Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Treats, Treats and MORE Treats

Note: The Imagine Series will appear tomorrow as I was not around yesterday.

Today, I am surrounded by things that make me happy! First, I'm working hard to re-open my shop so I'm working on a new piece for it (PSST...I'm also working on my TST piece for this week, what about you?)

When I'm not working, I like to surf, dream and play. I'm always looking for inspiration and this week I found it in three fabulous places.

It's the new year and what better way to kick off January than by finding a creative way to brighten the grey skies and add a little warmth to the chilly weather. Jodi, creator of Jodi Horgan - Beaded Art to Wear, is doing just that by sharing her heart. A friend of hers started a truly fabulous website for girls between the ages of 8-14 called iTwixie. I want to hang out there and I'm way past the age limit! LOL! Well, Jodi is sponsoring an ultra-cool project developed especially for iTwixie and you have to check it out. Please visit Jodi's blog post:
http://jodihorgan.blogspot.com/2010/01/sharing-my-heart-with-you.html to read all about what she has done then pop over to iTwixie. I wish this site had been around when I was a kid. Also, make note of the awesome kits in Jodi's shop - you might just want to snag one for yourself!

When you are done there, hop, skip and jump over to another spectacular little blog, Trail of Hearts, started by the one, the only, the fabulously funny Lorrie!! If you like Hearts - you know the ones you find on Etsy, the ones we give and receive with equal bliss - then you will love this Six Degrees of Separation style, twisty mountain trail site. I predict you will be hooked after your very first visit!

Finally, we've been talking about hearts so how's about sharing some of yours with a fellow TSTer and a super amazing artist! Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, has posted a questionairre on her blog, Another Bright Idea, in order to help her build her business. When you have a few moments, please stop by and share your thoughts with her. It will help so much!!

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Felicia Kramer said...

Good morning, Natasha and TST!

Thanks for the note about my questionnaire. I'm really serious about trying to get some feedback about what works in my shop and what doesn't. And I need more than just a few completions in order to see if a pattern develops. I appreciate your support!