Monday, January 11, 2010

Imagine Your Home...

The Thursday Sweet Treat is BACK! Look for a new theme this Thursday and please tune in tomorrow for an overall TST update!!

We all have those moments where we dream of redoing some room in our house or apartment. What do you think? Would you rather redo the livingroom ...

photo credit: Gridley & Graves



the kitchen

photo credit: Keith Scott Morton



PS I'd love to hear your thoughts in Jello, creativity and childhood!


lisianblue said...

Greetings Natasha and everyone else!

The living room for sure - as it's also sort of my bedroom and creativity space all rolled up into one! The kitchen would be nice to do - but I'm not sure the apt complex would let me tear down walls to make it the size I really want!

and on a side note - we have a new baby girl in the family Evie was born Sat at 2:02am - she's long and lanky 21"!! I'll be going home Sat I think!!!!
looking forward to seeing all the creations this week!
Happy Creating everyone!!
Kris aka lisianblue

Natasha said...

Kris - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Welcome Evie!! Oh she must be just big was she? How is your daughter doing? Congrats you must over the moon YAY!! That's the best news!!!!!

FunkyMonkey Girls said...


How did your move go?

I love my living room & kitchn in my house. Now after I get married, I have to paint & get curtains in at my fiance house...:)

Funky Monkey Girl,

Janie said...

Yay, TST is back! Hi Natasha!

Congrats on the new baby girl Evie Kris!

I would rather redo my art room lol! But I seem to be stuck in that department right now. Both of those rooms in the photos look awesome to me. I have a fish hanging in my kitchen as well. However, my kitchen is not as nice as that kitchen...And I love that fireplace.

So, how are all the TSTers???

Natasha said...

Jolene! So good to hear from you! The move was rough - we moved on Oct 31st but didn't actually get into the place until Nov 11th. I feel like its been nonstop - the move, Thanksgiving, Christmas so Now we finally feel like we are starting to settle in.Thank you soo much for asking. How are you? When are you getting married??

Janie! How are you?? What's new? How's your place? I love that kitchen - I love the blue stool in it LOL and I've always wanted a fireplace.

I have an update coming later today so come back and visit!

giraffelabel said...

yeah yeah yeah!

(before i forget...congratulations kris!! so exciting!)

i am so happy that the tst is back! natasha, i am glad to hear that you are settled finally. where did these last few months go?! i can't believe that christmas is already over and the new year is starting. flies by!

so, i think i would choose to redo my kitchen. i don't love to cook, but my husband does, and we do spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

can't wait to hear the new theme!!

Natasha said...

Giraffelabel!! Its been forever how are you? Great to see you - REALLY where did the last few months go?? They were a blur LOL! Isn't it funny how the kitchen really brings people together? When folks come over we often end up in the kitchen, eating, chatting...I love it

lisianblue said...

lolo thanks Natasha & everyone for the congrats! Evie is a long 21" and weighed in at 7lbs 2oz - tall and skinny sort of like her Nonnie! Right now we're battling jaundice and she has to be under one of those silly lights - and fed often - mom isn't getting much sleep - hopefully she'll be able to get rid of the light later today. Mom's the only one who can feed her - otherwise I would so she could get some sleep.

Natasha said...

Kris - thanks for sharing even more about this amazing new life! I hope she can come out from under the lights soon and that Mama can get some rest. I will be keeping good thoughts for this tall, fabulous little cutie and her Mommy and her Nonnie and..well the whole family!!!