Thursday, April 22, 2010

Exceptional Artists Choose Themes That Truly Showcase Their Unbelievable Talent!

This week, folks were invited to choose one of the 53 themes we have worked on and create a new piece. Perhaps it was a theme that they loved but just didn't have time to create for when the theme was revealed. Whatever the reasons that kept them away, they came back to create and their creations highlight the truly professional, inspiring, and captivating qualities within their work. These artists captured beauty that will make you cheer and long to create something right now.

Please join me on a tour of these fabulous works and leave a little love for these terrific artists!

Maureen, a talented artist, created this beautiful piece for the theme, "Poetic Seas".

"For our Choice week, I chose Poetic Seas--at least, I THINK that was one of our prompts!! A full week keeps me from scanning the list of topics . . anyhoo, in the e-class I'm taking from Co-Teachers Natasha and Amanda, I have been introduced to Doodling, and am just loving it . . .so with my juicy markers, and later, a little colored pencil, I just let myself doodle what a sunny day at my beloved ocean feels like. And yes, those are cardinals winging through my ocean sky, and I KNOW cardinals aren't seabirds . . but they were my mom's favorite, and I've been thinking of her a lot (she passed on 30 years ago) and anyhoo, I have my very own "artistic license" that says I can stick cardinals over the ocean if I want to!!""

Kelsey, creator of Caffeinated Frenzy, created this gorgeous scarf made out of recycled silk and beads for the theme, "The Music Within."

"This scarf (currently a work in progress) is based off of my old music teacher, she's not always one for glitz and glam, but her personality looks just like this!" said Kelsey.

Jodi, creator of Jodi Horgan - Beaded Art to Wear, created this stellar piece for the theme, "Those Tropical Colors Just Made Me...".

"When you announced this theme I just happened to be in the tropics (Cayman Islands to be exact). I was full of ideas based on what I saw during our trip," said Jodi. "Turquoise is one of my favorite colors to work with and it reminds me of the color of the ocean in the Caymans. I've been incorporating silk soutache trim into a lot of my work lately. This theme gave me the perfect opportunity to use this beautiful cabochon from Lisa Peter's Art ( and combine it with turquoise soutache and beads."

Althea, creator of Salvaged Expression, created this phenomenal piece for the Hawaiian theme.

"For my readers choice project I chose the Hawiian theme," said Althea. "The sun has finally started to shine out here in a summer like fashion and I couldn't resist taking a little trip back to the islands with this pendant!"

Bird, creator of CrowTarotTours, created this stunning piece for the theme "Flowers for a Friend", as it is a gift for someone.

"Speaking of gifts, I want to say how much I appreciate all the wonderful comments folk have left about my last few entries," said Bird. "What a wonderful treat to come to today! I only had a few moments to look, but the work you've all been doing is just amazing. Another reason now to look forward to our launch - so that I can come back & dive more deeply into these wondrous works. :-)" - In Progress
Talismans by CrowTarot found at
Twitter: @CrowTarotTours

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this magnificent untitled mixed media in progress for the theme, "Explosive Celebration".

"I chose Explosive Celebration for this week's expression, since that's how I feel!" said Amanda. "My life is growing and changing in ways I never expected. Even though there are moments of pain and struggle, the celebration is definitely winning out!"

Natasha, creator of Doodlestar, created this piece for the theme, "Vibrant Chaotic Rainbow."

I feel as though colors and celebration are exploding within and all around me. This theme captured that feeling so I created a little ring to celebrate the moments of chaotic, blissful beauty.

Are you inspired to create even more now??? Well so am I! In fact, there was such a response to this theme from folks who participated and those that wanted to that I'm doing it again. Yup...rewind! Let's do it again one more time.....

The next theme is "Participant's Choice The Sequel". If you have loved a theme and want to create now you can play with it!! PLAY!!


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Ahhhhh! I am SO thrilled to find so many of our old buddies here again today! What a fantastic group...I missed you all and am overjoyed to see this explosion of celebration here (see, I still can't get that theme out of my head!).

Aqua: I looove the movement and dynamic lines in your sunny ocean scene--and yes, your cardinals can fly wherever they want! Now, can WE fly to the ocean, please?

Kelsey: great to see you again. This scarf is so pretty and dramatic--I would love to wear this. Your second photo is beautiful in its own right, too (that swoop of hair and peaceful smile set off the scarf perfectly).

Jodi: GIMME! Gimme! I want that necklace NOW! Hee hee. :) I think I'd feel like an exotic mermaid queen if I wore that... This might be my favorite of yours--ever! The lines are so graceful and fluid--then those perfect little blue beads wrapping around the delicate center. Ahh. I want. :)

Althea: Welcome! Love the sunshine and watery feel of your pendant--man, you guys are making me long for the ocean (which is faaar from South Dakota lol). Great to see your playful work again. :)

Bird: Welcome back to you too! Hope your hard work is going well--I know it will all pay off for you in the end. Glad you could play with us this week! That enormous tree makes me feel small and powerful all at once.

