Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sensationl Artists Harness a Little Bit of Sunshine and Brighten the World

Many of these artists began this theme thinking that yellow would present a fairly serious challenge. What happened was that yellow somehow allowed them to open up and play in unexpected ways. The feeling that comes through in each and every work is celebration - celebration for the way yellow caused a new work to flourish, an old work to find that missing piece and all works to hum with life. These talented, inspiring artists will inspire you to take a challenge, stare it down and ultimately make something more beautiful than you ever imagined.

But don't take my word for it, please sit back, relax and bask in a little bit of sunshine that's guaranteed to brighten your entire day!

Jodi, creator of Jodi Horgan - Beaded Art to Wear, created this stunning piece.

“I purchased this beautiful cabochon from Lisa Peters ( awhile ago,” said Jodi. “I loved it because it reminds me of sunflowers which are my favorite. However, I find the color yellow a real challenge to incorporate into my work. However, I love purple and it complemented the yellow perfectly. The cuff is covered in purple leather and lined in lavender ultrasuede.”

Erica Voges, creator of Acrylic and Steel, created this unforgettable piece titled, "Remembering Spring".

“I am not sure what was so appealing about this challenge, maybe it was just a longing to paint since I have spent so much time doing other things lately,” said Erica. “I don't use bright warm colors often so it was fun to use yellow, and I love contrast so I thought using a complimentary color scheme would be a fun way to bring in the "other" and give the painting a little oomph.”

Maureen, a talented artist, created this beautiful piece.

"AnnieMae made her first TST appearance in a Halloween costume a couple weeks ago,” said Maureen. “She's back today, with arms wide open to the light, her sturdy body warmed by the sun's embrace."

Althea, creator of Salvaged Expression, created this gorgeous piece.

“The yellow in this hat decided to be its own piece of flair,” said Althea. “I'm almost disappointed since this weeks piece doesn't reflect the many permutations the idea went through before it became a lightning struck hat. The hat did give me a little gift though, while making it I ended up having tons of other ideas that I hope I'll get to work up soon!”

Amanda, created this stellar 8x10 mixed media painting titled, "The Storm," soon to be offered as a print.

“Something that really helps me when I'm feeling low is to remember that even when a storm is crashing around me, the sun still shines--above the turmoil,” said Amanda. “Hang in there, and look for that light!”

Teri, creator of Giraffelabel, created this awesome LINNIE diaper clutch.

“Well, I went with something comfortable this week,” said Teri. “But, I couldn't resist this fabric for this is perfect - greys and black with that pop of yellow! I've used it before on items in my shop, but never in this shape...and I couldn't resist adding the buttons. I love it!”

Kris, creator of Lisianblue, created these fabulous pieces.

"Nichole's Lily"
This was one of my 1st soft pastel drawings, 1996, my daughter Nichole was 12, it is her poem. This is the 1st time they have been made into 1 image. The (of) is my addition.

"Yellow" a short story about yellow.
I don’t have yellow.
I don’t wear yellow (it makes me look rather ghoulish)
Yellow??? Agh I don’t have much of yellow anything.
A few beads.
I love sunny lemony yellow kitchens ,
and yes,
I will fight you over that last piece of succulent Lemon Meringue pie.
Y e l l o w?
The color of my brilliant New Mexico sun that I eagerly drink in sitting at the bus stop on a cold winter day.
Yellow, the color of buttercups that grew beside of the house, where the bright fluttering wings of amazing Monarch butterflies danced in the fragrant nectar, my dad protected the flowers as my daughter learned a little about the grandmother she would never meet. My little one always came in with a handful of the sunny lemon cups bobbling on thin green stems. He wasn’t protecting them from her.
I loved them too.
The fairies and I played among them for so many years.
The color of Peace roses surrounded by pink.
Offered in a gesture of peace, an apology after a loud fight in my teens placed lovingly in her small bud vase given to her by her mother.
My mother’s collection of myriads of beautiful flowers that made our yard, and life a little brighter.
Oh Yeah, I have little lemony yellow squiggles.

Was created after frustration led to buying a new Dremel (Tues afternoon) to replace the cheaper rotary tool that made the tiny drill bits make bigger holes. Playing, drilling holes in bunches of glass, I remember the squiggles I bought months ago! NOW, I can do the squiggles. The sun, the sky, it's all about my beautiful New Mexico sky, among other ideas. Need to finish up a few butterflies, but I'm pleased with all the creations. :-)

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created this digital collage print, “Paint your own Sunshine”.

“With the dreary, crazy weather most of us have been having for weeks we might as well paint our own sunshine!” said Felicia.

Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry and Special Guest Rose, created this simply phenomenal pieces.

“When I started this challenge, I thought yellow was going to be hard, but everything just flowed... However, I want to let my super, wonderful, talented Rose go first this week, because her sculpture of a giraffe snacking on a tree at a watering hole is so much more amazing than anything I made this week,” said Trina. “She did this entirely on her own -- I don't sculpt, and I don't work with clay!”

