Thursday, February 4, 2010

All That Glitters Is the Sensational Art Created By These Amazing Artists

Note: Snowy Day Fun - Saturday is supposed to be a snowy day in the NorthEast so please tune in for a special edition of the TST and some special, snow day fun!

We are so rushed in our everyday lives that our inner sparkle is often lost. We move from this point to that often forgetting to let ourselves shine. However, when we stop and play, when we allow life to slow down that glitter, that sparkle explodes out of us. That's exactly what happened this week. These talented artists allowed themselves to shine and as a result we are left with some of the most fun, inspiring, playful celebrations of all that makes us unique.

Please join me on a glitter ride......

Jodi, creator of Jodi Horgan – Beaded Art to Wear, created this gorgeous piece.

“The glitter shoes inspired me,” said Jodi. “Unfortunately, I didn't have any red rivolis so I went with the pink. Perfect for Valentine's Day.”

Maureen, a talented artist, created this glowing piece.

"The sparkle ended up mostly inside Maureen this week, when she tried something new and it didn't go AT ALL the way she intended, but she enjoyed the process and was excited by the sheer joy of experimentation. She watered down translucent acrylic gel, then colored it with watercolor ink, then slapped it all on watercolor paper. The results shone more than they sparkled, but the artist definitely sparkled when she found herself playing, with no self-criticism, only joy."

Jenjen, creator of Gotta Love Mom, created this beautiful piece titled, “The world as my stage, my canvas!”

“I just enjoy nature (unless of course it creates havoc to mankind)," said Jenjen. "It snowed today (Wednesday) and I thought I definitely have to play today thanks to TST”s theme, “All that Glitters is Art.” I am so amazed on how the sun shines through the skies, and how the colors of nature just blend in so perfectly. I’ve been working on my four seasons since last year, and Wednesday’s snow completed my collage. I hurriedly drove to the park and took a picture of my favorite sceneries. (I even postponed my P90x work-out challenge). The task of completing the four seasons may seem trivial, but I am so proud that I finally did it! I am so psyched. I feel like I can cross out the items on my 2010 list! WOW, an inch of snow changed all that!"

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this mixed media painting in progress (soon to be offered as a print) titled, Find Your Spark.

“I was really struck by Natasha's comment that we don't celebrate our inner sparkle often enough," said Amanda. "My piece ended up focusing on that part of the challenge (although I did use a sparkly gold pen): what makes us spark? Are we making room for that spark in our lives?”

Teri, creator of Giraffelabel, created this stunning beaded ANNIE hobo bag.

“This weeks creation was, in a way, a continuation of last weeks,” said Teri. "I had such fun looking through, choosing, and adding beads that I wanted to try it with a bag. I love this fabric, and working off of the colors in the fabric I added some beads to give it that extra special touch. (I think I will be experimenting with this even more in the future!)"

Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, and her playmate Rose created these stellar pieces.

“I had fun with colors and sparkle this week, plus creating some pieces in my own creative theme...” said Trina.

“First, A pendant and earring set that used some of the "leftovers" from last weeks Carnivale necklace (there's the personal theme I spoke of...). Shhh...I get to keep these!”

“Second, my sparkle flower earrings. Lots of swarovski crystals, and some sterling and niobium flowers. Here comes spring, ready or not.”

“Finally, I just had to make something gold, so I chose dragonflies. I thought their sparkly, glittery, colorful wings were perfectly suited this theme. Plus, their good-luck and re-birth symbolism just seemed right.”

“And...I was lucky enough to have a playmate this week. Rose (her chosen "nom de plume) joined me in making her Sunshine Rainbow using modelling clay and LOTS of gold glitter. She had a fantastic time with her first Sweet Treat experience.”

Rose's 1st magnificent TST creation

Kris, creator of LisianBlue, created the sensational "Magical Tetrahedron".

