Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Celebrate this Artist, Artwork by KD

Happy Wednesday! This is Amanda again (Persistent Green), filling in for Natasha. As I enjoy this sunny and bright-bright-blue day, I think of all our friends here at TST and hope you're all having a wonderful day . . . including, of course, our lovely Natasha and her family on their well-deserved break.

I've been wondering which shop/artist I wanted to feature for today's celebration. Something fun. Colorful. Unusual. Distinctive. Then it came to me: Artwork by KD! When I first discovered Kathy's work, I was so inspired and excited that I immediately sent her a note telling her so. I hope you also fall in love with her work today.

Kathy's incredible jewelry features almost entirely recycled materials, like these earrings made from plastic bottles:

You can view their listing here. Affordable, colorful, and fun--how can you top that?

Please check out her shop, which features all different styles and colors of jewelry (along with other recyled items like gift boxes). Kathy is also an incredibly talented musician. You can check out more details at her website, Kevin and Kathy. She also runs a blog here.

Enjoy exploring, and have a fantastic day as we celebrate this artist!


giraffelabel said...

love her shop! i'm truly impressed by what she does with recycled materials! i love the bracelets made with the transparent green soda bottles! thanks so much for sharing!!

Felicia Kramer said...

An interesting concept and some really cute products! Very clever!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

giraffelabel, I love those too! Who would have thought soda bottles could be so pretty?

Felicia, she certainly is clever! I love how her work is immediately recognizable as hers--something I'm still working on.

aquamaureen said...

beautiful earrings. . . and beautiful music. I listened to a couple snippets of her singing. Wonderful throaty voice--seems very real and sincere.

Thank you for giving us a bridge so we can discover a new artist!

lifeartdesigns said...

Awesome! Great recycling!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Love the re-purposing aspect of her art! :-)

The layered look of her pins really fascinates my eye. :-D

Thnx so much for posting this! :-) So many wonderful crafters out there - glad to have the intro to one more. :-)

BB & GF! :-)