Monday, May 11, 2009

Adventure Tales

ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be an update in the 2nd Grade Thursday Sweet Treat project today. More info to come.

Welcome to Monday! Mondays are notoriously dreaded days as no one ever wants to return to work after the weekend. What we all need is a little fun, a little enjoyment, and a little reading to brighten our day.

Please read the following stories written by artists and writers who rose to the challenge and created an adventure story using only 20 words! Then, leave them a little love as this is just great work!(There may be additional entries later today so please check back :)

If it’s Tourist Season, Why Can’t I Shoot Them?

"The sign says, “Dangerous Hill – Bikes Caution”. I ignore it, brakeless, blissful. Suddenly , a tourist – damn, brakes applied."

A bit of background from Kelly: I live on a small island in northern Michigan, where cars are prohibited. We get around by foot, horse or bicycle. Our only industry is tourism, six months of the year we live in splendid isolation and the other six we are inundated with tourists from all over the world. It's a mixed blessing, without them we can't make a living and most are very pleasant folks but there are day's we could gladly do without them!


"Skydive. Climb Himalayas. Take a risk--any risk." Karen slammed her diary shut. Tomorrow, she'd stop dreaming and start doing.


"The balloon climbed bands of color, danced among clouds, and they watched people below disappear as a lifetime adventure began."


"Reading other peoples' stories familiar urges took hold. How long could a cubicle contain the blood coursing through her veins?"

~Salvaged Expression


Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Bright Blessings, I was so busy this weekend that I clean forgot to submit! :-P

Will have to post in the comments later or something. :-D

For commenting-posting now:

Kelly, as a former resident of Florida, I am SOOOOO with you! :-D

It sounds very beautiful up in your part of the state. Perhaps someday we'll actually get co-ordinated enough to get up there.

Amanda, YES!!! Beautifully put!!! Reading a book right now called "The Girls with the Grandmother Faces" about life after widowhood and how to age gracefully, seen from the author's perspective, and that's one of the big things she stresses for anyone wanting to age with style.

Natasha, yours reminds me of the preview for the movie "Up" that I saw yesterday as I was sitting in the theater as a proper Trekkie. :-D

So true! Not everyone from your old life will follow you as you choose and begin to grow. But as hard as it can be sometimes, better far to let them go, then to never allow yourself to lift off. :-)

Great work, all! :-)
BB & GF! :-)

PS - Captcha = torele. Don't know why, but it sounds adventurous and different to me. :-D

lisianblue said...

Kelly - nice little tidbit! one of those you can't live with 'em but can't live without 'em sort of things huh.

Amanda - that's cool. I'm glad I can dream and do! at least some things anyway!

Natasha - what a different concept - usually we are watching the balloon! like this!

I had a busy weekend too, and remembered this early this am - but not enough wits about me to come up with something! I think what I have to do, is do something as soon as I read the theme or the post!

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Bird, that book sounds wonderful--what a striking title. I'll have to check that out. Thank you!

lisian, thanks for the comment. I realize now that the "dreaming" part makes it sound like dreaming is a bad thing--I only think it is if those dreams never get a chance at reality. Oh well, twenty words is pretty tight to work with. :D

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Kelly - your story made me laugh. Sounds like you live in an amazing place! Except now you've encouraged MORE tourists.. I kind want to go.. ;)

Natasha - ooh, what a lovely visual. I desperately want to go in a hot air balloon!

aquamaureen said...

Rats. I completely missed this deadline. I'm glad you guys didn't! Kelly, I'm joining Amanda on a road trip to your island! Natasha, now you've got me wondering what the balloon is up to!! Amanda, did you peek inside MY journal?? Thanks to you all.

Mackin-Art said...

I'm so glad the story created laughter - just what I was hoping for! And you should all make a road trip here, there is SO much creative inspiration.

SalvagedExpression said...

I used to live in a tourist prone area myself though in my case it means I can't ride a bike as well because the visitors couldn't have them and I didn't want the hassle of explaining that I was a local.
Actually you guys have inspired me to try one.
"Reading other peoples' stories familiar urges took hold. How long could a cubicle contain the blood coursing through her veins?"

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Hopefully not long, Salvaged! :-)

I understand the urges myself, Salvaged. I never was any good at being a cubicle queen. Great 20-word Adventure - thank'ee's for sharing! :-)

Hmmm... do I see a MI TST get-together in the future??? :-D

BB & GF! :-)

PS - Captcha = devernot. Sounds like 'divert not' to me. I.e., divert not from your course to artistic and creative freedoms, duckies. :-D -B! :bird

Natasha said...

Bird - thank you..I love the idea that it reminded you of daughter goes crazy every time she sees that it's a nice association hehehe

Lisianblue - I didn't even think of it that way but you are so right ..we do seem to always watch it rise...thanks for shifting my own perspective on the way I perceive my own writing...I dig that

Amanda - I LOVED your adventure really felt like a story that I wanted to keep reading...I wanted to travel with her...great work

Aquamaureen - I'm joing you and Amanda on that road I really wan to go!!

Mackin-Art - your story had me in stitches. I grew up going to a summer town and I always felt bad the way some folks descended on the town like they owned I started going in the winter too and staying with friends who were was nice when all the tourists were gone...great piece...seriously priceless...and now I want to come to visit your island too....I think we should have a TST Summit meeting there :)

Salvaged - I LOVE your story...I was once cubicle bound so I can totally relate...I really love it...I'm posting it in the post itself ..YOU, my friend, are insanely awesome

Bird - I agree with the TST fun would that be?? And loved devernot