“While browsing through my daughter's books, I found a book with 3-d geometric shapes. My head started spinning with a zillion ideas. While in Co. I made some out of paper, but was thinking of how to do them in glass. Home: I started with the tetrahedron or pyramid, and I have made a few, but this weeks theme was a perfect fit for where I wanted to take this fun shape. 1. I wanted to be able to open and close it. 2. put a motion activated light inside. Figuring out the hinge system wasn't too hard, just tricky to do, but making a latch for it was a real challenge - I accomplished both finally with this piece. It has more places to go in the future!! I'll be writing about it on my blog later today if you want to read about it, or see more pictures of it.


1st pic - w/red crystal "Dazzlers" light not on

2nd pic - w/red Dazzlers - light on

3rd pic w/clear Dazzlers light on

Bird, creator of CrowTarot and CrowTarot Tours, created these phenomenal pieces.

“Way more restrained than I expected to be this week, color-wise, :-D” said Bird.
“Some pretty, glittery baubles for you... soon to be available at our CafePress store.”

Talismans by CrowTarot
found at

CrowTarot Tours
"Helping you put the 'normal' in 'paranormal'! :-D - Coming Soon!

Natasha, creator of Doodlestar, created this art journal page. The birds sparkle although it's hard to tell here. She may turn it into a journal cover.

As a special treat, her Mini-doodle created this painting using glitter paint.

Mini-Doodle's 1st splendid TST creation

After viewing this beautiful TST are you feeling full of sparkle that needs to be shared?? Are you ready to dive in and start creating for the next theme??

Well, the next theme is theme is.........."A Bead, a Button and a Little Bit of Flair". Create whatever moves you and be sure that it contains: 1. a lavendar color and 2. either beads or buttons or some other embellishment that gives your work that added bit of flair. Try using a material you have never used but always wanted to!


Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Natasha, thank you for this playground where LIFE shines - and yes, all that glitters is ART!

I enjoyed viewing everyone's work and they all definitely add color to the winter blues!
I'm rushing out of the house to attend to my kiddies, but I'll be back later tonite to take another look.

Great job, everyone! (Not just a cliche ) - but truly, the time, dedication and passion that go with every artwork is intense and immense!..that's why NOT everyone can do it...and have fun and get inspired doing it. Kudos to all!

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Congratulations to mini-doodle's first creation! Looking forward to see more - (Natasha, I'm sure you already did this but write the date at the back. I had my now 8yo's watercolor artwork of a waterfall when he was 2yo framed and posted in the dining room.)

Oh - LisianBlue, how ingenious! Magical Tetrahedron! I can see a lot of girls wanting to own one! Does it light up depending on the mood? - Awesome, awesome piece!

Janie said...

Awesome creations you guys!

Love mini-doodle's creation also!

Natasha said...

Jenjen - I LOVED your seasons collage! It was gorgeous - I agree the way sunlight hits thing is amazing as are all the colors. I loved the quotes you chose as well - they were inspiring! I totally date the work too!! I want her to be able to see what she made. I have three I'm going to frame and the rest are up around the house - I want to see what framed waterfall! Great work, Jenjen, so glad you played.

Janie! How are you? How are things going? We missed you! Thanks for the comment on Mini-doodle's work - I showed her that its online and she thought it was cool for a second before returning to her paints to paint some more LOL

Trina said...

What an amazing group of entries. My eyes don't know where to land first!

Jodi -- those earrings are outrageously cool. So far from the color pallette I normally wear, but I would buy some outfits, just to have an excuse!

Maureen -- I love this. I'm not sure what I like best, the shape, the color, or the sun. I think your shimmer really sparkles.

Jenjen -- Your trees are magical! They are making me with for the sparkle of a newly fallen snow. I'm glad you had time to play.

Amanda -- all I have to say is when is the print going to be ready? I want to frame one and hang it by my bed where it will be the first thing I see every morning!

Teri -- this bag is so beautiful. Between the colors, the beadwork and the design, I think it is a masterpiece!

Kris -- you took my breath away. Your pyramid is so creative, so ingenious and so beautiful. I do want to know how tall it is (just so the picture in my mind is more accurate).

