Thursday, May 28, 2009

Theme 21: Then Suddenly It Came to Life....

How you choose to interpret the theme is completely up to you. It simply needs to be tasteful – no pornography or messages of hate here. When you sit down to create, you cannot think about how people will or will not receive your work. You are required to simply enjoy the act of creating.

I'd like you to take a trip with me for a moment. Let's go back to childhood, back to that time when it was our job to explore and play for hours on end. Now tell me what was your favorite childhood tale - that one you read over and over? I had many favorites so it was hard to decide but Harold and the Purple Crayon's pages are tattered from the constant reading and there are even some crayon markings made by yours truly :)

This week, I invite you to revisit your favorite childhood tale and bring any part of it to life in your own special way. Please feel free to choose Harold and the Purple Crayon and know that your crayon can whatever color you like.
Image from Crockett Johnson's
Harold and the Purple Crayon

Important Guidelines

The work submitted must be something you have created and/or worked on between the time the theme was revealed and the Thursday unveiling. Please submit your response to no later than end of day Wednesday, June 3rd if you would like it to be posted on Thursday, June 4th. OR send me a link to your response to include in the comments section of the post.

With your response please include:

1. Your name - either first name, shop name or both.

2. The name of your piece (if you choose to give it one)

3. The name of the theme you chose

4. Something you'd like to share (process of creation, idea behind piece) if you'd like to share anything

5. The shop and/or blog links you'd like to include

6. Two photos of your piece or of each of the pieces (3x5 or 4x6 and 72dpi or a max of 96dpi - if you need any help with that please don't worry I'd be happy to help!)

Most importantly, let your inner child come out and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!


SalvagedExpression said...

I have a few favorite stories to choose from but I think I know which one will be the most fun!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

How exciting! I have many favorite childhood reads...the big question is how to decide which one. What an inspired idea for a theme. :)

giraffelabel said...

oooooo...this could be a tough one. there are so many to choose from! should be a lot of fun, though! can't wait to get started!

jodi said...

Oh, I love it. I am so playing this week. And I already have an idea.

Natasha, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Harold and the Purple Crayon. My sisters used to complain that they had to read it to me over and over again. I even had a kitten that I named Harold after the boy in the book.

The other book that was worn to pieces was "Green Eggs and Ham". And by the way, my son is named Sam.

lisianblue said...

Oh wow - now lets see, where did I stash that book?
I have one book from childhood that has a collection of stories, this may be hard to pick one - I love all the stories!
Hopefully this weeks will be more successful!

Natasha said...

Salvaged - I honestly CANNOOT wait to see what story you choose...oh I think this theme will be such fun and we'll all learn such fun things about one another...I'm excited

Amanda - YAY!! I can't wait to see what you create...after reading tons of books (some of my favs) to my daughter I find I'm falling in love with these books again and realizing the impact they had on me so I love seeing how books effected others

Giraffelabel - I know! Choosing is the toughest part hands down BUT I know whatever you choose and create will be sensational!

JODI!! YOU are so funny and SO awesome..I'm with you ...I LOVE that you named your cat Harold!! I drew all over the walls in my room - OH the trouble I got into ...stop! And Green and Eggs and Ham?? I think I read that so many times I could recite it...I love that your son's name is Sam...I can't wait to see what you create this week..this is such fun!!

Oh Lisian I hope you find the book and no storm impede your photo session...

I'm already loving all of this...I will be back to play and answer emails and have a FUN time on the TST next week...lots to share :)

aquamaureen said...

how intriguing to think of a favorite book, and then allow some artistic creation--connected--to emerge . . NO clue what might appear, but I'm excited!!

Frenzy23 said...

ohh I love this theme. I'm playing, not sure if it'll be finished in time, but either way I've found the theme very inspiring :)
Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

KayzKreationz said...

Love your ideas. You've been awarded a blog award.

SalvagedExpression said...

I just submitted my piece so I hope it lives up to expectations. Actually I learned a little about myself as well. This is a great theme and I know we'll all enjoy it!