Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Tropics as Seen Through the Eyes of Talented, Creative Artists

What I enjoyed about this theme was the unique road each artist traveled down while creating their pieces. Some drew from memory, others from wonderings but all found an idea that spoke to them and then brought it to life. I'm so moved by the vision each artist shared here; each inspired me to think about the tropics, color and the creation of art in a new way. Thank you to each person for this amazing gift.

Now, please join me on a tour of the tropics.......

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this mixed media artwork (tissue paper, acrylics, gloss gel, watercolor, oil pastel)titled, "Wild Flower."

"My husband and I went on a soul-stirring trip to Mexico with his parents in 2007. One of my absolute favorite parts was the lush, wild growth everywhere--including pink and green flowers so perfect and colorful they just had to be fake (nope). This week, I remembered those flowers and thought about how you and I are just like them--brilliant, blooming, and full of life."

Maureen, a talented artist, created this striking piece.

"AnnieMae often likes to fly through a tropical forest, tucked deep and safe within the wings of her favorite ginormous butterfly . . . look close, up by the eyes . . I think those luscious lashes are AnnieMae's," said Maureen.

Althea, creator of Salvaged Expression, created this gorgeous piece.

"Thanks to some coral that Bird so generously provided I bring you "Back to the Sea". I put glitter on the coral to give it a wet frothy look and then added the large turquoise wire," said Althea. "I'm really happy with this piece if not the photos in the near dark of a western Pennsylvania February!"

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created these sensational pieces titled, “Pretty in paradise” and “Lazy lizard”.

"I’m not sure what led me to tropical critters for this theme, except that I was thinking about how different tropical islands are from everywhere else," said Felicia. "Even their birds, animals, insects and vegetation are unique to them, and certainly nothing like that is ever found in my backyard! Right now in my backyard there’s nothing but a lot of snow!"

Teri, creator of Giraffelabel, created this phenomenal ROSE shoulder bag.

"I've been wanting to try working with this type of waterproof fabric for a long time, so this theme and my visions of going to the beach gave me the freedom to do it," said Teri. "The outer fabric is heavyweight cotton and the lining is waterproof. Perfect for the summertime!"

Kris, creator of Lisianblue, created this fantastic piece.

"Pink and green is one of my favorite color combinations, and I knew just what I wanted to work on," said Kris. "Meet "Flower", she isn't for sale, she's for my granddaughter. Needs a little touch up and eyes finished still. Working out a Yoda bunny for my grandson!"


Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, created this fabulous piece.

"These are really tough colors for me, and this week has just been one of those strange weeks," said Trina. "In fact, there is only one earring here because I ran out of rings halfway through the second! I guess you'll have to imagine that I lost the other one somewhere in the Tropical Paradise!!! I sure hope all of you had a better week than I did, and I'm making sure that next week will be a great one for me."

Natasha, creator of DoodleStar, created these two pieces.

When I started out, I thought my focus would be more tropical but what soon became apparent was my need to play with the colors. The Princess piece was created for my little one who wanted my character to do something "Princess-y". The second is another version of poem I created for my husband. I dedicate this one to him as well.

Should the princess be a card, print, journal, all three? The poem - the cover of a journal? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for taking a look :)

Here are the words in "Believe In..."
Believe In…

The world that lies hidden upon the petals of a flower,
That the princess will always be saved from the locked tower.
That each soul that leaves this Earth makes the night sky brighter;
We can make people feel more loved just by hugging a little tighter.
The magic you have within that makes you truly unique,
Gives life to the beauty in your thoughts and the truth you speak.
So believe in yourself and make your dreams come true,
Because this world needs to believe in the beauty that’s YOU.
© 2010 Natasha Reilly

Bird, creator of CrowTarotTours, created these beautiful pieces.

"Well, you fine TST folk have been saying you want to see my pics - this week your wish is granted! All of these piccys were taken by yours truly, and are hot off the digital presses, being taken on this very Wednesday," said Bird.

