Thursday, June 11, 2009

Amazing Artists Bring "Clair de Lune" to Life in Exceptionally Unique Artistic Forms


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Recently, I've received many emails from folks who have been unable to participate do to trips, weddings, shows, children ending school and more. I just want to say - do not worry! I didn't even get to finish my piece for this week because I was working on a couple of orders so it will be going in the Mini-monthy which will be coming up soon. Thank you for writing and letting me know that you didn't simply become bored with the TST :) We are all learning together. I think it's harder in the summer than the fall and winter because people are constantly on the move. However, the TST will be here so please don't worry. Feel free to submit for the Mini-monthly, any of the challenges or cheer when you are around and life slows down a little :) Till then, good luck with everything!

I am in awe of the way each artist harnessed the beauty of "Clair de Lune" and brought it to life. The idea that these artists opened their minds and hearts to the music and let it stir and stir their imaginations until something new was born is fascinating to me. The works here are funny, moving, thought-provoking and inspiring. These talented, magnificent, professional artists made me appreciate both music and art in a completely new way.

Now, please join me as we celebrate the fusion of music and art........

Susan Pope, creator of Captured Moment Photography, created these gorgeous pieces.

"I imagined these things after listening to the "Clair de Lune" music: a sense of longing, a feeling of aloneness and a yearning to be a part of something bigger than oneself," said Susan. "The creator all knowing and the self full of insecurity. It's that "it's not all about me" feeling. One where you can imagine yourself as tiny as an ant in a huge world, but a world where everything you do is important, just like an ant. Just as the sky is so vast that if we stand and look at it we begin to notice how small we are in comparison. The sun behind the cloud makes it glow as if there is some greater knowledge just out of reach. Just as the bench is alone, but waiting for company to take a rest, it's life is in the waiting, the yearning to be a part of something. The bench also is removed from it's fellow bench in the distance - it is alone, yet not alone so the feeling is a sense of longing."

Picture This!


CMP - website

Maureen, a talented artist, created this wonderful piece.

"Okay, okay, okay, I apologize right off the bat," said Maureen. "I'm a cultural Neanderthal. I have no couth (as in "uncouth."). I obviously have NO appreciation for classical music, because when I 'let the music stir my thoughts', here is what I 'saw.' Again, I beg forgiveness if my lack of couth offends anyone's delicate sensibilities. And hey, it's not really my fault, because this watercolor is part of my 100 in 100 project and we were commanded to play and have fun!"

Salvaged Expression created this phenomenal piece.

"Classical music always brings me back to nature so when I heard this piece I ended up settling on the idea of a seedling by a stream," said Salvaged. "Of course then I had to figure out what medium to work with! I stared at each and every craft supply and imagined how each of them could be turned into the perfect project. In the end I went back to the old reliable hat and a more simple design. I like it because it leaves a lot to the imagination and lets you play with the idea as you look at it!"

Kelly, creator of Backward Glances, created this stunning piece.

"When I listen to "Clair de Lune" I see raindrops coming down, creating ripples - each drop interacting with every other drop - an ongoing chain of cause and effect," said Kelly.

"I recall a cold rainy October afternoon at Grand, taking tea, watching the rain and listening to the harpist - both melancholy and cozy.

I tried to create a single raindrop with it's most immediate ripple in freeform peyote stitch. I'm not terribly happy with my results - the shape is not correct and the colors of beads less than optimal - BUT failures can be good learning experiences."

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created these two sensational pieces titled, "In the Light of the Moon" and "Stephen plays Clair de Lune".

“In the Light of the Moon”

"To visualize Clair de Lune, I knew I wanted “blue” and “moon.” The end result is a digital collage print of 10 layers of texture: a few of my handmade papers, an altered moon photo, altered mountain range photo, and Photoshop effects," said Felicia. "To me, this reflects the mood and essence of Clair de Lune."

“Stephen plays Clair de Lune”

"As I mentioned in the comments when you posted the theme, my incredibly talented nephew won’t play the piece for me because he hates it. So I took my photo of him playing and superimposed it over the sheet music and some textured paper," said Felicia. "This is my revenge – it looks like he’s playing it for me - and I’m sure we will have a good laugh about it! (Congratulations on your music scholarship to OU, Stephen!)"

“In the Light of the Moon”

“Stephen plays Clair de Lune”

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this fantastic Handbound upcycled journal with corrugated cardboard covers and hand-torn pages

"I really loved the concept this week, and hope we'll have more music prompts in the future," said Amanda. "That said, I'm not much of a classical music person...but for some reason, as I listened, the melody reminded me of all the rainy days we've had here lately. I'm ready to get back outside, but I've also enjoyed how tranquil and soothing the all-day rainstorms have been. They're just right for curling up by a window with a journal or sketchbook--and so this little journal was born. I'm keeping this one for myself, I think, but a version will be available in my shop soon."

Don't you just want to listen to the music to see what you dream of??

Please share your thoughts, ask the artists questions, leave a comment and some love here. Then, go visit them at their shops and blogs, share some more and tell a friend! Thanks so much for visiting!!


