Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sail the Seas of Purple Passion With Magnificent New Works from Talented, Passionate, Inspiring Artists

Purple...inspiring, healing, inviting, gorgeous...these are just some of the words that come to mind when you view the amazing works created by a group of passionate, talented, superb, professional artists.

This week's creations are a feast for the heart, mind and soul. They will stir the passion within you.

Please join me as we sail through deep purple waters.....

Kerstin, creator of K's Designs, created these two stunning pieces titled Juicy Royal Purple Arrowheads and Coin Pearl Eternity Handmade earrings.

Juicy Royal Purple Arrowheads

Coin Pearl Eternity Handmade Earrings

Agathe, creator of Meherio68, created this sensational Purple Passion necklace.

"This Purple Passion necklace is a true piece of serendipity. It just came together so easily— I just had to love it. Be led by passion!" said Agathe.

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Jodi, creator of Jodi Horgan Beaded Art to Wear, created this truly magnificent piece titled, Purple Circles Pendant.

Salvaged Expression created this super awesome piece titled, Ugly Hat #4 or Purple Eccentricity.

"When this weeks theme came out I knew I had a job to do, an ugly hat that demanded to be sifted through my fingers and into being," said Salvaged. "So I dove into my yarn stash which is an activity not unlike being asked to eat 3 gallons of your favorite iced cream; fun but in an ammount which could be dangerous. The result is this quirky hat which I call simply Ugly Hat #4 or Purple Eccentricity. "

Maureen, a talented artist, created this beautiful piece.

"I was so sure that my Purple Passion would be swirls and all sorts of rounded edges," said Maureen. "But I think the end product tells me: let ALL of my life--even the more mundane squares and other right angles, be ripe and overflowing with exuberance."

Lorrie, creator of Lennymud, created this fabulous piece which was inspired by Royal Purple.

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created these two gorgeous pieces titled, Purple Bleeding Hearts and Purple Mums.

"I love flowers," said Felicia. "Here’s two of my passions, digitally altered. I don’t know if purple bleeding hearts or purple mums really exist, but they do in MY world!"

“Purple mums”

“Purple bleeding hearts”

Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, created these fantastic pieces titled, Purple Niobium and Sterling Bracelet and Purple Chandelier Pendant.

"What a great inspriation -- my favorite color. My problem wasn't starting, it was figuring out how to stop," said Trina.

Purple Niobium and Sterling Bracelet

Purple Chandelier Pendant

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this phenomenal watercolor titled, "Move."

"This week I painted with no real plan in mind--just letting the colors flow and dance. The experience gave me some much-needed stress relief!" said Amanda.

Marja, creator of Glass Elements, created this wonderfully stunning Deep Purple Passion - Fused Glass Pendant.

"What better signifies passion than a heart? Full of love, full of passion…
This unique deep purple glass pendant was created by layering a piece of transparent red glass over a patterned blue dichroic - fused together in a kiln and then shaped into the heart shown here. I just love the color and shape!" said Marja.

Phoenix Ravenswing, creator of Crow Tarot, Kitty Hawke, Cat Bird Crystals and One Earth One Tribe, created these stellar pieces.

Talismans by Crow Tarot
found at

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Spring Spirit Worry Stone & Cozy

"The stone is from the ever-wonderful Lisianblue (Lisianblue at Artfire), from her latest mutual experimenting/care package," said Phoenix Ravenswing. "It was so wonderful, and so kyool to me that it just happened to be in the Treat colors that I was determined to find some way to add it in to this week's Treat. It's a sample, so wrapping it, my first instinct, was out. But what better thing than a carry-cozy, so you can have it w/you always? :-)"

"What do you do w/an old, nondescript, & partially-missing candle ring and the florals you're seeking to close out? You combine them and in the process come up w/this very kyool piece! :-D The star was an 'accident' of creation, but such a kyool one, this piece is going in my personal collection! :-D"

"Spirit's Rebirth Basket was created in stages. The Fantasy Floral was done first, and I experimented w/having it in vases of a couple of different heights, then was thinking of having it as a wreath when I found this battered basket at the local Reuse Center. Most people would have just seen a damaged chicken-basket, but I saw the perfect place to house my floral spray. So the rebirth of a basket, in purple. "

"PurpleSeas QuartzQosy came about as the failed beginning of a bag. I realized very quickly it was going to be off-center, so was getting ready to frog it, when I thought 'Pendant!' instead, and went in search of a quartz crystals."