“My major goal for 2010 is to get more organized, One of the smaller challenges is to finish projects that I started (some of them years ago). So, for this theme, I found a yellow needle case that I had started, finished up the stitching and put it all together with some fantastic buttons and ribbon. A practical piece of sunshine to use everyday.”

“Brandie-new, I made a pendant using some sun-shiny rings with ruby beads and fresh water pearls. I'm still trying to decide if it needs beads hanging from each of the teardrop shapes. I'd love to hear what you think!”

Bird, creator of CrowTarot Tours, created these radiant pieces.

“A couple of entries saluting our Sun,” said Bird. - In Progress!
Talismans by CrowTarot -
Twitter: @CrowTarotTours

Natasha, creator of Doodlestar, created these three pieces.

"I was surprised at how much fun I had with yellow," Natasha said.

This is going to be a print and a journal cover which will be in my shop today.

I fell in love with this material and created a journal filled with fun prompts for little girls.

This is a crayon that I loved making. I think I'm going to sell this with one of my journals...doesn't it look like such fun to color with?

After viewing this bright, creative TST are you feeling the urge to challenge yourself to create something new and different??

Well, the next theme is theme is.........."Those Tropical Colors Just Made Me...". Inspired by Felicia Kramer's "I'd Rather Be in Hawaii" week and all the stellar artists she is featuring, I want to celebrate that feeling, that thought, the beauty that takes place when we think of places like Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, etc. The only requirement is that you use two colors - green and pink. You can use tons of others and any material your heart desires but those two colors need to make an appearance.


Trina said...

Wow, what an outpouring of sunshine!!!

So many wonderful things to comment on...

Jodi, I just can't resist, since these are my College colors -- Go Huskies (Univ. of Washington). Can I borrow the bracelet for the next game?

Erica, what a beautiful painting. I love the contrast of the violet tulip with the wash of golden yellow. It feels so rich and warm.

Maureen, I'm so glad you brought AnnieMae back. She just makes me smile.

Althea, I have a thing for fun, funky hats. This one would go nicely in my collection. I love it!

Amanda, Thanks for the reminder that there's always sunshine up there, just waiting to be found.

Teri, This is so wonderful. I love the colors and the buttons. And the bow, and the shape, and the...

Kris, what a great idea, to put together your drawing and your daughter's poem. Both are amazing. Also, everytime I look at "Sunbear" I can't help but imagine the beautiful music that piece would make gently swinging in the breeze.

Felicia, What a great "pick-me-up" print. The bright colors and the uplifting message are wonderful.

Bird, I love the words that you choose to include with your images. You have a great talent for finding a match between written and visual expressions.

Natasha, I really love the tree with the falling heart. I think that will make a very special journal cover indeed. I am also totally in love with that butterfly crayon. Am I too old to play with crayons?

Have a great week, everyone. I'll see you next Thursday in the Tropics!

Erica said...

Thank you for including my painting! everything in this collection is so beautiful! I really love the black yellow and grey bag!

Natasha said...

Trina!! It's awesome to see you here...let me start with Rose...your use of color and your creativity - the idea here - has inspired me. I love your imagination!!!! Truly love it...I love that everything seems to shimmer here - how did you create that effect? And sculpture is something I never do but want to - what made you decide to do that here?

Trina - that needle case is gorgeous...I love the softness of the colors...I would just want to carry it around...and with the pendant I love it and would say yes to adding beads...I think it would just enhance it's already incredible beauty

Jodi - you never fail to delight me...your work is so inspired. I love sunflowers too and the combination of yellow and purple here just makes me want to it

Erica - first of all welcome!! I'm SO thrilled that you played this week. I love the way you used color in this's beautiful, haunting and truly unforgettable. I love her expression as well...this is just perfect

Maureen - YAY for the return of AnnieMae...I adore her - this sun makes me happy...I can't wait to see where she turns up again

Althea - I want to see all the revolutions this went through because I adore the outcome. The lightning bolt is fantastic...your hats ROCK in a major way!

Amanda - as always I love the way you blend your colors ...this is no exception and the message is just great....this will make a gorgeous print

Teri - your creations always have such fantastic fabric! This material is great...the bag is lovely...I love the buttons on it...I think I'm becoming a button addict

Kris - the pastel drawing that is now a print is just wonderful...I love the images and words...your yellow story was funny, moving and inspiring and I want those sun bears and the butterflies - I love it all...

Felicia - I love, love, love all the parts of this digital truly brought sunshine into my life today

Bird - as always inspiring words and images ...I am in love with the sunflower one...YAY!!

Great work everyone - thank you for all the inspiration!!

Natasha said...

Trina - way you are NEVER too old to play with crayons...I have a bunch more coming into my store...just wait till you see them LOL...and thank you...I loved making that falling heart piece...the journal goes into the store just makes me smile when I loook at it :)

lisianblue said...

Greetings on this bright sunny day - as the sun is now going down! What a bright collection of beautiful pieces.

1st Trina & Natasha - thank you ladies - I surprised myself this week. lo the little squiggles & glass do make a nice tinkly sound.