K said...

These are incredible! I think my favorite this week is "In the Light of the Moon" but Maureen's loon definitely put a smile on my face =)

I've been listening to the music all week (and no doubt will continue :) but haven't had time to create any of my ideas, yet. When is the Mini-monthly?

Felicia Kramer said...

Natasha - Funny you should mention people being busy etc. - I won't be participating next week because I'll be visiting my sister in Wisconsin. I hope to come back with a boatload of photos!
Now to this week's posts:
Susan, beautiful photos. I'm off to check your blog shortly.
Maureen - that is sooooooo funny! I love it!
Salvaged - Even though I don't wear hats, I could be convinced with that beauty.
Kelly - I should wish to fail like that! I love it.
Amanda - the rough finish of this journal appeals to me. Nice!

I spoke to my niece, PianoBoy's (Stephen) mom and she got a great big kick out of my "revenge" photo. I'm waiting to hear from PianoBoy.

Natasha said...

K - I completely agree these are such fun..Felicia's pieces absolutely blew me away and Maureen's had me howling...I needed's such great work...the Mini-Monthly will happen on June 22nd...I will announce the official call for work tomorrow ....I SOOO want to see what you're so awesome for all the support you share here!!!

Felicia - You will be VERY missed!!!! But I hope you have a blast with your sister....I cannot wait to see what you will come home with...I'm SOOOO excited!! Your work this week was exceptional...I mean truly exceptional....I love what you create I really do...the Moon was so gorgeous and I think PianoBoy's piece was just stellar!! I love that his mom got such a kick out of it and I seriously cannot wait to see what he HAVE to share or encourage him to leave a comment...either way I know it will be a riot!!

Meghann said...

Beautiful, all of them!!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hi, everybody! Great work here, as always. I'm still giggling over "da loon." :)

Remember to enter my giveaway, if you like free stuff :D

aquamaureen said...

yes, we had fewer pieces this week, but each had something special to offer. Once again, I'm amazed at the variety of ways we all get inspired by the same prompt. I agree with Amanda--I'd love more music prompts, tho' I can't guarantee anything but a "loony" response :)

I'm really gonna miss you guys--I leave MOnday for two weeks--I will really enjoy catching up on what you all have created when I get home.

Marja said...

Love it - as always! I'm blown away by the creativity every time I stop by. Wishing I had time to participate - but, like many others, life has been crazy busy! Mini-monthly, here I come.

And, Maureen - you make me laugh. Love that loon.

lisianblue said...

Susan - what great photos - love the bench - and what you wrote!

Maureen - LOLOLOLOLOVE the Loon!

Salvaged - what a great hat - all that yarn trailing behind!

Kelly - may not have quite what you wanted - but what a creative effort! seriously a rain drop and ripples - how does one show that with beads!

Felicia - In The Light of The Moon - wow that is just intense! and I love the "revenge" one! Congrats to Setphen on his scholarship!!!!

Amanda - what a great journal - now, I'm curious - if you keep this one will the front or back of it change over time - added elements, paint or? or do you think it will stay as is?

Wow - that was a short one! Guess I will get mine in for the mini monthly! As always, such great creations!

Mackin-Art said...

Love, love the loon!

I find the seedling very interesting - I can see the music fitting the concept of a seedling slowly emerging and unfolding.

And two of us heard the image of rain, but interpreted differently.

SalvagedExpression said...

Beautiful submissions this week! I think the beaded raindrop is my favorite!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

lisianblue, what an interesting question! :) I like the idea of the covers evolving over time. I hadn't planned on adding any more paint, but now you have me wondering....hmmm.... :)

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Awesome as always. It always amaze me every week when one theme can be interpreted in different forms and meanings..

I love classical music. I used to put headphones on my belly when I was pregnant...maybe that's why all 4 of them love music - not all classical...

Have a great week everyone!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love all the different entries this week! Of course I always do :P

Natasha said...

Meghann - GREAT to see you here! How's it going with you? I am in complete agreement :)

Amanda - I seriously love this journal ... the cover is so reminds me of a weathered summer house right by the ocean and I LOVE that ...I do hope you have more in your shop and I'm with Lisian...I kinda want to see what evolves with this journal and you...I'm feeling like we should have a monthly check it hehehehe

Oh...I'm being interrupted...I'll be back very soon

Frenzy23 said...

Music proved to be a very interesting inspiration :)
I love the bench photograph from CapturedMoment. The focus is great.
Maureen, I think it's interesting to see someone who isn't as familiar with music interpret it. The bird is such a peaceful, relaxing image. I think it makes perfect sense. :)
Salvaged, I love the tail of that hat. The little blue flowery things are so pretty.
Backward Glance's raindrop was my favorite. Each bead shimmers so it really reminds me of a raindrop.
Felicia, I love the first piece. The sky looks so powerful.
Persistant Green, I love, love upcycled things. Especially a journal, the fact that it was once something else and now records someone's thoughts gives it such a story to tell.