"Purple Calla Lilly Bag is another experiment in bagmaking, this one more successful. The shape comes from the addition of stitches in the back. When it was finished, I was thinking that the shape of it reminded me of my sis-in-spirit's fave flower - the calla lily, and wondering if they ever came in purple. Do they? :-)"

"Purple Hazy Daisy Vasey was at first another bag, this time doing my best to not get the raised back of the Purple Calla Lily. Having accomplished this, more of less, my nest question was what to do w/the results, as the pattern I'd established had made it rather tall & thin to be a talisman bag. So, a vase cozy came to me, and the appropriate glass just happened to be sitting there on the TV table, which made it seem like kismet. :-)"

"These two pics were also happy 'accidents'. Feeling kind of punchy yesterday evening, after packing boxes all day and tackling both my past and the mess in the garage, I decided in a moment of something to snap a pic of the 'Spirit's Rebirth' basket as I was carrying it inside. Here are the happy results. :-)"

"I've been going through some spiritual challenges of late - if I hadn't already known this, the way I've pounced on this week's theme should have told me. :-D Desperately seek the peace of purple's passion, me. :-) Here's some of it in my local flower pots, I think at this point the only by-me-planted flowers that survive. :-)"

This week, I looked around and found a fabulous new purple items. These folks do not know they are in the TST yet...I am going to write to surprise them. More artists to celebrate and invite to play - YAY!

NEW Spring Bouquet Jada Oval Belt Buckle - Wearable Art

Crows and Moon Purple Vinyl Purse

Wings for Change purse key ring combo by FigTreeBoutique

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty - Fairytale Hobo Bag - Handmade Vintage Fabric OOAK

After viewing this spectacularly gorgeous TST are you feeling creative? Are you ready to just dive in and start creating for the next theme??

Well, the next theme is theme is.........."Participants Choice - with a twist!".

(For those who are new to this, this is when people are invited to choose any one of the 30 themes that the TST has done and create something brand new...only this time there's a little twist!)

Start choosing your fav themes and then tune in tomorrow for the twist!


meherio68 said...

What else can I say— I didn't know I loved purple so much!...

Natasha said...

Oh Meherio68...I am with you!! I LOVE purple and all of these pieces make me love it more....your Purple Passion necklaceis exquisite...I am in awe of the color and of it's distinctive design...the true false meter is brilliant...the piece oozes love and peace...great work

lifeartdesigns said...

Well, I didn't get to finish my purple butterfly in time. I had a finger accident and to much house selling stuff interferring. But, I am happy again after seeing everyone's work here. Such wonderful eye candy! Kerstin. I love those earrings! And Agathe's necklace, and Jodi's beading...omg!
Salvaged, lol...ugly hat #4???? Not!! And the glass heart is awesome Marja! And, and , and I'm going back to look some more!

Natasha said...

Janie - you should totally enter the purple butterfly in the next Mini-monthly I know everyone would love to see made me laugh when you said and, and, and....I'm with you it's all amazing

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


First of all, I want to thank you Natasha for including my pieces. I know it was a lot of work at very short notice. :-)

Secondly, yes things are just awesomely amazing and yes I am ready to create! :-D

Thirdly, lovely, lovely pieces, all! Will be back later to comment more fully, but there is some amazing beauty here! :-)

BB & GF! :-)

Felicia Kramer said...

