Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art Breaks Forth and Dazzles All

Please note we have one entry that got lost in the shuffle! Please check out Maureen's piece!

Welcome back to the Thursday Sweet Treat! These gorgeous, imaginative, fun, professional works created by these incredible artists are proof that 2010 is going to be a fabulous year.

Please join me as art breaks forth from these amazing creators......

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this stunning untitled work in progress, acrylic and modeling paste on canvas board.

"This theme came at the perfect time," said Amanda, "helping me dive back in after a creative dry spell. Ever since I began this piece, I've been overflowing with ideas for other projects--it's like an art avalanche! It's so good to have TST back, isn't it?"

Janie, creator of Lifeartdesigns and Mypolymerclaycanes, created this phenomenal "Reaching for the Stars Together" necklace.

"I'm so excited to play this time," said Janie. "I made a really special necklace for this one in PMC (precious metal clay). There are two hands on top of a textured heart with fingertips touching a 4mm Amethyst Cubic Zirconia in the center (the star)."

Please note: Janie still has her Etsy shop where she will sell beads, canes, and pendants, but she moved all her jewelry over to 1000 Markets where she also has a blog. She's still in the process of stocking both shops back up.

Teri, creator of Giraffelabel, created this fabulous Burst of Color Tie Apron (? maybe).

“When I read the theme "art breaks forth", my first thought was of a bright fabric coming out from behind a darker fabric...breaking through,” said Teri. “So, I went with it....and this is where I landed.”

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created these two magnificent pieces, Cupid's Arrow and Pale Roses.

"These two pieces may not be very bright and cheery, but they definitely represent an “art breaks forth” for me, since I have been in a creative drought and doubt lately," said Felicia. "I tried working with both 20-word poems and pictures together and I’m happy to have completed something."

Cupid’s Arrow

No Cupid’s arrow for me,
My heart beats cold and weary.
This loneliness embraces me
I hold it tightly within.

Pale Roses

Pale pink roses arrive,
Crisp white envelope tucked among the thorns.
Letter unread, she arranges the vase
And sits alone.

Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, created these dazzling "Joy Bubbles" Earrings.

"This week, I had a beautiful necklace planned (and got it about 1/3 done) for this great theme," said Trina. "Then my father in law ended up in the hospital, and it didn't get done -- I hope you will all get to see it in an upcoming mini-monthly. Luckily, he is home and on the mend, but my plans for the treat changed a bit! So... I made these really cute, fun, gravity-defying earrings instead. Not only did art "break forth", it morphed and adapted on the way."

Bird, creator of Crow Tarot Tours, created these wonderful pieces.

"Kept thinking it was "Art Bursts Forth", but it still works, :-P" said Bird. "Will be serving these up Cafe-Press style just as soon as I can figure out how.
In the meantime... Enjoy! :-D"

Natasha, creator of Doodlestar, created this new Color journal.

"I will be re-opening my shop very shortly. In the meantime, I'm making new ones. This is a work in progress - still needs to be put together. The idea of "ultra-violet light struck me and this was born. Last year I made a VERY special journal for a special someone and used colored pages. This will have it as well along with color exercises and activites."

Maureen, a talented artist, created this awesome piece.

"Maureen painted a 9x9 self-portrait for Art Breaks Forth. For her, art comes from her heart, and also from her heart breaking forth--sometimes into little pieces, and sometimes in songs of great joy. And yes, she realizes her hair is actually short and white, but artistic license allows her to give herself the wild and curly tangle of black hair she used to have when she was little!"

After viewing this imaginative TST are you feeling like art wants to break forth from you?? Are you ready to dive in and start creating for the next theme??

Well, the next theme is theme is.........."Artful Mischief". Remember Eloise?? We are going to tap into our mischievious inner child and PLAY!

Eloise is written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight.


Janie said...

Awesome treats you guys! Yay, STT is back and in full color.

