Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Artful Mischief + Childhood = Warmth and Beauty?

Artful mischief = inner beauty? As I strolled through these stunning creations I was moved by the thought process and the memories that this theme stirred in people. The works are playful, striking, and colorful all wrapped in a beautiful package. Behind each one is a warmth I've never experienced while looking at art. It makes me want to call up my brother to take a stroll in the park and laugh about the silly things we once did. It brought home the gift of family and for that I can only say thank you to these talented, professional artists. What a gift!

Come, let's delight in the memory of childhood...let's see what the idea of artful mischief conjures up......

Maureen, a talented artist, created this fabulous piece.

“Maureen's offering this week is a tribute to her big brother. She was overjoyed to have this prompt pull up a memory of the incredible Halloween costumes her brother would make. One year she wore some sort of dress that had a bicycle tire around its hem to help it stand out, and her accessory was a magic wand, wrapped in aluminum foil, that actually lit up. So, in the midst of many Bad Things, her brother gave her the power to light up the night. Thank you, Dan!"

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright, created these two unforgettable pieces, “I see you!” a photo montage and “The Curiosity of a Child”, a digital collage.

“I took the photo of this little guy many years ago at a family party (I think he’s in college now!) and just love it,” said Felicia. “I thought it was about time to use it. Here’s two versions. I suppose my 20-word poem works with either one …”

That fearless, delightful curiosity.
Those innocent eyes bright with wonder and surprise.
Oh, to return to that magical childhood again!

I see you!

The Curiosity of a Child

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this phenomenal Color Outside the Lines, mixed media painting.

"I grew up in a very creatively encouraging environment, where we could always let our imaginations run wild (being homeschooled helped this happen as well)," said Amanda. "In my house, coloring outside the lines wasn't mischievous at all--it was the norm! Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for this blessing."

Teri, creator of Giraffelabel, created this sensational yet-to-be-named beaded fabric cuff bracelet.

"I honestly do not have a good "explanation" for how I came up with this," said Teri. "My thought process was something like this:'s
jewelry...beads...sparkle...let go."

Natasha, creator of DoodleStar, created this journal.

"I was playing with this paper all last week but I just couldn't figure out what I wanted it to be so I stashed it away. Then, as I was journaling about this theme I had a memory of pulling my bureau away from the wall and drawing all sorts of Cinderella things on my pink walls and suddenly I had it. The journal is filled with colorful paper to play on and lots of silly prompts!"
Please note my store will be opening again shortly :)



Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, created these truly magnificent pieces, a "Carnivale" necklace and two black and red bracelets.

"I'm so excited for Thursday this week. I can't remember when I have been more excited to see what the sweet treat will bring. This theme energized me in the best way!" said Trina. "I could have created and created and created for this theme, but this silly little time thing got in my way. I only managed to get two of the entries in my head finished in time. The others will just have to wait."

"The first is my "Carnivale" neckace. Bursting with color, wonder, and play, this was the first thought I had when I read the word mischief -- just a little on the wild side."

"The second are two black and red bracelets, an homage to my favorite Batman character "Harley Quinn". To me, she has always embodied all that is mischevious in this world -- a little fun, a lot naughty, and never stopping to apoligize for anything."

Bird, creator of CrowTarot and CrowTarot Tours, created this gorgeous piece.

"Just one this week - but there has been progress elsewhere - Facebook fan page now published, icon edited & resubmitted, WordPress theme has been installed and the first steps towards customization have occurred, and I'm much closer to having our CafePress shop up & running," said Bird. "So, a productive week all 'round. Which is good, because our October must-move-by date grows ever closer, and I have realized that it's more accurately a "have the money by June" date instead, which leads to its own freakouts. Anyway. :-D Enjoy the pooch & the poem & may your own weeks be as free & fun! :-D"

Talismans by CrowTarot found at - Coming Soon!
Twitter: @CrowTarotTours

After viewing this beautiful TST are you feeling like you'd like to grab some materials and play?? Are you ready to dive in and start creating for the next theme??

Well, the next theme is theme is.........."All That Glitters is Art". Any color, all the colors, whatever you feel as long as you add a little sparkle to your creation.


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hee hee, first I have to respond to the prompt at the end--you're actually encouraging ME to use "any color, all colors"?? I might actually DO it and use ALL colors! Don't tempt me, woman! ;)

Loved the carefree feeling of each entry this week--you really made me smile.

Aqua: I was going to say that I wish I had a picture of you in this costume, but I guess now I do. :) What a sweet tribute to your brother. I love your use of color in this piece.