"And by the way, you will note in at least several of these pics, the complete replacement of pink by red. Well, red is just pink with no white in. At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it! :-D" - In Progress
Talismans by CrowTarot -
Twitter: @CrowTarotTours

"Tropics Meet Snow, Snow Meet Tropics" - Normally, you think of Umbrellas under sunny skies (at least the patio kind). It was a bit of a delightful disconnect to see these residents of the back deck in their winter gear, so I took the pic."

"Birds in a Row" - We had a flock of robins descend upon the skylight this afternoon, something that to our knowledge hasn't happened before in the time we've been here. It was so kyool. I took pictures. I also remembered days in Florida with the local robins getting absolutely punch-drunk on fermented berries. I bet these birds would have loved to have been there instead of on a snowy Michigan roof.

"Tropical Dreams" - Bailey, our Bassette (aka female Bassett Hound), dreaming of being in warmer climes where we could Go Take a Walk. Green pillows, red-brown dog, close enough. :-D

"Century in Sunglasses" - Looking out the side door earlier today, it seemed as if our car were wearing sunglasses. Another nice reminder of warmer, hazy, lazy, dayz. No red, pink, or green, but it makes me think of Florida, which makes me think of greenery everywhere, and pink flamingos, so it will have to do. :-D

"Angelic Bird" - The reality - trying to land on/sliding down a snowy glass skylight. The mystical - a bird in flight is an angel in wings & feathers.

"Bird Butt" - "I say THIS for your Winter!" -'nuff said, really. :-D

"Bird w/&w/o Poem" - After playing, drinking, and sliding down the skylight, the robins flew to various trees in front & back yards. These are compilations of a particularly nice one of those, set against visions from our snowy front yard.

After viewing this one-of-a-kind TST are you warmed up and ready to challenge yourself to create something new??

Well, the next theme is theme is.........."Orange Blossoms". In this theme we will use orange and a circular shape. The orange can be simply the color and then a circle used in some special way or it can be an orange button, bead, paint ball, fabric, sticker, or something else entirely. Let's create some delicious, original orange blossoms!


LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

I love Felicia's "Pretty In Paradise". Hope her snow starts to melt soon!!


Natasha said...

LisaBongZee - Mahalo!!! (Is that right? is that a good opening greeting??) I love both of her pieces...Felicia the colors are sensational!!

Amanda - the colors, pattern and flowers in this one are a knockout!! AND the words really speak to me this week...another artist friend mentioned "wild"'s making me restless in a good way. I love this piece!

Maureen - the colors in this butterfly are just exquisite!! They are so joyful, inviting ...and the eyes!! That is AnnieMae YAY!!!

Sal - I'm in love with this piece - first of all thank you to Bird for the coral...the glitter was a brilliant touch and I love the turquoise wire...simply gorgeous piece

Felicia - once again the colors and the idea of the island creatures were a great combo - nice take on the theme....that lizard is calling to it

Giraffelabel - this is my FAVORITE piece by you. I absolutely LOVE it...I love the style, the material, the colors and that I can take it to the beach....way too much fun...fantastic work

Lisian - I think this might be one of the most adorable pieces I've ever seen...the delicate nature of the work is exceptional...just exceptional. Your granddaughter is very have to share Yoda at some point!!

Trina - I love that despite the craziness of your week you still found time to submit this...I hope you more rings because this needs to be a complete set..the colors, the style...I adore this piece. I hope next week is a great one for you :)

Bird - what fun to celebrate the snow, the tropics and these special little creatures from birds to Bailey who is adorable!

Felicia Kramer said...

Hi gang -
Nice to know we are all fighting back against this weird winter we're all having!
Amanda, love the "patches of color" in this piece. And I can relate cuz I think I'M a wild flower!
Maureen - once again your colors are so beautifully vibrant. Very nice. Hi AnnieMae!
Althea - I can totally relate about trying to get good pictures without good natural light. Same here. Love that turquoise. How big (or small) is it?
Teri - I really like this color combo and waterproof is a bonus!
Kris - Flower is ADORABLE! Would love to give something like that to the next baby in my family. (Sooner or later there will be another baby ...!)
Trina - Many's the time in the middle of a project where I have run out at weird hours to get some needed item! This half looks great, though. Love it.
Natasha - Princess is so sweet! I think it would work as all three, card, print, journal. Personally I would love to send a card like this. The "believe in" would work as a print and a card, for sure. Are you going to post these?
Bird - great pictures all, and I can relate to the weather. We're getting our share of snow in Michigan now. The one I really LOVE is "angelic bird" bit without the words. I think it stands well on its own as an ethereal image.

