Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In a Season of Change

I am that woman who picks through Ben and Jerry’s Half-baked Frozen Yogurt for the pieces of cookie dough. I admit it. There is an almost zen-like quality to my hunt; I find the same kind of peace when I doodle. But last night, as I dug through, I had a thought, revelation. Are there really any revelations or do we always know the answers and find them when we are ready to face them? Ah a question to ponder over frozen yogurt or ice cream.

For the last 7 months my belly has been growing with a new life. During that time I have been chasing my other little around, playing on the TST, teaching classes and carving out a career path that not only makes sense for me but for my family as well. In recent weeks, I’ve begun to think/worry/ponder ways to consolidate my work so that I’m not so spread out. I love this space. I love the art we all create. I love writing and sharing. I want to be here. So, it struck me….combine blogs into one larger website. Duh! Isn’t that what I wanted to do like a year ago? Yes but I wasn’t ready. As I prepare for major changes, I find I am ready.

I firmly believe we need to do things in our own time. I wasn’t ready last year. I didn’t know what to do. To be honest, I flounder a lot like a fish out of water before I make leaps. Freak outs are common in this household as are the days of questions like – who cares what you do? Or who do you think you are to be (insert any answer here) creating, writing, teaching…the list goes on as my Inner Critic sometimes oversteps her boundaries – bitch. LOL! It’s nothing a pint of ice cream/frozen yogurt and some creative art-making can’t cure.

But the thing is I love being here. I love learning from you all and sharing. So, this week things are going to change around here. There will be a new larger site with info about classes (some SUPER fun ones coming WOOOHOOO), me, the TST, Nachos (my original blog). I’m going to share a little more of my life and hope you will join me in sharing, venting, creating, and laughing.

Thanks for sticking by me for all this time. You have brought me inspiration during pity parties (I try not to send out invites for those), laughter in times of great pain and love. I so enjoy you and hope you will continue to play as I expand this space, combine things, stumble, kvetch, laugh, scream and dance around.

Are you with me?? I promise to share my Ben and Jerry’s even though come cookie dough might be missing…LOL!

A Crazy Crafting Preggo Artist who Loves to Write


Gloria said...

Hi Natasha! Sounds like you have a lot going on right now and seem to be pretty enthused by it all. Good luck in your endeavors. Ice Cream, who doesn't love it. In fact today I picked up mint and root beer icecream. I will have some root beer ice cream later. Have a great rest of the week and do enjoy what you are doing.

Natasha said...

Gloria!! How are you? So awesome to hear from you. Yes, I don't really think I realized all that's going on till recently but it's good fun. How's about you?? What's new? Ok root beer ice cream might be one of the BEST sounding things EVER...now I need it in my world!! LOL...I've never had it and it makes me want a root beer float now too YUM!!

Frenzy23 said...

We all do things best when we do them in our own time. I can't wait to see the new things you come up with!

I finally came to the decision as to how to change my own blog . . . only took me six months :)

Natasha said...

Frenzy!! What's shakin?? Isn't it so true though?? I totally agree...yes changes happening soon....I'm off to check out your blog YAY!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Tasha, I'm with you 100%. Always. :)

aquamaureen said...

Oh sweet Natasha . . .What a great question about revelations . . and thinking that maybe our deepest selves really DO know, but that we have to wait for the right time for the full "knowing" to surface . . In this season of flowers, I see the futility of trying to force that bloom. Every stage, from seed, to bud, to halfblossom, to full bloom, happens in its own time. And yet, from the beginning, the idea of "flower" was complete . . it just revealed itself, bit by bit.

I am sooooooooooooo with you, dear friend. . . but we're gonna have to talk about those missing chunks of cookie dough . . (yeah, right . . I was just at MY fridge, with my container of mango ice cream, fishing for the swirl of passionflower . . .) How about I trade you one luscious passionflower swirl, for two lumps of cookie dough???