Bird -- Thank you for the reminder! Your work is amazing, as always. I especially like the closeup of the dew-beaded spiderweb. What a great shot and a great find.

Natasha -- How cool to see an inside page from one of our journals. I love the words on the flower (I can't quite read them on my monitor, are they a prompt?). I think the flower paper on the bottom section is perfect!

Mini-Doodle -- I think your glitter painting is really nice. I hope you come join us again.

Well, I'm off to find lavender and buttons...wish me luck!


Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Jodi - beautiful as ever! I love the way you work w/color in your pieces.

Maureen - yay, you! Self-sparkle is very important also, and it's kyool how both you & your piece shine this week!

Jen-jen - what awesome pieces! I totally want the first two as prints for the walls of our new home, wherever it may be! You have such a great eye, and I'm thrilled to see you using it in this new way. Keep up the wonder-full work!

Amanda - stunning! I lvoe that I can see figures in the piece - angels or phoenixes, I'm not quite sure, but both have so much meaning for me, I don't mind either way. Glad to read this will be offered as a print soon! *adds to wish list* *hee!* We're gonna have some crowded walls in our new place!

Giraffelabel - I'm lovin' these experiments! I can so see that as a tool bag for crafting tools. (I baby my tools far more than my regular purse stuff, so this is a compliment, trust me. :-D) Keep on keepin' on! Can't wait to see what you do w/next week's theme!

Trina - those ARE lovely! Good on you for treating yourself! :-) Love the color in this week's pieces and the soft-blue-&-gold of the dragonflies is just so spot-on!

Rose - I love your rainbow! And is that a pot for the gold at the end of it? Looks like one to me. :-)

Lisianblue - this is not only TOTALLY AWESOME, but also the kind of thing I'd LOVE to feature on our new blog! We should talk. :-)

Natasha - love your work as ever! Birds??? Oh, I think I just found them - or did I? :-D Very kyool, colorful, delightfully inspiring piece in any case.

Mini-Doodle - I LOVE your colors!!! They go together so nicely. And yay, you for having the right attitude - others' admiration is nice, but it's getting what's inside outside that's the important part. :-)

BB & GF, All! :-)
-Bird :>

Natasha said...

Trina!!! Ok so I thought every single one of your pieces was fabulous - each one is infused with this bubbly energy that I want but the sparkle flower earrings are out of this world. I LOVE them...I love the colors, the style ...everything about them. SO funny Doodle was looking at everything with me and said, "I want those" just as I landed on them...they are just great. The dragonflies are just gorgeous..elegant, them. Everything is sensational!

Rose- I LOVE this rainbow..the colors and the way it truly looks magical. You created something so wonderful and I can't tell you how happy I am that you shared this with all of us! Come play more often please :)

Trina - the words on the flower read: "Stand tall before sunlight and clouds. Shien brightly. Bloom. Never stop reaching for the sky> Celebrate warmth, love, light, beauty growth, magic, sharing. Let life be a classroom." It's from my own art journal but you've given me ideas for the journal I'm currently creating.

Natasha said...

Bird- I LOVE the glitter in that first makes me makes me feel glamorous and filled with sparkle - right on. I love each piece but my favorite might be the last one - that web, those droplets ..can there be more beauty in something so small and can something so small create such beauty? Oh ...what a wonderful message as well....super work! Thank you for the kudos on mine - no they are butterflies and they sparkle and make me smile LOL and you are right Mini-doodle has the right attitude all the way!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Thank'ee's, Trina, Natasha!

The spiderweb pic is by a fantastically talented lady named Mary K. Baird. She seems to specialize in spiders and their webs, which is simply awesome on my planet, as they are one of my totem creatures.

I do have ideas for my own photographs as well - just gotta get working on them! :-P

Thnx again! :-)
-Bird :>

Felicia Kramer said...

Doggone, I'm so sorry I missed this week - my brain/heart just couldn't grab on to an idea - because this work is so great.

Jodi, perfect. I have to check your site or blog to check the relative size of these.

