Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Amazing Artists Create New Works That Will Make You Want to Dance Around in Celebration of Life

ANNOUNCEMENTS: I'm so sorry I haven't been around. I've been swamped with a new class but I will be around more starting next week. Thank you as always for sticking with me!!

This week, music moved these incredibly talented, amazing, professional artists to create works that will make you want to dance around. The colors, the movement within the pieces and the styles are something to celebrate.

Please boogie through these amazing works with me...

Jodi, creator of Jodi Horgan - Beaded Art to Wear, created these gorgeous Silk Soutache Trim Earrings.

Maureen, a talented artist, created this stellar work.

"This week, I thought about how music makes me feel . . . how it stirs the very middle of me and spirals out . . the color choice surprised me. Not what I intended, but it is what my hands chose, for this 9x9 watercolor with wax resist," said Maureen.

Amanda,creator of Persistent Green, created this phenomenal Untitled mixed media piece.

"My favorite part of attending a concert is feeling the vibration in my feet and through my body, like a second heartbeat," said Amanda. "Music has really shaped my creative life and been a constant companion and comfort. My piece today reflects how my favorite music makes me feel--vibrant, alive, and ready to dance!"

Natasha, creator of DoodleStar, created this art journal page.

I thought - music - and this was born :)

Are you inspired to let your hands move across pages and create works after viewing this week's entries??

Well, then jump into the next theme which is "Participant's Choice". I will be updating the list on the right sidebar of this blog to include all the themes to present but if you have loved any theme and wanted to create now you can play with it!!


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hurray! I LOVE how this week's theme and all these creations remind me how grateful I am for music. This is terrible, since I'm an artist myself, but I don't often think about the MUSICIAN behind the music--the one who works so hard, with such dedication, to create works that inspire and bless us. Wow! What an eye-opener.

We are a small but mighty group this week--I love each and every piece.

Jodi, you made me "wow" all over the place. Your intricate work never fails to amaze me. I definitely hear the music in these gorgeous earrings!

Aqua, I love how you and I both moved in swirls this week. I actually really like your color combination! I try to push myself to experiment with colors that are outside my usual go-tos . . . but it can be unsettling! It's worth it, though, because sometimes you can discover a whole new range of shades you adore.

Tasha, I LOVE your vibrant color and that joyful chubby little bird! You, my dear, are full of music and celebration and joy--and every week you help us experience that. Thank you for singing YOUR song and helping us find ours.

aquamaureen said...

Hello, sweet TST buddies . . .if others are reading these comments, and weren't able to post a piece of art work this week, please know how much you are missed :)

Amanda, I was instantly captivated by your piece. The swirl at the top, especially, just drew me in.

Tasha--I love your piece. So glad you gave yourself time to create and post for TST this week . . truly, the song we each are--the song we sing with each breath--is a gift to the world, isn't it? You captured that so well with your sweet plump bird. I imagine that her sides are swelled up all roundy with songs about to be sung!!

And with my piece, what I didn't say was this: I heard a brief talk this week, and the person said, "When I think of God, I hear a song." Me. too. That's what I was painting.

Jodi, those earrings are a song, all by themselves . . what beauty.

Natasha said...

Helloooo everyone!!! It's so nice to be here..I've missed playing so it was nice to return this week. For those who were not able to play this week but wanted to I hope we see you next week!

These works make me so happy...Jodi there are no words to describe how badly I want those earrings they are sensational..I love the colors and lines ...they look liek they are dancing to music!

Aqua - oh this piece moves me..literally. I want to stare at your piece for a long, long time then move all my limbs to a song within me. I want to wrap myself up in the colors in this piece...this is just beautiful. And yes I totally think the songs within each of us are a gift to the world :) Thank you for all your kind words about my little bird tweet tweet

Amanda - your colors remind me of summertime...right at the beginning of the day when the sun is striving to reach its's a magical time...the swirls and their little explosions of color make me want to run down a beach and jump to try to touch the sun...this work is just phenomenal. Thank you as well for all your kind made me smile BIG time :)

WindyRiver said...

Those earrings are stunning - colors, design, shape, execution. Great work!

Natasha said...

WindyRiver - I'm with you!! They are drop dead gorgeous from start to finish....

JODI! Your work is off the charts....we all want your earrings :)

Iris O'Connor said...

Hello sweeties :)))

sorry I couldn't participate this week but you and all that....

although you were a bit smaller as a group you created stunning pieces!!!
As always :D

hope to be able to join you again next week.

wishing you all a wonderful weekend ♥