Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Welcome to 2010! Is it just me or does that the mere mention of that number bring a Space Odessey to mind?? LOL! I hope that wherever you are, this year is already off to a good start :)

I'm not a resolution maker. Instead, I wrote a letter to the Universe talking about what I learned last year and what I hope for in the future. As I reached the close of the year, I took a serious time out for myself and I realized that while some of my endeavors have been fabulous, I was not feeling fulfilled. I need to be creating -that's what I do - and yet I stopped. I'd gotten too "busy" to pursue my passion, my love. Whether it's with words or images (and I'm no drawing whiz LOL), I need to be using my hands, heart, mind and being to create or I don't feel whole.

So, this year I will be making more journals! I'm REALLY excited about them. They have taken a wonderful turn. My Etsy shop will be reopening very soon. I want to play more. There are far too many times when I get "serious" and really what does it accomplish? I think life is far more fun AND productive when I am playing. I plan to stay in touch more, spend more time experiencing life with my little one and sharing life with friends, family and all of you.

What do you want more of this year? What's your hope for 2010? Write it, draw it, share it here and let's work to make 2010 the year that we made strides toward our dreams....the year dreams began to come true.

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Marja aka Glass Elements said...

Happy New Year, Natasha and all other TSTers! :)

I'm looking forward to seeing your new journals - and the joy and play that goes into them. :)

I'm working on a theme - not a resolution, because those make me feel guilty when they don't get accomplished. This year's theme will be Growth. Growth for my mind, my business, my friendships. And, hey, if I gain a pound or two, its all within the theme. Haha! :)

Wishing everyone the best 2010 they can grasp. :)

Natasha said...

Marja!!! Happy New Year soooo good to hear from you!!!! How are you? Did you have a fab New Year? I'm LOVING your even gives me a journal idea hehehe...but I want growth in my life as well.Great idea! I look forward to hearing more about growth and playing here ... I will be starting themes very soon. Happy New Year, amazing woman ;)

paintingpam said...

Happy New Year, also.

I blogged about my new year's resolutiont. Might be ambitious but I'm reaching for the stars.

Good luck to you both.

Natasha said...

Pinting Pam!! How great to see you here. Happy New Year!! Thanks for the luck wishes now I'm off to read your resolutions! Can't wait to see what you have on tap and I LOVE that you are reaching for the stars!!

Natasha said...

Hey Pam I just went to your blog but it wouldn't let me comment BOO I have to figure that out tomorrow but I think your resolutions are great and you will achieve them!!! Reach for it you can do it!!

Felicia Kramer said...

Welcome back, girlfriend. The last few months of 2009 were not my best so I'm all for a new start. I like what I heard recently - don't consider your resolutions as goals but as "best practices." So that's what I'm doing - determining my best practices. I blogged about it:

Natasha said...

Felicia!! Hello fabulous woman! How are you? It is so great to see you here again. I'm so sorry the last few months were tough - I know you were facing major challenges but I honestly believe that this New Year will be wonderful for you. I will be by to read your blog resolutions and celebrate you! Let's make this an unforgettable year!!

jodi said...

Happy New Natasha.

I'm not got at resolutions. I always think of the new year as an opportunity for new experiences. I did like Felicia's term of "best practices". It made me giggle because that was a big buzz word when I was still out in the working in an office world. But figuring out your best practices is a good goal no matter what time of the year it is.

This year I'm going to be refocusing my efforts on working on competition pieces and getting accepted into my local artist guild. I'd also like to begin incorporating new materials and techniques into my work. I've also thinking about developing some kits and teaching.

Natasha said...

Jodi!! Happy New Year amazing woman! Best practices ... I have to say that's the first time I'd heard that but you made me travel back in time to that office world where the phrase "let's touch base" was a buzz phrase that always made me laugh. It made me think of baseball every time. I love your focus for the year ahead..I like the whole idea of using new techniques and materials I'm going to do that as well. Jodi, kits would be AWESOME and as far as teaching people would LOVE taking your classes for sure. Great goals I can't wait to share as you accomplish them!!

Felicia Kramer said...

