursday Sweet Treat, they created pieces that are gorgeous, fun, engaging and sensational.

Please join me on a tour of these brand new pieces of will want to take each one home with you right now. I guarantee it :)

Althea, creator of Salvaged Expression, created this awesome piece for the theme, The Music Within.

"For the second readers choice I picked the music theme from the week before last," said Althea. "I had almost finished this hat in time for that theme but I wasn't happy with the notes so I'm glad I had a chance to rework them and show off the result! I call this hat "song stuck in my head" because I'm a cheeseball."

Maureen, a talented artist, created these gorgeous pieces.

"Remember the week we had Polka Dot Dancing for our theme?" asked Maureen. "That must have been running through my head this week. I've started doodling a little before I go to bed each night, in a tiny 3 1/2 inch square book I keep bedside. I have NEVER been a "polka dot" person, but darned if those little rascals aren't finding their way into just about every nightdoodle . . here are the last three."

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this stunning Untitled mixed media in progress.

"This week I chose to play with Where the Wild Things Bloom," said Amanda. "In a season of growth and change in my life, I appreciate more than ever the symbolism of flowers and anything that blooms--no matter how abstract! I'm still working on layering colors in this piece."

Bird, creator of Crow Tarot Tours, created this fantastic piece.

"Take a beautiful sunny day, a dog having too much fun lying in it, soaking up da rayz, add in half a captcha, and what do you get?" asked Bird. "This pic, taken just today, of my beautiful Bailey, and an entry for the 'Sun' TST. Not only is the Sun in there by virtue of sunlight, but there is also a little dandelion in the pic just to add more sunny radiance. :-)" - In Progress
Talismans by CrowTarot -
Twitter: @CrowTarotTours

Natasha, creator of DoodleStar, created this ring for the Explosive Celebration theme.

I think this ring could actually be a cross between the Explosive Celebration theme and Polka Dot Dancing (polka dots have invaded my world as well as Maureen's and I love it.) This ring is a celebration of the wild colors that dance around within us all...remember to always be YOU, colorful YOU!

Are you feeling super inspired???

Well, the next theme is "Birthday Celebration". Whether it's the love of cake, candles, sparklers or the whole birthday celebration feeling, I invite you to capture it all in a new piece.


Felicia Kramer said...

Hi everybody -
So sorry I have been so MIA the last few weeks. I won't make all the usual excuses, but I AM leaving on my dream HAWAII vacation in a few days. YAY! I already have a "turn-over-a-new-leaf" list prepared for when I get back home and hope to be back then. Great work by all of you devoted and consistent TST'ers!

aquamaureen said...

Oh Felicia, I am so GLAD you are about to realize your "dream" vacation!! My Hawaii trip is STILL a "dream deferred," from its original plan some 32 years ago . . Can't wait to see how your time in Hawaii influences your art!!

NOw, back to TST . . I loved this week's offerings . .

Althea--I am always just plain aMAZED at what you are able to knit/crochet. You make each piece of clothing an item of wearable art.

Amanda--you have GOT to keep doing more of what you've been showing us lately!! YOur colors and shapes have such depth and movement to them--today's looks like a glimpse inside an artist's soul, frozen for just a moment, on the page.

Bird--so glad to see you back among the posting artists. I've missed your photos. This one of your doggie is the epitome of relaxation. I can FEEL the sun's warmth, especially welcome since May 1 here in SD is extremely blustery and pretty darn cold. The wind is banging my patio furniture up against my house!! I want to just curl up next to your puppy and soak up some of his sun.!!

Tasha--I LOVE that ring . . and it couldn't have said anything more important than: BE YOU!! I like that our visual reminder of WHO we are, is an explosion of color, and a blue sequiny flower!!

Love to all the TSTers who, for whatever reason, haven't been able to post stuff here recently. Please know how much you are missed. I hope to see you here, soon . . .

P.S. I gotta tell all you guys--the e-class I'm currently taking with Natasha and Amanda is the very best thing I have done, in ages. It is already making such permanent changes in my heart and soul, in my life . . it is one of the most transformational things I've done in a very very long time. You owe it to your creative self to hop on this train!! And if you do, be sure to HANG ON--the ride is exHILirating!!

giraffelabel said...

oh...and, felicia - i hope that you have an amazing vacation!!!

giraffelabel said...

i was hoping to send you all a picture of what i have been working on this week...although it doesn't have a's my daughter's 1st communion dress. it came out pretty good (she loved it), and i hope that i can find time to do something this week!

althea - i love your hat...and the name too!!! :)
maureen - your doodles are so fun and intricate. they make a nice "triptych"!
amanda - i love the look of your art...the swirls, and the "explosions" at the edges...beautiful!
bird - your photo makes me smile! the dandelion peeking through on the side is great!
natasha - what a fun ring! i didn't know you made jewelry. what a great reminder for anyone lucky enough to wear that ring!

and, yes, i am feeling super inspired. let's just hope that time will be on my side this week!

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Hey everyone, sorry I've been absent.
Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day weekend!
Take care :)

Natasha said...

I only have a moment so I need to be brief but will be back....

Felicia - Have the BEST time I will be checking your blog for updates!!

Maureen - your words are like magic dust - they light me up and make me believe in miracles.

Giraffelabel - we NEED to see that piece - please, please send it!!!!

Jenjen - thank you and Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Love to all of you - great work will be back :)

Frenzy23 said...

Natasha, you always find the yummiest pictures of cakes/cupcakes. :)

Salvaged- I love the how the music notes sort of trail off. It's truly visual music.

Maureen - I love them all! They're so lively.

Amanda - I always look at your pieces carefully before reading your description, because it's interesting to see if I see similar things you do. Right away I thought an abstract garden. They're geometric shapes but they really do capture the essence of flowers.

Bird - This one made me smile. :)

Natasha- The little flower is such a cute little detail!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Oops--what happened? Where did the week disappear to? Sorry my comments are so late--not at all an indication of how I felt after seeing these pieces...which is inspired and happy. :)

First, thank you so much for the wonderful comments about my piece.

Aqua: your validation means a lot to me. I've felt as if I've recently stumbled onto a style I really like, but as artists we often don't know if what WE love will strike a chord with others. Your encouragement to stay on this track is much appreciated.

Giraffe: I can't seem to get swirls out of my head lately! Maybe it's all the hot air in there. ;) Seriously, thank you--that's wonderful to hear.

Kelsey: I was so excited by your comment! What a fantastic test to look at the work before reading any description. I'm delighted that my intention came across.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Felicia: can't wait to hear about your marvelous trip! I hope it's all you dreamed it to be.

Althea: I love your sense of humor in your pieces and your titles. I can just imagine anyone wearing this hat with a big cheesy grin!

Aqua: you know what a fan I am of your bedtime doodles. You're right--the polka dots work perfectly here! I love your varied use of line. The third one looks like an envelope to me, being sent air mail... (ya know, the wavy lines...) :)

Bird: ohhh, what a pooch! I better not let my husband see this, because he's desperate for a dog (our neighborhood doesn't allow them). Too cute!

Tasha: you really should consider selling these rings! They're perfect little snippets of your style and joy. It's such a great idea to carry this reminder with you all day--so you can glance down any time and remember to claim who you are on the inside. :)

The good thing about waiting so late to leave comments is that it's almost time to see new pieces!!! Woohoo!