Maureen, nice! I always love the cropped closeups of your work and this is no exception.

Jen-Jen, so happy to see you here! You and I are kindred souls - nature and quotes. I'm trying to do the same thing with 4 seasons, but I still need summer so it will be awhile.

Amanda, love the organic shapes. I'm having a little trouble finding my spark lately but this helps a lot.

Teri, now there's a bag I like - so delicate and sweet. I love that fabric.

Trina, those pieces are all great, and you'll have to convince "Rose" to come back again.

Kris, have to get to your blog to find out more about these neat pieces. Intriguing!

Bird, three lovely pieces. And they all do "glitter!"

Natasha, your work always makes me go "awwwwww" and it looks like mini-doodle is following the same path.

Beautiful work, everyone. Hope I can get my act together for next week. I already have a germ of an idea.

Trina said...

Hi, all...

First, thanks so much for your wonderful comments. It is a fantastic feeling to have other talented artists appreciate your glitters.

Second, I cant wait to show my little Rose your comments about her work. She has been so excited. This has been a great week for both of us, and I think that your support will make it so much better.

BTW, Natasha, Rose is my "Doodle-bug", too, so I'm glad we picked a different name and avoided any confusion!

Thanks again!


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hi, friends! Have to zip through here, since my husband's birthday party is supposed to begin in...ummm, fifteen minutes. Oh dear!

You all gave me such a boost, when I really needed it. Thank you.

Trina, your comments always mean so much. Bird, thank you too for the kind words! Felicia, I'm sorry to hear that you've lost your spark for a little while--but that's exactly why I feel so called to create these inspirational people can be reminded of what's important. Trust that your spark will never die!

Big hugs to all--I'll be back when the hub-bub dies down. :)

Natasha said...

Bird - thank you for letting us know the photographer. She's great and I can't wait to see your photos!!

Trina - I LOVE that we BOTH have Doodlebugs - we are kindred spirits for sure!! With talented Doodlebugs YAY!!!

Felicia - you were SOOO missed this week!! Thank you for cheering, for your sweet words about my work and mini-doodle, and please know I think - we all think you are so talented, you have that Spark (thank you Amanda) and we need it. See you next week!!

Amanda - your work ...I'm with everyone I need your work, those words in my life!! Thank you for being such an inspiration in your work, as a person and as an artist in the world!

Love to you all ;)

giraffelabel said...

all of these pieces leave me wondering and smiling!

jodi - intricate and delicate...but also it!

maureen - i just want to keep looking at shiny and beautiful. i too love the close up picture...i want to touch it! :)

jenjen - i love the four seasons collage...amazing how one thing changes so much, yet stays the same...i love it!

amanda - your pieces are always amazing! the way you blend colors...magical!

trina - i am always surprised by your woven chains. maybe because i have no idea how you do that, but the things you create are fantastic! i love the rainbow if colors!
and rose - what fun that you played along this week...i love the rainbow and the glitter!

kris - wow! i am so impressed with what you did! i will definitly have to check out your blog.

bird - i agree that the spiderweb is amazing, and i love the quote is so true!

natash - love the journal page...i just love the shape of the flower...that tulip fave!
and mini-doodle - love your artwork. the colors are fantastic!

we too may be snowed in here for the next few days, so maybe i will see if any of my little artists would like to play!

btw, thanks for all the nice comments about the bag! can't wait for next week...i love buttons!!!

Jenjen said...

Ladies, I truly miss everyone! Your kind words are dear to me ;-)

Jodi - I totally DIG your beadwork. I browsed through your store and I love the embroided purse! I may have to wait 'till I win the lotto or something.

Maureen, your artwork brought sunshine to my cloudy day!

Amanda, how did you create it? The painting looks like petals. And thanks for reminding me to FIND MY SPARK (it's been missing for awhile)

Trina, the fourth earrings remind me of angels! They are so adorable. And what else shines more than angels?

Rose, welcome to TST and hope you continue to play here. The rainbow-like colors are truly magnificent.