Now, next week's theme will be a real challenge for me. If I have a most unfavorite color it's orange. Hmmmm .....

Trina said...

Thanks for all the encouragement on my lone earring, ladies!

I'm just popping in to say that I have been just as busy today as the rest of the week, and there are so mnay things I want to say about all of the wonderful entries, and I promise I will come back and say all of them.

For now, just know that I am amazed, as always, and I love what you all created. Everything is fantabulous.

Back later with more, I promise!


Natasha said...

Felicia! Thank you for your comments and your pieces - its snowing tons here again!! Thanks for the feedback it helped a ton ... I listed the princess as a print..I was going to put the princess card, the girl with the heart and the girl with the balloon in a box set of cards and make it so that people could buy an assortment or a box of one kind what do you think? Should they be sold as singles too? I will be posting the Believe in one in my shop as well...and orange is a challenge for me too ;)

Trina! You are so cute! Thanks for your amazing words amid your crazy day! See you here later!! I send you wishes that the day gets better!!

Claudia said...

Beautiful blog! :)
Thanks for stopping by mine! :)

Felicia Kramer said...

Natasha - I think a box set is a great idea. In fact, I'm thinking about dropping all individual cards from my shop and making them all sets of one kind or another and just doing individual cards for special events, i.e., Mother's day etc.

Thanks for your kind comments!

giraffelabel said...

hi everyone,

really great pieces this week to get me out of my wintertime funk! i don't have much time now, but i love what i see here and i will be back later!

Natasha said...

Giraffelabel - again loved your piece! My daughter said, "I'm going to get that for you!" LOL I love it hang in there look forward to hearing from you later ;)

lisianblue said...

Thank you ladies- "Flower" for lack of a more imaginative name - is sort of delicate - while not very tropical she is pink and green! When I figure out the Yoda Bunny, I will send pics.

Amanda - YOU are a wild flower!!! so much said with so few words on such a pretty background.

Maureen, I want to go flying on that beautiful bright butterfly with AnnieMae!

Althea - one of my favorite colors - turquoise all wrapped around that pretty coral. I really like the way it's wrapped.

So, Felicia - what are these??? Did you draw/paint the birds and that lazy lizard? Both are so colorful - although, I don't think that lizard looks so lazy, he looks more like he's about to stick that tonque out and grab a tasty morsel. (for him anyway)Love that fiery sky behind him.

Teri - Awesome shoulder bag! Perfect for going to the beach with -

Trina - I've been having one of those weeks too!! I think you pulled it off quite nicely with the color combo and the dangly chainmaille.

Natasha - now we know where you get your ideas from - the Doodlette! lo - that is sooo cute little princess pulling a red wagon with little red hearts on the wheels - love the shape of it! And a pink sky! I love pink skies!
Yes, poster, journal cover, card and the poem would great as all three too - in fact the poem would be wonderful inside a card with a variety of illustrations on the front. "Believe In." is wonderful.
Bird - looks like you had fun taking pictures! Bailey looks so content! Century does look like it has sunglasses on - that's funny!
Brid w/wo poem - like both a lot - but I do love the poem - and Bird Butte lolololo
oh you guys in the east have had sooo much snow - our mountains have snow - hardly any in town here this year tho. Hope you thaw out soon!
and now to watch the ladies skate! Have a wonderful day everyone.

Natasha said...

Lisian! I truly love Flower...I even love the name ;) I look forward to Yoda pics too!! Thank you so much for the thoughtful comments and feedback - that was great. Yes Little Doodle is a HUGE source of inspiration in my life ...makes me sooo happy!! Oh and Bird I forgot to mention that Birdy Butt made me laugh out loud! Ok I too am off to see the ladies skate and then watch the snowfall it is beautiful :)

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hi lovely ladies! Thanks so much for the heartfelt comments. Every week I feel closer to what I'm really after--and your feedback helps so much.

