Friday, February 5, 2010

Theme 44: A Bead, a Button and a Little Bit of Flair

How you choose to interpret the theme is completely up to you. It simply needs to be tasteful – no pornography or messages of hate here. When you sit down to create, you cannot think about how people will or will not receive your work. You are required to simply enjoy the act of creating.

Create whatever moves you and be sure that it contains:
a lavendar color
2. either beads or buttons or some other embellishment that gives your work that added bit of flair.
Try using a material you have never used but always wanted to!

Important Guidelines

The work submitted must be something you have created and/or worked on between the time the theme was revealed and the Thursday unveiling. Please submit your response to no later than end of day Wednesday, February 10th if you would like it to be posted on Thursday, February 11th. OR send me a link to your response to include in the comments section of the post.

With your response please include:

1. Your name - either first name, shop name or both.

2. The name of your piece (if you choose to give it one)

3. Something you'd like to share (process of creation, idea behind piece) if you'd like to share anything. Please limit this to 2-3 sentences

4. The shop and/or blog links you'd like to include

5. Two photos of your piece or of each of the pieces (3x5 or 4x6 and 72dpi or a max of 96dpi - if you need any help with that please don't worry I'd be happy to help!)

Most importantly, play with color, beads, buttons, and anything you've always wanted to play with!


lisianblue said...

beads, buttons and a bit of flair - oooo I have the perfect item!!!

Natasha said...

Lisian - YAY!!!! I really can't wait to see it!!
I'm dreaming up stuff now

giraffelabel said...

i posted earlier, but i guess it didn't go through. well, it basically said...i love buttons!! so excited for this weeks theme!

Natasha said...

Giraffelabel- I'm so sorry Lisian said she left one too but I didn't get it. I noticed it was running slowly but don't know what was up. If anyone else had a problem please feel free to email me...once again sorry! I'm excited for this theme too!! I may try something totally different!

Trina said...

This theme has got me very excited, too. Its got me thinking about some very different ideas. I can't wait to see what every one comes up with.

SalvagedExpression said...

I am bent on participating this time but I need to get some supplies together so we'll see if I make the deadline!

Natasha said...

Trina - I'm soo excited to see what you come up with ...Will Rose be playing too?

Sal - I SOOO hope you can make the deadline because I'd love to see you play this week!! Fingers and toes crossed!!