Tasha: ahh, is this a new product line for you?? This ring is SO fun and . . . well, YOU. It makes me think very much of our Creative Playground. :) Love it!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Only a moment to stay for now, but just wanted to say how great it is to be back!

Thnx Amanda, for your kind words! :-) I can't wait to come play w/you & Natasha in the new playground after we get ours set up!!!

Everyone's work is just amazing, as always. Will be back a bit later to comment more fully.

Jodi - I'm amazed by these new works you've been doing lately that ribbon is just the perfect complement to your work!!!

Erica said...

Wow, each of these pieces is really amazing! great work!

SalvagedExpression said...

Onca again I'm running around prepping for some extravaganza but I had to stop in and say how wonderful everyone's submissions are! Seriously love them all!

Natasha said...

Hello, hello, hello!! How are you all?? It is SOOOO great to see all of you - those who submitted pieces and those who came to cheer! I've missed you all - yesterday was a CRAAAZY day so I couldn't get here but I'm sooo happy to be here today. YAY!!!!

Maureen - after just finishing my morning doodles its SUCH a treat to come here and see yours. I absolutely love the way you created the sun and water. I like the idea of playing with the thick and thinness of the markers...I'm going to try this later but the lines from the curly to the wavy I love them all!And the cardinals were such a beautiful tribute to your Mom!

Kelsey - I've missed you! So awesome to see you and your gorgeous work here!How are you?
This piece is so lovely - I love its elegance but what struck me most was that you captured the personality of your music teacher. That's simply brilliant - I can *see* her in your work ..that takes talent. I love the way the beads flow down from it.

giraffelabel said...

i only have a minute...and i hope to come back later...but these things this week are so fun, beautiful, amazing, and exciting! i love them all! and, i am so glad that next week is our choice again, because i was so bummed that i missed this week. (i thought i could do something, but then i realized that it was already thursday and i thought it was tuesday! how does that happen?!?!)

Natasha said...

Jodi! How was the trip? Was it heaven? Did you all have a blast?
You 100% outdid yourself in this work. The colors are sooo inviting, the blending of materials is perfect and the fluid movement in this piece is outstanding. Jodi, although I want to wrestle whoever buys this piece because I LOVE and WANT it - its clear whoever wears this would be honored to display such magnificent artwork. It will make someone feel as sophisticated and stylish as a Queen. Truly superb work!

Sal!! I want to hear more about this extravaganza! I LOVE this pendant...the blue of the water, the shells - they make me want to stroll along the sand in Hawaii. Once again a unique and inspiring work that I simply adore!

Bird! It's been forever. How are you? How is building going? Good to see you here. That tree is sensational and the saying is such a great play on words. This is a great piece!

Amanda!! I LOVE the swirls and the colors in this work. I can see the beauty and celebration in the explosion - it looks like the sun has reached out its arms to embrace the world - just as you ahe done in our class. Love this work - oh and no, my ring wasn't or isn't a new line although I'm deeply flattered that you thought it might be. It was just a fun gift to me hehehe now I have ideas for more ;)

Erica - soo great to see you here! Thanks for cheering - how are you?? I will be coming to visit your playground today. I need an Erica fix!!

Natasha said...

Giraffelabel! YOU are sooo funny! I'm with you - in fact here's another one wasn't it just like January?? How is it almost May??? LOL life moves pretty fast when you're having fun ;) I miss you and hope to see you and your awesome work here next week. Have a great weekend!

Frenzy23 said...

Maureen-I love the little flecks of red for the birds, they really stand out against the blue.

Jodi-Beautiful piece, and I love the fact that even the ribbon it's on is a work of art!

Althea-Not only do I love the pendant, but the photos are awesome. The blue looks so nice against the yellow.

Bird-Love the tree and the angle of the photograph!

Amanda- It almost looks like tie dye and the yellow light makes it so uplifting. It looks like a celebration! :)

Natasha-This one made me smile. It makes me think of everything you've created with this blog, colorful, free. I also love your description, "chaotic beauty."

aimee said...

such gorgeous pieces!! and i love your ring!

Natasha said...

Frenzy - again, I LOVE what you created and what I can see...

Frenzy and Aimee - you MADE my weekend...thank you BIG glad you are all here

aquamaureen said...

A very belated hello to all the artists that posted this past week. I just let my head get filled up with too much other stuff, and I completely zoned on checking out what got posted. I got my submission in, but blanked out on the lovely feast of artistic expression on Thursday--didn't make it here till almost a week later, so likely none of you will see my comments .. so I"ll just say how very much I enjoyed everyone's' contribution. . each one touches my heart and soul in a unique way. Thank you all.