I'm not surprised with all this beautiful work - purple does seem to incite passion in a lot of people. Sadly, I will always associate it with a dear niece who passed away last year. She was well-known for her love of purple and the funeral home was filled to the brim with perhaps every purple flower that exists. With thoughts of her in mind, Marja's pendant brought tears. I love that heart pendant so much that I just bought it. Thanks, Marja.

Natasha said...

Phoenyx Ravenswing - no need for thanks I was so happy to get them in's great to see you back and sooo many beautiful creations from you...your work was personal fav was the star!! Awesome work!!

Felicia - BIG WARM HUG to you...thank you for sharing a bit about your friend..she sounded lovely..I love that there were so many purple flowers in her honor...Marja's piece is so unbelievably really is and that's the power of art there that allowed you to are such a beautiful soul Felicia and your works....I LOVED both...the colors are sensational personal fav is the bleeding's amazing that nature makes such beauty

Marja aka Glass Elements said...

Wow - Felicia, I'm so honored that my heart pendant touched you and will honor the memory of your niece. To know that it will mean so much to you makes me very happy.

Everyone's gorgeous purple this week really brought a little royalty to my Thursday this week. And Lorrie's Tiara piece brought a big smile to my face.

Natasha said...

Felicia - I apologize I wrote friend and meant neice...I had a little one tugging on my skirt saying, "Mama come play" as I was responding

Marja - your heart...I mean, your heart is gorgeous..what a deep, rich color! Just stunning work!!

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

WOW! Natasha, you do attract such passionate artists!
Purple just brings out the royalty and magnificence in everyone...
Great job everyone!
Another Thursday Sweet Treat indeed!

Felicia Kramer said...

That's ok, Natasha - my niece was my friend too! Thanks again, Marja - I can't wait to receive the heart.

Trina said...

These purple pieces are absolutely amazing. The creativity and artistry and diversity are inspiring. I'm so glad I have joined such a talented group of artists. What a "Sweet Treat" (pun absolutely intended).

Thank you Marja for sending me this way. Thank you Natasha for hosting, and for all of your hard work, and Thank you to everyone for sharing.

I wish I could pick a favorite, but everytime I come back to look, its something new.


Mackin-Art said...

It was so wonderful to see everyone's loveley work! I really haven't disappeared of the face of the earth, it's just a crazy busy time of year here, but I'm upset with myself for not making time to play with all of you!

SalvagedExpression said...

Purple is a color that just doesn't know how to be boring!

Natasha said...

Jenjen...these passionate folks bring it out in me!! LOL..I mean have you ever enjoyed purple more?? Thank you for cheering loudly!!

Trina - from the moment you arrived you have created such beauty. I love the movement within your work..your piece pulse with life and I love that...I can't even pick a fav of yours...if the truth be told, I want to wear both!! Amazing work!!

Mackin-Art - I miss you more than words can say!! How are you?? Please don't be mad at happens and sometimes it takes us away from what we love but we always return and when you do we will be here..ready to celebrate you and your awesome work!! The next theme has a long creation time so you might want to play BUT if life is still to crazy don't worry there will be plenty more in the Fall and then in the winter and on and worries...we love ya! Hang in there!

Salvaged - first have I mentioned how happy I am that you are back?? You just make me happy as does your work!! This hat...well...I want it ...your Ugly hats are GORGEOUS..each and every do such fantastic work AND your comment might be my new favorite quote...hugs and cheers to you!

Kerstin said...

purple passion, indeed. what a lovely moment to sit here and slowly savor each new work :) I wanted to see yesterday, but had to work before everything was posted.
thanks to all for sharing their beautiful spirits here in the form of creative expression - I'm joyful and honored to be a part!
Natasha - once again - you've done an absolutely wonderful layout in support of everyone - thanks from the bottom of my passionate, purple heart :)

giraffelabel said...

i'm so far behind in everything right now...i'm glad i'm only one day begind here! what great pieces! so inspiring and beautiful!

aquamaureen said...

Finished two intense days of hosting a yard sale. . . as a reward I just treated myself to looking at this lovely lovely art. I'll never look at purple the same way again :)