Jodi - the cuff is gorgeous - perfect use of that pretty cabochon.
Erica - Natasha put my thoughts about your painting quite well.
Maureen YES!!!! I am so happy to see a "sturdy" and open "AnnieMae", open to love, warmth, sunshine in her life!!! Wonderful painting!
Althea - The hat is so great - oh I think I'm going to have to put a yellow lightening streak on my bear! Isn't it great when 1 idea leads to others!
Amanda - what a beautiful reminder to look for the good when times are rough.
Teri - I like!! :-) Nice use of contrasts and using black for 1 side & the print on the other.
Felicia - oh yes, it does look like the sun streaks through my window hitting my paint brushes- did you sneak in my apt when I wasn't looking? Love the colors!
Rose - I really like your complex idea here - it's not just a giraffe, but a giraffe by a water hole snacking on a tree, and they are all so bright and shiny. Wonderful little sculpture! :-)
Trina - love the colors & buttons on the needle case.The pendant - I like the way you are so creative with your chainmaille - yes add some beads!
Bird - Beauty simply elegantly expressed in words to these excellent photos.
Natasha - I just love the girl sitting under the heart tree! It would also be a sweet card! I'm curious what did you use to create this? watercolors, markers...?
I imagine any little girl would love the sweet journal - and the crayon - oh yes that would be so fun to color with! I'm surprised you were surprised at how much fun you had with yellow! lo
Thank you for all you do Ms. Natasha, for giving us this bright beautiful place!

Felicia Kramer said...

Wonderful work everybody! I'll have to come back to comment more. I have one more interview to get ready for tomorrow's Hawaii post on my blog and I have a raging headache - again.

Nat - I'm glad I helped inspire next week's theme!

Natasha said...

Lisian! I love that you use the word "squiggly" and I love all your pieces this week. Thank you for all your kind words - both about the TST (just so you know its you guys who make this place magic!) And my piece. I never thought of it as a card but it would work - that triggered another image of her in my head!!! Maybe a box of assorted cards with her?? I used inks, ink pads, watercolors and markers to create her. Thank you again - what a bright, beautiful day its been ;)

Natasha said...

Felicia - get away from the computer soon it will only make that headache worse! You've done such an amazing job this week - hats off to you AND you made a TST piece that was gorgeous! You deserve a week awayin Hawaii for real!!! Hang in there and feel better!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hi, TST lovelies! What a wonderful time "sunbathing" here today, after it's been gray and cold here.

Thank you all so much for making this such a warm, encouraging, supportive community. I can't tell you what a bright spot this always in my week!

Green and pink--yowza, can't wait to see this eye-popping collection. :)

giraffelabel said...

it has been a crazy day, but i just wanted to let everyone know how much i enjoyed this weeks pieces! so sunny and bright and interesing! and, so many to look at! i hope to come back later and really soak them all in!

aquamaureen said...

First of all, I'm sorry I didn't make time to comment last week, because I truly loved all the offerings . . . and this week was the same!
Jodi--that cuff!! what a beautiful color combination!!

Erica--welcome!! Love your painting. I can SMELL the flower!

Althea--I'm always amazed at what you can do with yarn--I can barely make scarves.

Teri--your construction is always so crisp. Is this a reversible bag? or two different sides???

Amanda--you've managed to make a storm beautiful, and I love the message.

Kris--wow! you had a creative explosion this week!! my favorite is the sunbear mobile--I can just see it with sunbeams shining through it.

Felicia--I can't look at your picture without smiling--those colors are a definite spirit-booster.

Trina--I don't even know what a needle case is (other than a case for needles!!), but it's beautiful! and I love the pendant. My vote would be to make the pearl and ruby hangy-down pieces longer . .. add more beads there . .

Rose--I love your hungry giraffe, and all the sparkles. How did you do that?

Bird--sunflowers against a blue sky are one of my favorite images, along with sunrises/sunsets!!!

Natasha---I gotta gotta gotta have one of those crayons! They look like magic!!! And some of my favorite childhood memories are of sitting under a tree, reading . . . When you said you "fell in love with this material," what did you mean? did you draw that journal cover?? or is it assembled from something?? whatever, I can see a little girl loving it . .

A giant hug to all who participated this week, in posting art and in commenting. You guys are something special.

Natasha said...

Maureen! I was wondering where you were..I've missed you! Again I love your creation! Thank you for all your words about my pieces! I'm smiling right now - the first piece the drawing of the girl under the tree is an original by me, the second which is a journal cover is material I love as the cover and spine and the last is the crayon I made - I just put GLITTER ones in my shop how awesome is that?? I'm having SOOO much fun making them it's crazy and Doodle thinks they rock. She's carrying around a glitter crayon tiara!! LOL I love it!!

Trina said...

I'm so sorry this is late, I thought I sent it off on Friday, but I guess it went in cyber-space.

Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback on my pieces. I'm looking for some great beads to add!

Rose also says "Thanks" and that the shimmer is from just little bit of glitter. Also, she isn't sure why she chose sculpture, its just her favorite right now!

Take care, everyone, see you next week.