Felicia: what fun! I really enjoyed your idea of using bits and pieces saved from years ago and combining them with new work. Of course, that kinda throws my efforts to de-clutter...because "I could use that someday!" lol At least yours is digital. :)

Teri: how pretty! I liked reading your thought process as much as I did seeing your piece. :)

Tash: Wow, this is so joyful and playful (perfect words for you, yes?). Did you draw the images, or are they from scrapbook paper? Either way, you did a fantastic job pulling it all together. I think this one will sell for sure. :) I especially love the surprise on the back.

Trina: oh wow, your colors are awesome! Your detail work just amazes me. I can't begin to imagine how long that takes!

Bird: I love your poem today, but you make me itch for spring! It's been so cold and snowy here this season, much moreso than usual this time of year. Ah well, at least today it's sunny, if not flowery... :)


Trina said...

These entries have so amazingly exceeded all of my (admittedly high) expectations this week! WOW!

Maureen: Your painting is beautiful, and your story touched my heart.

Felicia: That little guy is totally precious. I love him in both scenes, although the stork is my favorite.

Amanda: Your piece really spoke to me this week. I keep coming back to it over and over. Thanks for the reminder that "coloring outside the lines" isn't something to shy away from.

Teri: The first word I think of when I see your wrist cuff is "sublime." How absolutely beautiful. I love the little bit of magenta poking out in the second picture.

Natasha: I don't have to tell you how much I love your journals (I really do, you know), and this one is no exception. Is there a prompt in there about what happens after "Happily Ever After" and the story ends?

Bird: Your doggy makes me smile. Thank you for that!

It is so nice to have a venue where it is okay to play!


Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


*hee!* What a wonderful challenge for a Creative Crow! Like Amanda, I say - watch out! You might get what you asked for! :-D

Amanda - sorry about that. I do know at least part of the feeling. Not as much snow this year over here, but lots of cold, and then there are these days that smell of spring - right before it gets cold again. :-P

Aquamaureen - It's so kyool to see these bits of your life reflected in the art you choose to share with us. Another wonder-full piece, aglow with life & magic! :-)

Have you thought about doing a book or the like about her? I really see her as becoming very iconic, like Flying Girl, and like Flying Girl, I want to know what happens next for her. :-)

Felicia - Kyool poem & pics! :-) (And yes, Natasha, in answer to your question of a while ago, these were what I meant - the 20 word poems. :>)

Doesn't time just fly? I keep thinking of children of folk I know - it's sobering to realize where they all are now - the neighbor's kids I barely knew b/c they were born right before I went to college are now college-age & beyond themselves!

I love the heron & the kid looking at each other, sizing each other up. :-P

And the one where he's looking at the forest of butter & dragon flies is very magickal & mysterious. Fantastic, in both senses of the word! :-)

Amanda - another wonder-full piece! I love the artful way you've combined a balanced design structure w/the free-form of the paint. And such a great sentiment too! :-D Coloring inside the lines has its place too, I believe, but so many of us forget there is a choice to be had there.

Giraffelabel - what a kyool piece! :-) Love the way things are random, yet tied together at the same time, like the blue button and the various colors of blue bead.

Natasha - What a fun castle! And of course, I gotta love the bird too - heart for a tail - how kyool is that? :-D Miss you in your other aspects, but it's wonderful to see you coming back to your creative side as well. (This is why I suggest products - then you can do both! ;-D)

Trina - That Carnivale necklace is just stunning! :-) I love the combination of maille & bead, and the texture is just nummy!

I undertand what you mean about Harley Quinn. There was a young lady I knew who did a frighteningly good (and in character, no less!) version of her at Necronomicon for a few years. I could see her liking these as well. :-)

So, until next week, Happy Crafting all! Can't wait to see all the bright, happy, glittery, colorful pieces! :-D

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)
-Birdy! :>

Natasha said...

Amanda! You made me laugh out loud!!!! Yes I want YOU and every other TSTer to use as many colors as humanly possible...let's get crazy!! LOL and glitter - forget about it could be the best TST EVER!! I LOVED you entry this week I mean the colors once again grab me but that reminder to color outside the lines was brilliant ...there is no greater advice ;)And thank you for the kudos on the journal I used scrap paper for it ...I wouldn't be able to be that creative with a castle but the bird..I recently drew one like that on an art journal page I think they are sooo cute!

Trina!! Can we even talk about how much I love both of these pieces! The necklace is SUCH awesome fun!!!!!! I want to wear it and I SOOO dig the inspiration for the gorgeous bracelets!! It awesome and thank you for the thoughts on my journal and I hadn't added that prompt but I think its GENIUS! I'm soo adding it hehehehe

Bird!! I LOVE your dog..what a delicious cutie and I thought the poem to accompany it was perfect.Thank you for the journal comments - what did you mean suggesting products?? I was confused...I want to run with your dog!

lisianblue said...

hehehehehe I have glitter - I have a box of soooooo many colors of glitter.......................mmmmmmmmm a rainblow of glitter!!! (typo left ! lo)
Maureen - that sounds like an awesome costume - I loved putting together my Halloween costumes - the drawing is fabulous and agree w/Bird about a book!!!