Aqua: your colors are just delicious! I love AnnieMae-butterfly's long lashes.

Althea: oh wow, that graceful swoop of turquoise is gorgeous. I've really wanted to try working with that kind of wire, but can't afford another expensive habit! lol

Felicia: you are on your game this week for sure! I'm with Kris--how did you create these gorgeous pieces? However you did it, I'd love to see more like this.

Teri: I might have to fight Tash for this bag. ;) The color! The pattern! Love it.

Kris: what a sweet gift for your little one! Was this a prefab piece you painted? Too cute.

Trina: I know what you mean about "those" weeks--hope the next one is better for you. I'm so glad you went ahead and showed us what you had, instead of giving up when you ran out. That's glass half-full for sure! :)

Tash: adorable! I say go with all three--why not? And yes, that poem is so sweet and inspiring. Your husband is one lucky guy. :)

Bird: looks like you had a fun day! "Angelic Bird" is so cool. You captured a great moment there.

And as for next week's theme.... muahaha, I happen to LOVE orange lately! I never worked with it much before, but all of a sudden it's showing up everywhere for me. Thanks for giving me another excuse. :)

lisianblue said...

Amanda - yes, it is a prefab piece - I only bought 2, 1 for each grandkid - I may grab a few more so if and when I get more (grandkids) I'll have the bunnies.
lolololo orange - I love orange - orange dreamsicles, orange jelly candy, chocolate covered orange jelly candy, orange juice, but have even less orange than yellow around - this one will be challenging!
Natasha -Little Doodle's at a fun age isn't she???

DeeCee said...

Everything is so beautiful. The colors, and the feelings they give. Each person has their own talent, and from my point of view, they each love what they do.
Wonderful blog. I really enjoyed it.

Felicia Kramer said...

For those of you who asked, and at the risk of lowering my stature in your eyes, the birds and the lizard are (pretty boring) clip art illustrations. I pull them into Photoshop and that's when I start playing with layers from backgrounds I created, Photoshop brushes and textures, and of course layers of colors to create the effect I want. Both prints have something like 6 layers. It's like painting, but with a computer, and I try to incorporate as much of my own art as I can. I wish I had the technical ability to draw these myself, but I don't. So there - my confession! LOL

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Felicia, don't feel bad at all! I know from working in Photoshop that it isn't easy in the least. You still have to bring the vision, then have the technical ability to be able to pull it all off without looking choppy or fake. You did a beautiful job here!

Natasha said...

Amanda! Again that "wild" piece completely stayed with me..I love every part of it...and we're fighting over Giraffelabel's bag eh? LOL! Thanks for the feedback on my pieces - sooo appreciated...I'm working on it :) I cannot wait to see what you create for next week..I know it will be excited

Lisian - she is at the best age but what I find amazing is that it just keeps getting better!!!

DeeCee - fantastic to see you here!! Thank you for your are a sweetheart...tell me when are you going to join us for a theme??

Felicia - I love you - what a doll you are seriously!! I love this "confession" but here's the thing I TOTALLY agree with Amanda!! The fact that those images are clipart takes nothing away from the work - what you do takes talent, true talent, like painting - you are bringing this vision to life and it takes a lot to make that happen. I'm always in awe of your work including these pieces - I love what you do, who you are and what you create - and how beautifully you's inspiring to me. BIG celebratory hugs on fabulous pieces of work :)

Trina said...

Well, I did make it back, but I'm late enough that I'm not sure that many will see my comments. Sorry!

Like I said earlier, this was a great week, and I loved everything. The tropics sound soooo good right about now!

Amanda, your work this week reminds me of one of my favorite children's writer/illustrators (who also does tissue paper collage), Eric Carle. Beautiful!!!

Maureen, that has to be one of the cheeriest, lovliest, most smile-inducing butterflies that I have ever seen. I love the colors you chose.

Althea, I wish I could bend wire like that (I like mine to come pre-formed in rings). You did a fantastic job of showing off the shape of the coral with your wire work.