Teri what a precious HOBO bag! I'm getting ready for spring...

Bird, you're so sweet, and thanks for reminding me that "All that Glitters is ME!"

Natasha, you know I love the journals! You just bring out the child in any one! Something that we should never misplace...I still have to let you know what I need for my daughter's 21st bday in May...

Again, thank you and it's been grand ;-)

Have a great week and see you guys again next Thursday!

Natasha said...

Jenjen - I've gone back and looked at your pieces several times today - just love them I the colors, the changes, the beauty...they are priceless. It's soo great to have you back here ...can't wait till next week. AND thank you again about the journals I have some seriously fun ones coming and YES let me know what you'd like for your daughter I'd LOVE to custom make one for her!! May what??

Giraffelabel - I think you know I'm a fairly HUGE fan of your work but in the last two weeks it's grown - how is that possible?? I love it - the elegance, the risks you take in combining materials (like the apron) and the colors and delicate delight you create with beads (the cuff and now this bag). I saw the bag and I thought I want it! Its simply fantastic... I'm soo excited to see what magic you weave with buttons!! And YES invite the ones in your home to play too!!! Thank you for the comment on my page - I dig that tulips too and mini-doodle has an eye for color that I love.

Natasha said...

Amanda I meant to say Happy Birthday to your husband as well!! Have fun!!

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Amanda, happy birthday to your hubby! Hope you had an wonderful party..

Bird, you might be my 2nd customer (after my MIL, haha!)

Felicia, miss you friend, and thank you as always.

Natasha, thank you again for this playground! I've got a few requests for notecards, coffeetable book and poster so guess what, I'm considering joining the ETSY gang.
The book is shaping up. I'm ironing out the last chapter. I guess it's tough to put an ending to it.
I don't know where this road will take me but hey, I'm ready to put the next foot forward to wherever land..
Lastly, my daughter's bday is on the 29th. I do love to get the hippo poster and still contemplating on the journal.
Hugs and kisses ;-)

Natasha said...

Jenjen!! YES open an ETSY shop!! I have to tell it's work and all BUT its also SO much fun. I would not be here right now in this space with all of you amazing artists if I had not taken this leap. I think you would do great!! Sooo I say go for it WHOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

And let me know if you want that hippo print AND I can custom make the most fabulous journal for her if you pressure I just LOVE making them and would be happy to put you in touch with other customers if you want hear what they think of the journals I make..May ROCKS! I think half my family was born in May WOOOHOO!
Let us know the minute you open your shop so we can all come play ;)

Natasha said...

OMG! Jenjen I hope I didn't sound like a dirty old salesman I just really love making things especially for people I dig so I get all excited all know me..I just never want toc come off know sales-y ...Ok I had to say that because oherwise I worry ...I'm off but will post the theme later today when I'm home have a great day everyone!

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Natasha, so cute, no worries! That's why I love working (if you can call it work) with you. I definitely want the hippo print and my daughter loves to write so a journal is perfect. I have to sit down and check out the doodlestar's shop ;-)
ETSY shop, we'll see. I sued to have a retail online thingy, even tried ebay but with all that work, I got disillusioned and closed shop because I wasn't selling my creations (?)...Depending on my extra time between trying to get in shape and finishing THE BOOK,m etc. THE BOOK is still my priority. I've been saying THE BOOK, I sound like a broken record, hehe!
In fact, we have to talk about THE BOOK! I really need to know at what point do I give it to RH??
Oopps, sorry I write(babble) to much!

Natasha said...

Good Jenjen I was worried! Yes I'd love to talk more about your book...have you finished the first draft?? Shoot me an email and let me know how it's all going! You can do it!!!

lisianblue said...

did you get my comment or did it go out into cyber space???

Natasha said...

Lisian!! Aside from this comment and the one you left on the theme post I didn't receive anything. When did you send it? I was hoping to hear from you so I could tell you how much your work ROCKED! Lisian its gorgeous - I think someone asked this but how big is it? The colors are so vibrant!