Felicia - those are both great - isn't playing with photos so much fun! and kids looking at things can inspire such creativity.

Amanda - wow - love the way these sparkle (without the glitter )

Teri - I totally get how you got there to create this cool cuff. :-)

Natasha - what a sweet mixture of ideas and themes - are there frogs on any of the pages?
Trina - Carnivale - is fun and mischevious - the others are elegant and mischevious.
Bird - I was just thinking, I'm ready for spring - it's cold and cloudy today - no snow, just and cold and grey out - it's a perfect combination - the words and scene - and I keep putting images of children in with it in my head.

Wonderful creations everyone!
Yes, I think I shall play this coming week!

Natasha said...

Lisian! Iam SOO excited that you are going to play next week wooohooo!!! I love the idea of putting frogs on the pages. I was going to put birds on - should there be a mixture? What made you think of that?

Trina said...

Natasha, seeing all these great suggestions and comments about your journal, I'm having a brainstorm... What about a theme where a part of the entry was a journal "prompt" based on the theme. I think that could be really amazing.

I'm also very intrigued by the "20 word poem" idea.

Just thinking out loud.


Felicia Kramer said...

Well, this was a fun week!

Maureen, as someone said, I think that could be a recurring character. Bicycle tire?? That's a brother for you!

Amanda - lovelovelove that watercolor! As far as saving stuff, I do the same with real stuff too and I really do "use them some day." I have actually
used ephemera and objects that I have had for 30 years!

Teri- I adore that fabric bracelet, and it has my current favorite color family, the blue-green.

Natasha - that journal is so sweet - love the birdie! Happy to hear that you'll be opening your shop again soon.

Trina - that Carnivale necklace is to die for! it's beautiful!

Crow - Great pic and perfect quote. Love it!

Great week, everyone!

Natasha said...

Trina..I love when you think out loud!! Good things happen...this is a VERY cool idea ...once people enter their prompt should I load it into a journal or some sort of TST journal?? This is such fun!!

And the 20 word poem can also be a 20 word story and they will be resurfacing soon on the TST...I have actually been putting together a workshop idea and that's part of it...I love those they are challenging but such fun and I love how they are making an appearance in the art here.I also thought about a journal for writers filled with 20 word prompts...what do you think? I have so many ideas I wish I wasn't A shy about it all and B had more time!! AGH!!

Felicia - LOVED your piece this week..that wee one was so adorable I wanted to hug him...both pieces were great and that poem was just...beautiful. I loved it..the words really moved me.

Maureen - now last week I thought that was my favorite of yours but this is now a tie....I LOVE this one - Go Dan!! - and I am in complete agreement with Bird - this is a character who wants, almost needs to grow...we need more of her...a book, some sort of series...more, more, more!!!!

Teri - I TOTALLY love and understand the path that led you there..the cuff is so fabulous...I love the colors - the blue in there ...all of it...once again a creation I want!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Not sure I understand the prompt idea - would someone pls explain? :-)

Yay! Glad to see the 20-word stories/poems/challenges will be coming back - they were indeed a lot of fun! :-) And very doable amongst the rest of the tasks - a nice little creative reward for doing X.

And speaking of coming back, it is absolutely AWESOME that you are thinking of playing along next week, Lisianblue! You are so talented - can't wait to see what you come up with! *hugs!* :-)

Natasha, I was thinking/speaking of coaching products. You really do have a great voice and so much to share w/folks, but as you say, there are only so many hours in a day.

Developing coaching materials of whatever variety can be a great way of satisfying both needs - to help & inspire others, while still leaving time for friends, family, self. Ntm, creative crafty stuff, which you do so wondrous well! :-)

Another nice thing from an also-shy type is that they can stay purely on the internet if that's what you desire. So you only have to face-to-face w/those you actually want to meet. A great plus, in my book! :-D

Nothing you don't already know, I'm sure. :-) Just a friendly bit of inspiration for if/when you have a spare moment or two. ;-D

Very intrigued by this workshop you are speaking of! Will it be online/offline free/for pay/for service (like w/the young'un's last year), what? Dish, pls! :-)

Havens, but it's nice to have the Treat back up & rolling! Great to see & read & craft along w/everyone again. :-)

BB & GF! :-)
-Birdy! :>

PS - Not that you asked me or anything, but I say why choose? Frogs AND Birds! :-D Maybe one on one side, and the other on the other side. Could be kyool. :-) -B! :>

Natasha said...