You're right - "best practices" was a cliche back in cubicle world. But it just sounds better than making resolutions that I'm going to break in no time at all. I'm trying to get a handle on something - anything - that works better than what I have been doing for about the last four months. From November 1 until January 1, 2010, the big selling season, I had exactly two sales. If I can't improve on that ... then what???

Natasha said...

Felicia - I feel your frustration...I am so sorry have such an amazing product I truly believe there is a way to turn all of this around. I know you had mentioned a questionairre please send it along as I'd love to help. Don't give up!! I believe in you and your work

Laura Pugh said...

Hi Natasha! I'm so glad to see you back here (and everyone else too). I've been away for a long time and have been wanting to come back to participate in the TST. I think some of my best work last year were pieces inspired by TST themes.

I call my resolutions "hopes", so I don't get caught up in feeling overwhelmed. I have a lot of things I've listed this year and instead of doing it all perfectly, I'd just like to see some improvement in most areas. Especially with my family and my art sales. I'm feeling tired though, so it's hard to be very optimistic right now. Anyway, like others here, I did blog about it:

Happy New Year everyone! I hope we see a lot of each other in the next few months!

SalvagedExpression said...

That's why I like to call it twenty ten versus two thousand ten. It has a "future is now" feel that I like. No more excuses, bring on the flying cars!
For me personally I'm pretty open to opportunities right now but I let my lack of focus keep me from moving forward. I'm kind of a Da Vinci type anyway so a lack of focus doesn't bother me so much but this year I want to focus on momentum in any and all directions. I'm better when I'm busy anyway.
Towards that end let me know when you're ready for the supply swap. I still have stuff to take photos of and I'd be happy to get that moving when everyone has recovered!

Natasha said...

Laura - a woman who kept me awake at night last year with her gorgeous artwork. I'd just lie in bed and think about it and marvel at your use of colors!!!! Happy New Year!! What a great surprise to see you here. I'm so glad you are back its been too long. I agree with you about making great pieces last year - you did and just yesterday I was thinking about the pieces I made last year. I made things I never would have had it not been for all of you! I tried different materials and challenged myself in ways I never would have on my own! I'm looking forward to the new themes which I'm starting next week so I hope you will be playing. I love your "hope" list - I use that word as well- and I know you can make progress on it because you care so deeply for your family and your art. I can't wait to see all that you learn on this new year journey. I'm excited for you!! This is going to be a good year.

Salvaged!! Happy New Year!! Already you had me laughing ... I know this is going to be a good year!! I love the space age momentum you are gathering ..there's no question you will move and shake. Great assocoation to Da Vinci as well I would 100 percent agree with that - you have the mosy unique ideas. I'm always inspired by your willingness to experiment with your art!! I'm totally into the supply swap - let's talk now as folks are recovering!! YAY!! What fun lies ahead ;)

SalvagedExpression said...

Well if you haven't found it yet I posted a thread to the discussion group where we can discuss it or just e mail me.

Natasha said...

Why do I feel like I had that link? I'm looking....I'm going to email you

lisianblue said...

oh - I am opening up new possibilities with stained glass - from a couple of books I found at my daughters - She's ordering more & I get the ones she already has - these pieces will be more challenging to put together, & hope to expand into other materials - not saying more about it tho! I want to clone myself!! I want to be here & I want to go home and get busy!
Happy Happy New Year!!!!
OH shoot - I won't be home until a week or so - but have lots of items I could put in a swap.

Natasha said...

Lisian!! Happy New Year!! So great to see you here. How is the family? You have NO idea how excited I am to see the stained glass pieces you will make AND the materials you will be experimenting with - this year is going to be such fun!!!!! Enjoy the time where you are...when you get home it will be time to play WOOOOHOOOO!!

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Happy New Year, Natasha!
So glad you're doing your journals!
And I totally agree, I'm more productive, too, when my mind's being creative!
Blog's back ..and the writing's almost done!
This year is the year - definitely!
Take care,

Natasha said...

Jenjen!! Happy New Year to you!! Thanks for the kudos on the journals ;) I'm SOOO excited the blog is back AND that the writing is happening - this is SOOOOOO the year for you! YAY!!!!