Natasha, we saw the same color. That's why I put an amethyst in my heart.

I love the new theme being announced at the same time along with this while the creative juices are flowing. Great new theme...and the cartoon just cracks me up!

And glad to see you "Doodling" again :) .

Natasha said...

Janie!!! I LOVED your piece from the amethyst to the hands I thought it was so unique! Does it take a long time to create a piece like that?? That ultraviolet color was stunning in that passage wasn't it?? Great minds struck by the same color and look where it took us! feels good to be doodling again I'm having a blast...the new theme will allow us all to be naughty ..I sooo dig that LOL

giraffelabel said...

i love these creations! even with craziness "breaking forth" in my house right now (in the way of 3 little boys screaming!), i was able to really enjoy all of this art and creativity!

i hope i can come back and enjoy some more later!

Trina said...

Wow! So much beauty to enjoy. Amanda, your colors really speak to me this week, I can't get over how the orange seems to jump off my screen.

Janie, your neckaace is amazing -- I love the hands holding the star.

Teri, that is an apron I would actully wear (and that's sayin somethin' -- I've ruined more clothes, cause I won't put on an apron I don't like!)

Felicia, I love how your art breaks forth so gently this week, it made me stop and think and enjoy for the longest time, quietly taking in all of the details and the subtleties.

Bird, WOW!!! I love the second one from the top especially, with the starburst behind the word ART. What a way to capture this theme.

Natasha: Your special someone LOVES her colored pages, and everything else about her journal. Her only wish is that there were more hours in the day so she could have more time to play! Keep on doing what you are doing, the world needs so much more of your special brand of loveliness!

Welcome back, everyone, I'm so glad to be here!!!


Natasha said...

giraffelabel - you know what I love about your work - you have such a fresh, creative, fantastic take on the ordinary...when you say apron I always think of this one my Grandma wore which I think was cute on her but not for me and I've never seen anything I liked...this week I'm with Trina. The burst of color in the center - great red by the way - to the tie which is so awesome...I love it...personally I'd buy it and wear it with pride. Keep creating...even with the 3 boys bursting aroun you!! As I write this my little one is running through the house screaming, 'Get me scary monster" while her Uncle chases her...ahhh, life

Trina - ok that comment makes me want to create journals round the clock!!! I LOVE that - thank you from the bottom of my heart...Trina, first I'm sooo glad your father-in-law is ok...I'm keeping good thoughts for him!! AND my hats off to you, my friend. Trina, there will definitely be a mini-monthly in Feb but look at the magic you created on the fly! I love the colors and the fact that they really look like they ae bursting with joy - does the necklace match? Amazing way to adapt and create....such beauty!

lisianblue said...

Just doing a fly by for now - great treats this new year of TST! I need to get out of here - shopping to do.........
I did have something to send but gmail wasn't cooperating with me yesterday - hopefully will have something even better for next week!!
Will be back later for more detailed comments
Bird - did you write the poems on the pictures??

aquamaureen said...

Oh, it is SO good to have TST back up and running . . . I loved the wonderful variety in today's offerings. .. But I was a little sad, 'cause somehow mine must not have arrived . . . I worked on it before and after church yesterday (went with paint on my hands :)--emailed it when I got home, but maybe I screwed up somehow . . I'll try emailing it again . Love to you all.

Natasha said...

Lisian - we missed you!! Thanks for coming to cheer and can't wait to see what you cook up for next week!

Aqua - I'm SOOOO glad you resent that email because I never got the first one and it would have been sad not to have such happiness on the Treat...I LOVE the piece you submitted - she's adorable and heART just makes me happy. Her hair is AWESOME!!

Trina said...

Maureen, I wrote my first comment before your picture was posted, and I have to comment again. I love your purple garbed; dark, curly haired; art-loving beauty. It is great to see art coming "from the heart"!

Natasha, I am positive that your journals are going to find wonderful homes. Thank you for your good thoughts and your lovely comments.

