Friday, April 9, 2010

Sensational Artists Create the Most Magnificent Carnival

This week, these talented, professional, imaginative, sensational artists made me want to go to a carnival or turn everything in my life into a carnival of light, color and celebration. This feast for the eyes celebrates the playful side of ourselves, the side that embraces those around us saying, "Let's have fun. Let's enjoy life."

Please join me on a wonderful carnvial ride!

Althea, creator of Salvaged Expression, created this gorgeous piece.

"I call it fairground night," said Althea. "On one hand it's a shout out to all those who prefer to ride the big rides at night and look at all the colorful lights as they streak past. On the other hand it's a big excuse to use as much colored glitter as possible in one project. Potato - Potato."

Maureen, a talented artist, created this stunning piece.

"Here's my best effort at fireworks, with my watercolors, wax resist, and blowing through a straw . . somehow the sparkle of fireworks is something I associate with carnivals .. but this didn't come out too sparkly. It's the best I could do on 1 1/2hours of sleep!" said Maureen.

Iris, creator of Iris O'Connor, created these sensational pieces.

"When someone says Carnival to me the first thing I think of is colour," said Iris. "Needless to say I took a photo when I passed those...whatchamightcallthem?....round things with awful sweet stuff inside.
They look good though :D...

and the rabbit shot was just pure luck, which goes to show you never know who you might bump into in 'the Carnival of life'".

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Amanda, created this magnificent Untitled mixed media, watercolor and oil pastel.

"The idea of carnival, to me, evokes bright and flashy color and bold lines," said Amanda. "I've been very busy with preparation for the e-course I'm teaching with Natasha (we start next week! See more info in the TST sidebar or at my blog), so it was a joy to spend time just playing with color today. Now I need some cotton candy and funnel cake!"

Do you feel like celebrating all that's within you? Then join in on the fun.

The next theme is.........."The Music Within". Celebrate music!

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FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Very bright and cheerful!!! Great job everyone. Sorry that I haven't been around much but illness/stress and then breaking it off with my fiance, my creative fairy is being rather gothy and depressed and not wanting to play with me anytime soon.

hopefully this will end soon,

Natasha said...

Jolene - you have been missed!! How are you?? I'm SO very sorry to hear about your illness, stress and breakup...that's more than enough for someone to deal with. Is there anything I can do? Please know I'm here and so is the TST whenever you want to play...sending you BIG, warm are not are very cared for :)

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Oh, Jolene, what a lot you've been through! I'm so sorry. I hope you know you can play with us any time, even if your "play" ends up looking a little dark! That creative relaxing time might help.

Either way, as Tasha said, we are here for you and sending cheering thoughts your way!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Althea: great to have you with us again! I feel like I'm looking into the galaxies when I peer into your ring. And yes, I adore rides at night--those lights streaming by are so beautiful. Great job.

Aqua: Hey, maybe you should be sleep deprived more often! Ha. :) Seriously, this is gorgeous and full of energy...even if you weren't!

Iris: I'm so pleased you're playing with us again. I love your colorful pictures. That candy especially puts me in the carnival mood!

Tash: I missed seeing you play, but thank you--as always--for giving us a place to do just that...TST means so much to me and always gives me a creative boost.

aquamaureen said...

Jolene--I add my loving thoughts to those already expressed. I'm so very sorry you have been going through such upheaval. I'm still dealing with the aftermath of a marriage breakup, so I know all too well how bumped and bruised a heart can feel. Truly, my times of playing with my watercolors and other art stuff have been part of my salvation. When I can't even think straight, my dear friend and daughter (Amanda--PersistentGreen) will say, Mom--paint something. And sure enough, that little bit of beauty speaks to something all tangled up inside me, and somehow refreshens my hope .

I'm so glad you came to visit today, and I hope you can feel our love wrapped around you.

Please come play with us as soon as you feel able.

aquamaureen said...

Althea--I'm so glad to see you here again!! And as much as I love the ring you've made, I'm just in love with the close-up photo!! I see that as a 4ft x 6ft poster!!! makes me feel like I'm right in the middle of the night sky!!

Iris--I love the colors and shapes in those candies . . . and Mr. Rabbit looks like somebody I'd like to play with!

Amanda--the last few pieces you've posted here have had such depth to them--I can't quite figure out how you do it, but I love feeling as if I can see far into the pieces . . and I LOVE the watercolor bleeds and blends.

Yes, Natasha, I , too, missed seeing something from you here. Hopefully next week . . .

I am also bursting with excitement because I'm signed up to take the class that Amanda and Natasha are teaching, starting next Wednesday---I'm pretty sure that once my inner wild child is let out to play, for a whole month, that she's nevereverever going back into hiding again!!

Hey, I bet some of you guys out there would love to join the fun??????

Scarlet of Moms Wear Your Tees. com said...

Wow. This is awesome artwork. I love the fireworks!
Following you!

giraffelabel said...

hi everyone! what great, exciting, colorful pieces this week! i wish i could have played, but like always, i love that i can play just by coming to look around! great job everyone!!

Iris O'Connor said...

running through as always------->
Natasha, missed your colourful 'doodles' this week!!!!!!!!!!!

hope everything is ok and you'll be back next week (aka this week...)

Jolene, I don't think we have met but I wish you all the best and hope you can come and join soon ♥

lots of love from a very very sunny Ireland :)))))))))))))))