Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Day....Let's PLAY!!!!

Welcome to Saturday on the TST. We were supposed to wake to TONS of snow today but alas not a single flake fell here. BOO! I was looking forward to a snow day. Oh well, I still want to play so what do you say we write a 25 word story. YAY!!!

In honor of my amazing teacher, Abigail Thomas, let's write:

a 25 word story about something that was supposed to happen but didn't.

Please submit your story no later than Monday, February 8th at midnight. They will all be posted on Tuesday, February 9th.


Trina said...

I'm so going to try on this one, but writing is not exactly my strong suit!!! Two questions, though, does the 25 word limit include the title and is that exactly 25 words or a max of 25?


SalvagedExpression said...

Ha ha whereas our final count was approx 2 feet. I can send photos if you want to live vicariously.

Natasha said...

YAY Trina!!! I love that you are going to try and I bet what you create will be awesome!!! YAY!! If you'd like to give your piece a title that's fine it does not count toward the 25. The 25 is the max - if you can write a story in less go for it!

Sal!! Are you serious?? Yes PLEASE send photos and send ones I can share on TST I'm going to post them this week! Are you playing in it??

jodi said...

Not a single flake. We'll send you some. We got about 2 feet and no power for 16 hours. I'm not much of a writer, but I've been working on this week's theme.

SalvagedExpression said...

Well in this case the part of "play" was in fact played by Mr. shovel the driveway, but it was definately more fun than it should have been. You know how sometimes you realize that something will make you sore in the morning so you dive in with gusto? Yeah like that!

Natasha said...

YAY Jodi!!! IM SOOOO excited that you are working on it - right now I'm doing a backflip! Can you see it??? And YES please send photos I'm going to share them on TST this week - have you been playing? Are the kids in 7th heaven??

Sal - are you saying you are feelin that good pain today?? I love that Mr. Shovel was the part of "play" LOL!!