I can't wait for next week!!!

Jenjen said...

Thank you everyone for putting colors in my day!
Janie's necklace was pretty interesting!

I wanted to play but got sick...hopefully next time.

The fact that everyone took the time and participated is truly dazzling!
Art did break forth!!
Can't wait for next week.

Felicia Kramer said...

I have been a bit under the weather today and it's late, so this will be short.

Great job, everybody! I think this was a tough theme - didn't grab me right away. But that's okay, I'm happy that TST is back and we're jumping back in the water again!

Natasha said...

Trina - thank you soo much for you words - you made my day and it's early yet!

Jenjen - I'm so sorry you got sick! Are you feeling better? I send you well wishes and hope to see you playing next time - thanks so much for cheering!!

Felicia - I'm so sorry you are under the weather. I sincerely hope you feel better soon!! Sending well wishes your way ;)
I thought you pieces were sensational. I adore the cupid one and to be honest I think you are onto something with your collages combined with 20 wd poems. If that was a journal w cupid on the front and a poem within I'd scoop it up in an instant!Love the creativity. Great work!!

Amanda - your colors lept off the page and grabbed me this week. As I looked over everything again I noticed something funny - look at your pieces and then look at the dress on my character. Weird no? Great minds ...LOL Loved the work and so happy to hear ideas are flowing that's fantastic news!!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hi, everybody! Having TST back is like going home after a long time's good to get that perspective, but also FABULOUS to be back "home" again! I'm more ready to play here than ever. :)

Thank you so much for the sweet comments. Trina, I'm always thrilled to hear when people enjoy my colors--that's one of the most important things to me in my artwork. Color has a way of creating emotion for me...either stirring things up, or calming them down. I love playing with combinations to see what feeling they create.

Tash, yes, I love your girl's dress! I was thinking of sunrises and sunsets in my piece--the way a new day "breaks forth" like art. I love your brightly colored journal!

So glad Aqua's piece was able to join us--how could we not have that delightful heART-stirring creature?? :)

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Great works, all! :-)

Amanda - There's just something about that one that's reaching out & grabbing me hardcore. The colors, the shapes, all are just spot-on in this Bird's eyes !:-)

Janie - Love the symbolism & the texture here. Very nice! Love the concept of one's heart being held. (Gently, of course. :>):-)

Teri - Love your creative use of ties! Such a nifty way of combining the stereotypically masculine with the stereotypically feminine to come up with something that isn't stereotypical at all. :-D

Felicia - These may not be cheery, but wow! are they powerful! Hope you can find your way through your drought-and-doubt soon. :-)

Trina - Glad to read your father-in-law is on the mend, and yay, you, for allowing the design to change & grow along the way as needful. And I LOVE that blue! :-)

Lisianblue - To answer your question about my pieces - yes, the poems are mine. :-)

Trina - Thank'ee's for the compliment! :-) Saw & loved them both as I was looking for appropriate piccys. When I assembled the image, I realized that my original idea wasn't going to work. Went 'GACK!' until a little 'voice' said 'Don't be so literal!' Then I realized that simply having the word 'Art' bursting forth was enough.

Natasha - Living a life filled with color is a wonderful notion, and one I personally do my best to live by! :-P Love your journals - another great way to share your vision. :-)

Maureen - You go w/the artistic license! :-D Good piccy, and I love the concept of 'ART' being a part of 'heART', since the best of the former comes from the latter, imo. :-)

Jen-jen - Hope you are feeling better soonest! *bighealinghugs!* :-)

Again, awesome work, all! :-)
Looking forward to next week! :-)
BB & GF! :-)
-Birdy! :>

Natasha said...

Phoenix! Thank you SO much for all your comments - you made my night! Your work reached out and grabbed me this week..the explosive, colorful energy of each piece combined with your original words were stunning. My fav is the last one - from the sun to the wishes to the word art definitely burst forth!