Felicia, I like both of your critter pictures so much, I can't decide which I like better. I love the colors in the cockatiels, but the movement in the gecko picture really speaks to me. I am also impressed by the description that you gave of your methods in the comments. Wow, that sounds like a ton of work!

Teri, this is another stunning bag. I love the shapes you choose, they look so functional and easy to carry, not fussy.

Kris, that bunny is adorable. I think it has an aaaahhhh factor of about 11. How great that your grandaughter will get to enjoy her. I would LOVE to see your Yoda bunny.

Natasha, as usual, your poem is right on. I think that this would make sense on both a card and a print, and the drawing would be wonderful on a card, a print and in a journal. I really like the way that you juxtapose the old-fashioned princess imagery with the "little red wagon" modernity. Very cool.

Bird, it is great to see some of the pictures that you have taken. I especially like the ones of the birds. Again, your talent for matching the text and the image is great.

Oh, and while I can do "circles" until my eyes bleed, this Orange is going to be a challenge. Wish me luck!

See you all next week, which I am determined is going to be less hectic.

Natasha said...

Trina - once again loved your work..such great color and style...thank you so much for all your thoughtful comments and feedback..I just listed the cards..working on the rest..big hugs!

aquamaureen said...

well, pooh!!! Just about everything I wanted to say about all this beeeeyoutiful art, has already been said!!!!

I will try to find something NEW to say, but please know, each of you, that I am also echoing all the lovely and insightful comments the others have made.

I just LOVE the diversity of our offerings . .

Amanda--I'm captivated by the juxaposition of the angular splotches of color and the lovely loopy petals--makes me think that EVERY part of our lives adds to our flowering.

[thanks to everyone for your sweet comments on my butterfly--sometimes it's hard for me to feel as if my stuff is "real" art, next to all of yours. So I really appreciate your responses.]

Althea--the coral is beautiful, but oh, I'm in LOVE with that wrap of turquoise wire, especially the swirl near the bottom.

Felicia--I loved your pictures, but also hearing the discussion in the4 comments of how they came to be. I've sat next to Amanda while she was working her magic in Photoshop, so I know that it takes a particular gift to use those digital possibilities. The colors and the depth in the gecko picture are particularly eye-catching.

Teri--looks like there's one more of us joining in the fight over that bag!!! It just hollers SUMMERTIME!

Kris--your granddaughter is blessed to have you for a gramma!! that third photo especially is so huggable.

Trina--yahoo to you for posting the one earring you WERE able to finish--i really like the two straight pieces going at right angles to each other. I think that would hang really nicely.

Natasha--I agree with all the rest--both images could work in all the formats you've suggested.
My fav is the princess. She has such a sweetly confident air--I can feel the gentle breeze lifting her blue thingie and letting it trail behind her. and I love the hearts on the wheels!!

Okay Bird, I know this reveals my general level (or lack thereof) of sophistication, but once I saw the bird "anointing" the snow, I had my favorite!!!

Once again, I am proud of us all. We rock!!

Natasha said...

Aqua - your art is a real, inspiring, breath of colorful fresh air and I'm sooo glad you choose to share it here!! Thank you for your comments - I love those hearts too ;) And you are soo right we all do rock!!

Felicia Kramer said...

Thanks, everybody! :)

lisianblue said...

Oh more sweet comments thank you ladies - Maureen & Felicia leaving comments on your blogs.

I know it came yesterday but I had wet cement in the way to get to mail boxes. The card is so cute, it's perfect as a card, and I love the extra one too!!! Thank you, & the little elephant card is so sweet!!!!!! oh my you didn't need to send it priority!!! You really must put those in your shop as cards if you haven't already.
Thank you!!!!

lololo captcha is gofundis!!

Natasha said...

Lisian - YAY!!! I'm sooo glad you got everything...I just wanted to be sure it got there in time for you to send to your that you loved it... I sold the cards today and will be relisting them next week...thanks again for giving me the opportunity to create something so special :)

lisianblue said...

I'm not surpised they sold so quickly! They are great cards!!! Thank you again!