Bird - I have to agree with you its awesome to be back crafting, sharing, discussing, it's making me happy!

Ok with regard to the prompt idea I'm going to leave Trina to explain as it was her idea and I had questions as well. Trina you have the floor on that whenever you return.

I'm psyched to bring the 20 jams back - look for them next week!

I agree with you Bird - LISIAN we need you back creative lady... I want to see that stained glass you've been working on

Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement with the coaching's where I always get shy and despite my own experience ..a little insecure. Its a nice boost - would people really need/want them? I will definitely give it thought you bring up good points.

Workshop..well I will be sharing more as I figure out a few person approached me about doing one and I was like ok..then two more folks did and I started to think.. I will have both online and will be pay but not break the bank ..its for entrepreneurs and combines journaling, writing, art journaling and more. I thought about doiglng the one with the kids again but I don't have the time for that at this point - down the road.

And I like the frogs and birds suggestions I think they look cute (I tested it after Lisian's comment

Love all the banter today!! Art, banter what fun!!!

Jenjen said...

Everyone - what an amazing job! It looks like you guys had total fun!
Insightful theme, Natasha!

Natasha, love the castle!
Maureen, I was taken by your piece and the memories attached to your artwork!

Thanks again for giving a nice treat!

aquamaureen said...

Dear dear TST buddies--what an incredible overflow of artful mischief and beauty!! You all have done such a lovely job of commenting on all the pieces, and I wish I could do the same. But two nights of very little sleep have left me extremely loopy, and I am barely stringing enough words together to get this one message out to all of you: thank you all for the lovely lovely things you said about my little girl. I think she has been waiting to make her debut for a very very very long time. I can't tell you how much your encouragement means to me. The time that TST was taking a break, was also a time when my personal life was going through some major shifts at a deep internal level. TST came back on line JUST when I needed it most :)--this community of caring and compassionate artists called Thursday Sweet Treats has something really special going on. And I can't WAIT to see what we all come up with for next week's prompt. Bring on the bling!!!!!!! (And again, thank you--each of you--for your encouragment.)

Trina said...

Hi, again, everyone...

Natasha, thanks for the explanation about the 20 word poems/stories. I'm looking very forward to seeing more of them. The banter has been great, too!

I'm not sure I had a specific outcome in mind when I suggested the "prompts", it just seemed like another fun way to play.

My thinking went something like this... Several people (myself included) commented about Natasha's journal, and a couple sugggested prompts or questions that could go in the journal. Then I thought it would be lots of fun if everyone had the opportunity to share a question or thought or prompt to go along with the theme for a week or with their entry for the week.

Natasha, I think it would be totally cool to put all the prompts together into a TST journal. Any suggestions what that might look like that wouldn't be too time-consuming and too much of a headache for you?

Take care,


Janie said...

You guys are amazing! Loved each and every creation this week.

Life is pulling me in to many directions to play right now, but it is wonderful to come here and soak up all the treats you guys made!

Natasha, love the journal - your art has leaped!

Looking forward to a sparkling week next week!

giraffelabel said...

i wrote a comment last night...did it go through? it wasn't very long, but ugh. anyway, i loved this weeks entries, and i agree with all of the comments you all have made.

thanks for all the nice comments on my cuff. i really appreciate them all!

Natasha said...

Jenjen! How are you? Great to see you - yes this theme was true fun. Thanks so much for your thoughts - that castle makes me happy too - when will we see you playing again?

Aqua - your work was truly sensational this week. I love that you commented even though you were feeling so sleepy...I hope you got some restful winks!

Trina - I get what you are saying about the prompts....a TST journal would be such fun. I'm going to play with the idea for awhile to see what I can come up it

Janie - so great to see you. I hope that life is pulling you in some fun directions - you will have to share with us when you have a moment. Thank you so much for the kudos on my piece - you made my day :) Hopefully you will be able to play next week but if not please come visit again!!

Giraffelabel - this is the only comment that came through ...but it was awesome to see you here...I really love that cuff...are you ready for a sparkly week??

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Trina, now that I understand what you are meaning by that, yes, I think that could be loads of fun!

For how to put it together, I'd rec. assembling it in a word processor, like OpenOffice's Writer or Microsoft's Word, and turning it into a PDF.

Natasha, awesome on the 20 words! Will indeed keep an eye out - thnx for the head's up! :-)

Awesome on the workshop! It sounds wonderful - pls keep me updated! :-)

As to other coaching products, it's my opinion that yes, other folk would like them, and find them very useful.

Kyool to the frogs & birds both - gotta check this one out when it goes live in your shop. :-)

Okay, gotta get back to work here.
'laters, all! :-)
-Birdy! :>